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Bundle Builder App Description & Overview

Increase your AOV with our super-simple bundle builder

Join the thousands of Shopify entrepreneurs that use Bundle Builder to dramatically increase their average order value and encourage customers to spend more money.

The more they see, the more you sell

By setting up custom bundle pages, you’re taking customers from shopping in “I’ve found what I wanted, time to check out” mode to shopping in “OK, I’ve found what I wanted… oooh! I like that! Let me look around some more.” mode.

Add in a few extra tricks like fixed discounts or sale offers and you’ve got a recipe for serious growth, all without having to spend an extra penny on marketing or new products.

Set up to sell more
  • Fixed-price bundles

    Boost your AOV by setting up fixed-price deals like “Choose any 3 products for $50.”

  • Percentage discounts

    Nudge your customers to spend more with percentage discounts like “Buy 3 products to get 20% off."

  • Tiered discounts

    Incentivize extra spending by offering deals like: “Buy 3 items to get a 10% discount or 5 to get 20% off."

  • Custom boxes

    Create step-by-step custom buying experiences for your customers with gift boxes, food kits & Shop The Look bundles.

You’re in control

Unlike other bundle apps, you have complete control over everything.

  • Make the rules

    Set minimums and maximums and use conditional logic to control what your customers can add to their bundles.

  • Choose between single or multiple SKUs

    Whether you want a unique SKU for the bundle or multiple SKUs for your fulfillment team, Bundle Builder flexes to work exactly as you need it to.

  • Control the look and feel

    You choose the layout, we’ll make sure every bundle page feels like an integrated part of your brand.

  • Make it your own

    Take control of your bundle pages with our powerful template creator.

  • Update inventory automatically

    Save hours by letting the app automatically sync your inventory and update your product details from the moment you get started.

  • See what’s working with bundle orders reporting

    Spot areas to double down on and give your AOV an even bigger boost with access to real-time, in-depth bundle order reports.

On-call support, whenever you need it
  • Super-easy documentation
  • Personalized onboarding calls
  • Friendly and responsive support
  • A dedicated tool where you can suggest new features...

Bundle Builder isn’t just an app, it's a team that's dedicated to helping you grow your store (and your bottom line).

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App Name Bundle Builder
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price Free plan available. 30-day free trial.
Support E-Mail support@bundlebuilder.app
App Website

Bundle Builder Features

Sell more products with bundles, gift boxes and discounts.

Send your AOV through the roof

Quickly set up AOV-boosting custom bundles that encourage customers to spend more while they feel like they’ve snagged a bargain. Win win.

Start selling more from Day 1

With a super simple set-up and on-call support, you’ll have everything you need to sell more from the moment you click “Add App”.

Turn browsers into buyers

Integrating perfectly with your theme, Bundle Builder lets you take visitors through on-brand customer journeys that result in more sales.

Bundle Builder Comments & User Reviews 2024


We've tried out a dozen of bundle apps with great ratings, and this apps just so outstanding. First of all, the documentation is so well-structured and written compared to its peers. It is so easy to use and straight forward. It might not have have all our desired functions (like doing bundle on product page). But with an app this well-designed, we can actually get some workarounds and still get great results.


The app works very well and what is also impressive is that the basics for further customisation have been coded and the accompanying documentation are in place. Wonderful team of patient people who take time to troubleshoot and explain everything.


Muy buena aplicación para crear bundles. :) Es fácil de instalar y no hemos tenido problemas. Si necesitas atención contestan rápido.


Great plugin! Really helped me making my idea work in my store. The info on the product page was very helpfull as well.


Perfect Bundle App! I love how easy it was to use and the functionality is what I needed for my store


I found this bundle app to be more straight forward than any other bundle apps I tried. I found the articles for setting up the bundle helpful.


It works very well. Although it may not be the custom solution we needed, as a third-party app, it allows a fair bit of customisations and their customer service, not the fastest but very effective!

(United States)

The app is working great so far, I got sales immediately. Customer service is also excellent and they value your feedback. I would recommend taking advantage of the free consultation call, you get to speak to a real person live on video.

(United States)

At this point unusable. They offered to help almost a week ago, but they don't respond to email in a timely fashion. I'm at 6 days. The UX was really hard to figure out. I had to wait days for an appointment for help, and mostly figured it out during that time, it seems like it will be a great app. There is easy to add CSS to help the design flow and better match our site. They had a few helpful suggestions. Mostly they pointed out that my configuration was an issue that i needed someone from their team to help fix the theme so the checkout worked correctly. That was almost a week ago, have you heard from them? My 14 day trial is almost up, and I still can't use it. I'm hoping this review will help with their communication.


Does exactly what i need, and when i ran into an issue support literally responded in 5 minutes with a solution :)

(United States)

I used this app a year ago... not so good. I just tried it again and it is perfect! Was able to customize everything to my liking on my store and had my bundle builder set up in just a couple of hours. Great App

(United States)

So far it has been great! Very easy to get set up with the default look and feel. Compatible with our Cart Drawer and Full Cart Page. My favorite feature is I can have a product marked as unavailable on all sales channels but still use the product in the Bundle Builder.

(United Kingdom)

We used this app to build several of our bundles. It's made the process very easy and totally integrated to our Shopify account. It has all the features we currently require.

(United States)

Excelente, hizo lo que necesitaba, solo diría que le falta más opciones de personalización en el diseño, pero logré ajustar.


This app didn't quite work exactly how I wanted straight out of the box however the Bundle Builder team have been incredible in making the necessary tweaks required. I am extremely impressed with their speed to reply and their efficiency in implementing the modifications. Thanks!

(United States)

Love this app, cant recommend enough and have already to a few fellow small businesses. So easy to set up and was able to get help within a few hours. Very responsive team. App fits seamlessly with our website.

(United Kingdom)

It works, took a while to personally sort out our needs and the look and feel, however saying that the acutal functionality of the product work very well and we are using it in our online store.


Great plugin, works as expected, and props to the support team, they're really helpful and they really knows what they're doing!

(United States)

From total trainwrecks to incomplete apps, I stumbled across this app recommended by a friend who sells gift boxes. Super happy with the results and Adam from the chat support. Intuitive, smart UX and enough customization to make it work for me!


We have a complicated ordering situation - many options that we can't collapse. Having every combination as a variation would not be feasible. So we broke the process into stages using Bundle Builder. This allows for greater flexibility and a much more intuitive user experience. We have had the need over time for custom development and also troubleshooting. In both cases the team at Bundle Builder have been attentive, professional, and quick in their response and help in solving all our needs. Highly recommend this app!

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