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Fairing Post Purchase Surveys App Description & Overview

Install the Fairing (formerly EnquireLabs) Post-Purchase Survey to gain unique insights from your own customers.

Our post-purchase survey data tells the rest of your marketing stack what it needs to hear. Actionable, easy-to-understand insights from the moment you install. No-code setup in minutes on both Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Solve for iOS14 and broken cookies

Consumer privacy initiatives have made it difficult to track performance of Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing. Zero-party data (direct from your customers) is the way to fill marketing gaps and future-proof your brand.

What Can You Do With Post-Purchase Surveys?
  • Marketing Attribution. Ask a "How did you hear about us?" (HDYHAU) post-purchase survey to get ground truth attribution direct from consumers, and let them surface new channels to diversify your spend.
  • Open-ended, single-response, multiple choice, and follow-up questions to improve clarity of responses. E.g.: “How did you hear about us?”, [If “Influencer”]: "Which influencer?"
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Ask "How was your shopping experience?" to gather insights on site improvements and increase conversion rates. Use open-ended questions to reveal unknown opportunities.
  • Personalization & Segmentation. Ask "Is this a gift?" or "How would you describe yourself?" to segment customers by type and personalize marketing automation for optimal revenues.
  • Customer Research. Ask "What product should we make next?" or "What do you love most about our product?" to learn more about your markets, guide your product roadmap, & increase customer LTV.
  • For improved attribution modeling, compare survey responses to referring URL & UTM parameters. Surface valuable insights like "Heard from a friend" and converted via a Google Search or TikTok ad.
Question Stream

A programmable timeline of questions, streaming zero-party data to your stack to solve marketing attribution, automate personalization, route CRO opportunities, and more. Every question your customer answers over time helps build a unique relationship.

API Access

If you'd like to automatically export data to your data warehouse or a 3rd-party partner, all plans come with API access to our Questions and Responses endpoints.

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App Name Fairing Post Purchase Surveys
App Category Store Management
App Price From $49/month. 14-day free trial.
Support E-Mail hello@fairing.co
App Website https:fairing.co

Fairing Post Purchase Surveys Features

Post-purchase surveys for attribution & more; formerly Enquire.

Post-Purchase Survey Questions

Seamlessly branded post-purchase surveys, generating massive consumer insights to inform and automate business decisions.

People-Powered Attribution

Most brands don’t know where to put their next marketing dollar. Our attribution survey questionnaire guides ROAS & new markets.

Question Stream Multi-Question

Deliver questions over time with programmable rules, to build stronger customer relationships and increase LTV.

Fairing Post Purchase Surveys Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

Fairing has been an immensely helpful tool for us to gain insights from our customers. The tool is very easy to use and the team is very helpful and accommodating.

(United Kingdom)

Super helpful app, probably the most valuable one we use and informs all our marketing planning for the following year. Highly recommended.

(United States)

Fairing has been the source of truth for Fulton garnering key data points about our customers, right at the point of purchase. Nobody else has come close to delivering these kinds of critical insights since we launched the company!

(United States)

Used this app to gather post-purchase survey responses. Very nicely designed and easy to use. Of the very few issues we had, the team was quick to respond with and offered us a custom plan that fit our needs perfectly! Would highly recommend to other stores of all sizes.

(United States)

Huge fan of this app! It is really valuable in helping to understand more about our customer behaviors and sentiments. Highly recommend for ease of use, clear insights, and great complement to Klaviyo and other attribution tools.

(United States)

Extremely simple setup and features such as segmenting between new vs. existing customers and response clarification are great. No brainer for ecomm brands.

(United States)

Helped us gain a ton of insight fairly quickly. Must have to help save money on advertising and point you in the right direction to invest more.

(United States)

There really isn't a better solution for attribution on Shopify. Getting customer feedback every day is enormous. That app does everything you need.

(United States)

Works flawlessly! The team is super helpful, and the app works perfectly. We learned so much from the insights that we got from Enquire that we flipped our ad spend from FB to Google because most customers were learning about us from there. This is by far the best tool for collecting zero-party data from customers - the integrations with Klaviyo and GA are a huge bonus to better use the data as well.

(United States)

Love Fairing! Been using them for a while and have collected responses to get more info on everything from customer discovery methods, new product interest, and general buying behaviors. We also have responses auto-slack us in a separate channel which is AWESOME for getting live responses from customers!

(United States)

The Customer Service is utterly amazing. I needed a little help getting off the ground and engaged with the Live Chat option. The fellow who came to my rescue was beyond helpful. He did a screenshare and clearly and patiently walked me through my issue. He also told me that he is the Founder of Enquire and likes to hop on Chat every once in a while to keep close to the clients and their needs. This is not the type of service you'd typically expect from a Founder. Great chat, Matt!

(United States)

This app is very easy to set-up and configure, and the team is always super responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!

(United Kingdom)

Excellent app and great customer service. For Triple Whale users or TikTok media buyers, this is a must-have!

(United States)

I LOVE this app. The fact that it tells you which source/medium each response came from is an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER. Plus, customer service was amazing.

(United Kingdom)

Customer service is 10/10, very quick to respond and willing to help! App seems easy to use, and not too pricey.

(United States)

This app is very easy to configure, it blends seamlessly with the style of our website. It's also easy to dive into the data and get great information on how to improve our reach. The very few times I asked for support, they were quick and very helpful! I recommend it!

(United States)

Big fan of Enquire and how easy it was to set up. The tool helps us get insight on our customer and is especially helpful in measuring performance of some hard to measure channels like television

(United States)

Super cool app. It has helped me understand where my customers are coming from. While I use hidden pixels for tracking, having customers actually tell me is gold. Super great app, easy to use, highly recommend!

(United States)

The best post-purchase survey experience in the market -- this tool is super powerful with integrations with Klaviyo, Shopify Flow, etc. so that the data is not only insightful but also very actionable. The actual survey form looks great on the post-purchase page. The support (and Matt specifically) is super helpful and quick to respond!

(United States)

Enquire has been able to successful capture survey response post purchase from all our customers to better understand where our traffic is coming from. Their support is top tier too!

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