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Blog & Page Builder by Reputon App Description & Overview

- Having trouble managing your store pages or blog posts?
- Impossible to collaborate on your store content?
- Poor native Shopify text editing tools?
- Broken markup with messed up tables, images and text?
We have a solution for you!

Google Docs is an ultra convenient way to create, edit and collaborate on any content. Rich in features and easy to organize. So why mess with a Shopify text editor? Import document from Google Drive to your Shopify website page in one click. Manage your content the way you love - in Google Docs! The rest leave to us.

How it works:
  1. Connect your Google Drive account where you keep your Google Docs.
  2. Select a Google Doc you want to import. Select target where to export (Page, Blog).
  3. Voilà, your page or blog post will be automatically created and viewable on your frontend.
  4. You can click Refresh if you changed anything in the Google Doc and it will automatically pull all the changes into your Shopify content.
  5. You can import as many docs as you want.
Google Docs blog & page builder app features
  • One click seamless blog import from Google Docs
  • You can always change your Google Docs and pull all the changes with one click
  • Your store content looks beautiful - all images, tables and text are where they are supposed to be!
  • Multiple docs supported

Super easy to configure and use blog app. The truly worry-free app to create pages, import blog posts and export blog posts seamlessly. Use free Google Docs blog templates. Compatible with PageFly, Shogun, Google Sheets, LayoutHub, Zipify and other page builder apps.

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App Name Blog & Page Builder by Reputon
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price Free plan available
Support E-Mail
App Website

Blog & Page Builder by Reputon Features

Build pages and blog posts from Google Docs in one click.

Draft content in Google Docs

Keep all your content in your Google Drive for easier text editing, organizing, collaboration. Create blog posts and pages in Google Docs.

One click export to your store

Import seamlessly from Google Docs with one click into your store blog post article or page. Create content on Shopify store with one click.

Blogs and pages looks perfect

Perfectly aligned blog posts and pages with correct HTML, Headings, Fonts, Images and Tables. Improve your blog design with page builder.

Blog & Page Builder by Reputon App Integrates with:

Google Docs Google Drive

Blog & Page Builder by Reputon Comments & User Reviews 2024


Fantastic App. Even updates the current edits to your google doc. All images, links, and tables. This is an extremely handy app for bloggers who love the ease of writing on google docs and want it automatically converted to shopify html

(United States)

Love the app! It does excatly what I was hoping for without me having to worry about coding or anything else.


I just downloaded the app and figured out that it is a total scam. The blog page is cut! It is not showing totally, it barely shows the first paragraph! I have to pay without being sure if it works!


I use this app to help me create blog pages. It makes it a lot easier because working on a google doc is a lot faster than working on the Shopify page editor section.

(United States)

So far so good. I just have the free version for now. It's actually really nice to make the blog in Google docs and then choose it in the app to post. Thanks guys.


So far, so good. This app makes it easy to post and edit blog posts. I created the first one in no time by copying a Word doc into Google Sheets. Looks good. Thank you.

(United States)

I was skeptical of this solution, but it works impressively well. If you tune your store's CSS properly, you can use this to very easily import blog posts into Shopify instead of having to fiddle with Shopify's inbuilt editor or spending money on crappy page builders (all the Shopify page builders are overpriced crap). I'm very happy

(United States)

great app works perfectly. keeps the format of documents.------------------------------------------------------


i love this free app that helps write blog posts on my site. Its really easy to use and i have been using it for a month now with no problems

(United States)

Excellent transition from Google Doc to my site. using it has improved my workflow and made all my docs more efficient.


Great program! Does exactly what it says it does, and makes writing, preparing and organising blog posts and pages a lot better. Two things to consider: columns are not supported and image positioning may look different on Shopify than on your document. The app is very upfront about it, and makes it very easy to adjust things after checking the preview. Highly recommend!

(United States)

Great app but as the app says, it doesn't always format exactly like the Google Docs format you've worked hard on. :( But it really is better than Shopify's version of a blog.


OBSESSED. My favourite new Shopify app by FAR! Ridiculously easy to use - Can't believe I've finally found a blogging solution that isn't clunky, time consuming, restrictive, and ridiculously over priced. Over the moon!


This app is extremely user friend to create page or blog for people who are familiar with microsoft word. Highly recommend this app


easy to use and perfect to enhance your shop with. it raises the credibility of your store if you add a BLOG every few weeks/days.

(United States)

I use this app to start posting blogs on my website, and it's very easy to use. I like it so far....


I have been using for one hour and I am happy, solve my problem of having an flat blog! I create my first blog and can have tables and is not just a single text. Easy to sinc with google drive

(United States)

Simple app that works as described. Had a few little formatting tweaks to make after I published to Shopify, but nothing unexpected.

(United States)

I used the app for blog creation. It has made using Google Docs with Shopify much easier. I recommend.

(United States)

it is good to import text, but the images don´t get imported into the right places, so you have to put some work after the import. But overall good and useful

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