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Oxford Dictionary uygulaması nedir, nasıl kullanılır? The 15 biggest Oxford dictionaries at your fingertips
Powered by Oxford Languages, Oxford Dictionary is widely regarded as one of the highest authorities in the study and reference of languages today. Easily switch and navigate between the 15 biggest Oxford dictionaries along with advanced search and learning tools.

Oxford Dictionary of English & Thesaurus
New Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus
Oxford Hachette French Dictionary
Oxford German Dictionary
Oxford Spanish Dictionary
Oxford Russian Dictionary
Oxford Chinese Dictionary
Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary
Oxford Hindi Dictionary
Oxford English Urdu Dictionary
Oxford Essential Portuguese Dictionary
Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary
Oxford Greek Mini Dictionary
Oxford Softpress English Bulgarian Minidictionary
Concise Oxford-River Books English-Thai Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary is a valuable resource for anyone using a foreign language in an academic or professional context:

• Professionals actively using English
• Students preparing for ACT, SAT, IELTS or TOEFL exams
• Academics

As well as anyone else who needs a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary at work or at home.


• The latest 2023 word database from Oxford Languages
• Over 1 million words, phrases, and definitions
• Thesaurus - thousands of synonyms & antonyms that help you distinguish between similar words and use them correctly
• High-quality audio pronunciations
• Special Topics reference content – easily look up topic-specific content
• Word-of-the-day – learn a new word every day


• Favourites list - create custom folders with lists of words
• Recent list – review already looked-up words
• Word sharing - easily share a new word or definition you have just learned
• Home page – an intuitive start to your journey into the English language
• Auto-correction option - correct the spelling of any word, as you type it
• Dark Theme - Ease your eyes and continue learning even in low-light environments.


• Search autocomplete - displays predictions as you type
• Keyword lookup - search within compound words and phrases
• Camera search - look up words in the camera viewfinder
• Voice and fuzzy search - find an entry when you don’t know how a word is spelled


Unlock the full potential of the world’s best dictionary:

• Unlimited dictionary use – unlimited access to the latest database with more than 1 million words, phrases and meanings
• Audio pronunciation – never mispronounce another word again!
• Offline and Fast mode - access the wealth of the word database anywhere, anytime - no data or internet connection is required
• Regular content updates – receive updates to the word database, as soon as it is available from Oxford Languages
• No advertising – enjoy an ad-free learning experience with no interruptions and distractions


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Uygulama Adı Oxford Dictionary
Kategori Referans
Yayın Tarihi
Güncelleme 11 Aralık 2023 Pazartesi
Dosya Boyutu 91.05 MB

Oxford Dictionary Hakkındaki Yorumlar

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Anlamadım. Uygulamayı çok anlamadım açıklayabilirmisiniz? Lütfen yararlıya basmayı unutmayın

Worst Dictionary Ever. It only allows 1 (one!) word to look at it for one day without a premium account. What a terrible way to design a “dictionary”.

Oxford 3000 doesnt work. I buyed oxford 3000 app from apple store. But i cant open app. İt doesnt work anymore. And i pay money for this app. Plase help me about it.

Geliştirelebilir fakat iyi. Telafuz etmek İçin abone olmak saçma bu özelliği ekleyebilirler bence.Ama yinele hoş bir uygulama.Bildirimleri açarsanız her gün saat sekizde size bir kelime gönderiyor.Yülenebilir fakat geliştirilebilir de.Umarım yüklediğinizde değer.🌸

Rezalet ötesi! Very Bad!. Bu kadar kötü bir sözlük olabilir mi gerçekten inanamıyorum sürekli 69 $ isteyip duruyor ayıptır. Very very bad application.

Not free!. Even listening to the pronunciation requires payment in-app. Plus, advertisements never end, every 5 seconds something pops up.

Don’t download. Very bad and very expensive

Boşuna para vermeyin. Çok reklam var ayrıca boşuna para vermeyin internete lexico dictionary yazın aynı sözlük karşınıza çıkacak.

Dissapointed. Yüklediğiniz zaman sözlük sözlük olmaktan çıkıp bir dating programına dönüşüyor. Velhasıl sözlük değil bir kere çöp!

It is oxford. Nice

Seriously?. It’s ridiculous that the app allows only to search for one word. I you want to search for another one guess what happens? 👎👎👎

Comment:. Would you make no ads version free please?

Big fan!. I’m a long-standing fan of the Oxford family of dictionaries, and this online app is just what I needed and wanted.

Garbage. Just dictionary and word search limit per day . İm deleting .

Yıllık 135₺ ver kullan :(. Bedava zannetmeyin yükledikten 1 gün sonra çeviri yapmıyor, ücret talep ediyor. Pc de bedava zaten, dışardaysam da başka probgram kullanırım!

Good. I cant hear audio despite buying pro version. Except this everything is ok

I delete. I think listening the pronouncation voices shouldn’t be in premium membership

Not free and ads makes you crazy. If you find time from ads then you maybe find time to search a word

It’s need dolar. This application wants to your money

Ved22222. Hh

Too sad... It’s really sad to see ignorant people limiting the word count 1 per day. Like what the hell is with “Only permission 1 word per day to search without premium”… I hope y’all get the worse attention as soon as possible..

:’(. I’m so sad. It could be free but it is not.

Premium account is needed. Before now, You can use easily and free but now, If you don’t pay, you search only one word in a day. If you want money for using app, you have to say this firstly.

Dıeuruuf. De

Ads. Too much ads, it is waste of time, not pratical

Congratulations Oxford!. Excellent extensive dictionary.

The best. The most trusted indeed, and well deserves this trust

Too many ads.. Too many ads.

less add extended use 🤝. nice application very useful

High Price!!!. The most excellent and most comprehensive dictionary of the English Language,if only it would be cheap enough for a student to afford:(

Way too expensive. Extremely expensive. Other than this, it’s quite useful.

Shameful. You have to pay to test even after the first word. such a desperate money ambition ... normally an app would have a free test period of one week. this is almost common practice. You can look up only one word for free in this application this seems embarrassing for an institution like oxford. I will never think of paying to leave you alone with your greed.

Succès my. Very good

One word A DAY?. Some time ago, when I first downloaded this, it would show an ad every few searches, but thats fine as long as I can at least USE it. Now? No it doesn’t show you ads. Because you can’t even search more than one word a day. I know, things like these really may need money. But why would you show ads before, if they don’t bring money? Why not do it now? For one word a day you may have as well completely removed the free search feature, they are no different.

Performance Issues, user-friendliness. It takes a lot of time the app actually runs from the “splash screen”. And color themes are gone too. Before these issues and changes I’ve been using this app almost everyday. Now I don’t even click the word of the day notifications. So sad, and bad improvements if one can even call that.

it's been perfect but it doesn't work for weeks. app needs an update. please fix it because it's the best dictionary ever that i've been used

Very useful. Thanks For all

Oxford really need money ?. Everything is okey but you force one’s hand to buy premium version. Do you really need this money as a Oxford ?

Search field function. Issues in latest version of 14.4: -Search field not functioning properly -if move forward one or frew steps by tapping on words and then try to backward by tapping on Back Arrow, jumps to home page. Older versions was fine.

Nice and useful. Kullanışlı bi sözlük. Birçok şeyi ücretsiz versiyonunda faydalanabiliyorsun. Kelimelerin türlerini, farklı anlamlarını, örnek cümleleri görebiliyosun. Açıklamada anlamadığın bi kelime varsa onun da üstüne tıklayıp açıklamasına gidebiliyorsun gayet güzel ya. Its useful and simple. It gives example sentences and shows different type of usages. I think ads frequency is normal for free version.

Excellent. It helps me a lot with my essays and readings. I’d love to have the full version but it is to expensive. A cheaper offer for students would be really helpfull.

Pay to use. I hate it being pay to win

İade. Yanlışlıkla alınan uygulamanın nasıl iadesi olmaz üstelikde 1 yıllık ücreti alıyorsunuz hiçbir bildirim olmadan😡

Complaint concerning the pronounciation. It does not work properly. I can’t reach the pronunciation of the word due to the insisting “upgrade” advertisement.

Ads. There are lots of ads nearly for every word look for. You can’t even listen pronunciation with free version.

Too much ads, totally time wasting!. don’t waste your time by downloading this app. I can’t even translate one word without being forced to see at least 2 ads.

Bad every way. Let me test it without paying you greedy

Prfct. amazing

GOOD APP. I give My Thanks to the developers of this applications. It is very useful in My daily life. I use it when I read novels, My eng classes. I strongly recommend u to have it ASAP!!!

Not opening. Not opening after the last update!

💰 Payoneer

Sadece kaydolarak sitemizden 25 Dolar kazanabileceğinizi biliyor muydunuz? Payoneer'a katılarak ücretsiz 25$ kazanın!

Fix the application. Please upgrade this application, as a dictionary it is perfect but as an application it makes me cry. Pages are suddenly close and I can not see the words that I am searching for.

Application usually frozen. Something went wrong. I couldn’t jump from one word’s define to another’s

You need money to learn. Not recommended. Most of the words that I look needs money. It should not be like that.

Ad :(. There are too much ads in non premium

İ am glad. Kvgff

Splash screen. I don’t want to wait for splash screen to disappear every time I open the application. Please stop showing this screen. I need to access to query screen immediately.

Excellent. Good

Splendid!. Splendid!

Magnificient. Better than others

Best reference. Very good

💫. Excellent!!!

eh. sürekli olarak ücretli üyelik uyarısı ve reklam

Is it needed to purchase it for other devices with same account?. I purchased the dictionary for my iphone. Do I have to buy separately for my ipad as well? Or is my purchasing also valid for my ipad? Meanwhile, I have same apple store account for both of them.

No enough date about franchise sustainability. If you answer my question quickly that I will be able to get purchased that premium application,so my questions is the Price which you designated for us which is valid just one year or repeating each month? Thank you

Perfect. It’s really good

Definition of advertisement. I downloaded it and on my first word search, it showed a video ad. Paid version ad kept popping up, and there were more ads on screen. Tapped a pronunciation button, bam, you need to subscribe. Instant uninstall...

Perfect. I need this dictionary really. Im uses every day pleasure:)

Oxford Dictionary. A very good dictionary

Useful. Really useful

;). I like this application.

Very good. Please make no ads

Great. Great

Words meaning. You can give the words’ antonymous and synonym meaning

Great. Great

Good. Really

*****. Wonder of dictionaries

Love it!. I love that app.Showing a word per day is a great idea and it teaches a lot. But premium version is too expensive.

Excellent dictionary. My only reference dictionary

Gayet guzel. Güzel bir uygulama

Merve82. Perfect

Sound files are pretty bad.. This sound files are damaged. Please fixed...

Very nice dictionary. User friendly and versatile

İ like this dictionary. İt is very good

Today offer %50 discount. My friends phone ,is Same as me, offers %50 discount for today but it is not for my ? Please fix it i want to buy premium version 👋🏽👋🏽

App. This app is subscription is necessary payment of every mounth or one time payment

yorum. çok iyi profesyonel...

i assume this price is for forever.. i paid the price, but i don’t want to pay it weekly or monthly.

a greate and contemporary dictionary. do not afraid of its title:-) easy to usendict

Need to be better. You should update more often and the app opens so slowly...

I made payment but still have advertisement. I bought your premier but still have advertisement ! İs there anyway to stop this ... And I want to advice something. Every day I check “ word of the day “ and I always read a very very unuseful word which I will never use ... It would be great if you choose more useful words to remind us

Parası odendigi halde. Satın aldıgım halde Off line calışmıyor

So outdated and non functional. I regret buying premium version of this app. It’s so outdated, so nonfunctional, so ugly that my eyes bleed. It’s also counter-intuitive to use. Definitely go for better apps, other than this.

Me Adeola. Excellent

Expensive aQ. Expensive AQ

Oxford. No need to say ....

Error. It won’t let me use the app, as soon as I got it downloaded then opened it, the app was constantly restarting itself

Great dictionary. Best in the market

it-ice. Thx

Ekran kapanıp arama ekranına geri dönüyor.. Uygulamayı ücretli kullandığım halde beni sürekli giriş sayfasına atıyor . Bir kelimenin anlamını okuyamadan sayfa kapanıyor . İçerik iyi olabilir ama uygulama çok kullanışsız olmuş👎🏻

Sound. Voice manager doesn’t work

🧠 Zekanızı güçlendirmek ister misiniz?

Mind Lab Pro ® odaklanma, stres altında çoklu görev yapma, yaratıcı problem çözme ve daha fazlası için nootropiklerle iş performansını ve üretkenliğini arttıran bilimsel bir ilaçtır. Beyninizi %100 performansa çıkarın! Satın Al!

Best. It is a best dictonary I ever see.

Great. 😍 super

It’s good. I like it and it’s better than google

David. It is supper

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Oxford Dictionary (Versiyon 15.8) Aplikasyonu İndir & Yükle

Oxford Dictionary ios uygulaması MobiSystems, Inc. [Geliştirici ID: 289579214] tarafından geliştirilip, 26 Haziran 2015 Cuma günü Referans kategorisinde yayınlanmıştır. Aplikasyonun dosya boyutu 91.05 MB'tır. Bu uygulama 1,064 kullanıcı tarafından oylanmış ve 5 üzerinden 4.3 puan almıştır. Oxford Dictionary programının 11 Aralık 2023 Pazartesi günü yayınlanan son sürümü 15.8 versiyonudur. Minumum IOS 13.0 ve üzeri cihazlarda sorunsuz olarak çalışmaktadır. Google Play Store ID numarası: com.mobisystems.OxfordDictionaryOfEnglishFree. Uygulamanın desteklediği diller şunlardır:
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You can now create an account to join the Oxford Dictionary community and enjoy custom offers, tailored content, and more. We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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