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Google channel App Description & Overview

Get your products discovered with the Google channel.

The Google channel makes it easy for you to reach the millions of shoppers when they're searching for products like yours. Merchants can:

  • List products for free on Google.

  • Enable seamless checkout with Buy on Google for eligible merchants.

  • Sync products to your YouTube channel.

  • Run paid Performance Max campaigns through Google Merchant Center to promote products across Google.

Regardless of your budget, you can get your products in front of shoppers when they are looking for them on Google. Free listings on Google help you get in front of the millions of shoppers that use the search engine to discover & purchase products.

Performance Max campaigns are paid ads that help you reach shoppers Google channels, including YouTube, Search, and the web. To set up a Performance Max campaign, just sync your products through the Google channel and set up campaigns in Google Merchant Center.

New to Google Advertising?

Businesses new to advertising with Google can earn up to $500 in ad credit. We’ll match your spending on Performance Max campaigns up to $500 within the first 60 days.

Credits earned can take up to 5 days to be applied to you

Which countries are free listings on Google available in?

Free listings on Google is available for merchants selling in these countries: Finland, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Czechia, Romania, Canada, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, UK, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, Austria, Australia, Poland, Spain, Russia, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Israel, Thailand, Ukraine, Republic of Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, Portugal, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan.

Where will my products appear on Google?

If you’re running a Performance Max campaign, your products can appear across Google channels, including YouTube, Search, and the web.

If you’re selling in the U.S., then free listings can appear in search results across Google. If you're selling outside the U.S., free listings will appear on the Shopping tab.

Eligible merchants can activate YouTube Shopping and sell products in a Store tab on their channel, on the Product Shelf under their videos, and by pinning or tagging products during live streams.


You acknowledge that Shopify may be compensated by Google in accordance with Google's policy:

You can choose any Comparison Smart Shopping Service via the CSS dashboard available in Merchant Center.

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App Name Google channel
App Category Selling Products
App Price Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
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Google channel Features

Sell where people search on Google and YouTube.

Manage with Shopify

The Google channel makes it easy to get your products on Google.

List your products for free

Showcase your products for free across Google—Search, Shopping, Images, Lens, and YouTube.

Boost your reach with ads

Create your Performance Max campaigns through Google Merchant Center, set a budget, and let Google’s smart technology optimize your ad.

Google channel App Integrates with:

Google Merchant Center Google Ads YouTube

Google channel Comments & User Reviews 2024


La maggior parte dei prodotti non viene approvata per errori con il GTIN (che invece è presente). Davvero pessima

(United Kingdom)

Useless google app, only problems and suspended account for no reason. GOOGLE SUPPORT IS JUST USELESS WE DO NOT RECOMMEND


App used to work just fine, all my products are provided with gtin, barcode etc.. But since couple of months my products are not send through.... unable to reach google or shopify to fix this issue!


One Problem chases the other. There is easy and working AND then there is Google channel, which is not working at all.

(United States)

Google really makes it difficult to post items on their platform. I have spent countless hours trying to figure out why NONE of my merchandise is approved to list on their platform. I have specifically asked them hat needs to be done, no one has an answer they just keep sending me the same messages over and over with no assistance or instructions even AFTER I emailed them asking for help. This is a joke!!! They are either suspending my account or not approving anything I upload. I hate it!!!

(United States)

This just sucks I’ve been having trouble with google since last year Everytime I fix the problem Google suspends my shop

(United Kingdom)

UPDATE: Shopify contacted me with a fix. Not sure if it will work. Before this I worked out another method by adding a supplemental feed to Google Merchant Center but working out the mapping of the Shopify Google Merchant Code (which is random and doesn't contain you SKU) to my SKUS and therefore GTINS took a lot of work. SHOPIFY - could you not default the Custom Field 0 to be SKU or some easily traceable identifier in Merchant centre other than product title? This is broken. It doesn't upload GTINS. The feed works in part, but you have to realise that the product listings aren't complete. All my GTINS are input yet this app doesn't feed them to Google so Google flags and demotes the listing as incomplete. I am having to work on a manual workaround rather than buy yet another addon app. Shopify developed apps need to work and to integrate properly with Google, or don't make them available and mislead people they do their job. It is frustrating that Shopify don't make the effort to fix this well known bug.


My products have gtin but it is not sent through the googlechanel. It is frustrating that Shopify or google don't fix this well known bug. the problem has been well known for several months. Why don't you want to fix this problem?

(United States)

We are not be able to open our shop. They usually reply message in 1-2 weeks and the review process takes even longer. It caused my business closed for 3 weeks.

(United States)

This problem with the GTIN's not being submitted is horrendous! It's affecting multiple of our shopify stores. Seems like it's been an issue for MONTHS and neither shopify or google are doing anything to fix the issue, leaving merchants to scramble for slow and problematic workarounds! Absolutely horrendous.


The Google sales channel integration is terrible. I received tons of errors, took the time to fix the errors, and still didn't get my products approved. Even if the products are listed as approved on Google Merchant Center, Google Sales Channel will say disapproved. For some items no errors are listed but still disapproved. I contacted customer service numerous times (both Shopify and Google), and it really seemed like they were also unsure how to fix the problem. Over weeks of emailing and chatting, they gave a range of possible solutions, all very different. However, even after following all of their advice (even if it seemed like it wouldn't work), my products were still not approved.

(United States)

This has been a horrible experience that has cost me so much money paying for experts to fix everything in my inventory in order to manually add my products on Google > First Mis-Representation Now my products are dis approved .. Im not having any of these problems with Facebook marketplace and that's sad.... So much of my energy time and money just wasted and all I get is read this in support and give a thumbs up if it helps. It does not > I just want this issue resolved now its Christmas and I can get products from my store listed to sale. This is so defeating it make me either want to migrate my site and go where there is support or leave dropshipping completely ...


Non mi ha dato modo di scegliere il paese di destinazione. I prodotti anche se approvati non compaiono in google shopping. Quelli non approvati hanno motivazioni fasulle (immagine che non ritrae il prodotto in modo chiaro, quando non è palesemente così). Una totale perdita di tempo. Inutile.

(United States)

This do not work. I was thinking it just was my luck but looking at all the reviews it's not just me. I have troubleshoot so many times. Google no help and shopify def not any help.


Bonjour, Je souhaite connecter ma boutique shopify à une des chaînes youtube dont je suis le gestionnaire, mais cette chaîne n'apparaît pas dans la liste des canaux Youtube shopping. Pouvez-vous m'aider svp?


Compte Merchant Center suspendu car votre application est nulle. Attention ne va pas chercher les codes EAN des produits et Google vous pénalise... Appli à éviter.

(United States)

My items are disapproved and now my account is suspended. I have tried to fix the errors but can not get my items listed on google even though I am paying for a google ads campaign!


No es posible que dé tantos errores al conectar con shopify. Increiblemente mala. Y no hay documentación de ayuda... unicamente para errores genéricos

(United States)

All of my products are disapproved by Google Merchant Center because this app just plain doesn't work to transfer the info. Contacted Shopify support, but they said they couldn't help because they don't know anything about how to make Google Merchant Center integrate with Shopify, and directed me toward Google, which doesn't provide support anyway. Shopify: Don't tout an app and a service that you can't provide and don't support.


Einfach nur schrecklich, obwohl alle Daten in meinen Shopify Produkten zur Verfügung stehen, erkennt diese App sie nicht. Support Unterstützung 0 Punkte.

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