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All In One Automatic Discount App Description & Overview

Merchants and customers both looking for more benefits. Customers purchase more if they get discounts. Merchants get profits based on sales. Using bundle products or using discount offers, Merchants can motivate customers to purchase multiple items instead of one. Using discounts, Merchants can attract users to purchase more and increase the AOV.

No need to share discount code, Instead use Automatic offer to apply discounts on user's cart. You can create multiple automatic discount offers at the same time.

Why use multiple app When you have multiple discount features available under a Single App

All In One Automatic Discount allows you to manage Bundle + Volume/Bulk Discounts + Wholesale/General + Free Gift + BOGO + Cart Conditional + Post Purchase Discount offers together. No need of different apps for different discount types.

Launched new features
  • Allow Default Discount code on App apply discount widget
Recently launched the new features Cart Drawer from the application and Create discounted order from the app
  • Analytics
  • All discount offers works together
  • You can set the priority of the discount. If same a product is on two different discount rules. Based on priority discount will be applied
  • Schedule Bundles/Discount for BF or CM
  • Buy more Save more - using Volume discount
  • We are not creating any duplicate variants of your products
  • Compatible with default currency converters
  • Set Discount Rule (Price Discount, % OFF, Sale product on this price)
  • Set Conditions like (Min Qty, Min Cart subtotal, Customer tags)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Offer apply + free shipping
We offer discount code features with unique features like below
  • Create discount code with % off / Fixed price discount + free shipping
  • Create discount code based on customer tag
  • Single discount code with different % discounts based on collection or minimum subtotal threshold


Unbelievable features that make this app unique
Post-purchase offer

This Give merchants the ability to add post-purchase upsell directly into the checkout. A post-purchase page displays an offer to a buyer after their order is confirmed, but before the thank you page. Users can include the product in the order without making another checkout.

One app includes different offers
  1. Post-purchase offer
  2. Bundle Product Discount
  3. Volume Discount
  4. Wholesale Discount
  5. Free Gift
  6. BOGO Discount
  7. Cart Conditional Discount
  8. Discount code with multiple options
  9. Upsell Popup and Multi Currency
  10. Quantity Breaks ‑ Tiered Discount

We offer all types of discounts within a single app and multiple discounts activate at a time.

Need help in app configuration

If you need any help then we are available on Live chat or Contact us via email or Book a call for support.

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App Name All In One Automatic Discount
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price From $9.99/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
Support E-Mail
App Website

All In One Automatic Discount Features

Volume, Wholesale, BFCM Discount, Stack Discounts Code &Upsell.

Automatic Discount offers

By offering various kinds of discounts to your customers for Black Friday (BF) and CM offer. Boost your sale with discount offers.

Upsell, Slide Cart & Discounts

Discount can be combined and stacked. Upsell popup displays the offer to your customer. Compatible with Shopify POS and Online Store 2.0.

Stack Discount Code

Different % discount apply using same discount code based on collection or subtotal of the cart with automatic discount and Special offers.

All In One Automatic Discount App Integrates with:


All In One Automatic Discount Comments & User Reviews 2024


We used this app primarily for tiered level discounts: ie buy 6 get 10%, buy 12 get 15%. Sometimes the discount applied at checkout..and sometimes it didnt, the developers although responsive upon first installation (this is second star or i would have given 1) they could not figure out why the discount would not go through on some orders. this app also means you cannot use shopify discounts on the store because there reasoning is that it conflicts with the app. this app did not work as intended and created a lot of angry customers that we had to manually refund on discounted items. more administrative work for the team on something that should be automatic


This application meets a great need for us to use several promotions at the same time. It is clear and easy to operate, the customer service is courteous and fast. Highly recommend

(Hong Kong SAR)

The app is easy to use. Customer service response immediately, very pleasant and helpful. Immediately fixed the issue.


This is the best discount software I have ever used. The rich combo discounts cater to everything and it is totally recommended.

(United States)

great app !!! Chirag was super helpful, the app works the way it's supposed to, and the support team was super helpful in setting this up.


The support team is quick to reply and very helpful once they fully understand what you require. Happy with the service so far.


Was able to set up and stack two automatic discounts on various variants in Shopify. Amazing support from the back end team - Got on Google with me and did screen shares till we resolved the problems. A+


This app is great because it combines a lot of functionalities that a store might need, but it's even greater because of the support you receive from the team. Thank you Chirag and Sid for the helping us adapt the app to our needs!


I LOVE this app - it has so many options and ways to market promotions it makes selling easy! Support is wonderful as well - really happy I found this - Can't recommend it enough!

(United States)

Support is great and team work to well to fix any issues. Best support I have experienced . Highly recommend

(United States)

I have used this app for 5 month. Great app. Love how it works. Customer service is great and quick. I would recommend this app.


This was the app we were looking for. We are using it for bulk discount / tier pricing. Their support is also great, they helped us with making some adjustments in our theme to get all the features of the app working.


La aplicación funciona muy bien. Si tienes algún problema son muy rápidos. El equipo técnico es muy bueno y muy amables. La app es muy recomendable.


Great customer support & even greater will to improve & customise according to client needs. We onboarded the app solely bcz they offered customisation that no-one else was willing to do. They have made multiple custom requirements for us & are quick in replying & implementing the changes. I really hope they launch the pipeline features soon & there'll be no competitor for them.


Very helpful support team, app works perfect as well! We've been using the app to make stackable discount codes on our webshop

(United States)

comparing many apps this app seems to be the best for stacking discounts for affiliates and for myself. the support is amazing with quick 1-to-1 zoom or google call. my mic was not able to work but agent CHIRAG PATEL was super super knowledgeable about the product and helped me with EXACTLY what i needed help with. Highly recommend this app, and the support is so much appreciated getting started. Thanks guys !!

(Hong Kong SAR)

So far the best discount I have ever used!! Great help from Chirag, he tried his best to resolve the problems I have. Really all in one that you don't have to use multiple apps for discount. Simple and clean admin page. Great app!

(United Arab Emirates)

I have been using this app for quite some time. I have nothing but good things to say about them. The app works as you expect it. Highly recommend it.

(United States)

Customer service is always helpful to solve my problem. Really recommend this app. It helps us to earn more and improve the conversion rate. Good job.

(United States)

I'm really happy with the quick response time of the Support team. I had a couple of questions about a promotion we wanted to do, and they were able to answer all of my questions. The video tutorials and written instructions throughout the app are extremely helpful. Highly recommend.

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