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Gatsby: Community At Scale App Description & Overview

Gatsby automates away the frustrating parts of community management, like sourcing, tracking, and following up.

It gets your customers talking about your products on their Instagram & TikTok. Roughly 12% of your customers will post on Instagram for a simple discount code. We deliver that strategy. We deliver real ROI. A recent review cited 17x ROI.

Top 5 Reasons Brands Use Gatsby
  1. Inspire more customers to get out and talk about your store​ on social
  2. Tie in with LoyaltyLion, Yotpo or Stamped to give points for mentions
  3. Automate social community management end-to-end, from sourcing to collab offers to tracking UGC to sending rewards to measuring ROI
  4. Full social listening, track every Instagram post, story, and reel you're tagged in
  5. 17x ROI. Read our reviews below to see how brands are driving new revenue with Gatsby

Simply connect Gatsby with Klaviyo, Attentive, or any of our top integrations to auto-trigger Email Flows, SMS Journeys and Loyalty Points when you're tagged in social content.

Who You Are
  • You're a merchant that is manually tracking your Instagram & TikTok engagement
  • You have a community of ambassadors or affiliates but its not growing fast enough
  • You want more UGC for ads & marketing
  • You can't keep up with inbound DMs from Instagram influencers
  • You have a growing customer community but not enough community managers

If "Yes" to any of the above, Gatsby may be able to help.

Do my customers need to opt in?

Yes and this is awesome zero-party-data that will differentiate you from your competition. Gatsby makes it easy to collect Instagram and TikTok handles on your site (we'll help you set this up for free!).

Our Promise

If you're doing > $1M in Annual Revenue, the Gatsby strategy is worth testing. While results vary, we promise to provide exceptional onboarding & ongoing support so you can measure ROI quickly before investing a lot of time.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

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App Name Gatsby: Community At Scale
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price From $300/month. 7-day free trial.
Support E-Mail
App Website

Gatsby: Community At Scale Features

Grow your Instagram, TikTok creator community with automations.

Save Time

Scale your community with a fully-automated influencer CRM. Trigger Klaviyo Flows, Attentive Journeys when tagged on Instagram or TikTok.


One of our customers just cited a 17x ROI, based on tracked revenue from this program.


Save high res versions of every Instagram Post, Reel & TikTok that you're tagged in. IG Stories track too!

Gatsby: Community At Scale App Integrates with:

Attentive Gorgias Yotpo Stamped LoyaltyLion Klaviyo

Gatsby: Community At Scale Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

Customer service is excellent, far exceeding the other apps here on Shopify. Gatsby also happens to be a great app all-around if you're trying to expand your social presence and gather more UGC. With FB/IG ads not being as great as they used to be it's good to have an alternative way to reach people.

(United States)

We just started using Gatsby to build out our new brand ambassador program. While we’re still in the beginning stages, we’ve had tremendous help from Jared in helping us get everything set up! He has guided us every step of the way and we are excited to see the results to come.

(United States)

20 yrs digital marketing expert here - and Gatsby is truly groundbreaking. It brings together a fully connected digital experience to your customers with a simple integration (I use it with Klaviyo). The potential to increase your revenue through social sharing and tracking w/ Gatsby + their Klaviyo flow is endless. Enabling the integration is easy (they have great documentation). And both Brett and Jared were always available within minutes in their support chat! You can't beat the combo of a great tool + even greater personal support. Get this now and see your sales skyrocket.

(United States)

I've been in digital marketing for over 20 years, leading Fortune 500 company teams and managing billions in media. I can honestly say, Gatsby is a thoroughly thought out product which leverages principles of the viral coefficient, in an intuitive interface that allows for store owners to leverage and monetize every customer and the majority of their visits. In an age where ATT has destroyed discovery, Gatsby is a must have app. Lastly, their account management and customer service teams are first class.

(United States)

Easiest integration ever! We were up and running within an hour of downloading the app. Looking forward to building our community!

(United States)

Gatsby is great! We were looking for a way to reward customers for social actions and this helps us accomplish that! We integrated it with Loyalty Lion rewards program to reward customers for posting about us on IG & Tik Tok. So far our customers love it! The Gatsby team is on point - they always answer questions in a timely manner, they helped me with implementation and if I ever have any trouble they take care of things right away! Such a cool program!

(United States)

Gatsby has been a great partner to Pop & Bottle! They app works great, helps us get more leverage from ambassador/influencer efforts and the team is so helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you Brett & Jared!


Gatsby has become an incredibly important part of our Influencer Strategy at Kulani Kinis and has assisted in managing our growth to now almost 600,000 followers on Instagram. Before we signed up to Gatsby, we were struggling to manage the large amount of collaboration requests we were receiving per day and didn't have the capacity to interact with or foster relationships with micro-influencers, who were providing us with valuable UGC. Gatsby provided us with a solution to automate this process at scale, whilst also retaining a personalised connection with ambassadors. It has enabled us to build a community of highly engaged influencers or Kulani ‘Sun Chasers', who now organically promote our brand. We’ve worked alongside Gatsby for over a year now, and have it set up across all 5 of our Shopify plus stores, in which time we have seen impressive results from the app! So far, we have received over 12 000 content pieces from Sun Chasers mentioning us on Instagram and TikTok with 13.5% of all Influencers in the Sun Chaser program, and 33% of Influencers signed up with 50,000+ followers, having mentioned us at least once on Instagram. We've measured a huge 17x ROI from Gatsby just over the past 6 months. About half of that ROI is coming from our Sun Chasers increasing their own life-time-value with us, buying more swimwear for themselves to wear & promote on their Instagram and TikTok, and the other half is from the orders they're bringing in from their followers. Being able to manage such a large ambassador program at scale is the magic key here. Gatsby allows us to open up our ambassador program and get more customers involved, thereby increasing customer loyalty & LTV and driving in new business. During the past 6 months, our Sun Chasers have placed 2,244 orders with us worth $197,000 USD (net of any discounts) for themselves from initial purchases upon signing up to the program alone, and they've driven an additional $230,000 from 3,336 orders coming from their followers. Gatsby's 17x ROI doesn't even take into account subsequent purchases made by Sun Chasers, the value in the UGC, nor the time saved from being able to automatically track and scale our community. We have also also seen high engagement rates from our Sun Chaser list inside Klaviyo, including a 35% submit rate on the Klaviyo sign up form on our USA website and a 6.8% submit rate on our post purchase sign up form. Our Sun Chaser Welcome Emails have on average an 80% open rate and our Sun Chaser Campaign Emails have consistent open rates of over 50%. To top this all off, the Gatsby team is always willing to jump on calls with us and are quick to fix any issues we encounter at the drop of a hat. I have never worked with an app which is so hands on, involved and responsive to our questions and requests. We look forward to continuing to work with Gatsby and are excited to keep growing our Ambassador program alongside the app!

(United States)

Brett and Jared were extremely helpful throughout the startup process from beginning to end. Always willing to jump right in and take a hands-on approach to help us ensure we are on time with getting our program launched. The Gatsby interface is extremely easy to use and there are so many creative things you can do with it. I highly recommend Gatsby!

(United States)

We have just begun our implementation and just completely impressed with the sophistication of the API's webhooks and integrations. In addition, Brett and his support team are some of the best I have ever worked with. it was seamless, so impressed. Stay tuned in a couple of fo months I will report on the results. Based on their unique USP's & Tools they provide us with I am sure it will be great. Highly Recommend!!! They earned all 5 Stars!


Absolute game changer! Came across Gatsby at the perfect time as now I can collate all of my influencer content in one place and reach out to talent at scale. The integration was super straight forward and customer support made it an absolute breeze. 100% recommend!


The Gatsby team is super helpful and such a pleasure to work with. They are always ready to help out and are available whenever we need to have urgent calls.

(United States)

This is the best way we've found to get people to post about us and track what they are saying..our team is in there every day.

(United States)

By far the most advanced influencer app on Shopify. We needed some help to get set up and the team was very helpful!

(United States)

Gatsby really came through in explaining how their app works. This is really going to help us get going with working with our influencers!

(United States)

Incredible strategic app for influencer marketing. We've tried so many options on the market and have found them time consuming and lacking in ROI. Gatsby provides a great alternative that is both automated, yet personal, and easily trackable so we can ensure good ROI.


What an amazing service and customized care! The team has instantly understood our needs and offered unique solutions to help us with our influencer marketing. We were a bit lost with how to start and they could not have made it any easier. Thanks so much, guys. We look forward to growing our influencer marketing together.


Our experience with Gatsby has been incredible so far! They are attentive and constantly available. Their focus is on building our brand and they go the extra mile to ensure all apps are configured correctly and that the integration process is painless. We are excited and thrilled to have this team by our side and this application to boost our digital community!


We have used Gatsby to help us find influencers already interested in our brand. We've been able to automate a large portion of this for our Ambassador Program where we've activated a large number of our audience to get them talking about us to their own followers. Jared has given extensive help with flows, Gatsby and troubleshooting. The team is always passing along suggestions to help boost results which we've seen in our sign ups and click through rates on embedded forms. Both Brett and Jared have gone above and beyond to keep us up to date and onto the latest functions. They are constantly taking feedback and suggestions on as a way to keep developing Gatsby and making it even better! Thanks guys!

(United States)

By far the best and most advanced influencer app out there. Support team in 100% committed to helping you succeed which is a refreshing change. Before working with Gatsby, we were tracking all of our influencer efforts manually. We had to create codes and write on a spreadsheet about who they correlated to. Gatsby has pretty much automated that entire process which has saved our team hours of work. Super thankful for the Gatsby team.

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