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FulfillSync: Auto Mark Orders App Description & Overview

Automatically mark orders as fulfilled and update tracking info.
New Feature: FulfillSync able to sync tracking info to PayPal.

It is used by stores to update their order tracking code and mark orders as fulfilled and manage to ship process.

With FulfillSync, you no longer need to update the tracking code manually and handle the shipment. It automates fulfill order tracking from shipping files from vendors, suppliers, drop shippers, shipping services, or warehouses. Read the order number from the file and find matching orders to update fulfillment status and tracking info. It doesn't need to edit the raw file given by 3PL couriers.

  • Automatically mark orders as fulfilled and update tracking info via FTP/SFTP, email, or Google Sheet hourly or daily.
  • Supports multiple connection methods such as FTP, SFTP, FTP with TLS, Direct Link, Upload file, Google Sheet, and Email.
  • Multiple fulfillment locations support.
  • Supports various formats like CSV, XLS, XLSX, and XML.
  • Each updated tracking number will trigger Shopify's default email notification to your customers.
  • Allows partial fulfillment by specifying item SKU and quantity.
  • Filter orders with paid status, so you do not have to update all orders.
  • Update order tracking info after fulfillment created.
  • Updates financial status to paid.
  • Fulfill multiple files from FTP/SFTP
How easy to use FulfillSync:
  1. Choose your connection method
  2. Map your order with your order shipping file
  3. Add filters (optional)
  4. Start fulfilling your orders

Not sure if you are doing it correctly? Our support team is on standby and ready to help.

Shopify does not support your shipping company? Use FulfillSync and start fulfilling now

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App Name FulfillSync: Auto Mark Orders
App Category Orders And Shipping
App Price Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail support@fulfillsync.com
App Website

FulfillSync: Auto Mark Orders Features

Auto Fulfillment & order tracking via FTP/SFTP, spreadsheet.

PayPal order fulfillment

Auto match order number and fulfill order with tracking details available in the fulfillment log. Sync tracking info to PayPal.

Support multiple source types

Fetch order files from any type of source such as email, upload, direct link or FTP/SFTP, Google Sheet connection.

Reads CSV, XLS, XLSX and XML

Automatically match order and update order tracking code. Fits any 3PL courier fulfillment

FulfillSync: Auto Mark Orders App Integrates with:

Ftp Google sheet Paypal Email Sftp Csv

FulfillSync: Auto Mark Orders Comments & User Reviews 2024


Really does its job perfect. Automated, a Extensive but simple to understand setup. If you have a supplier and need their shipping info. The App is perfect, the supplier can send the data direct via an email or feed a google sheet, which is very easy to setup for the supplier too.

(United States)

Great app - helps us to upload all of our tracking numbers via CSV file. We can even upload the tracking numbers after the order has been fulfilled.


Fantastic app and a great support team. I asked them to amend a parameter within their app and they were able to amend this within a few days.

(United States)

This app is a must-have if you do volume!


Had some issues but their support is very reliable and prompt!


app was great, been some updates and now it doesnt work, just keeps saying source is being updated been 10 hours and no trackings have been implemented, no answer from support yet...customers are waiting for their tracking this is ridiculous

(United States)

I love Fulfill Sync. It has saved me so many hours. I use this for all of the drop shipping that I do. I would highly recommend using this in order to save time and work on other things for your online store.

(United States)

They handled the problem for me instead of giving me instructions on how to do it. Thanks and much appreciated.

(Hong Kong SAR)

Excellent support. Job is done accurately. We are very happy with the result Thank you for your service.

(New Zealand)

I've been looking for a long time for this simple software to close the supply circle. Works well in testing and fulfills orders well. The problem is Shopifys logic behind a fulfilled order is flawed. An order has to be fulfilled to send a notice to your 3PL or fulfillment partner and once it's fulfilled the App cannot add the tracking info!! Really an order isn't fulfilled until its fulfilled!! Shopify should send a Request to fulfill but leave the order open so it can actually be fulfilled when you know what's been sent!!

(United States)

Great App, support is very responsive and easy to work with.

(United Kingdom)

Fantastic App that keeps getting little updates and being developed. Allows us to import fulfilled orders from our warehouse and sends out automatic notifications and archives orders etc etc. A real time saver for a fair price.

(United States)

Good app. Support is responsive and helpful. Does what it's intended to do and makes fulfillment from spreadsheets easy to do.

(South Africa)

Works really well. I email a file every time I dispatch an order and it gets updated. Meets my requirement perfectly.


UPtracker is absolutely vital for shipping automation. I would also recommend exportable and stocksync. With these three apps you can fully automate your shipping, sales and inventory updates. Dont know what i would do without these amazing apps


Works perfect. Easy to set up. Saves a lot of time and even handles multiple parcel shipments, which is very convenient.

(United Kingdom)

Very useful app which is saving us considerable time each day. Great support. We had a bespoke requirement which they were happy to accommodate. Highly recommended!


We are using the app to fulfil orders on Shopify and add tracking information. That was really an essential step to complete our fulfilment cycle. Thanks to the app we are now able to update orders on Shopify without taking too much time. Once the app has been set up, you just need to make sure you are uploading the same file format every time. The team at UpTracker have been great to set up the app for us. If you run into issues, they are very responsive and quick to help. I would recommend the app to anyone who is looking to bulk update orders on Shopify with tracking information.


This app saves me at least half an hour a day!! And seriously cheap, well worth it. Plus it's super easy to set up and use.

(United States)

I think this app is great!!! because it helped me save a lot of time on tracker and a lot more......

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