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Form Builder with File Upload App Description & Overview


Create some forms and display them anywhere on your store pages. The app is highly customizable and offers many integrations (Google Sheets, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier etc).

  • Supports text fields, checkboxes, radios, dropdowns, dates, phone numbers, colors and files (file upload)
  • Unlimited number of fields and submissions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Ability to display the form in a pop-up
  • Conditionally show/hide certain fields
  • Files can be uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Submissions can be validated using reCAPTCHA
  • After the form submission, displays a confirmation message or redirects to a page of your choice
  • Customizable submit button (label and width)
  • Safe to use (does not conflict with other apps or forms)

When a form is submitted you can

  • send an email to yourself, a staff member and/or your customer
  • save some Shopify metafields using the submission values
  • automatically create a Shopify customer
  • append the submission values to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  • publish an event to Zapier, making it possible to leverage all the integrations offered by Zapier (MailChimp, Klaviyo, Gmail, etc.)

Ideal to capture information from your customers. Thanks to the integration with Zapier, this information can then be used by a multitude of other apps (e.g. MailChimp, Klaviyo, etc). Easy to use, this app makes your online store more interactive and engaging.

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App Name Form Builder with File Upload
App Category Store Design
App Price Free plan available
Support E-Mail
App Website

Form Builder with File Upload Features

Integrates with Dropbox, reCAPTCHA, Google Sheets, Zapier.

No technical skills required

Embed a form anywhere on your store (including product page or cart page) in 2 minutes or less.

Affordable pricing

Unlimited number of forms and submissions, even with the free version.

Flexible behavior

Form submissions can be sent by email, added to Google Sheets, or you can use Zapier for integrations with MailChimp, Klaviyo etc.

Form Builder with File Upload App Integrates with:

Zapier Recaptcha Google sheets Google drive Dropbox Metafields

Form Builder with File Upload Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

Such a great app! Exactly what I need.


Simply the best. I am so impressed. The UI is clean and simple. It has all the form customization options I would want. The app developer actually took the time to speak with me about my use case and help me make the necessary customizations so it works perfectly. The price is a complete bargain as well. $10 for 2gb upload. You cannot find that on any other app! Thank you Acerill, I hope to continue using this app for a long time.


Great product at a great price! Simple to understand and works perfectly. Spot on! This is a keeper at $1.99pm

(United States)

This was just what I'm looking for. A great app that provides ability to embed custom contact forms throughout my website and direct each to back-end emails to handle specific topics. Francois and team have been great; listening to ideas and feedback and enhancing the app along the way. Their customer service is outstanding and get right back to you. Definitely recommend this app!

(South Korea)

This tiny app is a hidden gem! I needed to customize my customers account registration page by adding checkboxes and links to my policies, so I thoroughly studied 7 featured apps. But only with this app I was able to receive the result I was looking for. During the process I had some problems with settings, but Francois was very helpful and fast with his customer support. Moreover, when I discovered that Shopify by default doesn't display the time and date of customer data creation in exported csv files, Francois very kindly showed me how to implement that function using this app, so I am very happy now. Also I want to notice the price - it's very reasonable and I am totally satisfied. Very good job!

(United States)

Unbelievably responsive support and a great app for custom forms on Shopify! Highly recommend.

(United States)

I am so glad we chose this app for our business! We needed to have a way for customers to submit certain information to us, and this app is easy-to-use, inexpensive, and gets the job done. Most importantly, the customer support is outstanding! While we were using the free trial period, I had a couple questions, and Francois always responded to my e-mails very promptly with clear answers. Even better, he went above and beyond to help me integrate this app with Google Sheets, so that I could compile all of my form submissions into one spreadsheet. A great product is not so valuable without great customer support - luckily, this app has both. Highly recommended.

(South Africa)

Using it on a few stores now, works really well! There are many field options, you can customize the title and the format of the email you receive, add multiple recipients.


This is such a great App and worth the (very low!) price! And the support is really fast, too! I really needed the options for sending mails via SMTP and for custom notification E-Mails.

(United States)

This is a great AP. Francois responded to my questions in a timely and helpful fashion. I was able to add a product registration page seamlessly. Highly recommend Acerill


I really love how simple it is. You can do anything you need, custom fields, uploads, anything really. Very good price.


Very useful app and well-priced. The ability to choose a form and see which products/pages are assigned to it, would make it easier to view and sort. However, still a good app.


We needed the ability for customer file uploads. This app does the job easily and quickly. Support was prompt and a fix applied quickly for an app interface problem.

(United States)

I needed color choices to be added to a custom quote form, so people could see the colors when trying to choose a custom item for a quote. Shirt colors do sometimes change the amount a quote would be. Like a white tee is up to 70 cents less than a black tee. I wrote to ask about it and the developer actually worked up the additional features I was asking about and not only did he do that but he did it quickly! Definitely one of the best dealings I've ever had with a vendor or developer!

(United Kingdom)

Had to do some setting up with zapier but once done it is so good. So simple and it just works. support is ok and really for the price you cannot complain! best form builder by far. find it on our ashes memorial jewellery site


Simple app but does exactly what it promises

(United States)

excellent products, I only have one question, this option "Prepopulate with an initial value" can we get the company name.?

(United States)

Easy to use, easy to modify and integrates simply and great price. I had an issue, contacted and had a response in under 2 hours and the issue was resolved. Great app for the price if forms are needed.

(United States)

App was exactly what i needed. I simply wanted to give the ability to customers to be able to upload an image which i would receive after they purchase. After complications, Francois jumped on a video call with me and we worked together to solve the issue. The cheapest app on the market for this kind of product. Highly recommended.


We're using this app on a few stores now, works good! Note to those who just install it - don't forget to put the recipient email of your store at the end of the form, the app doesn't automatically take the email from Shopify.

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