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Share content and connect to people you love on Hive.

- Express yourself with our customizable Music Section
- Full app color themes and zodiac signs
- Explore trending and new content on our Discover page with tons of communities
- New Asks feature where you can get to know creators better
- Repost, share, and reply to posts or upload Gifs with our Gif feature
- Easily grow your account with an algorithm that boosts your organic reach

We make it easy for you to discover content you enjoy, whether it's photos, videos, or statuses. Our music feature allows you to express yourself, our Asks feature makes it even more fun to interact with other users, and with our chronological home feed, you'll never miss a post from your family and friends either.

Explore your favorite content on Hive.

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Nota del desarrollador de la aplicación Hive Social:

Reenable direct messages (DMs) Add typing indicator for DM conversation view Add UI for accepting and rejecting DM requests Reenable push notifications for DMs Load additional categories on discover page after scrolling past saved categories and hashtags Fix some text overflow display errors Increase image quality in post feed Clicking on link in post text will open the url in the browser Fix "pop-in" that occurs when a video finishes loading Add error message when media fails to upload Add UI indicators after blocking a user

Hive Social Comentarios & Crítica

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- Español y musica

Me gustaría que agregaran soporte e interfaz en español y arreglar la opción de conectar Spotify ya que no me deja conectar Spotify pero sí Apple Music

- Fantastic new app!

Still getting used to this new app. Looks super cool. I hope for new updates soon ☺️

- La aplicación está guay.

Espero que llegue a la comunidad hispanohablante!

- La primera en la frente 👎🏻

It doesn’t let me choose an Username, all seems that It’s already taken.

- No hay forma de registrarse

Llevo media hora intentando crear una cuenta y no hay forma. No puede ser que todos los nik que pongo estén cogidos, no me dejaba poner una contraseña … ufff

- Crashes constantly. Don’t trust it.

I was intrigued by this app. Perhaps it has good potential. It crashes constantly. NSFW content all over. I thought perhaps that I downloaded Tinder or a porn app. Clearly can’t control their content and I don’t think they have the capacity to do so. I fear my data security now. What else is wrong with it? I question how this is not labeled as BETA on their website and don’t believe it is ready to be in the app store, to be honest.

- Tiene potencial pero aun no es buena

Sin soporte, sin poder cambiar el idioma y con varios fallos de programación que aveces oculta o elimina tus post creo que aun no esta lista para su uso aunque tiene un gran potencial.

- Great app but slow as hell

If your device has more than 2 years this app goes really slow and login is quite difficult

- Amazing and promising.

A clear alternative to Twitter.

- Trying to sign up . Not working and not able to use my mail

And nothing I can do about it. My account is in the system but it keeps saying that something is wrong in their end. Try again, and again, and again…..

- Estará en desarrollo

Le falta muchisimo por pulir, la calidad e los videos bajan muchisimo al colgarlos, lag, etc etc, y poner idiomas

- Muy buena

pienso que la gente se debería de enterar mas de la existencia de esta app ya que es realmente buena

- Cute

This app is so cuteee omg and the creators are super friendly and funny

- 🫧

love this app honestly yall deserve the best!!!! how about adding an option to have multiple accounts? so we dont have to log in and put if we want to change accounts,,

- I love this app

i really like it, it’s like instagram but without toxicity🤌🏻😭💗

- I want to delete the account

Hello, I want to delete the account. I sent several e-mails and the account is still existing. I don’t want my data to be there anymore. Thanks.

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- ta buena

me gusta, pero deberían poner más idiomas, también me gustaría poder actualizar las páginas y mejorar la aplicación en el aspecto estético.

- No puedo crear ningún Username

Literal todos los username están “tomados” no importa lo que inserte, así que no la puedo usar

- Doesn’t work...

Bruh I can’t edit my profile— 😐🤌

- Everything good but

Past one day non of the pictures are loading:(

- Doesn’t work

I downloaded 1 week ago and still can’t edit my profile 🥲

- Horrible

Se cae a cada rato >:(

- can’t log in

i just create my account then log out and now i can’t log in again, it doesn’t work

- lmao

esta buena la app, pero se cae cada 5 minutos >.<

- It needs some improvements but overall it’s really good

There’s some minor bugs when you wanna search a hashtag or an account

Payoneer 💰

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- it won't let me change my profile pic

i can't edit my profile pic, header or bio

- Can’t even create an account

When you can’t even create an account, the program doesn’t give you any indicator of why, then customer support doesn’t reply… can’t trust the rest of the app working if the basic first step is this bugged

- Sketchy owners

This is as bad as twitter in terms of direction

- I can’t create an account

I really want to use this app, but I can’t create an account because it always says that my password is invalid, when I completed with all the requirements

- Next social app

Try it!

- very nice but can't connect spotify

very nice but can't connect spotify. the option is greyed out, while the apple music button is in white and does work (i don't use that app though so it's button is useless for me).

- hi i have some problems with the app

It won't let me edit my profile, it lags a lot and takes too long to load things. the idea of ​​this app is too good but please fix that as i want to use it 😓

- please make an update

i love it but it wont show me my followers or following, it keeps showing 0 and 0 :(

- im investing in this but pls make it work


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Hive Social 2.2.1 Capturas de pantalla e imágenes

Hive Social iphone, ipad, apple watch ve apple tv solicitud imágenes.

Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla
Hive Social iPhone Capturas de pantalla

Hive Social (Versión 2.2.1) Descargue e Instale la Aplicación

La aplicación Hive Social ios fue desarrollada por Hive Social, Inc. (Apps) [ID del desarrollador: 1602627309] y se lanzó en la categoría Redes Sociales el 2019-10-18. El tamaño del archivo de la aplicación es 99.71 MB. Hive Social es la última versión 2.2.1 lanzada el 2023-01-15. Funciona sin problemas en software IOS 15.0 mínimo y superior. Google Play ID: org.hiveinc.TheHive