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Get immediately more sales, phenomenal engagement, and outstanding store experience. Try now with zero risk - many stores already see amazing results!

Provide your mobile customers a unique and addictive experience, fun design, and a profitable journey for you!

With our AI recommendation engine, we increase conversion rates and LTV of your mobile customers.

Turn your mobile store into a Tinder-like designed shopping experience - slider feed navigation and discovery will increase the time your customers spend in the store, increase the number of products seen per session, make it easier and fun to add to cart, and ultimately boost sales while giving an amazing experience to your customers.

Every product is a slide and every swipe indicated "like" or "not" and takes you to the next product in the product slideshow.

Why should you install Swipify?
1. Improve your Conversion Rate and Engagement

The Swipify shopping experience design is not only a celebration for the mobile customer, but also brings great value for the seller: customers watch more products and spend more time at the store. They add more to their cart which results in a boost in sales.

2. Provide an extraordinary mobile experience - something your customers will remember.

All stores look quite the same, with the same navigation, pretty much the same design, and the experience is… well… boring. What if on top of your awesome products people will also have fun during the shopping experience, will be happy to share your cool store, and will be happy to buy?

3. Get new insights

This revolutionary shopping experience navigation feed provides new analytics data. We learn from every customer which product he likes and which he dislikes. We can tell what are the most liked and disliked products at your store.

4. Zero risk - Don't take our word for it! test in your own store within seconds.

We are so confident that our app will provide excellent results to almost every store, that we made sure that onboarding requires no effort on your side. Have our app in your store today and in a few days or weeks, you will see how it performs.

How does it work?

After installing the app, every customer on your mobile store will see our icon/banner at the bottom of the screen. If he chooses to tap on it, he'll get the Swiping experience and design (an interactive slideshow of your products, driven by the customer's swipe). after a short tutorial, all he needs to do is swipe right if he likes a product, left if he dislikes, and swipe down to add to cart. He can also get more details on the product or go to the regular store product page.

Try the app now!
See results within the 14-day free trial or cancel, risk-free.

Have more questions? Check the FAQ section

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App Name Mobile Swiping Design & Oberlo
App Category Store Design
App Price Free plan available. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail
App Website

Mobile Swiping Design & Oberlo Features

Mobile AI Swiping Experience Tinder-like Design & Oberlo Sales.

Get More Sales And Conversions

Using AI, Swipify increases Conversion Rate and Total Sales from mobile traffic significantly. Some stores even doubled the CTR.

Tinder-like Swiping Experience

Customers love shopping this way!

They spend more time on store, watch more products, actively explore the store and ultimately buy more.

High retention & Strong Brand

Superb mobile design and experience result in a happy customer that comes back to buy again, telling others about the store and the brand.

Mobile Swiping Design & Oberlo Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

I absolutely love this app. I had a little issue and they responded right away and fixed it. So far it’s been great!

(Saudi Arabia)

We at Love it and recommend it for all Shopify Stores and the app shows a great reporting


They've got amazing 24/7 customer support and add a huge level of trust with great feedback. The free plan is pretty...


A great and fun way to let your customers engage your website and brand! Also very good and supportive staff that got us started. :) 5 / 5

(United States)

More and more shoppers are using mobile devices to shop. And having this app installed should make a HUGE difference in our stats and user experience. It not only is a FUN way to shop, but a FAST way to shop! And since customer can leave your site quickly, it's important to engage them quickly! This app does just that...engages the customer into exploring your products and swiping left or right or down to add to cart! WOW...I was having so much fun testing it on our site that I didn't want to stop swiping! LoL I can't wait to see the stats that they provide. I will certainly share them here with an update. Also, their customer services is absolutely THE BEST! My agent even offered to make a custom product image with our item and the swipe left, swipe right icons so I could include it in an email to our customers! The onboarding process is smooth, quick and easy. Had it installed, customized and running in minutes. You cannot go wrong with this app. Get it now, orr lose sales...your choice.

(United Kingdom)

What a genius app and so well executed. I got carried away testing it on my own store as it is so much fun using it. I love the added bonus features of market research and analytics. These are priceless additions to improve one's website UX and performance. Last but not least, the customer service is second to none. Looking forward to seeing how it performs.


The app is recommended as it has a proactive support and the ability to create customisable reports.

(United States)

Customer service is 1st class -- the team is super helpful and responsive! Makes for a great experience and an app I'd highly recommend.


i will use this app to help me save my time and energy, but what i want if you can put the trial for more longer than 14 days ,by the time people use to this app. by the way I really like it, thanks


I have to revise my review. At first I could not reach the support in any way. Turns out, that there were technical problems. But when I reched them, I could contact them about my issues and suggestions for improvements. Also I had an onboarding with them via call. It was very informative. I hope they can implement my suggestions soon. All in all a very good add on. Only thing is, that you can not customize it as much as I would like it to be. But if you don't want to much customization, I would recommend you this add on!


I just started using the application and it seems great, very easy to integrate. Joav gave me an excellent service, it will undoubtedly be one of the best apps in shopify

(United States)

Their customer service has been terrible. I asked them to relocate their icon and banner on my homepage which were blocking the existing sales pop up that I installed from a different app. They agreed to relocate them, but in the end, they only relocated the icon and left the banner intact. Since their banner is rediculously wide and useless, this was not a real solution. I told them that I can consider upgrading the plan if they can relocate or remove the banner as promised. But the CEO of this company treated me like a beggar. His response was: "Not sure why you ask me that. I even gave you a 1 month free coupon. If you don't want the banner, upgrade the plan." So basically this is the story how I wasted my time with them.


We downloaded the app and were using it in our shop - nanoclear - the set up looks nice, and very easy to configure. our customers user experience is much better in mobile now! plus - they add more products to cart, since we started using the app! thanks guys!

(United States)

The app is very helpful and informative. This is worth a LOT to me, so I look forward to working with him. THANK YOU!


Great app! It helps me to provide an exciting experience to my customers while boosting sales. Thanks!

(United States)

I reached out through chat because I was unsure of how to change the colors of different aspects of the widget. The support was fast and super helpful and did it for me in no time!

(United States)

Absolutely love this app - gives us so much good product detail and offers our customer a really fun and unique shopping experience!


Great app to handle your mobile version. support is quick to assist with any questions. Thank you!!!

(United States)

Very nice app! totally worth it for my store! I suggest you if you want an amazing and professional design

(United States)

Great experience. It actually helps customers and even owners as well. Thanks for the free service...

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