Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion [Games] App Description & Overview

Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure!

Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay:
Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos!
Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden story
Unlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations!

Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle?

Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style.
Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor.
Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride!

Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

The MM team sincerely hope that you like our new match-3 puzzle game! We are working very hard to perfecting it, so If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

More ways to learn about the Matchington Mansion jigsaw puzzle game:
or search @Matchington Mansion to follow us.

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Matchington Mansion Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Keep your cool as you take on a brand new puzzle element – the Ice Maker! Complete 57 new levels while helping Tiffany and the gang transform the Spa's massage and sauna rooms! - New Element: Ice Maker! - New Room: Massage & Sauna! - 57+ New Levels! - Fixed known bugs!

Matchington Mansion Comments & Reviews

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- Saving??

So we now have to save our photos when a room is completed? In the past it saved for us. I enjoy the game, but why fix what isn’t broke?

- Too much silly tasks!

I have played this game for a year, but I am stopping now. The concept is really interesting - play a matching game to earn stars and decorate the mansion with those stars. The greyed out areas of the mansion show possibilities but in actual, you will have to go through so many “greet” tasks that use up a lot of the stars. Very, very poor gameplay. For reference, I’m at level 463 and have only unlocked about 1/4 of the mansion. It’s really frustrating. Such a shame because the game has good graphics and levels are kept interesting. But after so many hours, I can only imagine the developers will want to keep me in the game by having more useless tasks instead of allowing people to “complete” the mansion instead of releasing Matchington Mansion 2 or some sort of spin-off. Having spin-off is much better than getting stucked in a loop with this game. It kinds of feel like an old cranky professor that wouldn’t let you pass. Again, very bad gameplay. I hope the developers rethink their decisions.

- Update is horrible

The recent update caused the game to crash & close out continuously. Can’t play or even open the app.

- Lots of fun, but.....

I love playing this game, but I find it annoying that there is a time limit for completing the extra rooms. Sometimes I am able to finish them but mostly not. It would be awesome if you would give us all more time, second or third chances or maybe take away the time limit, but since this is how you get us to fork over money I am sure this will not happen.

- Garbage

I wish I could give 1 Star multiple times. The game punishes you for the more you play.

- Fun but...

I like decorating the mansion and playing the games but the stupid side tasks are annoying and I don’t care about the mystery or whatever. Also it glitches a lot and connected to my facebook without my permission.

- Misleading

I originally downloaded the game for the puzzles advertised. I'm well over level 1300 and haven't played any of the IQ testing games shown. Tasks are getting repetitive. All of the levels are a candy crush type.

- It is fun but challenging

It is super fun but when I started getting levels higher it got harder and you have to wait for the lives to refill so ya

- Awesome!

So fun.

- Fine but I little bit boring

This game is great but it’s hard do the levels😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- More different levels

It would be nice to eliminate the boring tasks.

- Tedious

I am on level 1,791 and have been on it for three days. The only way to pass this level is to purchase coins so that I can buy more moves. I feel like I am being manipulated to spend money and like I said, it’s very tedious.

- This game is great

Like I said, this game is great! I LOVE playing it and look forward to it every day. However, some levels I would get stuck on for days!! One time I was stuck on one for two weeks!!! It is hard to get coins and stars and the levels are just boring. I’d rather focus on building the mansion. However, the story is cute and fun and the actual renovating is cool to see it turn out.

- Discouraged to keep playing

I like playing the games but you have to change the difficulty of the levels or give more chances to collect everything. Most of the time it takes all day to clear one board. I refuse to pay money and not get anywhere on the boards especially when the main objective is to rebuild the mansion.

- Robot

We are not computers

- Offer more perks

The game needs to offer a few more free perks along the way. Such as the silver spoon or the broom. I’m over level 1400 and only received these two free items once (each). So don’t get too excited about seeing them again once you’ve used your first freebies. Otherwise the game is fun especially if your interested in building on the little side “projects” throughout the game

- Matchington

I love this game/app. I even find myself making purchases to win. Enjoy the team battles because it allows you go get more boosters. Worth the time!

- Entertaining

Normally I get bored with a game but I haven’t got bored with this one yet and I’m on level 1222. I haven’t paid any real money and still progress although it can be challenging at times and I get stuck on the same level for a while. Lots of different challenges built in and I like the team element as well.

- Fun but frustrating

So I’ve been playing this game a while now and I’m frustrated with the amount of coins to get extra moves. Why not start at 100 for 5 moves then advance up from there. Also, I don’t like having such a short time to complete the special rooms. If I land on a hard level I could be on it for days and by the time I solve the level the room is gone. I understand challenging players but there should be some breaks here and there.

- I love it!!!

It is a fun time passer that grows your imagination as you decorate from room to room! I do not like how you can run out of lives, but aside from that it is really fun, meeting the neighbors and decorating your mansion and even getting to visit other people’s mansions, and I would definitely recommend this game.

- Frustrating

Every time I win hours it takes the entire amount of time to win one game. It is not possible, when it takes 20 games to win points, to finish a decorating opportunity - one time I didn’t get any points to decorate - the reason I play the game. The game programmer claims random - I say rigged. Game #976 makes no sense. Again I say rigged. Just something to waste lives How sad. Finally get the opportunity to actually decorate something as advertised and then it isn’t possible to win the tokens. At best one can play 6 games before the lives /time runs out. Then must wait at least an hour to get lives back. It takes 20+ games to win unless you are willing to spend cash - actual $. Not possible to earn many tokens for decorating before the room closes - never to return again. Bait and switch- do not get hooked.


Why am I wrighting this you ask?’s be cause it’s impossible! Please make it easier for us if you don’t you lost a client. And you will lose more. Bye!

- Fun!

I love earning points to upgrade the mansion!

- Fun but kind of hard

It is a great game really but the levels to get coins to make your home better are kind of hard they should make them more do able but other than that I really enjoy the rest😁😕

- no chance to beat level 2140

You can’t even get close to beating level 2140, they give you absolutely no chance, you are supposed to get tiles with the tags on them but they don’t provide you with any to get

- رررروعه لعبه ررروعه


- New addiction

I love puzzles! And I’m addicted to this game!

- Don’t waste your time

After playing for 4 hours (bonus time from team and another event) and only manage to win 1 level, I’m done. It’s not fun anymore.

- I thought I already wrote a review...

It’s a match three game. I’ve rage quit in the past and given it a break once in a while, but I always come back eventually because as far as match-three games go, this is the least infuriating one I’ve found. Initially the fake ads on how this game was played lured me in (not cool, you guys,) and that’s why I drop them a star.

- Love ❤️ it

I love 💕 this game it is amazing 😉

- Not what was advertised

If I wanted to play Candy Crush, I would. This however gets advertised all the time with, for instance, a broken bathroom that needs fixing. Those things seemed fun, so I finally installed the app, but then it’s just a convoluted puzzles game, so after fifteen minutes of growing more and more annoyed, I’ve deinstalled it again and hope this review will spare some people the grief.

- Getting monotonous

I love this game but it’s SO SLOW! I wish it didn’t have meaningless tasks that end up requiring 50+ stars to even do ONE room and no other way to obtain stars but by passing levels. Some levels take FOREVER and you just get one star. I wish it would focus more on decorating rooms and less on competing a million levels to do so. I keep wanting to delete the game but end up not. I would put money into this app by buying stars if it was available.

- Not as advertised

I downloaded this game because of an ad I saw in a different game. The ad showed you completing tasks around a house by solving problems. So I was completely surprised when I got the game and all it is is a matching game that you earn stars for furniture around the house. It’s like every other game by this developer. I’ll be deleting. Let me know when the game looks like what I saw in the ad!

- Needs improvement

I like playing the levels and decorating my house. The problem is that you get 1 Star for every level you beat, no matter how hard is is, then you have to waste stars on answering the door and other useless tasks. All I want to do is play levels and decorate my house. I hate spending stars for stupid stuff.

- Terrible

Takes to much space and not fun

- Love this game!

This is one of my favorite games. I enjoy it a lot, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

- Game

I was hoping for Memorial Day beach week Kinda sad about 😒

- Really good how to make it better.😍🥰😘🙃😁😊😌

I think the game is amazing but when you get in higher levels you should give more stars but other than that it is so awesome every time I finish a level I do a little dance break and when I first got it I was dreaming of this game Thank you for making this😁😊☺️😌😉

- To much

To many silly tasks

- No Stars

Your hard levels are too hard. You are making this game aggravating! Not fun

- fun but pricey

what you earn compared to what you have to pay is ridiculous and not comparable.

- Rating

Why do you think needless repetition and frustration are fun? They do not make for a good game or for any sense of enjoyment. Useless just useless. I am finished with this.

- Fun

So much fun

- Mansioning

Game is ok, but progress to slow and the game sometimes cheats by taking away moves that you have not used

- Great game

Greatt gamea

- Fun!!!

I like the house and the game!!

- Idiotically stupid game

You are so stupid to make a game like that you are like I g it’s is. Or what is in the ad

- It’s BS that we have to buy our way past some levels

I have purchased numerous coin bundles and money comes out of my cash app but then I don’t get the bundle i purchased! This is unfair and we aren’t getting reimbursed. Or I’ll be in the middle of a game and it’s taking more turns off my counter than it should be. This is extremely unfair to a loyal player!!

- Matchington mansion gives false advertising

I thought it was a game fixing things, but all it is is one of those matching puzzle games. I wish someone would make a game like it shows. I’d like to use my brain to fix things. We got plenty of matching puzzle games.

- Fun game to keep busy

Love playing during breaks and when I have down time. Great game to clear my mind.

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- Matchington

Lots of fun and challenging have played for a year and a bit.

- Amusing way to pass time

It’s entertaining and I can play it for hours or only a minute.

- Awesome Game

This is not like the advertising but it is a very great game. I have really enjoyed this game and still continue to play. There are many levels i’ve completed over 4,000. Once you complete the Mansion you go to a map and to new surroundings with many more fun levels.

- ✨

This game is Veryyyyyyyy great i love it ♥️✨

- Fun but pricey

Enjoy the game. But really pricey. You don’t get much of an reward. Also during bonus games should get a star or more coin. Not much of a bonus.

- Great Game! But...

I have been playing this game for quite awhile now, I love the puzzles, home decorating and the side games for added boosters. The teams are also great for getting extra lives. The only real complaints I have are how the game uses so many of the stars earned from winning levels on silly things like “new potted plants”..some of that is ok, but I feel this is over used. There is also a couple of side games that do not allow me to skip through the conversations. Otherwise lots and lots of fun!

- Crashing!

Why does this game keep crashing? I’ve done the most recent update but 2 mins after playing, it automatically shuts down and nothing is saved. 🥺😡

- Fun

The game is fun and interesting. Wish you could have more design options or see more elements of a room beforehand to pick what you like. And it would be nice to choose when you can use a booster instead of having it right at the beginning. They are often useless at the very beginning of a level.

- Lots of fun!

Can play for hours.

- Fun game

Ok so this game is great but I am tired of getting the free hr or so of game time aka life, then having to log only to come back an hr or so later to find that free game time gone. I should be able to go out and come back to play and still have my game time aka life for that 1 or 4 hrs still on. U guys should fix this cause every time I get the free life I have to head to work. And then I’m out of free life. It’s pisses me off. But the game is still fun. Plz think about leaving the free life stay until it is played. And not just disappear cause we have to close the app.

- Améliorations

Beaucoup d’améliorations doivent être apporté à ce jeux comme être obligé de joué un stage pour savoir qui est à la porte c’est. Vraiment immature et tout semble être fait que pour vous emplir les poches et bien je ne sait pas si je continuer de jouer.

- Awesome Game

This is my game!! I love it and the rewards are awesome along with added bonus games ... lots of goodies too ... my fave game!! :)

- Fun game but...

It’s a fun game but the live’s take to long to refill please make it less but other then that fun game

- Not worth it

Enjoyable concept, but... people will move on to other games when levels are impossible to clear without buying coins etc.

- Fun fun fun

Love this game

- Fun Game

I enjoy playing this game every day! Too much sometimes lol. It’s great fun especially now with social distancing and the Covid 19 happening, it’s nice to have a game to play that is not monotonous. There’s other players mansions you can check out and other places to decorate other then just the mansion! It’s easy to collect lives for free so you can play for as long as you want!

- Super addictive

Honestly one of my favourite games to play

- Stoped giving the five coins for giving lives

I am giving lives and normally if you do that you get five coins but now it has stoped doing that.



- Please

I hope someone actually makes a game like these are advertised one day soon

- Matchington Mansion

I really love this game, being able to decorate the various areas of the mansion. The graphics are great and joining a team is recommendable to help assist you along the way.

- Frustrating

This game can be very VERY frustrating.... if you are not prepared to spend actual money, you can be stuck on one level for days... I’m on level 3219 and I am ready to quit... beyond frustrated 😡😡😡

- Super cool game

I just love how you can decorate your own mansion after each level. Very fun game. 😍😍😍

- Utterly Boring and Slow

.... all I want is to build out the rooms, not all the boring games

- Vool


- Jeu intéressant

Ce jeu est plaisant mais le logiciel triche car il ne donne pas les super bonbons aux endroits où il devrait les placer ou tout simplement fait eclater un super bonbon pour aucune raison. Denis A.

- Not Good

Very hard levels while still at the beginning stages. Almost impossible to earn coins, and when you do, it’s not even enough to buy any lives or perks. This game could have been fun but it’s just a wannabe money grab. Thumbs down. I had to give this game a top star rating in order to even post this comment. Hmmmm....

- Pretty OK game

The game is pretty fun. I don’t like that the power ups are so expensive. It’s also frustrating when you earn stars for passing levels but have to spend them doing other things than decorating- like playing with the dog, or having tea, or spending three stars to eat burnt cookies and then greet someone before you actually get to decorate the mansion.

- Very Few Points Gained

I’m addicted to playing the game, but I’m on the verge of discarding it. Why? One can spend a week playing and trying to beat a hard level and then get 21 points. Too little reward for too much work. Goodbye!

- Bad


- Fun

Fun & interesting

- Best Game ever

It never has any adds but some of the levels are a waste of stars

- Should be cheaper

Fun but expensive if you don’t want to get overly frusterated

- Fun game

I find the levels just challenging enough.

- Scam

The game is not what is shown in the ad,

- Fun

Fun but the stars are so hard to get😭🥺

- Not fun

It’s not fun to be stuck on a level that you can only pass when Matchington says you can. You don’t stand a chance and it becomes beyond boring. Makes me hate the game.

- Pay to play???

The game is challenging and creative however I resent having to “pay to play”, so I don’t. I feel it would more fair to the public to just be upfront and charge a one time monitory fee to up load the app. I doubt I’ll play much longer because It’s no longer fun when you can’t move on without having to “continuously” pay.

- Fun But Not For Long

Once a game gets too hard, it’s not worth your money or time. Level 90 is where this game stops for me. It starts to feel more like an exam than a game. Uninstalling!

- Fun

Fun game

- Great

Lots of fun, I like this game

- Halloween

Pourquoi il y a encore des décorations dhalloween dans le manoir ?

- The adds for this game are fake!

They have cool stuff in the add but non of that is real.

- Awesome 💕

This games is so fun! I love the power ups! It’s awesome how to can join teams and request lives!

- Had enough! Complete time waster

Deleted game at level 1731. It now takes over 2 days to pass a level. I had stated before that the game controls whether you pass a level, not any “skill” or how many boosters you use. Waste of time and whatever cash I Stupidly spent to continue to play. Going back to reading books!

- Crashes loose coins and lives

I love playing the game but since the last update the game crashes and I loose any lives I have claimed from my friends and loose out on the special events. For example I completed the Easter room. Game crashed and I lost that room. I have tried contacting the developer and have not gotten a response. My game is up to date. Very frustrating!

- Not enough reward

Definitely not enough coins ,game feels like it goes on forever and not enough reward !

- This is a dud

It started out quite well and I made good progress. I play for free so I think I’m being punished. I constantly get stuck for weeks and don’t make any of the extra events. The decorations are awful.

- Excellent Game, But Needs A Few Tweaks!

This is a very addictive and fun game. Some recommendations for improvement would be - 1. Much more than 500 coins for passing 50 levels or unlocking a room. 2. Glove, pan and broom are very difficult to obtain and cost excessive amounts of coins to purchase. They could be part of random rewards, a daily prize or offered as a bonus for completing a handful of levels. As it stands, they seem to be an underutilized part of the game. 3.After completing 50 levels or opening a new room, the 500 coins reward offered is not enough to buy even one pan, glove or broom. You would have to spend a significant amount of ”actual” money to purchase these items. This reason makes them frustrating to be on the side of the screen and inaccessible. 4. The reward for watching an advertisement could be varied and perhaps include a broom, pan or glove instead of just 1 bonus move. 5. Far too many coins are required for a few extra moves that enable one to complete a level. 100 coins, as opposed to 500, seem much more reasonable. All in all, I would highly recommend this game as it is so much fun. I would just appreciate any modifications that could make the pan, gloves and brooms more accessible and consideration as to the number of coins awarded for completing a certain amount of levels.

- Like it

Its nothing like the add but it’s still a great game

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- Frustratingly good

Can play when I want. So addictive.

- Fun at times

Game can be extremely hard at times and almost taking 30+ lives to get through one level

- Inappropriate adverts

Decided to delete the game as ads were nothing less than pornographic. So tired of this sort of thing. Emails sent. No feedback.

- Ok game

I really like this game but there are a few annoying things about it like having to put the bird back in the tree and playing with the dog which I find irrelevant to the decorating of the house but you can pick it up and put it down.

- Great potential, but annoying

I would probably play Matchington Mansion a lot more often if it wasn’t for the disparity between effort and output the game often entails. Some levels take ages to get through, yet only earn the player a single star to use in decorating the mansion, then we are frequently required to expend a ridiculous number of hard-earned stars in annoying non-decorative side trips, such as distracting a dog, allowing a character to contemplate each room in turn etc. This game could really use a back-to-basics overhaul, or you risk losing your most loyal subscribers due to sheer frustration.

- False Advertising

This was advertised repeatedly on other games. Once downloaded it became obvious that it was nothing like what was shown in the advertisements. Do not recommend - if you have played Gardenscapes, Homescapes etc this is exactly the same.

- Fun but too hard

So I’ve been trying to get to level 90 for like a whole month it’s really hard and challenging there’s 4.2 ratings and reviews luckily I have the wishing tree because the game gave me so much stars that I’m actually happy that just happened I my mum teaches me Vietnamese because I’am the only sister that was born in Australia my birthday is June 21 2013 I made this on Sunday morning 26 of April don’t know how long I made this but a really really long settling thing By: Mia my last name is Mach I have a special middle name I’m 2 grade to

- Fun and bright

I’ve been playing for just over a year and nothing beats getting through a tough level. The side story and mini games keep things interesting.

- Great way to kill time

Excellent way to kill time, you can play this ‘as needed’. I only have it 4 stars because the color schemes you get to select from is horrible :P

- Please read very helpful for people who are thinking to download

I love this game and it is very fun to play.......but there are a few improvements that the operators need to work on. Firstly sometimes you have to use stars to do really silly things like jump on the bed or greet neighbours. Secondly the levels can be a little too hard and you end up spending to much time on it for only one star. Even though this game has some flaws it is a great game and I 100% recommended to download it.🤗

- Addicted!

I’ve literally been playing this game for 2 years! I love it !

- Challenging which is great brain training

It’s a great game, yes there are levels in between which can become frustrating as you may need to do over a few times, but that’s the challenge. If I’m tired my focus on the skill is lost a bit...but up to level 1247 now...and my team are pretty advanced too. Join a team, do the awesome group challenges and build your mansion between waiting for hearts. I’ve also added heaps of neighbours which is a great way to always gave free hearts on hand - I ask them and help them every day I play.

- Scammers

This game is not an addictive one. It is a ridiculous game whereby you can be stuck on 1 level for days. They make it hard to pass 1 level because they want you to buy. Don’t buy don’t fall into the trap. SCAMMERS SCAMMERS

- Game shuts down

After the last update the game loads then shuts down all the time.

- Review

This App is very slow, boring in parts, who wants most of the rugs, cat bowls and food? Very expensive in times of relaxing and hardship, constantly buying coins etc ..Would not really recommend and so repetitive of other apps 😟 This is such a tedious and boring yet addictive app. Downloaded just on a week and already spent over $40 on it due to isolating on coranvirus...believe that you are. Ripping off people during this time and no feedback from you.. I love pet Does not frustrate play er like won t you just want not nice ..especially now

- Love

I love this game

- Amazing

This app well done 👍

- Kept coming back

It can be addictive. Love playing, then disappointment, then back to playing. Seem impossible some levels, then luck is on your side.

- Keeps shutting down

While I enjoy the game and the challenge of some of the hard levels, I am getting frustrated as the game keeps shutting down every 30 seconds and I lose any progress and rewards and money I have spent! Soon I will be asking for a refund of every penny I have spent! Please fix this issue ASAP

- Crashes a lot sadly

I really like this game but it is plagued by crashes and shut downs,where I can’t even play it. This has only occurred in the last few weeks and is very disappointing, as support has not offered any improvement. I buy lives and the time runs out before I can even to to play any levels because it keeps crashing and shutting down. Lost a lot of money this way. Not getting what I pay for so sadly time to find another game. One that I can actually play.

- Love the game but it keeps crashing

I have been playing this game for a while now. As of recently the game keeps crashing, it’s now at the point where I can’t play the game anymore. Will anyone be fixing this soon?

- A bit annoying

I believe that in the beginning it loads for to long. Please can you make it shorter. Thank you

- Good


- Gets boring

Yep you play the same level over and over and over. And one of its worst features is only 5 lives. When you have time and want to chill and play it won’t let you (unless you buy coins, pft as if). And when you don’t expect it it rewards you with 2 hours to play but don’t have time and you can’t save this time. Please make it so you can watch an add to earn life to keep playing if want to. Why kick us off.

- It’s amazing

Soooo good

- Fun and Addictive!

Great game that gets updated regularly.

- Frustratingly love it

I’ve been winning levels and making rooms exquisite at my own pace. As I delve more into the game it does get harder and frustrates me to the core. But I love it. I panic and want to give it up... but too late. I’m addicted. I’m getting near the end of the mansion and wonder is there anything more beyond this one? I hope soooooo

- Love the game but....

It would be great to be able to go back and finish some rooms and paintings which are incomplete after event has expired. Especially an opportunity to complete paintings without paying all the coins.

- Fake advertising

Fake advertising of a game that is not real in the app.

- Good relaxing game

Best relaxing game to chill after work.

- Very enjoyable

Not what I expected from the prelude but I still enjoy it. It’s a thumbs up from me.

- Great app

Simple and fun

- Great game!

I love this game so much! One of the best things is, it is perfectly appropriate for young children. This game definitely deserves five stars! Thanks for reading my review! Bye!

- Fun, addictive exciting game.

Love it.

- Still the best game ever

Machinington mansion is the best game ever

- Come

Come on and let kids play join teams like grace corn

- Bugs not fixed!

For the past week every time I open this game it goes through the initial setup only to close the entire game down before play can commence. Very annoying.

- Very addictive

Love this game but so addictive.

- Keeps crashing

Great game but since the last update it keeps crashing on start up.

- So hard

Easy at first but then you play the same level over and over for days at times unless you buy to help you through. I agree with all the reviews and I wish I had read them before starting the game. Deleting if I can’t get this level today.

- Fun

Very addictive and fun


This game is absolutely awesome! I love designing* things and matching things! This game kept me up all night! You must download this game!

- So much fun

I had good time playing with my son

- I love this game but .

This game is amazing absolutely perfect i 100% recommend it to whoever is reading this 💕 But for the developers could you guys please give us furniture choices that match for each room eg the same colour wood for the whole house I really can’t stand the fact that I can’t make the house match it’s really annoying and In the games room place I have red couches that don’t match the little couches next to it so please make things the same colour 🙏🏽😔

- Stop Forcing Game Play!!!!!

Why the hell do you even put the close window X on the Deck The Halls task if you are forcing us to play when we hit the X? This is an ongoing annoyance with this developer. Forcing you to play stuff ya don’t want to. Pathetic. No X at all on the car racing game. Trying to force me to join a crew. Had to shut down the app, clear memory and restart before I could play again. Useless developer.

- Addictive

Great game, highly addictive.

- Matchington mansion

Gtreat game

- Just devine darling

Love it

- Match. Man

Still enjoying the game, but the hard levels are very hard and can take ages to clear. Wish that there were more moves then there would be more chance to complete levels. Challenging.

- Great fun

Love this game so addicting

- Annoying facts

The game isn’t what was expected but yet I carry on. The annoying fact is that the coins used for 5 moves is too much and makes me want to uninstall the game. Also getting free furniture is another annoying thing. We need more power ups and more proper use of the stars.

- Hard levels are too difficult!!!

The hard levels are too difficult it’s irritating!!!

- I’m not happy

My today app update rewards on this game was 10star but my wife got 47stars Why the discrimination or cheating? I still enjoy the game though but it’s becoming harder.

- Addictive

I love this game so much... it’s the best especially the mini games ❤️ ❤️

- Work on it

This game is too hard I don’t like it just 5 lives for those hard levels common it’s too small I will play more than 20 time I will not win and u have to stay for like 30 mins or than that to get another lives that’s much is this a game or what pls do something about it it’s too hard if I didn’t see any improvement I will stop playing it

- The game is good but...

Considering how hard it is to get stars and coins, the games makes us waste stars on irrelevant things like greetings and jumping leaves🤦🏽‍♀️ it can be frustrating and whoever gave y’all the idea of those stupid lamps is a terrorist😩 those lamps need to goooooo! And 2 stars for a move “dungeons and dragons”! That’s 2 levels wasted😱 please do something about that it’s really unfair!

- G

It waist a lot of time with comments

- Review

What I saw on the ad isn’t what I’m playing. Why did you deceive me to download the game? It’s not fair.

- Difficult

It’s difficult to get coins and it takes long to unlock new room because stars a compulsory wasted on useless activities like greeting visitors and talking to Rex

- It’s so addictive and fun

Its an amazing game i own a mansion and very big one and I’m the queen of it 🥰

- Stars

Try and gift us some stars sometimes. It get really boring playing the puzzles over and over.

- Love the game.

I love the game and it is my companion. However, the most recent update crashes which makes it impossible to finish some levels. Please look into this. Thanks

- Entertaining

This game is so entertaining. Thank you. You can include a part where I get to see play to see my character visit Tiffany at the house 😋

- Ratings

Lovely graphics beautiful game

- Fix your app

The game is nice, but please fix your game, it goes off anytime I pass a stage, I don’t understand this new development please fix it

- Addictive

Been playing this game for 4 months now and I can’t seem to stop. It’s got interesting segments and that’s why I love it. Highly recommended.

- Do not waste your time

This game is one of the worst games ever made! It is a wannabe mix between candy crush and another game. Makes absolutely no sense.

- Give

Give more moves

- Very Good


- Trouble

I’m having a problem starting up the game it has been loading since yesterday and refuses to come up 🤬🤬🤬

- Improve…🤕🤝

When the game downloaded from App Store I was so happy, but when I opened it it was not like what I hoped for, I have a new rule for you DON'T FAKE ADVERTISEMENTS! And if I see another fake advert I will report this game and all the other games that do that🤯an Reece the money for revive ,for example: MAX is 100 MIN is 10 and MID is 50 I never want to see a Halloween update ever again that goes for Homescapes ,gardenscapes,township and my cafe! And why should we waste stars on such things let’s use coins and you can unlock a penthouse that you use stars to build But it is an awesome game PLS improve

- Keeps closing and crashing

I love the game. Very addictive. But after this new update it keeps crashing. Please try and fix this🥺

- Like

I just love the sound when it’s in the garden, kind of bring back good growing up memories and it’s emotional too

- Loading Issues

Please admin,since yesterday I updated the Halloween session my game have loading at 37%. Please help me out.

- Work on it🙄

I saw this game like an ad and the way it was advertised isn’t what I get to play😕 or is it just me. I started playing though but wasting a star just to play with a dog or jump in a pile of leaves is frustrating enough, a level is sometimes hard just to waste on that🤦🏽‍♀️ and coins are hard to get using 500 for 5moves is too much coins considering the amount of coins one gets from each level. Frustrating much

- Awesome game

This game is so addicting 😍😍😍 I love playing it every time

- Addictive

Nice game

- Queen

The game isn't what I expected, not happy 😡😒

- More stars

Coins should be used to buy stuff or there should be more ways to get stores

- Review

Most boring game ever

- Bad

Game stopped opening after the last update, just keeps arranging the house and all

- Annoying stupid game

It’s too difficult and after playing a level for almost 3 days then you make me use the one star to jump in a pile of leaves?Its freaking annoying.To top it all you use 500 or 600 coins to get 5extra moves when getting the coins isn’t easy.The game is supposed to calm someone down not make one upset.The number of moves are too small.How can i smash a rabbit and then it turns back into another hole when I have just a few moves.The game is beginning to annoy me and I’m uninstalling soon.

- Work on the stars of each level

Work on stars of each level we should be able to collect more than one star in a level, a level can take more than 10 attempts even more than 2days to get right then I waste it on unnecessary “play with the dog”

- Uninstalling

Always playing the matching game and getting one star then using about three stars for meaningless things like jumping in a pile of leaves when getting one star is already hard enough.. 😔 uninstalling

- Review

Oh no! The star demand is high💔, just to give rex his old photo 3⭐️ 💔

- Matchington review

Terrible game it just wants to steal your money.

- Great game

Lovely game but you have to waste stars on some unnecessary things. Pls allow us to use coins instead of stars for some unnecessary chores. And use stars for decorations.

- Mr

I’m deleting this game levels are too hard to play

- About the game

Nice game ✨

- Great game

This game is better than most games in its category. It’s super engaging and super rewarding. Love it!

- Great game

If I could give it a 10 star I would this game is definitely awesome addictive and enjoyable

- I love it

I love it

- Safe my mansion

I’m totally in love with dis game thanks to d developer

- Grats


- Awesome

The game has become more of my therapy thing

- Review

Very interesting game .. I love it

- Brilliant

Brilliant work done by the developer.well done

- It’s nice

Just add more stars

- It's brilliant 😍😍😍

I love it, it has a bit of everything you'll want in a game. Fun, matching, decor and reality

- Awesome

I love it

@jisoenghanniex superstar sama matchington mansion itu gimana mainnya? Kalo candy crush udh ku uninstal skskskz🤣

@kjsskz superstar, matchington mansion (tp ini online sihh) atau candy crush aja hshsh

@PandunyaRadit Matchington mansion

Matchington Mansion Match 3 Home Decor Adventure - VER. 1.67.1 Unlimited (Lives - Coins) MOD APK Matchington Mansi…

Matchington Mansion Mod 1.67.1 Apk #DwiMarfia #Apk #Mod #ModApk #Game #ModGame…

Matchington Mansion APK MOD v1.66.1 (Estrellas/Dinero ilimitado) vía @@MundoperfectNet

perdí en el evento especial de matchington mansion, todo es bronca y dolor

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Matchington Mansion 1.66.0 Screenshots & Images

Matchington Mansion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion ipad images
Matchington Mansion ipad images
Matchington Mansion ipad images
Matchington Mansion ipad images
Matchington Mansion ipad images
Matchington Mansion ipad images
Matchington Mansion ipad images
Matchington Mansion Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Matchington Mansion Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Matchington Mansion (Version 1.66.0) Install & Download

The applications Matchington Mansion was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Firecraft Studios Ltd. [Developer ID: 1399403555]. This application file size is 390.53 MB. Matchington Mansion - Games posted on 2020-05-13 current version is 1.66.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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