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Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM App Description & Overview

Customer Service Helpdesk, CRM, Live Chat Support, Chatbot, and FAQ Platform for SMB & Enterprise eCommerce Brands on Shopify & Shopify Plus.

Why merchants love Re:amaze's live chat and customer support solutions:

  • More powerful and complete compared to other helpdesks like Zendesk
  • Manage multiple stores easily
  • Not just chat, but also email, social, push, SMS, VOIP, WhatsApp
  • Boost sales, conversion, and retention
  • Highly rated merchant support
  • Demos, training, and onboarding
  • Access popular Shopify apps data without leaving your helpdesk ticketing and live chat support dashboard
  • Flexible pricing no contract

Re:amaze is a helpdesk, live chat, ticketing, chatbot and FAQ help center platform for eCommerce. Unify email, Facebook Pages, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Direct Message, SMS, VOIP, WhatsApp, push notifications, and live chat ticket conversations in a shared inbox. Provide customer support that result in sales growth.

Built for Shopify

Re:amaze integrates with Shopify so you can access order data instantly. Edit/create orders, process refunds, cancellations, update customer/order data within support conversations.

  • See cart items, track browsing activity, customers' screens w/ Re:amaze Live
  • Send products to customers in chat
  • Create dynamic reply templates w/ Shopify macros
  • Create automated workflows w/ Shopify macros
  • Use Live Chat + Bots to automatically engage customers w/ Shopify macros
  • Measure your customer service team's revenue and sales impact
  • Works w/ Klaviyo, Octane AI, Smile, LoyaltyLion, Omnisend, SMSBump, Yotpo, ActiveCampaign and 20+ more
Reduce Customer Service Time via Automation + Bots

Add efficiency to your customer support and customer service experience with Re:amaze Chatbots (via livechat), Workflows, and Trainable Intents.

  • Pre-built chatbots help answer order status questions + questions covered in FAQ
  • Build your own multi-step chatbots to help, guide, sell to customers
  • Use AI powered Intents to classify support messages and predict customer sentiments accurately
  • Create workflows to route, reply, assign, tag tickets in your helpdesk
  • Show store status and issues page
Boost Sales

Re:amaze Chat can help boost your AOV, reduce cart abandonment, and increase customer loyalty via automation.

Create automated marketing campaigns for holiday promos, special sales, cross-selling, up-selling, product announcements with Re:amaze Chat. Start chats automatically on conditions such as:

  • Current / referring URL / time and date
  • Total Shopify spend / order count
  •
  • Exit intent

Send up to 2000 free browser and mobile Push Notifications each month to reach online/offline customers using Re:amaze Push Campaigns and bring them back to your store.

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App Name Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM
App Category Store Management
App Price From $29/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail
App Website

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM Features

Customer service, chatbot, chat support, ticketing, CRM, FAQ.

Centralized customer service

Manage customer support requests from email, live chat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, VOIP for all your stores in one place.

Boost sales and engagement

Create automated website messages, send push notifications, and build chatbots to help, engage, and sell to customers on your storefront.

Automate teams & common tasks

Access customers' Shopify data instantly. Process, draft orders, returns, refunds, cancellations in chat. Automate replies w/ Shopify macros

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM App Integrates with:

Smsbump Octane ai Klaviyo Shipstation And 20+ more

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM Comments & User Reviews 2024

(Hong Kong SAR)

I looked for a long time for an app to give me a robust helpdesk AND to help me manage conversations across email and social media apps. Reamaze is it. Customer support has been amazing and I can't wait to incorporate everything this app has into my workflow as we grow.

(United States)

I love using the templates options to save some answers for commonly asked questions. It's a great tool to keep everything organized!

(New Zealand)

I've been using Reamaze for over 2 years. We got 1800 emails behind and we couldn't keep up, the automation and the workflows options that you can implement are a godsend. I just had my second Support call with Dakota. They offer one on one support when you are trying it to a Reamaze to a new level. This time I learnt how to use "Intents" this will save even more time, when dealing with customer inquiries via chat and email. Don't know where we would be without Reamaze. Thank you so much!

(United Kingdom)

Really enjoyed using the app - we searched lots of CRMs and this was the best. The chat feature was a bit too clunky and we didn't have many customers coming through so we reverted to our old chat feature. So, we only used the email function, which is excellent. The only problem for us with that was the price. For a small start up company, it's just too expensive for us, but I'm sure it's great for companies with higher turnovers.

(United States)

Re:amaze is indeed an amazing asset for your business. We moved from the other CRM provider over a year and a half ago and never looked back. The whole system is very logical, modern, and easy to use, with an enormous amount of automation capability. It takes some time to set everything up, but it is definitely worth it! The software itself is amazing, you are able to integrate it with Shopify, Klaviyo, Loyalty Lion, Stamped, etc, and to have all information about the customer in one place without ever leaving the app. The customer service is outstanding! They are super helpful. thoughtful, patient, and fast, everything is handled in a timely and professional but friendly manner. We are definitely looking forward to continuing to use Re:amaze in the future and highly recommend it.

(United States)

They will keep contacting via email well after you deleted their app. Their emails also don't have any unsubscribe links either. I emailed them to be unsubscribed, they said I was. Few days later I get an email again. Be warned.

(United States)

We've been using Re:amaze for a few years now and have loved our experience. It is a great tool for automating some of our emails and chats and the analytics are very helpful for growing and scaling our business. The support staff is always helpful and quick to reply.

(United States)

We have been a user of Re:amaze for almost 3 years. It continues to WOW us as a simple yet robust customer communications platform. It is affordable, simple to set up and if you run into issues, their customer support team is very helpful. We have multiple brands with different email addresses, integrations, like Shopify, to manage orders and more. We take advantage of the built in CSAT tool as well as the reporting options. It's a great platform!

(Hong Kong SAR)

This app is very helpful. We can manage messages from almost all channels (*Pinterest and Youtube are not supported yet) on 1 platform and see the data. And the support is great!

(United Kingdom)

We love Re:Amaze! We've been on the platform for about 2 years and our customer service has never been better! We can see every message a customer has ever sent and every order they've ever placed all from within the conversation we're having with them. We can also set-up accounts, create orders, cancel items, issue refunds and check tracking information all without leaving the conversation! The platform is incredibly intuitive and easy to use - we've added all of our teams from around the world and transformed how we engage with customers in every region. Whether it's creating a chatbot that speaks Japanese, training the AI to recognise "Where's my order" in Dutch or offering FAQ's in German, thanks to Re:Amaze we can do it all! Like all systems, Re:Amaze has its moments, but their support team is actually pretty good. They're quick to respond to and resolve issues and they have always been very open to our ideas and development requests!

(United States)

Excellent customer service tool. We went from a segmented 3rd party chat, e-mail and social media support model to re:Amaze. We tried Gorgias initially but wound up with re:Amaze instead. Gorgias was great for novice users and made for an easy kick-off. But for the more mature integrator with a technical background, re:Amaze came with way more features. Support is PHENOMINAL. They are literally a quick chat away. RARELY could they not provide an answer on the spot, and all escalations were handled timely and professionally. While not perfect (no one is), feature requests (such as unique notifications per incoming channel) are well-received. The only downside I could add is potentially the price. For us, it's reasonable, but I am sure for a larger organization that per-seat cost would be tough. Truthfully, for the product and service, it's completely reasonable. So if you aren't a complete tech-newb, re:Amaze is the best. If your technical competency is very weak, you may struggle in the beginning.


Super great APP and BETTER SUPPORT! 100% Recommended We move from Zendesk to Reamaze and we never look back!

(United States)

Reamaze has been a great fit for our store. We moved over from Freshdesk and did a lot of research on the competition. The built-in and completely integrated KB is a game-changer, it helps offer suggestions from your FAQ before you need to get a live person involved in support. Like any heavily integrated app you're bound to need some help & support along the way, and the Reamaze support (live chat with quick response times) has been incredible every step of the way. An easy 5 Stars for us!


Cant recommend the Customer Help Sites. When you create articles and upload pictures, after some time alle uploaded pictures are removed and show up with a broken link! This has happend before, they said they have fixed the issue and now it has happend again to most of my articles which I have created because I trusted them after they had fixed the issue. I lost so much working hours and I didnt saved these pictures for the articles! Becuase they were screenshots!!!! I quess I lost 48 hours of work or more! I am speechless! I cant understand why they are offering a Help Site which is not even working properly. I don't trust their service at all anymore! When you programming something you shouldn't publish beta versions to the users!!!!!!!!! Why should I still create articles when the pictures might get delete after time? This is scary! Nobody will create an articles because of this anymore! I am so done with my nevers because now I need to create these articles again. But I am the CEO of the company and you can imagen that time is so tight for me! How can I get my time back????


Really good and easy app. Fast setup and professional look also for the chat widget. Emails with a easy professional html look without any code required. Fast supportteam for any questions.

(United States)

Reamaze is the perfect tool for any business looking to make customer communication more seamless at an affordable cost. It's super easy to use, get started, and manage - plus, their customer support is A+.


Probably the best CRM for Shopify. We like the user-based pricing model. We also like that it connects to our Socials.

(United States)

5 star service. 5 star App. Super helpful staff. Overwhelming at first but they really walk you thru it! Thank you!

(United Kingdom)

Excellent software. Has saved us hundreds of hours so far and the user interface is amazing. Really a life saver. I would recommend this to any Shopify store looking to automate their customer service.

(United States)

Best variety of pricing options out there. We are seasonal and needed lots of users, so the volume-based plan is great. Very intuitive, my team picked it up with very little training. Excellent for managing e-mail as well.

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