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First released in 2009, GoodReader® is truly a veteran of the App Store.

In the modern app business, it's not easy to stay relevant that long. We're proud to say that after 13 years and counting, we've been delivering wonderful updates with extraordinary new features. And we're going to keep doing that!

GoodReader is a perfect combination of document-reading and file-managing capabilities. It's your one-stop shop for all your document needs on your iOS device.

Use the app once, and you'll be hooked. Soon you'll be wondering how you ever managed to work without it.

-= File Reading =-
PDF, TXT, MS Office, iWork, HTML, pictures, music & audio-books, videos. This is what you can view in GoodReader, plus you can also annotate PDF files and edit TXT files.

-= PDF Reading and Annotating =-
PDF files is where GoodReader truly shines. Reading experience is so superior, it's hard to describe. To rephrase one of our customers' review, "try it, and you'll see." While you're at it, give our PDF Reflow feature a try. You'll be surprised how much better PDF reading goes when you don't have to scroll left/right all the time, for every single line of text.
Annotating PDFs is another star feature of our app. Adding notes and drawings, highlighting text, and then sharing your annotated files or annotation summaries will be your main productivity and collaboration asset.

-= File Management =-
While reading files is a big part of GoodReader, it's not all it can do. It can also serve as a central hub for all your files, even those that can't be opened by GoodReader itself. It's like bringing your personal computer experience to your mobile device — easily managing huge collections of files and folders will make you forget you don't have your laptop around.

-= Connecting =-
Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive,, WebDAV, SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP — these are all accessible from inside GoodReader. Download, upload, and sync (*) individual files or huge folder collections.

-= Security =-
With GoodReader, your data security steps up to the level previously only dreamt of. With Pro Pack® (*), our new set of professional-level super-features, you'll get AES-256, a military-grade encryption, for all your data, at a price of a cup of coffee! And it's completely independent from the built-in Apple's Data Protection, so even if a hacker steals and unlocks your device, your data will still be protected by another strong layer of security, our own.

-= Split-Screen =-
This wonderful feature allows you to split (*) an iPad screen in half, to read two files side-by-side. And even two different parts of the same file!

(*): This feature requires a subscription to Pro Pack®, sold separately from inside the app as an in-app purchase.

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GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Uygulama Geliştiricisinin Notu:

- custom OneDrive / SharePoint repositories* (*): this feature requires Pro Pack, a paid add-on, sold separately from inside the app, as an in-app purchase.

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer Hakkındaki Yorumlar

TransferWise 💸

Her ay dört milyar € üzerinde para transferi gerçekleştiriyoruz. Bireysel ve işletme hesaplarınının banka transfer ücretlerinden 4 milyon Euro tasarruf etmelerini sağlıyoruz. Yurtdışına ücretsiz para göndermek veya yurtdışında ücretsiz para transfer etmek ister misiniz? Ücretsiz uluslararası para transferi!

- Dil desteği

Türkçe dil desteği yok

- Kötü

Alırken bir kere para verilen, her güncellemede tekrar para istenen, en sonunda da aylık-yıllık ücrete tabi olan bu programı kullanmayın.

- Dolandırıcılar

Programı ilk defa kullanmak için 3 sene önce para vermiştim. Geçen seneki güncellemeyle Split screen için pro pakete 40 lira daha verdim. Son güncellemeyle pro pack için yıllık abonelik adı altında tekrar para istiyorlar bu düpedüz dolandırıcılıktır. Kimseye bu programı tavsiye etmiyorum. Elini veren kolunu kaptırır.

- New update new fees

After latest update the dark mode became prepaid but I already paid for this app first time when I bought it. You took back what I own and selling me again? Ridiculously stupid

- Hırsızlıktam başka birşey değil

İnsanlara pro diye uygulama satın, sonra propack çıkartıp aslında sizin aldığınız pro değil diyin. Çok şerefsizsiniz.

- Stop with this unreasonable pricing

At first I was happy to see a new update but then I realized that even as simple as a dark mode is not free. I mean I understand the security features are not free but being an iOS app should come with free iOS features like dark mode and split screen. Noting that the app is already not free but it is a paid app. You did not create those features therefore they should be included in by default not as a paid feature. We bought this app! This is not a free version of the app! Treat your customers with respect! Adding a pro paid feature to an already paid app is ridiculous enough but you made it much more ridiculous by making it a subscription!

- Stay away from this scammer devolopers!

Monthly subscription is a scam! This is garbage, stay away from this app!! I already paid for pro version BEFORE!!!

- It is so so so so slow

After updating the latest version, it became very very very very slow. It was perfect previously. Why did they collapse this amazing application?

- Güncelleme sonrası ince ayar

Daha önce ekranda 2 sayfa görüntülenebilmesi özelliği olduğu için ücretli sürümünü satın almıştım; ancak,dün güncelleme yaptığımda aynı ekranda yanyana 2 sayfa özelliğini yeniden kullanmam için 39 Tl bir ödeme daha yapmamı istendiğini gördüm. Uygulayıcıya mail attığımda hemen resimli anlatımla destek oldular. Ödemeye gerek kalmadan bir ince bir ayarla sorun çözüldü. Uygulama süper. İlgi süper. Teşekkürler.

- Bad customer service

No response in a reasonable time. Earliest 2 weeks to get some help. About the app: If you don’t need pro. features, you can find cheaper options.

- Slow

İstanbul working really slow while opening files

- Every update request money

Everytime , they try to money from you. I paid two times to use the latest version. Now again new change which needs money , i am not gonna pay you any more...

- Dark mode as paid feature

one star for you making dark mode as a pro feature. pathetic.

- Abartmaya başladınız

2012’den beri uygulamayı kullanıyorum, her şey mükemmele yakın, ancak uygulama içi satın alım da gelince artık saçmalamaya başladı. Bundan sonra eklecek özellikleri sanırım sadece Pro pakete ekleyecekler ne anladım ben bu işten. Bide tek seferlik Pro yükseltmeyi aylık değil, haftalık yok yok günlük abonelik yapın.

- Become very slow

I am using pro version of this application. Just after big upgrade it become much slower than the old one and the problem still continue after months. By the way, I am using iPad Pro 2!

- Extremely slow

After update to newer version it has slowed down significantly, try some other app, this one driving you crazy...

- Just One Big Problem

There’s a chronic problem with sharing files, especially while trying to send e-mail, the send button does’nt show up. Hope you will fix it. Other than, a perfect tool.

- Kötü

Bütün özellikler için ayrı ayrı para istenmeye başlanan bir uygulama. Tavsiye etmem

- Nice

Talep ettiği ücreti fazlasıyla hakediyor. It gets your money’s worth.

- great app


- Best of best

ı use this app nearly 10 years ,legend app...

- Sakın Almayın!

Pro satıp yıllık üyeliğe geçmek nasıl bir sahtekarlık!!!

- Güzel bir app

Memnuniyetle kullanıyorum

- Very handy

Fantastic application since years.

- Poor

This used to be a great app. With lightning speed responsiveness and performance but since they moved to the new version with a lot of greedy ideas, now it’s laggy, it takes way too long to navigate in and between files. And the saddest part is they are not even trying to fix this.

- Keeps crashing

I am a paid customer. The program started crashing 2 weeks ago. The app gathered crash report and sent back to you many times but no solution from you. I have iphone 11 and latest ios so its is not from my end. I read the reviews and for sometime users have beem complaining about you. It is not good way of prospering.

- Satın aldım pişmanım

Sürekli hata veriyor. Ayrıca ekrana yazı yazarken araç çubukları titreşiyor (parlaklığı artıp azalarak dikkat dağıtıyor) bunu düşünemeyecek kadar aptal olmamalı böyle bir uygulamayı yapan mühendisler, maalesef para boşa gitti.

- Indirilemiyor

Programi indiremedik ki yorum yazalim

- Gayet başarılı

Çok güzel program severek yıllardır kullandığım program. Aldığımda kullanabildiğim bir çok özelliği sonradan getirilen aylık ödeme sistemi ile kullanamamaya başladım. Böyle profesyonel bir sisteme yakışmıyor. I use this program for long time. Perfect for me. I paid for lot of features. I use this features for long time but after some uptade then i cannot use this features because of montly paid system. It did not good such a quality system.

- Extreamly working

Perfect for aviation

- Pptm files

Unable to open PowerPoint pptm files. Except that so good so so far

- Best of the best!

Best pdf reader!! Easy to use with tab view and fast cloud back up!

- good

good app

- Para tuzağı

I gave money to this app 5 years ago, it was nice then. But now it wants money with every update, I don't want to use it anymore. pdf wiewer is better and more honest, they don't fool people like this cunningly. Uygulamaya para verip aldım Şimdi bazı özellikler için yeniden para istiyor Defalarca sorunun çözümü için mail attım Makbuzu gösterdim yine de çözülmedi ya da Çözmek istemediler

- Goodreader

Airdrop ile dosyalar toplu olarak gönderilemiyor. Bunun dışında çok iyi.

- Turkish english dictionary

Need turkish english dictionary for this program

- Guzel calisma

Namazininizida ayazinizida...

- görüş

harika bir program

- Interface

New interface is really worse than the previous one, and its slower.

- slow

after the update it became really slow .. do we have to purchase pro editon ?

- Junk

After the update, its like like a turtle. Wasting my time for nothing.

- All happened after updating

*Not allowing to copy files to another application except zip files. *Pdf reading still not practical. - Lock is missing - Easily getting out of zoomed field of view while scrolling. * Management the files is confusing and icons cover more area than previous. * speak window is large, not allowing easily follow and not allowing to move somewhere on the screen.

- Performance degradation..

After update, the performance of the program reduced dramatically. I can’t reach pages and bookmarks of the pdf files without waiting sometime. Should I spend time to reach pages and bookmarks? If u cannot correct this issue, please allow us to download previous version. Thanks to you I quit using this app. And I have some words to whom gonna buy this...Dont buy and use it. Totally waste of time and money.

- Very slow

The latest version 5 takes a minute or two even for opening table of contents of a file. They screwed up on the latest version. It´s a mess. Edit:Finally i switched to Documents by Readdle app. and updated to pdf expert pack. It´s really a lot faster and robust than this slow and fragile app.

- slow with new version

Big pdf files(5000-6000 pages) with lots of outlines are very slow and freezes with the latest update.I did not have any problems with the previous version.Please fix this.

- Slow Slow Slow

I really don’t understand, how do your analysts test the application before releasing a new mayor update? You don’t have to be genius to catch this performance problem. It’s been a few months, but there’s still no solution. I think you’re so proud of yourselfes about you’ve done, but you are loosing customers.

- Yavaşş

Çok yavaşşşş

- If ain’t broken don’t fix it

Became very sluggish after update

- Slow

It is way more slower than the previous version. If i had a chance i would definetely go for the old version.

- Anlamsız uygulama kapanması

Bazı programlar için alt sekmelerin açılması uzun sürüyor. Beklemenin sonunda program kendiliğinden kapanabiliyor.

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- Best!

Отличное приложение!

- Dislike this

Although this app is not free there are many deficiencies which make it much worse than free PDF apps like Documents by Riddle. For examle: 1.Find (search) function is not working. 2.Bookmarks made in goodreader are not visible in other pdf apps. 3.There is not free version of this app (even a trial).

- Pilot

Insufficient features. Dislike

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GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer 5.13.1177 Ekran Görüntüleri & Resimleri

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer iphone, ipad, apple watch ve apple tv aplikasyon görüntüleri.

GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer iphone ekran görüntüleri
GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer iphone ekran görüntüleri
GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer iphone ekran görüntüleri

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