Google Drive

Google Drive [Productivity] App Description & Overview

Google Drive is a safe place to back up and access all your files from any device. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

• Safely store and access your files anywhere
• Quickly access recent and important files
• Search for files by name and content
• Share and set permissions for files and folders
• View your content on the go while offline
• Receive notifications about important activity on your files

Learn more about Google Apps update policy:

Google accounts get 15GB of storage free, shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For additional storage, you can upgrade to a premium subscription plan as an in-app purchase. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US, and can vary by region.

Storage subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes Account, and automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Google Privacy Policy:
Google Drive Terms of Service:

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Google Drive Customer Service, Editor Notes:

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Google Drive Comments & Reviews

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- Photo


- Good place to keep everything

Google Drive is easy to use. I have enjoyed using this app for various personal and professional projects. It is simple browsing through the many documents and there’s plenty of space.

- Fabulous

I use it all the time. I just used it to share with my dad, PDF that I compiled myself. A lovely message about how Walter Shaub on Twitter wants me to know: he’s a vacuous crybaby or works for the KGB. Or both.

- Great app

Love this app because all my pictures and videos are protected in the cloud and available when I lost my iphone 5 and again when my iphone xs broke down.

- He /😁

H in jV junk unh rr TCT c bbu hubby in I

- Excellent

Highly accessible, usable, effective for my needs My major support resources are at my fingertips

- Awesome App

From what I have used it for, it’s good for sharing documents, powerpoints, transferring PDFs, and much more. Great app.

- A

Great application

- 😡😡😡SO SO BAD


- Drive Review

The Drive on Google is good. It does need to do easier connections with photos by allowing categories to separate closer by topic. l still can’t understand how some photos get on top of it. Albums on Google Photos are easier to control.

- Love


- Review from a 2 min in Newbie

My acquaintance sent me some beats to write songs to. I got his beat pack. At least 15 beats but i want to hop in the shower to listen to them and have to keep tapping my iphone with wet hands. Maybe there is an autoplay option I haven’t discovered yet. Maybe there isn’t. But if there isn’t there needs to be one for us ENTP content creators who like to get inspiration in the shower.

- Slow


- Class of 2020 Flashbacks

I really loved the thoughtfulness

- I like it because it’s a good place for my extras

I like Mark Weatherly as my broker at Edward Jones he has made it well worth it to myself and my wife even through the virus, good advice to help my portfolio,71 years of age and just looking for the 1,000,000 plus for my retirement and a few home improvements

- Randomly closes

App randomly closes often

- Alignment

Being able to store form and documents in an accessible place makes life easy... it is a very helpful tool to keep communication flowing

- Thanks for making this app

I always use this for my math and other things and this app is the best app thanks for making this app!

- No dark mode?

Only one question. Why I cannot switch the app to dark mode?

- The king of cloud storage

I love google drive

- Compartir

El nuevo cambio realizado para compartir archivos es muy confuso

- Lot of crashing

Idk what it is but when scrolling through image files the app always closes suddenly after I swipe through about 15-20 images Is it cause i’m on an older ipad or it’s not android or iOS doesn’t want to play nice :/ idk already tried restarts and reinstalls

- Crashes while listening to mp3s

Happens after 30-90 seconds.

- App crashing every few minutes

The application is crashing every few minutes. No tech support at this time is available. Please advise

- Malfunction

I have a recording in my drive and it appears to be glitching because after a min or more it’s stops while I’m listening it’s frustrating!

- Google drive

Love it

- Excelente

Muy útil

- New passcode demand makes it a useless app

Out of nowhere, this app began demanding that my device have a passcode before it would let me access my files. I use my iPad exclusively at home, and a passcode is a huge irritation. I double checked with all three of my domains, and none have the passcode requirement turned on in mobile device management. Then I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. When I launched, it said, once again, “your org requires you to set a passcode.” Except this time, I wasn’t signed into any accounts anywhere on my device. So it’s clearly not my org. It’s a problem within the app itself. Security is important, but I don’t need an app lecturing me about it. Let me acknowledge the notification, turn it off, and access my files. Otherwise, I’ll need to switch to another form of storage and domain management.

- App crashed 1 minute and 48 seconds into mp3 playing

App crashing consistently when phone locks after approximately 1 minute and 48 seconds. Please fix

- Crashing

Keeps crashing when I play music from one of my drive files and I go to a different app or my phone locks.Doesn’t crash when I play music file and stay on app

- Love the app but major problem:

Whenever I play music files or audio files in general, the app crashes if it’s in the background or the screen is locked. I really hope this gets fixed

- I think it could be better as a student

Not the best

- Bug fix

Every time I’m listening to music from my files it juss automatically stop and the app close

- App was good

App was good till it crashes every time I listen to music for 30 second while in another app. Can you guys make this app not do this every time I open it please?

- Dark Mode?

We need dark mode support for this app!

- keeps crashing while playing mp3 files

After the very recent updates, the app keeps crashing while I play mp3 files which is very disappointing. Playing mp3 files on the google drive app is essential part of my work and I need it fixed. please check this problem and fix the issue as soon as possible.

- App keeps crashing/restarting

Happens mid music

- Crash Bandicoot

The most recent update causes my app to crash when my phone locks. Never had an issue with this before, hoping it gets patched soon!

- Great tool for the iPhones

In a droid phone I can connect my phone and transfer video, audio, data of any class but with the garbage iPhones its not possible unless you use this amazing app

- Crashes

It always crashes when I play my files

- Keeps crashing .mp3s

Title explains it all. Other than that, great app

- I like it, but...

The last update has files cutting off once the screen goes black. Also, it would be nice to be able play audio files consecutively without having to click play on each file.

- It was good just a week ago...

This used to be my second most used app behind Apple Music, but today on June 1st every audio file I’ve played crashes the app every. Single. Time. Many of these files I have played repeatedly before, so I really don’t see why this is happening. Until you guys fix this, I’m uninstalling.

- Wow


- I am in love!

Hey Google team, thanks for the chrome stuff! It’s like the future. And I remember that in the future, I had everyone knowing how much I loved this one guy, I found him! I love him! Just as much as I thought I did, and you will too! Thanks gabby

- Bug Fix

I am having the same issue as the most recent reviews, app is crashing if I close the screen or go to another app. Unable to listen to a file or resume where I left off. Please fix this issue, I use this app all day every day 😭

- Audio glitch

My audio files only play for 2 minutes and then stop

- Tooooooo baaaaaaadddddddd

It keeps turning off by its self!!!😡😡😡

- Bug Fix

I use google drive exclusively to play the music that I produce. If my phone is locked, the app will crash halfway through any audio file that’s being played. This is unacceptable. Up until this point I have had no issues with google drive in any way. If this issue persists I will find a different source to upload and stream my music.

- Great!

I could play sonic e.x.e here!

AirBNB 🎁

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- Trash


- Don’t use it

They send you stupid surveys and feedback requests, it’s a complete waste of time energy and money

- Update wrecked it

Used to be able to listen to my music production through the drive app for my job. However, now audio will only play for a minute, and then I believe the app crashes. (At least, the music player part does, anyway.) As the music just stops. I believe this happened with the newest update, as I could listen to full songs on google drive before. I could have it run as a background app on my phone while doing other tasks, now the music just stops after a minute.

- Photographers

It doesn’t allow you to upload more that one picture at a time making this application useless.

- Pretty good

It is a awesome app but always needs updating

- Lol review go brrrrrrrr


- New update

Why was the drag-and-drop tool taken away? It’s kind of a hassle now to move files into different folders

- Nice

The best

- Sup


- Google Drive is amazing!!

Google Drive is an easy why to do work on and save important things. Starting year 7 this year drive has helped me a lot, not only this year but also in primary school. I have no clue what I would do without GOOGLE DRIVE! Thank you

- :D😍

GREAT APP, GOOGLE! Google is the best company ever No issues Finally found a free place for all my files Not like Microsoft Office that's bad I HATE MICROSOFT

- This is...alright

Whenever I use this it glitches out where I can only view and I can’t edit things my work clients send me so I don’t know what the problem is but hopefully it fixes its self and hopefully it’s my iPad and not this app!

- Idk

Kid 🧒 I was inspired to do this morning I am so excited 😆 I was so so happy to be a friend of yours and my life and my beautiful girlfriend and her boyfriend in

- It is ok 😐

It always glitches, so can you please fix that. Cheers, AFL lover

- Editing

I can’t edit my files but good quality

- too difficult

i am a student and need this app for school. When i need to do work in this app it will not let me do anything please fix this app love from a troubled student.

- It’s marvellous

It’s absolutely marvellous

- 29’oo

Difiicaj to search for files

- My drive!

The ability to create folders and totally de clutter my phone and iPad and greatest of all to share with others. I have health records which I can share with my cardiologist by giving him Access to just the relevant folder. Brilliant! Jack

- Downloading to iPad

Does not work

- Wedding photos

Easy & fast online storage

- 非常实用


- Question

How do I get google forms on google drive?

- School

It is very good because it is the only way to upload my school work

- I love this appp

I love this app because it shows that I have done my school work

- The Kool app I love give it a 5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣ yay

It is so so Kool I love this app yay everyone give it a 5 please 5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣5️⃣

- TransformFIT

Absolutely love Google Drive. And if you’re not yet, what are you waiting for?

- Great app

This app is really helpful, I can store files, folders and videos in Google Drive. It is essential and helps me get on top of the home learning. If you don't have this app you should get it NOW!, That's how much I love it. I really recommend it.

- Don Madura Jayasinghe

Great app to access files anywhere, any device.

- Just excellent

Can’t fault it. Love it. So easy to use and versatile. Can send things easily. Would be great to include PDF editor or a designing type app. to it. But otherwise it’s excellent

- Google Drve

This app is the greatest online app to use for schools and for anyone who needs to do an online project together!

- Great for working on

This is great for working on

- Amazing!!!!!

Using google drive has saved my time and I pad storage. Unreal!

- This is an amazing app

Thank you google

- Wow

A really good App!

- It is good

Hello it is good

- Very poor

Very poor to comprehend and work through it. I save my work and then I can’t find it afterwards

- Best application since the internet

Love this piece of technology, file organisation, editing and management all supremely done well. 5-stars

- It is terrible

It is absolutely terrible

- constant app crashes

I can’t reliably upload photos. Start and it works once or twice then next few times it freezes and crashes. When it does load they’re in the reverse order from my camera roll and not only that but they upload in a mish mash rather than the sequence they’ve been taken in. Can’t sort images by time taken. What a mess

- Alright app

This is a good app because it safes videos and presentations.this app is not the best but it is still very good.

- Good


- So simple

Once I mastered it Google Drive was smooth sailing but more importantly the children and their families are saying how easy it is to navigate and so much better than other systems they are using for remote learning!

- Lov


- Good

It can be slow because it runs on solid internet

- Boring

This app is so boring

- It’s the best app in the world

It’s the best

- Bad

It was bad meh

- Google drive is simple and effective

The google drive makes cloud sharing easy and effective. I use it across all my devices and for home and work.

- Excellent

Very good

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- I love this app!

I love the app it’s just hard to understand If it was a little easier I would give it five stars. You should get it but you might be a little confused. And that is the end of my review. Bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!

- I. I. R. G.

It is really good

- Love G Drive mobile App

Easily Using it daily!

- Thamks for teaching me

It helps me learn a bunch of stuff from teachers

- Best drive ever.

I’m speechless...

- Not user friendly.

I hate it.

- Creating Love and Compassion Meditation

This made a huge difference in my meditation being continuous, without having to wake up my phone every minute. Thank you.

- Google review

I am really enjoying google drive while addressing distance learning with my granddaughter.

- Hola

This is for your school


I love it it works!

- Good and Bad

I love Google Drove as platform to house all the documents for specific projects, but it takes an incredibly long time to upload anything.

- Amazing functions


- Business card

How do I update information on my business card?

- Google cloud convenience

It is sooo helpful to have some files on google drive so I can get to them from all my devices. Works with all different format of files


Why is the delete button all the way at the buttom... and why cant you save multiple photos to your device... annoying lil things but besides that the apps i great

- Crashing

I have the app but it keeps crashing , the heck dude

- Delete

I like it but it’s pretty dumb I can’t receive emails anymore because I reached my storage plan, and it says I can’t update it unless I contact support, but there’s no support...

- Receiving spam and elicit content in my drive

Please stop this

- I drive

Why is there no delete tab to delete stuff?

- Deleting files

Thank you for improving the ability to delete files on Good job. Google is becoming one of the safest ways to chat and communicate with people.

- Drive

I just like rating randomly

- dont use as tp

since i have no toilet paper i downloaded this app to use it as toilet paper, would not try again

- Why 5 stars

Having drive has made every so much easier and fast I love it

- Thanks for the update


- bad

u cant select all photos uselles

- Haven't opened the app:)

Haven't opened it yet:)

- Google features

I am very impressed with all of the google features

- Buen trabajo

Todo está muy bien pensado.

- Very good. Satisfied

It is crystal clear, loads files quickly and is very easy to scroll. Excellent.

- App crashes

I love google drive. It’s the easiest way to transport photos for me since I don’t have a Mac and it’s easy to send folders w photos to clients, however, the app crashes A LOT. As I’m downloading and browsing my photos the app lags and crashes me back to my hone screen and it restarts the app. It’s frustrating and it makes me lose my spot in my downloading process. I would like to see this fixed or updated soon. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this either. I have an iPhone 8 and this is the only app it does this on.

- Simply It works


- Crashes

Keeps Crashing after 20 secs. PLEASE FIX! I’ve tired every troubleshooting method there is!

- Four stars

I lost something that I uploadedd

- Started crashing after ~2 minutes of streaming audio

I've never had issues until this week. Restarting the app makes it work for a while until it crashes again.

- It’s ok

It’s ok except when I am trying to upload somthing it takes forever and then after when it finally finishes it says failed to upload then I realized that I waited for nothing

- 😒


- It could be better

I’m trying to do a school project t for the last day of school but I can’t upload photos from my iPad to my chrome book because in google drive I can’t find ANY of the photos I’ve uploaded even though it says it finished uploading, it’s really frustrating because I’m trying to do a school project for the last day of school.

- Excelente

Muy útil y dinámico

- 🦠

Gracias por esto es la mejor por esta pandemia del corona virus 🦠 gracias

- Doop derpidy derp derb da doop derpidy der derp derp da doop


- Crashing

Keeps crashing after 20-30 seconds of playing a file .. iphone se 2020 ios 13.5

- Computer and phone drive won’t sync

Can’t access content that’s in my drive on my computer with my phone....

- Doc

I can’t edit documents

- 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍


- Review

Dear google drive, You killed my father and I will forgive you I hate you and your app Love ya! - 😘

- Saddened by google’s decision to remove tiktok ratings

I am a big fan of google products but this time I fee that the company is using unethical means for improving tiktok ratings. They are sidelining user sentiments and decided to delete the reviews to improve the rating. It breaks my heart seeing google dropping down to this level. I will try to use google less and less. Even my friends who work at google are ashamed of this decision.

- Crashing

Google drive keeps crashing after about 30 seconds of playing a file. How can this be fixed?

- Super GREAT

Super great it’s cool and it help when we’re in home of covied 19

- It is fine

The app is ok because it is pretty easy to work with but hard for kids.

- Registration Client


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- I got high hopes

What else to say? I’ll put my hopes in the future.

- Two Google Drive accounts

I need two accounts. One for my job as a teacher and another at home for work with my community volunteering. Google won’t let me do this. What is going on?

- Lacking features

Cannot download several files at once on mobile, cannot change the link sharing privacy settings on mobile, cannot set files to be available online only (desktop, unless using drive file stream - why two different software for the same thing?)

- Good:)

Hi joe


This app is the best. I can easily access my school work from this. I love it!

- Google Drive

I really love google drive it's incredible and super easy to use and I think you could improve by adding more facilities to make the app better.

- Nice note

Great for my children’s education

- Okay

I downloaded google drive as well as docs, sheets and slides on my iPad to make it easier to do my work from home. My only complaint would be that the apps KEEP MOVING MY FILES TO THE BIN! I’ve been switching between spreadsheets all day and have needed to go to the bin folder literally EVERYTIME I’ve wanted to open a new document. Please fix as this problem is suuuuper annoying

- Poo


- Meh

Eat bums

- The best

You can literally do anything in there

- Very helpful

I go to school and it helps a lot It kept all my work and docs and allowed me to edit my work I absolutely recommend google drive

- No

I hate this


I really don’t. Like this app it is really bad it is putting me into a different account and it’s really bad

- How good Drive is

It is really good app that can save files and do everything

- It dose not help me at all

👎not helping

- School

Love it for school work

- Thanks

Thank you for giving me google drive it has been very helpful to me with my schoolwor.

- It works but I don’t see the point of it.

It works but I don’t see the point of it since you can do the same stuuf in other apps, some of these apps aren’t even owned by google. Stupid App, if you want to save storage space don’t get it.

- Drive


- Yo


- Issues in playing videos

Videos are not playing

- Aisha

It’s really good and it will save

- COVID-19

Our School uses this app and its really helpful to know our work

- Google drive

Not user friendly.

- Bad app!

It’s a terrible app, too slow and barely works, my students can never submit tasks because it is too slow

- Google drive

I think google drive is a great way to store your work and school stuff. It is easy and simple to use and to log in and to access. it is perfect for many reasons. I love it!

- Poor service doesn’t tap when needed

The word is horrible

- Solid and easy to use

It’s in the title.

- Crashes

Crashes all the time when looking though photos

- Bad

Shut up ************

- Terrible

Just terrible

- Great app

Love this

- Great app

Great app. Use it all the time!

- Good for school

It’s really good for school right now and keeping up with school work and not having to stress about it. Definitely shoulder be used hang in guys

- Not the best

I guess it is convenient in a way but apple did a better job

- 💩


- Awesome

Really helpful to me and my classmates at HPS

- Poo


- I


- 8ffrvtrvrn


- Bad


- Unintuitive and lacks basic functions in desktop web app

I just want to manage my files in bulk. If there is a way to select multiple files at once, google has kept it very well hidden (not even in the kebab menu). This is a basic idiom which has been in use on the desktop for decades. If this is the best google can do it’s pretty disappointing. Also: “recent” seems to include files I’ve accessed recently but the recent folders I’ve accessed don’t show up. If I have to open up my laptop and use the web app to get basic work done what is the point of this app? I can understand why basic features missed from the mobile site but a native app has a lot more options

- Yeet

Yeet is a very good way to yeet and beginning to yeet May be hard but once you get it down packed it’s a grand thing to yeet. Then you get into I like trains so yeet is a great way to yeet and the meaning of yeet is to throw something in icsitment yeet a yeet to day

- The app is useless

Only way to share files is via the app, but I am only able to view 10 images of the 30+ that I uploaded, therefore this tool is useless for my purposes. Would be nice if there wasn’t a file limit. Also doesn’t seem to have option to move documents into files in the app?

- The best cloud service ever

Really easy to use.

- Google Drive

I am totally dissatisfied with the drive and wish to remove all access to it. My iPad says the drive is “full,” but makes it very difficult to find out how to remove items. It persists in telling me how to purchase extra memory. I wish I had never started with it .

- Great place to save everything

After having several attempts to save my work on several different devices and not being able to access when I need it, the google one drive was the ideal solution.

- good but sometimes laggy

and sometimes hard to find documents

- Sick of this

Won’t let me give permission and I’ve been trying to send a video file for the past 3 hours, I’ve scanned it and downloaded it so many times AND IT WILL NOT PLAY Other than that, Google Drive is pretty good.

- Clarity


- Google drive is really awesome

Google drive is awesome and the experience is amazing

- Nice


- Excellent information custodian

Amazing it does not glitch at all

- Google Drive Review

Great app

- Google Drive is second to none.

I have been using google drive for a good number of years now and it’s very efficient and amazing. Nothing comes close. I will always recommend this drive to anyone in the online space. So amazing 😉

- No Password Lock

One of the very important reasons why we use the cloud backup is to ensure the privacy of the files. Kindly help us include an in-app password lock feature on this or make it in such a way the touch ID of the iPhones can lock the app. Thank You.

- Drive great solution

Drive provide solutions to a lot.

- MR

Good app

- Very good

A very good app, I love it.

- Review

Great app

- Help

I can't download google drive on my iPad2 iOS 9.3.5 and I need it... Please help

- Amazing app

So far, this app has been super cute and I hope to keep experiencing the best of the app.

- Excellent

Always on point

- Cool App

Great App. Really helpful store for all device storage. All you need do is download.

- Great App

Google drive works seamlessly on my iOS and android devices. Really like that

- Wonderful

It’s actually stores anything, u just have to learn how to use it. 👌

- So Cool


- Excellent Service

The best tool

- E

My experience has been good so far. The only challenge I face is that making videos online takes a long time

- Really helpful

It is really helpful to me.

- Excellent resource

Best thing that’s happened to organizing my digital world: personal documents, collaboration especially on projects and so much more. And it keeps getting better!!!

- Good experience

I enjoy using drive

- Perfect for Storage

I can store and retrieve my files anytime, anywhere from any of my device. It’s just amazing!

- So nice

I love it.

- Mrs Reki

Gr8t App

- Great Tool

Google drive happens to be a great tool, for work and personal life.

- Google drive

I love it

- Chekwube

The app is great for saving and arranging documents.

- Most convenient way to manage information


- Good

Very nice

- Error message

I’m getting an error message “This item was not found or you do not have access to it”

- A waste of data

It’s not opening my files

- Good

Make things easier

- Great app but need a select button to download all pictures at once

It’s an effective app but I’d like to have a button that can select all pictures or files sent to me and download it all at once instead of one by one, it’s usually stressful doing it one after the other.

- Great

For me, google drive is really very effective. Work is easier and business is smoother. I work with sharing picture files and I really like the fact that the size of my files are not compressed and the quality of my pictures are preserved. I’ve got little or no restraints working with google drive and I’ll recommend it to anyone who’s looking for cloud storage and sharing with a work team.


If you don’t have it....go get it

- Mr Usman


- Absolutely love it

This is one app that blows my mind consistently. The fact that I can use across all my gadgets in absolutely insane in a nice way.

- Complain

It must be secured by touch ID to be more secured

- A very useful app

Good app, I think it will be easier if I can select all the images in an album, at once.

- Resourceful

It gives easy access to your document anywhere on any device and it also helps attach document on outlook mobile which currently does not allow attaching a document from the file manager of my iPhone.

- It meets my expectations

Good to have

- Great App

This is a really good app that comes in handy when it’s time to save some space on my 📱. However since the last update i noticed I can’t save pictures to my iPhone, can you please fix the bug?

- Very poor

It’s super slow to respond and it doesn’t actually upload my pictures

- It has been so helpful

So helpful

- Great App

Beautiful App. Thank you

- Just the best!!!

With my drive I can access my books on the go and work from anywhere in world 💃

- Very amazing!

Thanks a lot, google Drive

- I can’t scan with it on iPhone

Unarguably a great app except it’s less efficient on the IOS because I haven’t been able to scan documents as I used to on android.

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Google Drive 4.2020.22204 Screenshots & Images

Google Drive iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive iphone images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive ipad images
Google Drive Productivity application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Drive Productivity application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Drive (Version 4.2020.22204) Install & Download

The applications Google Drive was published in the category Productivity on 2012-06-28 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 195.13 MB. Google Drive - Productivity posted on 2020-06-03 current version is 4.2020.22204 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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