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About Ecommerce Insights

Ecommerce Insights is a free app for ecommerce stores who want to increase their revenue by retaining more customers.

Key Benefits
  • See who your loyal customers are
  • Identify customers at risk of leaving
  • Win back lost customers
  • Live and daily insights
  • See how your store compares with industry benchmarks
  • Understand whether retail loyalty programs are right for you
Why we built Ecommerce Insights

We work with thousands of ecommerce store owners who have implemented retail loyalty programs and all of them need more time to focus on the important tasks.

This app is designed to free up your time. It automatically processes up to 12 months of order history so you can quickly focus on the areas that will increase revenue. We hope you like it.

Want to increase customer loyalty?

We also make an app to increase customer loyalty and revenue. It's called LoyaltyLion, is used by thousands of Shopify merchants and starts from FREE.

You can find it by searching for LoyaltyLion in the Shopify app store.

Ecommerce Insights is built by LoyaltyLion - often also seen as Loyalty Lion ;)

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App Name Customer insights & analytics
App Category Store Management
App Price Price: Free
Support E-Mail
App Website

Customer insights & analytics Features

LoyaltyLion extension: Identify your most loyal customers.

Win back lost customers

Discover the percentage of customers who haven’t returned and learn how to bring them back.

See who is at risk of leaving

Identify which customers you should engage to increase retention and build a loyal following.

Identify most loyal customers

Find out which of your customers are most loyal and how much they increase your revenue.

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Customer insights & analytics Comments & User Reviews 2024

(United States)

For whatever reason we are not gaining any traffic to our website, so it would be unfair and unreasonable for me to review or rate this product.


I hope this app helps me know more about my customers. They have quite a few features which I have been looking for for a long time now.


Good and insightful to see what;s going on with your store.

(United States)

Great apps to improve sales conversion.

(United States)

I love this app because it simplifies all actions on the app itself

(Hong Kong SAR)

Not working :( Asked me to wait, I waited, nothing except asking me to wait :(

(United States)

I wasn't able to use the app :(


Looks interesting and is helpful! Top for a free app! :)


Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup.

(United States)

This app helps us with sales/analytics/ecommerce very good.

(United States)

So far, I absolutely love Shopify. I have little to no knowledge of online e-commerce websites and this App has been pretty easy. They offer every tool and App needed to get you started. They have excellent tutorials you can read as you build and grow. Worth every penny! All I need now is to figure out how to really advertise and get people / customers to see and shop your site....


Very helpful information that we can use in analyzing our customers purchasing mood and how to manage them. Thanks!

(United States)

Easy to understand data that is perfect for the newbie or inexperienced small business owner not familiar with SEO, etc.

(United States)

Great app. It helps you understand the customers of your business and their tendencies.


Great little app. very easy to install. Thank you:)


Great little app to have a quick insight!


Very Valuable App, The more information you have on your customers the better. By using this in conjunction with Shopify's Reports you can quickly see what's working and what's not, boost your customer retention, boost your conversions, attract those 'almost buyers', and keep your best buyers happy. Win!


Nice little app with some great features. Great support!


Great app, very helpful to have track of your online store, clients and e-commerce. Very helpful!! I totally recomend it!!


I think this app is great. It made me increase my sales by 25%! Definitely recommend!

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