Twobird [Productivité] Description et Analyse

Welcome to Twobird, a new kind of email app that treats your inbox like a todo list with more tools to tackle your day. Write emails, create notes, set reminders, view events, collaborate live — all in one place.


In Twobird, you don't need to switch apps to keep context—your notes, reminders, and calendar are connected within your inbox.

- Jot down ideas in a note with checklists or tables
- Set a reminder on any note or email
- See reminders and events side-by-side in the same Calendar, not separate tabs

Your inbox can be overwhelming; Twobird helps you focus on what matters.

- Remind allows you to schedule an email or note to appear in your inbox later
- Low Priority sets aside automated messages that can wait
- Pinned and Recent lists keep important items easily accessible
- Unsubscribe quickly eliminates unwanted mail
- Smarter notifications prevent distraction


Share a Twobird note and transform a simple list into a collaborative project. Assign tasks, leave comments, make edits, and discuss changes with everyone involved, in real time.


Twobird hides distracting signatures and complex formatting to make it easier to follow conversations.

The chatty design keeps communication efficient and natural.
- Respond quickly with @ mentions that loop people into discussions
- React with emojis, because sometimes a thumbs up is all you need
- Edit sent messages. Fear not, typos

Organize your day with less switching around.
- Preview upcoming events at the top of your inbox
- Scroll through your reminders and events for the day and week
- Connect multiple Gmail accounts and choose which calendars to display
- Attach a note to any event to add more context for you and your attendees


We don't see or share your personal data. We don't want it. We also actively take measures, like blocking pixel tracking, to keep your email activity private.

Connect your existing Gmail account to discover your new inbox for free. Available on iOS, Mac, Web, and other major platforms.

We are working hard to make Twobird your favorite app, and would love to hear your feedback! Follow us @ Twobirdapp for our latest news.

Twobird is a registered trademark of Ginger Labs, Inc.

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Twobird Notes de léditeur:

- Added ability to view attachments on calendar events. - Tables in embedded notes can now be scrolled horizontally. - Fixed bug where too many emails would be included in a multiselect action in Low Priority. - Other bug fixes and visual improvements.

Commentaires et Critiques sur Twobird

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- Gmail uniquement

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- Love this app

Minimalism ans efficacity. I love the design so much. But I can't find the text editor to make a text bold for example :(

- Google only

Only option is to log in with google. I avoid google whenever possible. So this app looks good but unfortunately I will not be using it. Dommage.

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Twobird 1.1.4 Captures d'écran et Images

Twobird iphone, ipad, apple watch ve apple tv images d'application.

Twobird iphone captures décran
Twobird iphone captures décran
Twobird iphone captures décran
Twobird iphone captures décran
Twobird iphone captures décran
Twobird iphone captures décran
Twobird iphone captures décran

Installation et Téléchargement de l'application Twobird (Version 1.1.4)

L'application Twobird ios a été développée par Ginger Labs [ID développeur: 318126112] et est sortie dans la catégorie Productivité le 26 Août 2019, Lundi. La taille du fichier de l'application est de 29.88 MB. La dernière version de Twobird publiée le mercredi 12 Janvier 2021, Mardi est la 1.1.4. Le logiciel IOS 13.0 et supérieur fonctionne correctement. Google Play ID: com.gingerlabs.twobird.production

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