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About Google Shopping Feed + Product Page Conversion Tools

Are you confused by all the Google Ads options: Google Shopping, Google Product Ads, Google Smart Shopping, Google Shopping Actions, Google Product Feeds and more?

No problem, we are here to help!

Introducing ZineAcquire - Enhanced Google Shopping by ZINation

An all-in-one platform from setting up your Google Ad account (if you don't already have one) to enabling your product feed to setting up Smart Shopping campaigns with additional on-page conversion tools to help maximize your paid traffic investments.

Setup Your Product Feeds

Expose and sell your products on the most popular shopping platform: Google. This module generates special files with all the critical product information required directly from your online store. Easily generate feeds either automatically or manually in just a couple of minutes, with the granularity you need including pricing, locations, variants and more. And there is no need to send all your products to Google, you can generate feeds only for the products or product categories you choose.

Convert Paid Website Visitors into Sales

Congrats you now paid for the attention of those website visitors, now it's time to increase your product on page conversion rates with our optional pop-ups, email opt-in banners and live chat features. Industry data continues to prove and highlight that pop-ups are effective AND visitors expect to speak to someone live.

How does it work?

To get your Google Ads and Smart Shopping campaigns running, you need to create a product feed from your Shopify store that is connected to your Merchant Center. We will help guide you at every step within our app.

Step 1: We need to link your Gmail account with your Google Merchant Center account. (Don’t have one? Will help you create one directly from our app.)

Step 2: Review the checklist to ensure everything is connected and meet all of Google’s requirements. This is an important step and we can help you at every step.

Step 3: Let’s create your Google product feed. You can create a custom feed or let us help you create one automatically. You can create different product feeds where you can customize prices, titles, country, language, images and check Google Status for each product.

Our Shopify App Experience

As a Shopify App developer for over 6 years and with 15,000+ downloads, we continue to learn from store owners and their teams on what tools they need to help grow their sales.

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App Name Enhanced Google Shopping
App Category Store Management
App Price Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail support@zination.com
App Website http://zination.com

Enhanced Google Shopping Features

Improve your Google Shopping with extended product feed mgmt.

Sync to Google Shopping

Build enhanced Google Shopping product feed listings for one or thousands of products and variants with more customized categories, segments

Add Pop-ups to Increase CTRs

Easily add custom pop-ups based upon exit intent or an email newsletter sign-up offer to increase your paid ads conversion rates

Include Proactive Live Chat

Don’t lose another potential customer from not buying by helping answer any questions with real-time chat driving higher sales.

Enhanced Google Shopping Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

Looking forward to being able to easily manage in house our Google Smart Shopping campaigns without needing to delegate it out. Support from Zelina has been very helpful to get us set up

(United States)

Zination provided great support. Their approach to google adwords should be real helpful to streamline our PPC efforts

(United States)

We are excited about being able to use this app to simply the process of google adwords and be able to manage our campaigns in house.


After installing the app I saw an immediate jump in traffic to my site. I started to receive multiple phone calls and emails every day. We saw a significant increase of online sales , local pickups and customers purchasing through my retail distributors. Also very happy with the app support team.

(United States)

Just installed 2 days ago. This app does not do what it says. I tested it by asking questions and never got a response. When I programmed responses the app popped up a greeting and the programmed response to me as a "Customer" No one responded to my inquiry for help. Going to delete this not worth the trouble just going to confuse customers and make them leave

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