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Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing App Description & Overview

Attentive is a best-in-class text message marketing provider, certified by Shopify Plus and trusted by 3,000+ industry-leading brands. Turn SMS marketing into a top 3 revenue channel in 3 to 6 months, and drive 18.5% of your total online revenue through text.

Over 1,000 Shopify store owners use Attentive to rapidly grow subscriber lists, engage with customers, and drive revenue. With support from our dedicated client strategy team, Attentive will help you build your mobile strategy with expert advice and guidance every step of the way.


Our dedicated Client Strategists will help you set, track, and deliver your program KPIs. You will gain extensive access to custom resources that will help you avoid the pitfalls and skip to the finish line.


Grow your SMS list 2x faster than other solutions with more than 24 sign-up units across all channels: desktop, mobile, email, Instagram, text-to-join, in-store, and more. Our patent-pending “two-tap” sign-up solution collects, on average, 3x more emails while also growing your SMS list.


Power segmentation and personalization with our rich identity data points: phone number, email address, product browsing data, purchase behavior, device type, cellular carrier, location, and more.


Personalize messages throughout the customer lifecycle – from welcome series that increase awareness to shipping updates and post-purchase follow-ups that build loyalty. Drive higher click-through rates with Attentive’s engaging content messages, incorporating video and audio, images and GIFs, custom short-links, and emojis. Generate automated coupon codes for dynamic redemption and replenishment via SMS.


Attentive provides the fastest and most reliable message delivery. We monitor performance by carrier and manage throughput issues immediately.


We have TCPA experts in-house that ensure that your program is compliant and safe from class action risk. You’ll also be able to create ADA-compliant sign-up units using our mindful creative builder.


Attentive seamlessly syncs with the rest of your marketing stack thanks to our large library of integrations. If needed, our Solution Developer team can also customize integrations for you in a few weeks turnaround.


Track and optimize your campaign performance with our detailed measurements and real-time dashboards. Our reporting system allows you to customize and format reports to meet your standards.

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App Name Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail
App Website

Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing Features

SMS marketing built to help e-commerce brands increase revenue.

Grow SMS Subscribers 2X Faster

Easily scale your TCPA-compliant SMS list using our 24+ sign-up units across all channels, including our patent pending two-tap sign up flow

Personalize SMS & MMS Messages

Drive 25%+ CTRs by building segmented SMS campaigns to increase loyalty and revenue with behavior-based automations and two-way journeys

Build a Winning Strategy

Work with our amazing Client Strategy experts and best in class agency partners who help manage SMS programs and consistently drive 25x ROI

Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing App Integrates with:

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Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

Love the deep integration with Shopify attentive has built, we are segmenting and sending better than ever!

(United States)

I'm loving Attentive so far! We're just getting going, but the interface is really straightforward and easy to use and they were exceptionally helpful while we were getting everything set up. Loving the SMS results!!

(United States)

Attentive has been a game-changer! The interface is so easy to use, the resources are insightful, and their customer support is the best part - their white-glove team and our own account manager are there to help with everything along the way. We only wish we would have brought Attentive on sooner!

(United States)

Attentive is great! Easy to use, their team is awesome, and SMS performance since switching to Attentive speaks for itself!

(United States)

The interface is very user friendly and the support the attentive team provides is incredible. Really great app for anybody looking to scale their SMS marketing.

(United States)

Attentive has been a GREAT new asset to our business. The support team is great at start-up, and there for you as you go. So glad they are part of our program.

(United States)

Attentive has quickly become an integral part of our marketing-generated revenue (roughly half of our revenue generated from email). We asked our ESP if SMS was cannibalizing our email leads and surprisingly, our account manager told us that SMS did NOT affect our revenue from emails, if anything, it's boosting it (more eyes, more touchpoints, not as invasive). If you have not considered SMS marketing for your company's needs, try checking out a demo. It is seriously game-changing since people check their texts more than they check their emails. Our Account Manager and the attentive team have been amazing too--helpful, problem-solving, and focused more on how we can get more customers looking at our products rather than how can we generate more revenue. Customer service is responsive and thorough, and the products they have in the pipeline are going to be game-changing. Attentive is compliant with all laws involving texting so there's no need to worry.

(United States)

We love Attentive and would recommend it to anyone looking to scale the SMS/MMS program. The support is incredible.

(United States)

Our experience with Attentive has been nothing short of excellent! Our rep is so helpful, insightful and wonderful to work with. The UI is easy to use and they're constantly putting out new product releases and listening to their users for feedback. 10/10 would recommend!

(United States)

Great service! My account rep is very responsive and helpful. The platform is robust and they keep innovating. I like the automated flows you can set up and the reporting is really easy to read. If you use Klaviyo it's similar to that for flows and will feel easy to use.

(United States)

You can't go wrong using Attentive as your SMS platform. Their integration with Shopify is seamless and easy. The Attentive dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. SMS has quickly become one of our most profitable channels, and the Attentive team has been with us all the way. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and always extremely mindful of compliance. I can't recommend them enough!

(United States)

Attentive is hands down the best sms marketing provider out there, no question. We saw immediate results right off the bat when we installed it over a year ago. Now they are an internal part of our marketing communications. Also, their staff is amazing to work with and always pushing the envelope to test new functions to create a better user & customer experience. Can't recommend them enough!

(United States)

We have been using Attentive for about a year now, seriously they are the BEST SMS marketing company ever. I was hesitant at first from using sms as a new marketing tool but so glad I jumped in full force. Our conversion ratio increased including our revenue dramatically since using Attentive. Regarding their support, any questions you have they are answered swiftly and they dont beat around the bush - the team is highly educated and willing to help you in every way so your business succeeds.

(United States)

Cannot recommend Attentive enough for SMS marketing! In less than 6 months, our subscriber list has tripled and we are seeing incredible revenue numbers. But, I think the best part about Attentive is their fantastic support team. We have a dedicated success manager who is constantly optimizing for us and helping us grow. Their white glove team and live chat respond within minutes to any questions or issues I have. Overall, I recommend Attentive for any business looking to take their SMS marketing to the next level!

(United States)

The Shopify integration is easy to use as with everything Attentive touches. Highly recommend partnering with Attentive for SMS messaging!

(United States)

Very disappointing. Attentive will ONLY work with you if your traffic is at 2500K or higher; because" this is where they see the conversion at." When I asked point-blank, "you won't work with us because our traffic isn't at 2500, she wouldn't give me a straight answer yes or no, which tells me what else are they shady in other areas. This company had no need for the small business'. Very disheartening.

(United States)

Easy to use, very 'attentive' customer service, and helps us add a lot more sales each month! Highly recommend!

(United States)

Attentive has helped us significantly increase our revenue! Our client manager, Lauren, is so helpful and dedicated to assisting us in growing our business! It is very easy to use the interface and they are always adding new features and updates to improve the experience! We are very happy with Attentive

(United States)

Our experience with Attentive has been nothing short of amazing; we're very impressed by how quickly SMS marketing has become a dependably strong channel for our sales.

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