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About Net Promoter Score from LoyaltyLion

Research shows that unhappy customers tell more people about their brand experiences than happy ones. This can significantly impact revenue and reputation.

At LoyaltyLion we know that long term customer loyalty and satisfaction are intrinsically linked. Using this free app you will be able to monitor your store’s overall customer satisfaction score, and see how each individual customer rated their interaction with your business.

Key benefits

Discover which of your existing customers are unhappy and at risk of churning, and take the opportunity to show them that you care.

Monitor changes in NPS to better understand the success of individual marketing initiatives and changes to your store

Identify Promoters and incentivise them to act as advocates for your brand by referring others and leaving positive reviews

Use data from your Net Promoter Score as social proof within marketing and advertising campaigns

Short intro to the NPS and how it works

To calculate customer loyalty and satisfaction using NPS, customers are asked to state how likely they are to recommend a company or product to friends or family, using a number between 0 and 10.

Responses to this question are then grouped into:

  • Promoters (customers who answer 9-10)

  • Passives (customers who answer 7-8)

  • Detractors (customers who answer 0-6)

Your overall NPS can be calculated by subtracting the % of your customers who are Detractors, from the % of your customers who are Promoters.

Why we built NPS from LoyaltyLion

We work with thousands of ecommerce stores and all of them need better tools to evaluate NPS in order to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

This app will help you understand how likely your customers are to recommend your company or product to a friend. It will help you to find your unhappy customers and turn them into advocates, before they share their experiences with others.

Leading brands trust LoyaltyLion with their loyalty programs

Thousands of ecommerce stores work with LoyaltyLion to increase revenue from their existing customers. Our clients include:

  • Beauty: 100% Pure, Peach & Lily, dr. brandt and Fendrihan
  • Apparel: theCHIVE, LIVELY and Hazel & Olive
  • Nutrition: Vitabiotics
  • Sport: Function18
  • Luxury: feuille
  • Food and drink: Perfect Cellar

Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

Net Promoter Score is built by LoyaltyLion - often also seen as Loyalty Lion ;)

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App Name NPS & customer satisfaction
App Category Store Management
App Price Price: Free
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NPS & customer satisfaction Features

LoyaltyLion: collect customer feedback and encourage referrals.

Survey your customer feedback

Unhappy customers tell more people about their brand experiences than happy customers. Survey those customers & understand their NPS

Generate referral revenue

Learn who loves your business, then ask them for feedback & referrals, driving cost-effective acquisition & increasing store revenue

Focus on your best customers

Focus marketing efforts on customers who leave high scores as they are more likely to repeat purchase, increasing loyalty & lifetime value

NPS & customer satisfaction Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

Cons: 1. I can't see how this app shows up on my store unless I buy something from the store. 2. I can't edit the way it looks so not sure if it matches my theme. 3. Wish that email notification was pushed to previous customers to rate based on previous experience. 4. Wish I could add it to services pages or any other pages on the site. Pro 1. Free (thank you). 2. Happy this exists. 3. No problems installing. 4. Can tell which customer reviewed it, it helps.


works as intended and a free app!!! must have for shopify stores to track customer feedbacks and satisfaction


Good app but really basic, i hope you guys make comment and translate feature. but its free so i guess there is nothing to complain..

(United States)

I love this app it has allowed me to reach out to my customers to see exactly what they are liking about my store and what I can work on.



(United States)

Installing was literally a click of a button and very easy. I can't wait to see the insights from our customers!


The good things; it is easy to install and is non intrusive. The survey is after the purchase. The scores are accurate and tie back to orde rnumbers so a big plus. Its free (a big plus) The cons; so in case someone does give a negative rating, he should be given a feedback form on what we can improve. Else its very difficult to get actionable feedback to work on. NPS score as such is a good indicator, but what next? I would have been happy to pay if there was a feedback option - but there is none so rating it 4 stars.

(United Kingdom)

Good app but very basic, I wish customers could leave a comment with their score so we could see what the issue was.


Definite an app you want in your store if your planning to stay for the long term... don't go online without this.


I love your app, although I would like to translate into the language of my clients. How can I translate the text that is shown to the user into Spanish?

(United States)

Good App, Especially for quick customer feedback. So that customers don't have to fill out a long survey

(United States)

We are getting pretty good results since we installed it. It has help the increase in traffic, definitely recommend this app.


Love this app! Just would be great if I could customize what it says and let the customer have the option to provide feedback directly!

(United States)

Easy setup and quick tutorial. Was looking for something simple to track customer satisfaction and found it.

(United States)

Great!!! Amazingly easy to install and use. The app is a lot of fun to use. It also makes is easy for customers to share feedback.


Great App to improve your Customer Service, Don't mess up that part which should be the most important concern !

(United States)

We are getting pretty good results since we installed it. It has help the increase in traffic, definitely recommend this app. GS4LESS


The app is in ENGLISH, JUST IN ENGLISH and I need it in SPANISH. Noway to change it, so uninstall. should save time if you tell us it before installation.


While the app works flawlessly, they use a counterintuitive scale of 10 on the left and 0 on the right. This has led to some scores submitted erroneously submitted by our customers. After following up with them, they reported that they expected the highest score to be on the right and clicked in haste. We'd use another NPS app if it was available on the App store.


Perfect app to know where you stand. Use it, you will love it. I was exactly looking for something like this.

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