Google Translate

Google Translate [Reference] App Description & Overview

• Text translation: Translate between 108 languages by typing
• Offline: Translate with no internet connection (59 languages)
• Instant camera translation: Translate text in images instantly by just pointing your camera (90 languages)
• Photos: Take or import photos for higher quality translations (50 languages)
• Conversations: Translate bilingual conversations on the fly (43 languages)
• Handwriting: Draw text characters instead of typing (95 languages)
• Phrasebook: Star and save translated words and phrases for future reference (all languages)

Permissions Notice
• Microphone for speech translation
• Camera for translating text via the camera
• Photos for importing photos from your library

Translations between the following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Kinyarwanda, Korean, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Odia (Oriya), Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu

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Google Translate Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Several bug fixes and usability improvements

Google Translate Comments & Reviews

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- No older app available for older iPads

Wish they'd make an older version available for pre-ios10 versions. Not hard to do. Now I have to download a competitor's app. Google, don't you want my precious data and what I'm translating??

- Reasons why it’s a three stared reviewed

The reason this is a three star review is because only some times it will work .Even tho it knows every language . It doesn’t always get correct. Plus when tries to get it translated , it comes out as nonsense.I mean sometimes it decides to work .But over all it not that bad of a translator.

- Fantastic app

When I had this on my I pad I was so dumb because I didn’t know how to use it,* 2 years later * I was looking for a translator app on App Store and has to be free because I know my dad and mom can’t it for me so I looked and looked most of them wanted me to buy it and I can’t buy it so I looked and looked again and I found this app I download it and when Open the app it was free and you can use A lot of languages in the app, in most apps you could only use one language so that made me happy and the other stuff about it! I love the app! It’s the only app that I like to use for language! I hope other people like the app I saw some bad reviews I don’t know what’s their problem but yea I hope everyone likes it and yea! Thats all I wanted to say so yea, have a great day! :)

- Apple Watch support?

When will you release an Apple Watch supported version like iTranslate? Having the app directly on the watch with offline language support downloaded directly on the watch without the need for an iPhone would be rad.

- Great

It helps me cheat in Spanish😁

- Horrible user interface

Doing a lot of international buisness via text i do a lot of copy and past but the text I put and translate are such a small section of the screen of say only 25% while the rest of the screen is options and history.... the app is for translate make the translate part the main focus.....

- Politicized translations English-Chinese

Google translate refuses to translate the word “President” in “President Tsai Ing-Wen”. Just “蔡英文” and no “總統”. It also omits translations of “leader” and “officer” when those words are followed by “Tsai Ing-Wen”. It has no problem translating Mrs. Tsai Ing-Wen as “蔡英文女士”. This is reprehensible in a reference tool.

- please please PLEASE don’t download

This app is very nice (especially the camera feature) but every time I use the app it CRASHES and it’s SUPER ANNOYING

- It’s cool

This is really good. I like the picture thing because a lot of people can’t understand sights and the camera is very convenient. One thing I hate is that the languages are very confusing. It is hard to change the language and it would be helpful if you could change that.


Thanks for Persian

- Necesita reparación

Anda muy bien , la recomiendo pero en mi iPhone 6 tiene un poco de lag

- low accuracy, need improvement

hahah this tool is a joke for some small languages, even pluricentric languages are not well-localized, namely Chinese, English and Spanish, it makes you feel uncomfortable when you use the wrong word but google translator just throw all the word bank into it if nothing is important, very stupid app.

- Gg

Best way to make computer say things in other accents



- Spanish

My Spanish teacher is yelling at me because my Spanish is so bad even though I used google translate. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT NOW!

- Helps with my Spanish homework

All I have to do is scan my Spanish homework and it does most of the work for me

- New technique, high technology.

No more small book dictionary.No more allergy reading.

- Excelente


- Cool google translator app

Plz add more languages all the time new languages even the languages rarely spoken in case someone wants to learn that language possibly and also add a updated brand new redesign of google translate so it will be better and cooler looking and the option to translate the letters translation language into pink text for girls or blue text for boys Keep up the excellent work

- Fast reading

The voice of rhe Translator is too fast.

- Excellent

Everything is excellent


A lot of the translations are different from Mexican spoken Spanish.I used to use this solely until I was completely misunderstood 90% of the time! So embarrassing! An example is “NINGUNA” it’s listed as a translation for NONE & also ANY. Those words are basically opposites! The only reason I use it is bc it’s convenient. I end up having to relook words up using google search for more reliable translations available online without apps. :( If you decide to learn the translations from this app, you will be learning a fake/made-up language created by Google. The only people who will understand you will be the people who used this app. It’s a fad that won’t last, btw.

- Great translation

Thanks google for great translation

- Can’t save big stuff like more than I want

Can’t save big stuff also go translator on iPad

- Wont download😡😡😡

I downloaded it and was stuck on work due to it

- Yesh

I can finally understand what those Spanish people on roblox are saying- >:3

- add IPA for written pronunciation guides

there is no reason not to include IPA pronunciation guides. “enPR” is nonstandard and only valid for some dialects. refusing to implement IPA is an insult to people with auditory disabilities who actually want to know how to pronounce something. please add an option to edit translations in the app like on desktop. please allow for multiple translations in cases where the input is ambiguous. i doubt any of these will ever be implemented tho seeing how long you took to roll out dark mode. (still missing from google drive btw)

- My best man alexhoeghandersen

1 Safari Lll LTE VPN 10:53 PM C 52٪ 4 (تاریخ عمومی و زمان 24 ساعته تنظیم شده به صورت خودکار منطقه زمانی تهران> 2 اوت 2563 BE 10:53 PM پنجشنبه 30 ژوئیه 31 31 جمعه 31 ژوئیه 31 8 32 شنبه 1 33 AM امروز 10 34 PM دوشنبه 3 11 11 35 سه شنبه 4 12 36 سه شنبه 5 71 37


I love this app I can finally talk to my grandma because she is Spanish and I do not know Spanish. Thank you

- No Apple Watch app🤔

Totally confused why there isn’t an Apple Watch app yet, blows my mind!! Update after update and still no app google??🙄

- I just got the app need to earn the rest!

Let’s just see how good this app. Really is! I’ll be back in a month

- Amazing

Best tool ever! I would have never passed spanish class without this. It’s so useful and my teacher couldn’t tell that I was using my phone

- About translation

Google translate you can translate you can translate any thing. I’m using English to Japan and I’m learning a little bit of Japanese.

- Awesome

Is this a perfect tool? No. But it does allow you to get a rough idea of what is being said and it is always improving. The ability to use your camera and have your device automatically translate text on screen is awesome.

- The best app I ever seen

That’s the nice app I ever seen that’s the best app for translation and if you want to go to another country and you don’t know the language OK I wish you to get help from this app and thank you for this app. 🌹

- Just what I need!!

This app has literally saved me so much time and energy trying to help my kids do their homework in Spanish. The live translate camera option is amazing and is just what I have been looking for.

- It’s good but wait...

Trying to learn Spanish these days is difficult and google translate doesn’t all ways translate it well. For instance “she returns” in Spanish is “ella vuelve” but google translate puts it to “ella regresa” so it doesn’t translate right

- Really helpful

My mom is always texting me stuff in Persian and I’m not that good at reading Persian words but this worked perfectly and I was shocked when I showed my mom and she said everything was correct

- User536

Hey! I just love this app. The quality is good, and it helps me understand my other friends. This is an easy app with the right grammar in every language! I definitely recommend this app to any of those non-English (or other way around) users! One big 5-stars to Google!

- review

the camera feature works great!!

- I use it everywhere I go

Whenever I go to a foreign place like China or Japan I bring my google translator with me so I can understand their language. I was at a Chinese restaurant and the waiter asked me a question in Japanese so I translated what she was saying and showed my screen to her. She nodded and went to get my bill for me. I also love how if you see a sign in a different language you can take a picture of it thru the app and it’ll automatically translate it for you. Excellent and useful!

- Amazing!

The mobile app is so much better and easier to use than the online version. I have Vietnamese friend and it is so easy to communicate with them using this app. I love how you can swap the two languages and double check.

- It works sort of

If your trying to translate something you have to speak like a robot for it to register correctly and translations are not always accurate

- -_-

i wanted to learn korean so i decided to write simple korean phrases in my notebook to remember them. next thing you know, i look the words up to see if their correct and almost all the words are wrong. so now i have to throw away all the incorrect korean phrases and use a new app. i am disgusted. idc if it’s a lot of languages the bot has to translate, they made me write all those phrases and most of them were wrong!


This app is really bad it doesn't have español translating I recommend something else besides this it doesn't even have French language so bad u guys are supposed to be better then this u guys have to translate all languages because some people need translation for other languages too 😔 needs improvement

- This is great but....

“Uhh let’s try that one more time” is a phrase I say repeatedly when I use this app. I love the fact that technology has advanced this far but this app is FAAAAR from perfect. I will keep it around for convenience sake, but I honestly can’t see myself using it much until many upgrades and years later.

- Ok but needs improvement

For frequent users, you may find this app irritating as it is not the most user friendly. The keyboard does not pop up automatically, which makes one more step in the way of typing something quickly. Secondly, the controls are a little ungainly, they’re easy to ‘fat-finger’ and hard to hit accurately on larger phone screens. As for the pros, the translations seems decent, especially in Spanish where there are many different slangs and regional words.

- Возникли проблемы!

В последнее время невозможно импортировать фото из галереи для перевода...

- This app is very useful

Thank you so much google for making this even a thing!! Now I can curse at people in different languages! muhahahah! Jk! But tysm for making this app it’s very useful if you meet someone and they decide to talk in a different language! U can also catch if anybody is talking behind your back or cursing at u in a different language. Hah I’m just kidding! Thanks again google 🤗

- Spanish to English

Very good I enjoy using this app for homework. This makes my life easier, and faster!! 👍🏽

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- Just to let you know

Yes it is a very good app, However don’t trust this for learning a new language. It’s good for translation only. It gives you a Sort of good translation. Needs improvement

- The camera is bad!!!

Don’t use the camera it’s bad wouldn’t recommend

- Good but...Need Cantonese

Good App but needs to offer voice translation in Cantonese. Right now there is only Mandarin. Having Cantonese would be beneficial. Please provide soon in upcoming updates!!

- This version is crap

Why is the portion of the screen to enter typed text so tiny now? Ridiculous. Can’t see what I’m typing in. Fix this!!

- I like it

I was learning Russian, and everything was good except for the fact that the microphones wouldn’t record what I said and they would keep saying “speak now.” And “listening...”

- This ajmt good

1:this app is so unaccurate my french english dictionary is better 2:the camera doesn't work 3:this app doesn't work

- Phenomenal translation app!

A very powerful international communication tool with extremely prompt response and translation times. Multiple languages (for example an international business conference) can be effortlessly translated amongst many varying dialects. Another home run for Google, thank you so much!

- Good.

Google translate can be very handy but will get some words mixed up for example: I asked what mixed was in French and it said it was mixed but really it’s melanger.

- Terrible

It’s just bad don’t download this


Fait Une mise à jour il traduit n'importe quoi il remplace des mots il traduit super mal.

- Voice and conversation didn’t work

I tried using the voice and conversation setting but it would be able to hear what i was saying even though i was talking loud it still kept saying plz wait or cant hear you or doesn't understand

- This app is broken

I translated some Vietnamese words to English knowing what the translation was and the English wasn’t even in English it was some numbers and letters that weren’t words

- Perfect

It’s perfect just what I needed!!! parfait juste ce dont j'avais besoin!!!

- Wired

Sometimes when I search a word it just says stone mother even if I change the word

- Amazing!,!!, »!!

It’s great to tiny insects biting me cuz they learnt a new language so then they buzzed off. This app is also amazing cuz toes and poopy scoop I LOVE IT THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCH THATNK YOU JUST THANK YOU THANK Written with love From Poopy scoopy❤️ Also don’t juge my name pls🙏🏼☹️😢

- It Helps Me Cheat In French Class

(So it’s good I guess)

- It was good

It was good for about 3 days until now the camera from French to English makes the English complete gibberish like exglyge purgla would be a word from French to English

- Dog shi$$

This app had soo much potential but no, the translations are literal garbage get Linguee instead please 🙄😤🤬


This is the best translator that I came by! It’s so easy to use and it’s free! I would definitely recommend this!

- Horrible!

This app is horrible and hard to use. It doesn’t listen what you talk. I understand three languages, I should know the translations are not the best. This is artificial translation, it’s better to use something else. Please, I do not write fake reviews. - a person how does not recommend artificial translation (nor other artificial stuff)

- Need an update

Much of the translations needs to be fixed and overlooked by someone from that Country because most of the translations are wrong and very strange Google can do better than this

- I love it

I downloaded it because this app was the only good app thatL does not have you pay in order to use it this one IS GREAT AND I LOVE IT!!!

- Needs to improve Punjabi dictation

Good to see Punjabi added for the voice thing but it still needs some improvement as it doesn't recognize some words.

- Horrible

I can’t say about other language pairs, but English-Russian (and vice versa ) is horrible.

- Google

Honestly, the translating for language is good. Although, the feature to use the camera translater is really terrible. I can’t read Chinese and i tried to translate the Chinese. Just to find out it was a blurry mess

- Great app

I love this app.It does translate quickly,especially when you use the camera.Really quick!

- Line Brennan

Like it

- Cantonese missing in 2020 (political reason?????)

It is unprofessional approach that Google removed Cantonese in 2020. It is a terrible mistake that millions of Cantonese speaking Chinese in the world can no longer use this app. It is a must to put our language back ASAP!!!!!!!

- New Tap to translate feature not showing

The app is fine, but the new tap to translate feature isn’t working. I updated the app and everything, and copied from the vid what to do, I copied text I wanted to translate, but the translate icon doesn’t show up. I also watched a video where a guy turned it on in settings, but I don’t have the same thing. I have a iPhone 7, if anyone knows how to resolve this, please lmk.

- Great

I was watching other friends and it was on so I got a great video idea

- Aramaic language needed

Com’n please add Aramaic language.

- Super Ugly Dark Mode Header

Yes, it finally supports dark mode, but the bright blue “Google Translate” header is so obnoxious.

- Very slow

This app is opening slowly:(( Please repair this application:((

- Not even proper!

If you translate Persian to English it will not even get the right text AT ALL!

- So much fun

Really enjoy translating from one language to another, incredibly accurate!

- Doesn’t translate from picture album anymore.

Vital application for me when written text is not able to be copy/ pasted and don’t have way to live translate. Look at other apps.

- Nice

Camera translate convienent for doing my French homework

- Voz en español

Podrían ustedes habilitar una voz masculina para las traducciones en español? Gracias!

- Great app but...

when I was translating english to tagalog, I typed “what” and it told me (in tagalog) that it translates to “ano”, but when I asked my filipino friends what “ano” means in english, they sayed it means “some”. So therefore when you are translating english to tagalog, it is like 50% accurate. Also google even sayed theirself that google translate is 60% accurate. Btw, when I translate english to russian, it is 100% accurate 😊🙂. Btw (again) this is not a hate comment.

- Offline probleme

Works good except offline

- Huh? Transliteration?

Whatever the system this wonderful app uses for transliterating Thai is utterly unintelligible if one doesn’t have a background in linguistics. I wish there was a dumbed down phonetics that the rest of us could understand. Otherwise a terrific app !

- The X button(delete button) is not working sometimes.

The X button(delete button) is not working sometimes.

- No

Es muy malo para escuchar, lo que uno le dice lo cambia, uno habla y escribe o dice otra cosa que no tienen sentido

- Please add Indigenous Languages

It would be wonderful to see Indigenous languages, such as Cree, which his widely used across Canada and the United States. Thanks!

- So convenient

I love this app it is super helpful and I imagine will be a great asset when travelling.

- 🙄

Other languages download is not working

- Too slow

It's too slow. I have to wait at least 30s everytime I need to use it.

- Won’t load

Recently I have been using the app and at first it worked perfectly. However recently The app is taking longer to load or is just showing a white screen. It says it’s bad internet connection however when I use other apps that require internet it has no problems. Is there a way you could fix this?

- Won’t work off-line

What use is an app for translating that allows you to download the files for the languages but doesn’t work off-line. It keeps coming up with all sorts of errors. If you are going somewhere remote this app sucks

- Crash

It got stuck in white screen whenever I opened it

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- Great app

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense but you can figure the text out. I think that the camera feature is really cool and I use it a lot.

- Update camera.

Just increased star rating as the latest update has camera use. Still staggers when it comes to translating Turkish to English, and back. Please sort it.

- Fantastic

I use this app everyday! You can also use this app to learn new languages and pronouns your accent! Amazing! I recommend it to anyone out there who is willing to learn or look up a new language 😊 such a good app 👍this app should be rated 5 star!

- Hay que mejorar

Muchas veces no traduce bien

- Love it, so useful

I am 15 years old and English. I am almost fluent in Spanish as well as learning Korean, google translate has really helped me with my languages...

- Review

Great product. Use a lot in China. Help me out of a few jams.

- Not possible to sign into Google account

Weird to me that using one of the best services of the Google, I can't sign into my account to sync my saved translations

- Not good

Not good for Romanian language

- Fantastic!!!

Google Translate is amazing - not only is it really quick to use, there are lots of ways to use it - for example, you can literally just take a picture of any writing (whatever language) and it can translate it or tell you what it means in English by simply scanning it through !!! It’s a really useful app to use at home and on the go!

- lol

great for spanish homework even if it isn’t completely accurate

- Translating

I have just got it and it’s amazing

- ITS WRONG!!!!!

Google translate is a wonderful thing. But it’s wrong, for example when you type something then it translated and then you untranslate it, there would usually be another answer this also might be because I use English to french ☹️ such a shame

- An absolutely 5 star!!

Just wanna thank google for making communication with my bf a lot easier. We are from different countries speaking different languages, and trying to speak each other’s mother tongue as much as possible. While we are struggling with foreign language acquisition, at least google translate makes the language barrier easier to overcome and I sincerely want to thank google for that.

- Soooooo good

It’s so good I can’t really say anything!

- Important question

Is there a way to translate games with foreign text as I’m playing the game. I don’t want to be taking photos every time I don’t know what they’re saying and then having to translate it since that would be a pain. There’s a camera feature but it doesn’t let me actually translate the screen which I thought it would do. Is there a way for me to translate my screen instead of constantly taking pics and translating them manually, or atleast a easier way

- Well done

I love this app it’s good to translate and you don’t have to search google translate overall I’m really pleased whith this app and suggest if you need a translate app you get this one!

- Was amazing

Is now for some reason totally in Russian instead of English or french (I have no Russian in my settings) Can’t use it.

- Great product

I am taking German at school and this is really helpful with the of word or phrase. It is fairly accurate and easily accessible. However the best bit is the fact that if gives you all the different tools, that other apps make you pay for , for free. This is a great app for anyone and I would really recommend. The reason it lost a star was that sometimes it isn’t 100% accurate.

- Almost best Google app

Google Earth is the best Google so you should update it also this is really useful for people moving into different countries

- Great app

I love this app I have been learning multiple languages for about a month but I want make a request to add Navajo the language of the Navajo people in Arizona Utah and New Mexico I would like this because I’m very interested about them think about it.

- Very Good

Awesome translator. Would be cool if it had Galactic Alphabet options or lesser known fictional languages like Corpus.

- Great app for when you are abroad!

Amazing app for when you are in an unfamiliar country. It can translate street signs as well as talking to someone (for example in a shop to buy something) and you talk and it translates it to their language and then they speak and it’s translated into your language. Would definitely recommend to any holiday goers as a great app!

- Not as good as I expected

I wish you could do more with this app such as listen closely to music and translate it. But I’d recommend if your trying to learn some new language but note some words are lies. One time I was doing a project and I googled up what something was in Spanish and when I googled what did the word mean in English it meant fat pig. And i presented this infront of my class and got punished.

- Frustrating!

I thought, Oooh i’ll use google translate to look at what this long letter means, every time you click something it makes you have to type all over again which is infuriating when you’ve typed 2 paragraphs?! it’s slow and unresponsive at times -all the time- and it’s just SO BAD in general. i know that nobody is going to reply to this and there just going to push it to the bottom of the reviews to keep their ‘5 star ratings’ up ya know what, unless these issues are solved i’m going to keep telling people to use itranslate instead! greetings -unknown user

- Upload screenshot

Upload screenshot just won’t work on I phone 7

- A masterpiece of engineering

1. Perhaps what do I need already exists, but I can’t find it anywhere. I would like to sync across all devices. Please make this possible. 2. I would also like to keep ALL translations that I make as a favourite, and telling me that a translation is too long does not help. Why do you limit the number of characters for favourites? 3. Another useful tool would be to allow users to copy & paste two languages at the same time instead of leaving and coming back for another copy-paste; dual language copy-paste saves time and my request is because I put both languages in the message/text box before I send it. This then allows me to see what I have typed, I can follow and re-read a conversation thread, and it also serves as a teaching tool. 4. I wonder if there is a way to have this connect directly to any app using an API maybe? Twitter already has a built-in translator, but the majority of apps do not, especially Instagram which we all know is very clunky and is in desperate need of an update with regards to translating within the DM section. If you have a way of connecting the two it would be absolutely fantastic! In all, though, I constantly use Google Translate, and I couldn’t talk to people around the world, otherwise. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s a masterpiece of engineering. 4 stars only means that there is always room for improvement :)

- Kurdish

Please add sorani kurdish it is very important to me to be able to understand and speak with my family.

- Google translate

I like so much my google translate all time full-help thanks..

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Good app peeps so download it today!!!!

- Very useful

I particularly like the live translations using camera. Would like to see a safari translate action added though.

- My daily Companion - Crashing daily basis recently...!

I love this app, i use it everyday on my journey to learn new languages, its fantastic, but UNFORTUNATELY recently it started to crash alot, i was hoping the recent update for the App was meant to solve this problem. It Crashes every minute...!!!!!!

- works great


- Hehe boi😂

French homework has never been easier

- 💙🥶💧

This is good also it helps me at skl w my German 😋

- Great


- Гавно

Мне ни панравилась патамушта йа пешу «превед» а он ни пириводет

- Super helpful(^O^)

Its very easy to translate words in different languages with google translate! I really like the import image tool to help me translate screenshots! However, I think translating Chinese to English is very difficult with this app and not accurate enough. But other than that, this app is perfect as you can even change the accents of the speaker!

- It’s good

This app works well but it can often mistranslate something or make grammatical mistakes so if you’re a student and you need to translate something I wouldn’t recommend this app, however if you need to know something quickly or you just need to understand something then I would for sure recommend this app!

- 👍


- Best by far

Absolutely amazing app - camera function works very well and is extremely quick! By downloading offline guide you don’t even need WiFi to translate stuff Perfect for me - I recommend it for anyone who needs a fast and accurate translator Don’t hesitate to download this app!!!!

- Perfect app

I live in Greece and just cannot get my head around learning the language properly. I speak French and German but Greek defeats me. I’ve tried numerous translation app before and they are rubbish. This was recommended by a Swedish friend who lives here and it is brilliant. My Greek friends say the translations are 99% correct due to regional variations like any language. I can now hold proper conversations in Greek either written or spoken. I can’t say what the other languages are like. For Greek this is perfect and highly recommended. 10/10

- Igbo

It can translate Igbo Ooga booga ooga booga ooga booga ooga booga

- Love this app!

This is a amazing way to learn a new language and to communicate with others who don’t speak the same language as you. This is a family friendly app that anyone could use this app. This app has helped me learn a new language that I will remember so my experience of using this app is a very good one.

- Not Great

So far it’s unable to translate clear Russian text to English, using the photo/screenshot option. Text that other apps can translate accurately. So it’s not due to a typing/spelling error or some photo issue that would make it unable to read the image. I currently use another photo translator & occasionally it misses the odd word, so thought I’d try this- Don’t think this is the app for me as it’s skipping all the words. I tried s few images that should have easily been able to be translated.

- Not working

Not working since the last update at all!!

- Food Translation

Don’t bother if you are trying to translate the names of food from German to English. It’s apparently too difficult for the biggest tech company in the world to manage.

- Ability to turn off dark mode needed!

Great app but only 4 stars because one cannot turn dark mode off within the app. Dark mode looks awful and I think Google could of done a better job. I always use dark mode but when I open this app I don’t want it to be in dark mode so Google needs to add a toggle within the app to turn it off.

- For an unknow reason, the app is opening slowly.

Thanks for the dark mode! I waiting this feature long time ago! So for this, i give you 5 star! 👌🏻😊

- Buggy

Just laggy and nothing wrong with internet or mobile

- Doesn’t work

Used to work great but now will crash and will not let me press anything. Shame.

- 🉑️以


- Camera translation response speed is a delay and become slower than before

Camera translations speed is a delay and become slower than before

- Best

Translate very well

- Great for outside but useless in papers and sites and such

Works perfectly if your using it for signs or big ones. But however it’s really bad for small writing like papers or anything in the website

- Awesome

Greatest google app ever!!!👍

- Google translator pop view

Can you tell me plz why google translator dont pop up when copy text like andriod phones

- Great

It’s really great

- Handy app

Very useful, but can we please have the option to choose between a male or female voice translator ?

- No should be changed to 不 Instead of 沒有

Get this sorted no should be 不 instead of 沒有

- Offline translation doesn’t work.

Using the app offline, and as it promises that you can use the app offline, you can’t. I was translating something, yet it said that I had a network error, along with that, it’s NOT 100% CORRECT. (T_T)

- Voice

Some times it dose not say the right thing And I talk clearly and loud but it dose not hear me

- Translation

The translation is not very accurate.

- English to English help kids with reading difficulty

In the last 6 months my child was using the google translator as a tool to help with his reading difficulty. It was a great tool which we set up as an English to English translation. Unfortunately after reloading app to his new iPad we are no longer able to set translations English to English. Hopefully this is just temporary issue and developers will modify this function as it was extremely valuable assets for kids with reading difficulty.

- Bad and good

It’s in the middle (Witch means bad and good).

- English speaking to Germany

Not that bad.

- I use this for one reason....

To swear in Russian

- Ok

Good for Chinese and French

- Excellent app

Omg this makes traveling so easy love it.

- no internet connection

the "no internet connection" sign comes up even if using offline translation pack.

- Great App

I love this app thanks for created for free

- Google translate.

Very good but sometimes the grammar / word order puzzles the reader / listener.

- Spanish

Spanish is cool and I love the language but there’s some words that need to be fixed but google translate has helped

- Camera doesn’t work with new iPad Pro 11.

The camera doesn’t work with the new iPad Pro 11. Get an error that says ‘The Camera is not available. Exit split-view to enable camera’. Am not in Split view, have tried turning off allowing multiple apps. Suspect it’s the fact there’s no home button and you will always have the app bar to access apps. Others have reported the same issue online. Only use it for the camera translate.

- Awesome

Awesome app. Use it daily! But in the past 2 days it won’t work. I open the app and it glitches out for 2 seconds then closes. It’s the only app that is doing this on my iPhone. Please fix!

- Offline translation doesn’t work

Otherwise, it does basic translation OK.

- Camera translate not working on iPad pro 3rd gen.

App claims Split View is in use and demands it be closed. Well it isn't. So fix it, eh.

- StT

Won’t do speech to text for some reason

- Needs improving

Improve translation to Punjabi and add the ability to speak in Punjabi

- Mr Tee

Please fix it.. give incorrect translation.. why??

- Bad

I can't do Thai to english

- Kinda works but privacy nightmare

Written languages, most common, are reasonably ok. Camera translations will see your success vary wildly. Voice to voice is ok for basic stuff but requires internet connectivity at all times. Any camera images you take are kept by google. There’s a toggle in the privacy settings to disable google from keeping the images. But the toggle auto resets back to ‘Allow’ all by itself !! No idea why developers would build a toggle that is pointless and obviously privacy rating for this has to be zero. All images go straight to google forever.

- Translate: Good or Bad

I actually use it quiet a lot but frankly, I usually do not understand much

- Gender Isuues

Great app but only gives a audible translation in a female voice for languages I have used (Chinese English). In this day and age is so hard to set up with both genders and allow users to choose?

- Spanish on iPhone

Using for my travels to South America . Downloaded offline Spanish. Works well with Net connection but not offline , maybe because of iOS ? But you can text what you want to say and comes up in Spanish, just not voice , unless connected to Net .

- Translator

Very disappointing,hard to use

- Good but a few adds

So where I live there are A LOT to of different languages but adds annoy me FOUR STAR

- Brilliant!

Italian/English spot on!

- Animal Translator

I heard from a friend that there’s an app that google created that translates what animals are saying and even saw the YouTube video for it but I’m not sure whether this is where it is or there’s another app for it...

- Animal Translator

I heard from a friend that there’s an app that google created that translates what animals are saying and even saw the YouTube video for it but I’m not sure whether this is where it is or there’s another app for it...

- Animal Translator

I heard from a friend that there’s an app that google created that translates what animals are saying and even saw the YouTube video for it but I’m not sure whether this is where it is or there’s another app for it...

- App translate

In this doji app said oui as Yes and ineffective

- Very happy with this app

Best app easy to use

- Needs new languages to Combat iTranslate

Please have Cantonese mode for traditional Chinese if added then will rate the 5. Also fix the phrase by phrase translation into all at once.

- the website is better

It doesn’t conjugate verbs like instead of mangio is says io mangi (Italian) just sayin’

- Good app, great for traveling

It’s not perfect but considering what it does it is pretty impressive. Will definitely get you out of trouble if you’re in a bind. Also, lol at ms I can speak 8 languages two reviews below this one. Your whole review was basically a look at me humble brag with no helpful information about the app at all, I’m sure there’s better places to talk about yourself than iPhone review pages.

- I need a 1000 words & a picture to explain

Even thou I don’t agree with all translations let’s say about 70% I remember like it was yesterday few years ago i think 5 years ago I cried with like blazing fire in my heart for hours and hours because this app helped me translate and understand just few words i think maybe 20 words from the Holy Quran القران that night, and I continue using it with precaution till today حتى لو لا أتفق مع جميع الترجمان، دعني أقول حوالي 70 ٪ متفقاً، أتذكرها تلك الليلة كنها البارحة قبل حوالي خمسة سنوات بكيت لساعات وساعات و بقلبي يهزني الدموع تذرف لأن هذا التطبيق ساعدني في ترجمة و فهم كلمات قليلة فقط أعتقد ربما 20 كلمة من القرآن الكريم في محور تلك الليلة، وما زلت أستخدم مع الحذر حتى اليوم.

- anon

For someone who speaks, read and writes in 8 languages fluently and currently learning a 9th, It’s fine if you’re able to understand enough of the translation to “just get by” but it’s got a very LONG way to go and of fixing the multiple issues before getting translations 100 % correct. It translates to the “proper” grammatically correct ability of languages only, not understanding that in 2018 NO person of origin speaks this way, yet in “dialect” forms of their birth region. For the record I’m fluent in Cantonese, Khmer, German, Greek, French, Italian, English and Korean with French, Italian, Greek and German being my mother languages. English is my 4th language, and Cantonese, Korean and Khmer self taught for Business purposes and my current language of Indonesian being self taught at present. I am 29 years of age, however it’s never too late to learn something culturally new for your future such as that of another language.

- Worst app ever!

It says I don’t have wifi when I do!

- Happy now

8 years I had trouble communicating with my in laws. I updated and tried the new conversation device. It was fantastic to communicate with them. Well done and keep up the good work.

- Make the text selectable

I can’t believe this is still not sorted.

- Issue

It translates texts on other apps on my Android but not on my iPhone

- Bring back the old camera translate

Pls bring back the Old camera translation where it will translate it to Your language directly in the picture, instead of directing it to writing format . Perhaps I might reconsider giving you 5 stars

- Support for Safari

Add a browser extension.

- Please you have to add the in App translation

In App translation

- Tap to translate

Please you people should add tap to translate like android use to do

- In app translation for iPhone

You guys should add the in app translation feature to the iOS version

- Interface needs to be improved

Really nice app and I like the offline translate mode. Really helpful for my studies. But the interface is quite laggy and needs to be more optimised. Thanks.

- Integrate Jamaican patois

Pls Google can you add translation for Jamaican patios, would be really nice. Thanks.

- Offline issues...

The app does not work offline and Ive seen some of your supposed updates that claims it does... So not true.

- Interface

The UI needs to be changed to match other google products

- Mr

A good one

@keiriiiiiii: kedah google translate: Queda

lang! kalo mau translate indo ke inggris lebih akurat pake u dictionary atau google translate? (buat surat formal)

Google translate not doing its job again

村田諒太選手、インターハイ中止で将来悩む高校生とト ーク「未来で誇れる行動を」 『明日へのエールプロジェクト』オンラインエー ル授業【ひろめでぃあ YouTube(5月 26日 20時 47分) with Google Trans…

「コンプエース 2020年7月号」発売CM【ひ ろめでぃあ YouTube(5月 26日 20時 47分)with Google Translate】

@spider_girl22: #SideWinder #APT #COVID19

@rTerraria: all pre-HM swords except they are renamed with Google Translate

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Google Translate 6.8.0 Screenshots & Images

Google Translate iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate Reference application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Translate Reference application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Translate (Version 6.8.0) Install & Download

The applications Google Translate was published in the category Reference on 2011-02-08 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 91.37 MB. Google Translate - Reference posted on 2020-05-07 current version is 6.8.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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