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Yapı Kredi Mobile is now serving both our Retail and Corporate customers! All retail and corporate customers will be able to perform their financial transactions from anywhere they want with a single application.

You can login to Yapı Kredi Mobile by defining your eyes with Eyeprint-ID. You can define your Eyeprint-ID description in the "Eyeprint-ID Activation" step under the "Settings" menu. With Yapı Kredi Mobile, you can quickly view your retail & corporate accounts and credit cards on homepage. With the advanced search feature, you can easily access the transactions you want to perform. You can also withdraw money quickly via QR code without touching the ATM.

With Siri and iMessage features, you can send money to anyone you like, much faster by voice or messaging. With “Don’t Panic” button, you can temporarily lock all your cards at any time, you can state your cards as lost / stolen. If you want to get priority services, you can also check availability in our branches via Yapı Kredi Mobile and get your appointment before going to the branch.

Yapı Kredi Mobile provides you faster transactions and easy money tracking. Plus more banking service with new added features at your fingertips!

With Apple Watch support, you can find the nearest branch and ATMs, follow up-to-date foreign currency exchange rates, and keep track of your Smart Assistant and other push notifications.

We kindly remind you that you can login to Yapı Kredi Retail & Corporate Mobile with your current password, or create a new password from Get Password / I Forgot My Password menu.

We continue to improve our applications in line with your valuable opinions and suggestions. You are always welcome to send your feedback via www.facebook.com/YapiKredi, www.twitter.com/yapikredihizmet and http://www.yapikredi.com.tr/memnuniyetiniz-icin-buradayiz/

Yapı Kredi Mobile Hakkında

Yapı Kredi Mobile ios aplikasyonu Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. tarafından geliştirilip, 2011-10-19 tarihinde Finance kategorisinde yayınlanmıştır. Uygulama dosyasının boyutu 478.15 MB'dir. Yapı Kredi Mobile ios programının geçerli sürümü 3.6.3'dır ve minumum IOS 9.0 ve üzeri sürümlerde çalışmaktadır.

As the digital bank of Turkey, we continue to offer life-enhancing Technologies. With this update;
• You can make your payment transactions by scanning the QR code on the Yapı Kredi POS device from the Yapı Kredi Pay – Payment via QR Code menu. You can easily access the Payment via QR Code by shaking your phone when you are on login screen or on home page.
• You can view performances of Yapı Kredi Portfolio Funds from the Fund Returns menu.
• You can view your HGS movements.
• You can easily set your debit card’s password on Password Center.
• You can set an alarm to receive notification when the selected currency reaches the target exchange rate.

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