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Introducing MyAlice, a workspace to manage all your WhatsApp conversations, sales, and marketing to turn you and your team into revenue champions.

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You can also connect Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Line, and Telegram to keep all your customers active and make them come back.

Here's the OLD WAY vs the NEW WAY of growing business

The old way of using communication tools like WhatsApp and other social channels plus eCommerce was disjointed and siloed. You and your team going through multiple tabs to respond to customers.

MyAlice puts an end to silos and delivers a new way of growing your business.

Send broadcast messages

Reach out to customers where their friends are for higher CTRs and engagement. Create WhatsApp audience and easily schedule campaigns. Watch new orders roll in!

Automate your WhatsApp Marketing

Automatically send WhatsApp messages based on customer actions. Follow up on new purchases, abandoned shopping carts, and more Shopify triggers by creating business templates.

Take and update orders

When customers come to your store intending to buy something, you need to help them as much as possible. Which includes placing the order for him. With MyAlice's deep Shopify integration, you can now do it with a single click while chatting with your customer.

Track revenue and ROI

Analyze the revenue of your WhatsApp messages, campaigns, and store automation.

Multiple agents in 1 inbox

Your customers are on WhatsApp and other social channels. All the time. So when they’re looking to buy, and they message you, they’re at their moment of highest intent. Engaging with these visitors through a team collaboration inbox.

Chat widget

Add a chat widget in a few simple steps to your Shopify store. Add your own logo, text, and colors, and set up in a matter of minutes.

Get verified green tick mark

Stop sending your order confirmations from some other companies’ WhatsApp numbers. Let customers see your brand and number in all store notifications. MyAlice helps you get verified without any charges, get access to the Official WhatsApp API.

View reports and analytics

Access reports on all incoming messages, agent response times, agent performance, conversation status, etc. Use these in-depth analytics to improve agent performance.

Easily migrate from Wati, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Reamaze, Tidio, Drift, Intercom, Tawk, HubSpot, Crisp, Reve Chat, Live Chat, Gupshup, 360Dialog. Kaleyr, ZOKO, Interakt, AiSensy, SuperLemon, DelightChat, Bitespeed, Gorgias, Richpanel, Helpscout, UVDesk and eDesk.

When you succeed, we succeed. Our team of experts will go above and beyond to understand your business and implement a solution that shows immediate impact.

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App Name WhatsApp Chat Helpdesk & More
App Category Store Management
App Price Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail support@myalice.ai
App Website

WhatsApp Chat Helpdesk & More Features

A workspace for all your WhatsApp support, sales and marketing.

Marketing: Send Broadcasts

Reach out to customers where their friends are for higher CTRs and engagement. Create WhatsApp audience and easily schedule campaigns.

Sales: Take and Update Orders

When customers come to your store intending to buy something, place or update the order for him while chatting with a single click.

Support: Multiple Agents

Collaborate between multiple agents to reply to your customers from a team collaboration inbox. All agents are on the same WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp Chat Helpdesk & More App Integrates with:

Instagram Line Facebook Messenger Telegram WhatsApp Viber

WhatsApp Chat Helpdesk & More Comments & User Reviews 2024


Very good app to keep all customer service in 1 place, like from FB messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. What I really like about it, is that I can see customer information on the right side of the dashboard while chatting with the customer, so I can easily look up their order information and more. Before I always had to manually look up customer information, so this saves a lot of time. Highly recommended!


The product looks promising, especially focussing on the e-commerce specific features is what makes it more special. Their onboarding process and support are also great, they fix problems whenever I face it.

(United States)

Wow, this app is great! Using it as a helpdesk and live chat. The team says they have plenty more on the roadmap!


Decent helpdesk tools are hard to come by. A Helpdesk tool for Shopify is even rarer. MyAlice came out of the gate as the more mature solution of the bunch, providing a mobile app that makes it really convenient to answer Customer queries on the go. Put that together with email support which is supposed to come later this year, you have yourself a near-complete solution. Con: The monthly active limits may seem low, but it makes sense for running a small number of brands. Overall: Having a good helpdesk tool for Shopify that doesn't break the bank. Also, one that has a good mobile app too! It's mind-boggling how many tools don't have a mobile app

(United Kingdom)

Great service, and has most of the bells and whists of the other platforms for a cheaper price. Would recommend,


Ever since we started our business, we were looking for a solution to cater all our queries from facebook/Insta to whatsapp, webchat etc integrated with shopify. Myalice has proved to be a breath of fresh air for us.

(Côte d’Ivoire)

J'ai utilisé cette application pour rendre le support client plus efficace. J'aime beaucoup son fonctionnement pour gérer mes commandes de commerce électronique et discuter avec les clients sur les médias sociaux. Je trouve que le chatbot est vraiment optimisé pour traiter les requêtes courantes des clients et l'équipe qui y travaille est vraiment agile et réactif aux différentes sollicitations. Dans l'ensemble, je suis satisfait de cette application jusqu'à présent.

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