Beastmaker Training App

Beastmaker Training App [Forme Et Santé] Description et Analyse

This application is a sidekick to the beastmaker 1000 and 2000. It has been designed to assist the user into gradually getting stronger on a fingerboard. The app does this by way of prewritten workouts which are often general and aim to improve all trainable grips on the board. Some are specific (2000 series only at the moment) which aim to improve, sloper strength, pocket strength and crimp strength.

There is also a new custom workout program fully adjustable and includes the 1000,2000 and micros, so if you have your own hang regime and different timings then that is all programmable and can be saved.

Both the workouts and custom timer now record hang contraction time (time spent actually hanging off the board) We recommend most users get up to around 20:00 minutes on this clock whilst doing their workouts.

On the Workout screen after you've selected your work out it is now possible to adjust set and hang times. Users who are only finger boarding and are having a rest day prior to and after training may wish to do up to 3 sets and 7 hangs. Other users may prefer to go for 2 sets and 6 hangs, this is what we'd consider an average and more suited to people doing additional types of training.

Please note the grades for the workouts aren't actually meant to relate to anything other than themselves. E.G. 5c is easier than 6a but harder than 5b. If you find 5a hard on the 1000, use a weight removal technique such as putting one foot on a chair in front of the board or using a pulley with weights on. More advice on this and other things are available in the general advice section on the Workout Ratings page.

To record your hangs press the record button (red circle icon) whilst resting. The Workout Ratings function is much improved and should now be a really useful training aid which records gradual progress and improvement.

Fingerboard gains take time, remember to warm up thoroughly and move on to more difficult hangs at a slightly slower pace than you think you should to give pulleys time to catch up with muscles. For example 10% strength gains over a year is brilliant improvement. 5% is still effective training.

Best of luck with the training, happy hanging and we hope this helps with the motivation.

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Beastmaker Training App Notes de léditeur:

3.2.1 Supplemental Update 
Bug fixes and stability improvements: - Fixed issue with incorrect Total Hang Time displayed in Ratings. 3.2 Update Thanks for your continuous feedback! NEW -> Editing Custom Workouts - now you can add/edit/remove individual hangs when creating a new custom workout NEW -> Individual hang rating is back! - press on the REC button after any hang to rate it. Don't forget to rate the whole workout at the end. NEW -> Customise Rest Time after Sets - prefer to have a longer break after sets? now it's possible! Other bug fixes and improvements include: - min. rest time is lowered to 30s - fixed issue with incorrectly saved sets/reps and Total Time in Ratings

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- No sound

The app doesn't bip to signal starts & ends of sessions, rendering it quite useless. Hopefully we'll see a fix someday.

- No sound :/

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Beastmaker Training App 3.2.1 Captures d'écran et Images

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Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran
Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran
Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran
Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran
Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran
Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran
Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran
Beastmaker Training App iphone captures décran

Installation et Téléchargement de l'application Beastmaker Training App (Version 3.2.1)

L'application Beastmaker Training App ios a été développée par Beastmaker [ID développeur: 563826209] et est sortie dans la catégorie Forme Et Santé le 03 Octobre 2012, Mercredi. La taille du fichier de l'application est de 24.78 MB. La dernière version de Beastmaker Training App publiée le mercredi 26 Octobre 2019, Samedi est la 3.2.1. Le logiciel IOS 11.0 et supérieur fonctionne correctement. Google Play ID: com.beastmaker.beastmaker

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