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Stamped Loyalty & Referrals App Description & Overview

What is Stamped Loyalty & Referrals?

Stamped Loyalty & Referrals maximizes customer loyalty and engagement with a customized loyalty program for your store. Click on our name above to view our other fully integrated app.

Join Shopify & Shopify Plus brands!

Join our Stamped powered brands such as Tentree Linjer, DYLN, Treehut, Baltic Born, and more to increase customer retention with loyalty & rewards.

What is Stamped Loyalty & Referrals?

Stamped Loyalty & Referrals can be a stand-alone or integrated solution with our Reviews & Ratings product to provide a Full Suite of customer solutions. With the Stamped Loyalty & Referrals Program, deliver immediate value to your customers through a customized loyalty experience. Increase your average order value & maximize customer lifetime value through our AI-powered Points & Rewards, VIP Tiers, & Referral solutions.

Get new sales, repeat sales, and increase engagement with our Loyalty & Referrals Program

It’s cheaper to get current customers to make a repeat purchase than it is to find new customers. Customer loyalty strategies enable you to provide & extract more value from your existing customer base. Ensure that the customers you worked so hard to acquire stay with you, have a great customer experience, & continue to get value from your products. Leverage our referral program functionality to acquire high-value customers at a low cost.

  • Free-forever plan: Use the rewards program without any limits
  • Easy-to-use: 1-Click install to take advantage of the program from Day 1
  • Fully customizable: Customize the colors, choose your font, have full HTML control over your emails for 100% on-brand fit
3-in-1 Rewards Programs
  1. Points Rewards Program
  2. Referral Rewards Program
  3. VIP Rewards Program
Key Features
  • 1-Click setup
  • Dedicated rewards page to introduce your rewards program to customers
  • Mobile-optimized, 100% responsive, it works with any theme
  • Customizable to fit your brand - Your logo, colors, fonts, layout
  • Headless Commerce / Custom Storefront Compatible
  • Adjustments - Manually adjust points & rewards for each customer
  • Add customer's attributes (e.g. fit, age, waist, more)
  • Email notifications - Notify customers when they earn points or rewards
  • Smart Reminders - Add reminders for expiring points and rewards
  • Multi-lingual support - Available in English, French, German, & more
  • GDPR Compliant
Fully customizable

Customize colors, fonts, logos, & more! Stamped enables you to take complete control, ensuring your Loyalty & Referrals program is always on-brand

Accelerate your eCommerce business by rewarding your shoppers. Get started today!

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App Name Stamped Loyalty & Referrals
App Category Store Management
App Price Free plan available
Support E-Mail
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Stamped Loyalty & Referrals Features

Loyalty Program with rewards, referrals, points & VIP tiers.

Loyalty & Rewards Program

Incentivize customers with rewards for engaging with your brand. Offer points for following you on IG, or retweeting your post, and more!

Referral Program

Embrace the powerful conversion tool of word-of-mouth marketing, the most efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy for your business.

Loyalty VIP Tiers

Drive brand loyalty while growing your revenue and customer happiness with a strategic VIP program. Offer rewards when customers qualify.

Stamped Loyalty & Referrals App Integrates with:

Recharge Zapier Omnisend Klaviyo

Stamped Loyalty & Referrals Comments & User Reviews 2024


There's too many bugs using this Stamped Loyalty and Referral system. Upon transaction of sale via Shopify POS, customer points are not reflected in the system even after 3 days of transaction. Hope the tech team could solve this issue as the entire redemption and reward system is not bullet proof.

(United Arab Emirates)

Lovell does a fantastic job with technical merchant support and a fast communicator. Highly recommend


Excellent product, very happy with the support that helped us to clarify a display question we had. Quick, efficient and very polite.

(United States)

I used to LOVE this app when it was the free version... no bugs or issues...then I had to start paying PREMIUM which is a ridiculous amount of money....costing 50% or more of what it costs to run all of Shopify..... since the update I can no longer access customers points on POS if they have more than one reward to use. Customer support is useless as you can only contact thru email and it takes at least a day for someone to get back to you. I will be looking for a new more affordable points system to use.

(United States)

Great product and support team. They were responsive, courteous and very helpful. Thank you Stamped!

(United States)

I have some trouble but got them solved very quickly. They have a great support team to help you with what you need. Really appreciate.

(United States)

UPDATE 5 months later: STILL DOES NOT WORK FOR Shopify POS!! They keep blaming Shopify for an API issue! For 5 months I have had to manually discount customers based on points and then manually redeem those points every week. I spend about an hour every week for the last 5 months doing this. And still, customer support is a joke now! 1 day response time and it's always in the middle of the night. I'm in Los Angeles, they are half way around the world. And their initial response is "Are you still experiencing this issue?" Stamped is a joke now! I wish I wasn't so fully invested in them! Too big to care anymore! I’ve had Stamped on my store since starting 3 years ago. The owner himself used to reply to emails. Not anymore, which is fine. Good for you for growing. But now customer service is horrendous!! It takes weeks to get anything fixed. My customers cannot even redeem points in person.

(United States)

Just started using this app and so far so good. Niran has provided exceptional customer support in helping us tweak and successfully launch this app!

(United States)

Great support and great app. If I can't figure out how to do something on my own, the support team is always able to jump in. Shout out to Lovell Marquez!

(United States)

This app is really nice in many ways BUT they have absolutely NO LIVE SUPPORT. You can't chat and you can't call. You can ONLY send emails back and forth -- often taking a full day or multiple days inbetween replies. So if you have a problem, it will take you days and WEEKS to get it resolved. We have SO MANY unhappy customers right now because they have been trying to fix something for nearly 3 weeks at this point. Even though I think this is the bets loyalty app out there in terms of features, if I could go back I wouldn't select it for this reason.


I have been emailing them for 8 days about a few questions and they never get me what I want to know. One of the team members told me my idea will work but the other one told me not. I will not recommend their app at all, they cannot make good communication not even speaking an APP

(United States)

I have only had the app for a day. I had to reach out to customer support a few times and each time Elvis, yes Elvis answered my questions in a timely manner and were very helpful by sending screenshots and steps to help resolve my issues of being a new user.

(United States)

Tremendous disappointment. So many issues it's hard to explain all here. Their system doesn't fundamentally work. Their launcher API takes 20+ seconds to load. Customers are unable to redeem rewards. Customer support for these critical issues is basically non-existant.

(United States)

This app is amazing & so is the support team. Adding a Loyalty program added another layer of engagement with my brand to my customer base. When having any issues, support was very responsive & worked with me until all issues were resolved. I'm really happy with all this app offers.


This app has great features. I wanted to use this. Email support is friendly, but it takes 24 hours to receive a reply for a software product (which seems to be conflicting with my other apps / shopify settings). This is much too slow/ too hard to resolve. I've dedicated 4 business days (12 hours a day to resolve while working with shopify/ other app providers) these issues and now I've given up. I am using another rewards program as I need real-time support.

(United States)

Good quality and responsive customer support. I was having issues with the rewards page loading slowly but they were able to help and increased the speed.

(United Kingdom)

Great app with lots of features. Love the way it integrates with their rewards app. Amazing support that beats the rest!

(United States)

Stamped.IO's dedicated rewards page is impossible to use. It's a clunky process with mediocre results. I was hoping for something more straightforward.


We use this app for our store and this app has excellent client responsiveness and support. Love it.


Extremely disappointed. I wasted weeks of my time, and my coder's time and money spent to get this running. So many issues I don't know where to begin. The points program does not work consistently, the referral program is buggy and I received far too many complaints from my customers. Website speed is now dramatically slower because this platform is incredibly buggy and laggy. Their launcher takes way too long to load. Customers are unable to redeem rewards or refer a friend. Customer support for these critical issues is brutal - support takes 4-5 days to respond. We informed technical support 3 times that there were issues, and each time they replied with a 'fix', only to have another issue arise. The final straw for me was when their server crashed rending the whole platform useless, and customer service did not respond for 4 days. This not only was a waste of time and money it also has had a negative effect on my brand and I now have angry customers to deal with. The whole point of this app is to enhance our customer's experience and retention yet it did the complete opposite. Shockingly bad app with shockingly bad customer service.

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