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Bolt Food App Description et Analyse

Qu'est-ce que l'application Bolt Food? Order your favourite dishes to your doorstep with the Bolt Food delivery app. Whether you’re dreaming of sourdough pizza, craving tempura sushi, or desperate for an artisan burger — breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack — Bolt Food to the rescue! Don't waste time Googling "food near me" or "places to eat near me" — order in with Bolt Food!

Need to stock up on essential groceries? Try Bolt Market, our grocery delivery service, found inside the Bolt Food app.*

Bolt Food app features:
• An easy-to-use, intuitive interface
• Same day / instant grocery delivery with Bolt Market!
• Order and collect with our takeaway/pick-up option
• Real-time order and delivery tracking
• Convenient order scheduling in advance
• Seamless in-app payments

How to make an order with the Bolt Food delivery app:

1. Set your delivery address
2. Pick a restaurant or supermarket and choose your meal or food
3. Tap to order and pay
4. Track your order and watch the courier arrive
5. Enjoy!

Bolt Food was created by ride-hailing tech company Bolt. It's challenging the efficiency of the food and grocery delivery industry all over the world while helping shops and stores get more orders and enabling couriers to earn extra money.

Make some extra cash with your car, bike or motorbike. Become a Bolt Food courier:

Become a Bolt Food partner restaurant:

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*Only available in select markets.

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Nom de l'application Bolt Food
Catégorie Cuisine et boissons
Date de Sortie
Mis à jour mercredi 6 mars 2024
Taille du Fichier 78.39 MB

Bolt Food Commentaires et Critiques (2024)

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Déçu... Ne fonctionne pas a prague, impossible de me faire livrer dans la capitale..

Problems with courrier. Courrier always arguing about delivering the food to my apartment. They want me to go down or they want to leave the food in the lift, this is not very hygienic specially with the current sanitary situation. If I have to go down for every delivery, it is not interesting anymore and it is not called HOME DELIVERY either.

The worst food delivery application - from far. Never efficient, always takes x2 the time it takes in other apps and TERRIBLE customer support. Real need to improve on that. Worst experience possible.

Livraison trop longue. A chaque fois que je commande bolt food, je suis très déçu. Je désinstalle de suite l’application ! Et je préfère allez me régaler les babines chez Wolt !

Honest comment about bolt:. Plenty of choices, good restaurants, great online customer service

Gherla. Era departe rau soferu

Excellent. I like it

Terrible. Do not order food on Bolt. The app assigns multiple orders to the same delivery guy at the same time which results in delays. The delivery guy had to pick up 2 different orders from other customer on the way and we had to wait 30 mins extra. Our pizzas arrived completely cold. Never again.

Robot with automatic answer. Bad customer support you ll need at least 2 to 3 hour to contact someone real. The order has no time guarantee There is no official complaint form

Horrible experience. Orders are being cancelled by the restaurants, and if you can place one, be prepared to wait a loooong time to receive it. Customer service is non existent. Uninstalled and will never use this service again.

A fuir !. Le service est plus que médiocre aucun moyen de contacter le service client. Moins cher mais moins performant qu’ibérique eats.

Good apps but…. Good apps. But the company in Malta practice slavery so I removed the apps from my device. Pity

The worst. The worst food delivery app in Kenya… specially their customer service!! I ordered a pizza, at 19:15 pm, the order was ready and was given to the delivery at 19:33. When he reached half way, he turned around and went back to the restaurant… why? I dont know, so i called him and said he had a flat tire but unfortunately for him I was able to track him on the app. BUT the customer support after contacting them, and explained what happened, they said yeah we’re sorry bla bla bla we’ll get back shortly, and now (next day), after the delivery guy put the order as delivered while he didnt even come close to where i live (knowing that i’ve already paid), the customer support still didnt even reply to me or bother to assist me. Im saying this because this is not the first or second bad experience with them, I had a problem in almost every order i made… i guess it was my fault ordering from there again. They are short on staff and whenever they try to help, they’re not there!! You wait hours and hours and MAYBE they would reply to you later. I highly dont recommend anyone to use this app, because you either are going to receive your food hours later (yes hours) or maybe not receive it all, and the customer service will only send you these pathetic generic messages of apology.

Pristatymas. Pristatymas PASIBAISĖTINAS jei taip išvis galima įvardinti. Numatytas laikas vienas, laikas auga iki +30min., vidurį pristatymo pasikeičia kurjeris, pristatymo laikas vėl keičiasi…

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catastrophique ⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️. Agent who ask client to do the service because the plateforme can not provide the service which she ask the client to pay !!!😅😅😅 support take a lot lot lot of time for answering. (Agent without empathy) this support is for a food delivering plateforme really !!!!

Aucun service client. Nous avons eu un soucis avec notre commande, durant 2 jours nous avons essayé de contacter le service client, en vain. Aucune réponse. La partie « contact » ne sert qu’à décorer et donner un semblant d’application.

No sense of customer service. A couple of times, I received my order totally damaged, with items stolen, or with quantity issues. I order food on the app almost every evening because I don’t have time to cook, bolt NEVER compensate you, never cares. Done with them.

Sorry, we don’t deliver here. J’ai essayé Paris, pas de livraison. J’ai essayé New York, pas de livraison non plus ... Et alors ???

Nike là pub. Livre pas partout à Malte du coup inutile

Better than Glovo and Uber eats. They offer the same restaurants but delivery is always cheaper and they have a good selection of restaurants

Application façade. Application low-cost qui n’a pas les fonctionnalités qu’elles affichent. Clairement moins travaillée que Uber Eats ou Wolt.

Unsatisfactory delivery service and help center. I ordered on Sunday 16th July and even if the delivery was estimated initially in 40 min, I never received my order because nobody was available to pick up the food (almost 2h of waiting) I called the restaurant and we agreed to go myself by Uber for the pick up. The call center didn’t solved me problem so, I paid for the service delivery, for my Uber and I lost my time and nobody wants to assume the responsibility or to pay for my complementary charges . Worst service

Bad customer service. No one responds to my requests for problems with my orders on chat and no other way to contact them .

Pas de livraison en banlieue. Réservé aux parisiens

Rip off. I made an order that has never been delivered and they made me pay for it just saying “sorry this is our policy, we do not refund” 👏🏻👏🏻

Problematic orders. 3 out of my 5 orders had issues with delivery. The latest and the most disappointed was when I received my lunch completely not eatable . It was just not fresh and I received a refusal for a refund Better use another alternative apps

Nul. L’application "ne livre dans ma zone" je suis en Île de France, à Aulnay-sous-Bois donc juste à côté de Paris…. Pas au Cambodge.

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Bolt Food Client de Service

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Langue French
Prix Gratuit
Limite d'âge 4+ ans et plus
Dernière version 1.61.2
Play Store ee.bolt.deliveryclient
Compatibilité iOS 13.0 ou version ultérieure

Installation et Téléchargement de l'application Bolt Food (Version 1.61.2)

L'application Bolt Food ios a été développée par BOLT TECHNOLOGY OU [ID développeur: 675033633] et est sortie dans la catégorie Cuisine et boissons le lundi 19 août 2019. La taille du fichier de l'application est de 78.39 MB. Cette application a été évaluée par 421 utilisateurs et a une note de 4.5 sur 5. La dernière version de Bolt Food publiée le mercredi mercredi 6 mars 2024 est la 1.61.2. Le logiciel IOS 13.0 et supérieur fonctionne correctement. Google Play ID: ee.bolt.deliveryclient. Langues prises en charge par l'application:

AZ HR CS DA EN ET KA EL HU LV LT PL PT RO RU SK SV UK Téléchargez et installez maintenant!
Autres applications de BOLT TECHNOLOGY OU Developer
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Bolt Courier 3.6 3 Gratuit
Bolt Driver 4.7 13,768 Gratuit
Bolt Restaurant App 1 Sans commentaires Gratuit
Note du développeur d'applications Bolt Food:

Bug fixes and improvements

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