Best Shopify Rebuy Apps

5 Best Rebuy Apps for Shopify in 2024

  • Works + With ‑ Bundle Products app overview, reviews and download

    Works + With ‑ Bundle Products

    Why use Works + With? Instead of recommending random products, you can now control which products are recommended to your customers. Ensuring all of your recommended products are ...

  • Rebuy Personalization Engine app overview, reviews and download

    Rebuy Personalization Engine

    What’s new One-Click Reactivate Recharge Subscription Pages Recharge Customer Portal Personalization Smart Cart Accelerated Payment Buttons One-Click Post-Purchase Offers THE FU...

  • Navidium Shipping Protection app overview, reviews and download

    Navidium Shipping Protection

    Route Insurance Protection Fees Back To You & Increase Conversion Rate with this Cart Upsell or Checkout Upsell for all Shopify Stores Navidium is a self-service platform desi...

  • Dialogue ‑ AI Personalization app overview, reviews and download

    Dialogue ‑ AI Personalization

    About Dialogue AI Personalization Dialogue helps tier 1 eCommerce websites such as L'occitane, KIKO-MILANO, nununu, Trescolori, GA-DE, and many more increase their bottom line usi...

  • Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell app overview, reviews and download

    Cart X ‑ Post Purchase Upsell

    What's Cart X ? Cart X is a one-click upsell app that allows you to add & manage upsell & cross-sell funnels to reconvert customers. We offer one click upsells (OCU), Pop-...

Shopify Rebuy Apps

The Shopify landscape is vast and growing, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to identify the most effective Rebuy apps tailored to their Shopify stores. Thankfully, we've done the legwork so you don't have to! Finding your perfect fit has never been easier - take a look at our selection of top recommendations today.

A vast array of choices can make it difficult for entrepreneurs running an e-commerce business to find the perfect Shopify Rebuy apps. We have done all the research and created a comprehensive list ranking 5 Shopify apps for Rebuy, with any new ones added as they enter the market!

Rest assured that these picks have been carefully curated by our team, who took the time to evaluate each one. We have also included the client reviews as we know it is very important for Shopify merchants.