FraudBlock Fraud Prevention App Reviews


FraudBlock Fraud Prevention App Description & Overview

Automatically cancel high-risk orders

FraudBlock saves you from accidentally fulfilling fraudulent orders - automatically. We automatically cancel 'high-risk' orders, send a cancellation confirmation to the customer (optional), restock the inventory, and refund/void the customer's payment (if any). Save time by not having to manually comb through orders in your Shopify admin dashboard.

Why do I need FraudBlock?

While Shopify automatically flags high-risk orders for you, it doesn't cancel them - you still have to go through your list of orders manually to find and cancel the ones flagged as 'high risk'. FraudBlock takes care of this for you - automatically.

How does it work?

Whenever you receive a new order, we check it based on Shopify's fraud analysis. If it's a high risk-order, we automatically cancel it, refund/void the payment (if any), restock your inventory, and email a cancellation confirmation to you and the customer (optional).

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App Name FraudBlock Fraud Prevention
App Category Store Management
App Price Free plan available. 14-day free trial.
Support E-Mail
App Website

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention Features

Automatically cancel high-risk orders to prevent fraud.

Automatically deal with fraud

FraudBlock saves you from accidentally fulfilling fraudulent orders by automatically cancelling high-risk orders

Re-stock inventory

Whenever a high-risk order is canceled, FraudBlock restocks the items from that order for you

Automatic refunds

FraudBlock automatically refunds/voids the customer's payment (if a payment was made)

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United Kingdom)

This app has helped us so much since we installed it on our Shopify store! We had several fraudulent orders coming in each month, and since downloading, FraudBlock has caught each one and cancelled it for us, saving us so much time, worry, and money due to chargebacks that could have been prevented. The developer was also extremely helpful and friendly with quick replies both times we reached out for help. 10/10!

(United States)

I love it. Has save me from messing up and losing money. I even downloaded it in all other stores i own


Wow, simply wow! This app can prevent you from fraud. It cancels the order after the order is done & PREVENTS THE CUSTOMERS PAYMENT so you don't pay the payment provider fees. Nick from the Development team also helped us super quickly with some custom rules right from the start for a much lower price than we expected, so we were able to blacklist our main troll customers right in the beginning - I recommend to write to the support before you install the app if you also have this need. :) If I could I would grant 7 stars and more with my review.


App does what it says it does. Works flawlessly, super fast. Does not affect my store at all in anyway. Highly recommended!

(United States)

I am loving the app because it helps us eliminate the fraud with no hassle plus the chat customer support is superb!


We had big problems with fraudsters in the past. After testing several apps, we came across FraudBlock. Through FraudBlock's support, we were able to create rules according to our wishes. We now have the issue of frauds under control. Great app, easy to use and excellent support. I would always recommend it.


This app worked flawlessly to immediately block orders that were marked as fraudulent or potentially fraudulent. Then you can decide how you want to proceed once you review the order details. It really helps keep the orders clean!


Its only good for one Option. Auto refund high risk Orders. In my Opinion this Option should be integrated in ShopifyPayments.


Orders from potential fraudsters are automatically cancelled and refunded. The app is great! The support is always available and very helpful. We are now very well protected against fraudsters and annoying chargebacks.

(United States)

The support staff was extremely helpful. They pointed me to all the right settings that I need to Manually Capture Payments on high risk orders. Thanks again!


This is a really great and simple app. It has the ability to cancel and refund orders automatically, which can save you a significant amount of time and money. You can also whitelist your customers once you confirm that they are safe. Would recommend this app 100%.

(United States)

This app makes it very easy to deal with fraud orders and is a huge time saver so now I don't have to manually cancel orders. Very easy to use and would highly recommend!

(United States)

This app is a time saver. used it after receiving several high-risk orders from Mexico and few other countries. So I decided to install it so I can automatically cancel those others. couldn't be happier. It works really great and you don't even have to think about it. Thank you for making this app.

(United States)

Cancels and refunds fraud risk orders automatically. This app is extremely helpful and very easy to use.

(United States)

The app did exactly what it was supposed to do. I did not have to worry about it refunding, canceling and adding stock.

(United States)

Before installing FraudBlock, I would have to make sure I manually canceled orders in my shipping software before my warehouse printed the labels out. FraudBlock makes this entire process seamless for me!

(United States)

Great app for your Fraud detection workflow. It cancels all high-risk orders and refunds fraudulent payments.


This app has been highly effective at automating the process of cancelling and refunding high risk orders, and has also shown to curb the number of fraudulent orders being placed. Highly recommend for any stores dealing with frequent fraud issues.

(United States)

The app is amazing and the customer service is excellent. Highly recommend this app to help reduce headaches with fraudsters.


i used this app for last 1.5 months and found this app blocks all highrisk orders and cancels the orders but will sometimes not refund the amount, and later on you will be issued with a chargeback of additional $25 from bank. The funniest part is if we contact the customer service they will say everything is all good from their side its issue of the shopify app in converting the currency and will inform to refund its only partially working . may be only 70%. check opting.

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