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Product Page Upsell & Discount App Description & Overview

Why you should use Product Page Upsell Popup -MBL ?

Product Page Upsell Popup app displays a high conversion popup that prompts customers to buy not only the item they are primarily looking for, but also include related products and accessories. Can be also used to automatically add to cart any product or free gift.

1. Product Page Upsell Popup by My Big Leo is perfect for
  • Food upsell : if you sell Burgers, you can bundle French Fries along with it OR a bigger burger.
  • Watch upsell : if you sell watches, you can bundle straps along with it or a more luxury watch
  • Flower upsell (vase, bigger bouquet,etc)
  • Electronics upsell (2nd cable, better battery,etc)
  • Candle : bigger pack of candles, lighter, chocolate box, etc.
  • Mattress (sheet, duvet, premium base)
  • Coffee sellers
  • Make-up sellers
  • Fashion : Expose your customers to similar but more expensive sneakers or display related product recommendations (e.g., socks, insoles, or shoelaces)
  • Etc.
2. Increase your revenue without needing more traffic

Simply enabling the popup on your store will boost your Average Order Value (AOV). You'll generate more revenue with the same amount of visitors.

3. Work out of the box

Our app is easy to install and requires ZERO coding. In less than 2 mins, your customers will be able to add upsells to their carts.

4. Live preview everything you setup before it's live

Watch as you build. No surprise.

5. Upsell Popup does not slow your store

The popup takes a few milliseconds to load and the customer will not notice it. The popup itself is ultra-lightweight.

6. Upsell popup should be compatible with your Shopify theme

If it is not, just send us a message and we'll make it work within 24 hours.

7. Upsell popup can match your brand

You'll be able to customise the colours of everything so the upsell popup feels native to your brand.

8. Made for global audience

Product Page Upsell Popup is translatable in any langage.

9. Create targeted collection/product upsell

You can pick a product and make it appear in all your upsells or only on 1 product/collection.


You can use the upsell popup to offer free stuff.

11. Add Warranty, addons or upgrades

Any product can become an upsell

12. 100% mobile optimised

We provide a seamless mobile experience.

13. Add Urgency

Display a countdown timer on the upsell popup

14 More...
  • Integrates with other apps (conversion apps, translation apps, page builder apps)
  • Auto add to cart
  • Upsell 1 click
  • Cross-sell
  • Frequently bought together
15 Product Page Upsell Popup App answers these questions
  • We How do I automatically add items to cart on Shopify?
  • How to auto add Products to the Customer's Cart?
  • How do I add free items to cart automatically in Shopify?

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App Name Product Page Upsell & Discount
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price Free plan available. 10-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail
App Website

Product Page Upsell & Discount Features

Upsell Popup with Addon & Free gift.Auto add to cart.Discounts.

Setup the Upsell popup in ∼30s

Click “Add app,” then "new upsell" and pick any product. Automatic upsell. Enjoy bundle upsell, product page upsell and bundle popup.

Product page automatic upsell

Having an upsell popup will increase your average cart value. Our 1 click upsell will allow you to add add-ons. Automatically add to cart.

Customize product page upsell

You can change the upsell popup design and you can customize everything inside the popup (colors, translations, etc.). Bundle & Cross sell.

Product Page Upsell & Discount Comments & User Reviews 2024


EN : A very good application, maybe the easiest and good working I have found so far. Very friendly support, always here to answer my questions and find a solution. Thanks a lot, guys ! FR : Une super application - peut-être la plus simple et fluide que j'ai pu trouver. Le support est très sympathique, réactif et humain. On sent que les personnes derrière sont là pour nous aider, avant d'en faire un business. Je recommande vivement.

(United Arab Emirates)

Wonderful, it's concise, easy to get started, and perfect for marketing. Customer service is also very good. Thanks

(United Arab Emirates)

great support, thanks for your help setting this up quickly. its a great way to convert leads. Thanks again


at least half of my sales have doubled since I downloaded this app! I love an app that makes me more money!


Definitely the best Upsell app out there! I´ve spent 2hours searching for upsell app and I couldn´t find anything that will meet my expectations till I found this one! - Design 10/10 - Support 10/10 - functionality 10/10

(United States)

nice app and the customer service is really good and patient. Thanks a lot, it is an easy app to use with small businesses online and it is free.


Super app. On a réussi à augmenter d'environ 10 % nos upsell sur le site. Bon suivi également du SAV. Je recommande


We use this App in several Onlineshops and it works fine! The Support is awesome and it increases our Sales!


Bonjour, Je suis complètement tombé par hasard sur cette application et j'en suis extrêmement satisfait, d'une part elle est très facile à prendre en main, en 10 minutes vous avez votre pop-up upsell avec le produit de votre choix. Pour avoir contacté le support, il est à l'écoute rapide et fiable, si vous cherchez une extension pour les upsells n'hésiter pas et prenez celle-ci. Clément

(United States)

at least half of my sales have doubled since I downloaded this app! I love an app that makes me more money!

(United States)

Fantastic app with a 5 stars support. What a pleasure to work with them !! Highly recommended.......


Amazing! The application is working very good on our page. We are using it for upselling. Thank you!

(United States)

Outstanding customer service. On a side note, our buyers have really responded to the Cross-Sell / Upsell popup. This product gives us an opportunity to provide impulse buy items that tie in with the product they have already committed to.


Easy to set up, does what it's supposed to do and the support is great! If there will be more revenue is in my hands now depending on what upsells I offer ;)

(United States)

Easiest 5* I've ever given! We used the upsell app on our courses website and it's been great. The service support throughout has been the best I've ever experienced and that meant that getting everything up and running was extremely quick and easy!


WOW! This is the first app that actually works for us! + Clean & modern UI + Smart admin dashboard + REALLY QUICK & friendly customer support (got back to us in less than a minute) -> We have active subscription plans on other apps for $800+/month, where we need to wait for a response more than 5 hours for usual. (even with "VIP support" feature) Overall highly recommended!


I can't thank Leo enough for creating this plugin and making it SO affordable. It's EVERYTHING you get in most of the upsell apps on the market WITHOUT the hefty monthly fees or the constant bugs and errors. I recommend !!


Wonderful, it's concise, easy to get started, and perfect for marketing. Customer service is also very good.

(United States)

Not only has the upsell app solved a problem I had, the technical support was phenomenal. I would have had much less stress had I tried this app sooner.

(United States)

Well, this is a strong app in general that provides must-have functionality for every web store. It is better than 2 other apps that I tried before. Thanks to leo for answering to our special queries through the live chat

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