Azar - Video Chat, Discover

Azar - Video Chat, Discover [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Azar allows you to talk and make friends with people from over 190 countries.

• Over 400 million downloads worldwide!
• More than 80 billion matches!

▷ Discover & Connect!
Azar allows you to meet someone new at the turn of each swipe.
You can easily explore new cultures and people from all over the world.

- Meet new people from all over the world through live video calls (using 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
- Select the region and gender of your choice and start building new conversations
- Add new people to your friend list and spark conversations
- Send and receive messages/video calls with existing friends
- Don’t be afraid of foreign languages! Chats are translated in real time.

▷ Share Azar with people around you and make more connections
Please leave a review on the App Store and Facebook. Your review will help make Azar a better service.

- Want more information?
- Updates on Azar?
- Want to follow Azar?
- Need help or have suggestions?
- Business partnership inquiry?

▷ Creating a better and enjoyable community at Azar
The Azar team is committed to creating a service that anyone can use safely. We believe our users are able to meet new and genuine people with each swipe. Please respect other users and follow our community guidelines to keep the Azar community at its best!

▷ Protection of Personal Information
- All personal information is securely stored and not sold nor shared to third parties.
- Information other than what you write directly on the profile can not be seen by other users.
- Your detailed location is not shared with any other user or third parties.
- Please be cautious when sending sensitive information as you are responsible for the information you provide to the other party once you connect through Azar.

▷ Azar VIP is a monthly subscription. If you choose to purchase Azar VIP, payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase, and your account will be charged the same amount within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period unless auto-renew is turned off. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase.

▷ The app requests the following permissions:
- Camera: Video calling, taking and saving profile pictures
- Microphone: Delivering sound during video calls
- Location: Used for location-based matching
- Contact: Sending invitation SMS to your friends
- Photo Library: Sending photos to your friends
- Notification: To stay up to date with friends requests, messages and video calls

- Privacy Policy:
- Terms of Service:

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Azar - Video Chat, Discover Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- We fixed a few bugs and made improvements on efficiency.

Azar - Video Chat, Discover Comments & Reviews

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- عصابة آزار

Worst connection ever don’t download this app especially if you are from middle east, even almost all of the matches you choose will not go through, they will still charge you نصيحه من اخ استخدم هذا البرنامج لفترة طويله، سياسيه ازار تغيرت وطغت واغترت والآن تترأس هذه الاداره عصابة محترفة تحاول بشتى الطرق خداعك ، ستلاحظ أن أغلب محاولاتك في الاتصال مع من هو خارج محيطك يتم قطعها وبالطبع بعد أخذ رصيدك بحجه ضعف في الاتصال ، وهذا لم يكن يحدث بالسابق ، وحتى من هو على مقربة منك نادر ما يسمح لك باستكمال الاتصال دون قطعه بشكل مفاجىء، ولا يخفى عليك الدعايات اللي فجأة خرجت في كل ميادين السوشال ميديا ، قبل هذه الدعايات آزار كان برنامج شبه محترم يحاول أن يسرقك دون علمك أما الآن فالسرقة علني واللي مو عاجبه ينتف حواجبه

- Theft

They stealing money, I spent 1300 gems for country preference, and it never worked right. And they just talk without doing any actions.

- محافظة الاحمدي

الاتصال ضعيف

- It told me I’m too young

Now I can’t even make a new account. I’m 21 and your terms of service says I have to be at least thirteen

- Very good

I like it

- Sooo expensive

Very expensive

- La mejor app

5 estrellas😍

- Der


- ads

i find this app is for useless person only with no any goal to download it ,, thanks azar i will not really feel that i will be more papular if i download your stupid app with your stupid ads and commercials .. find something else better to sell .. i would like to know who is handling the commercials .. cuz he do not really know how to make sound control and its really annoying me while i am spending time to watch .. very bad app with very bad developer and all team , stop annoying us

- 10 reasons why Azar is Trash!

1. They do not have real people to answer their customers. 2. The app was probably made by racist people 3. They ban people without a reason 4. They IP ban for no reason 5. They steal peoples money 6. They have a dirty community 7. They used your information to put it like a dating app. 8.They have a very toxic community and don’t ban the ones doing dirty things. 9. You have to wait 7 seconds to skip someone 10. Even if you’re VIP you can’t call people more than once an hours 11. The staff never answer emails Hyperconnect you’re trash :)

- Lame

There are better less creepier apps out there. My fav is “ holla”!

- Report

I have report in my acc my friend take my phone and did something savage not me how to fix that Please I need to get my acc again Thanks dear

- Takes gems if if you skip or don't accept match

This app is expensive as it is already but you continue to take gems even when it's not matching which is stealing this app is stealing and I'm reporting it

- Iran is banned?!!!

I can’t connect because im living in iran this is bu*ll sh**

- Nice


- “Age Too Young For Azar”

I never leave reviews on apps, so if an app has infuriated me so much for me to leave one, then you know it isn’t good. I initially used this app with a friend of mine who is 27 and I liked it so I downloaded it for myself. Sounds simple right? Anyhow, I am 18 years of age. I look young so it could be mistaken that I am a minor, which is understandable. However, I am not given an appeals process to verify my age. It just bans me and says I am “too young” even though I am a legal adult. Its unfortunate considering I enjoyed this app, however, I dont think I will be using it in the future.

- برنامج متاز

شكران لكم بس شويه مساعداد بل مجوهرات سعراه غالي

- استغلال

التطبيق استغلالي وعدد الجواهر مبالغ فيه للمكالمه ويخصم حتى لو ما رد الطرف الاخر

- Stopbanning831

Can I please get unbanned or a refund for the gems I have? Thank you

- You are too young to use Azar

Used it for a couple hours, went back on and it kept on saying you are too young to use Azar. Also tells people the city that I live, I wanted it to just say the country and state, too personal.

- کلاه بردار

وقتی برنامه برای کشورم پوشش نداره چرا اجازه دانلود میده واقعا کلاه بردارید

- I can’t sign in

I install this app When i input my birth error me please try again

- Login

I can’t signup or login!!

- pls do not installed if living in iran

this app doesn’t work in iran even with vpn

- One of the worst apps

Toxic app, the community is one of the worst ever. The app itself is one giant ripoff with exorbitant subscription prices. $15 a month just to get to change your country, that is more than a Netflix subscription.

- Big lie. They take your money

They tell you to pay to talk with the girls and you end up talking with ppl that you don’t even know if it’s a girl or a guy and they charge you for it. And if the person skip you, you still pay for it. This completely a rip off. Azar is a scam for all of us

- Scam and rip off

Fake people, scammers and rip off. You can’t talk to opposite sex unless you pay money. When you pay the $60 membership, you really just talk to scammers guys from India and Pakistan. Save your money and use other free apps.

- So rip off

I payed $12.99 and on my account it takes $42. I just realized this after like 20 payments some are charged correctly but some are charged wat more how do I get a refund.

- Bad App.

The team behind this App. are greedy and unreachable, they only take money from us, and once we face a problem and write to them they never reply back, my advise is to not use this App. anymore 👎🏻

- Its a rip-off

Any age I im put it,it says that im too young.Like I can put I was born Dec 18,1990 it would still say im too young. This app is the worst app I ever used in my entire life. Like if I could give this a half of a star I would.✍🏽😤

- Very good

I make a great friends in the world n am so happy n thanks for this app.

- Open all free to stay home because coronavirus 😢

Open all free to stay home because coronavirus 😢

- العراق بغداد

جميل جداً

- شمال افريقيا

ـ الســ͠ـ̯ـــلامـ ؏ـلېكمـ ورבمة اللّٰــــــہ وبركاتـــہ عندما ادفع فلوس وابحث في شمال افريقيا على اصدقاء من المغرب فتيات !!! لايظهر لي الا واحده او اثنتان اثناء النهار .. لماذا ؟ والباقي من دول اخرى لماذا لايوجد من المغرب مثل قبل شهور يخرج لي الكثير اما الأن فقط القليل ارجو التكرم بحل هاذي المشكله وشكرا ❤️

- رعد

سعر المقابلة 17 جوهرة مبالغ فيها وسعر عالي جداً سعر 5 جوهرات مناسب

- Good


- azar poor system

the suspended my account for no reason

- Phone number authentication

Ever since Apple came with the option to Sign In with Apple it’s come out with the phone number authentication which is literally against the point of the Apple sign in. I may report this to Apple because when I Sign In with Apple it asks me for my phone number.

- This is Fake app

I pay 100 dollars and choose a girl in my country and they gave me a girls from another country my dollars is gone without any thing ! I will never pay in this program any more and I will delete it

- Specific region

Whenever I pay to talk to people from a specific region I actually start seeing people from all other the world!!!! But I have paid for a specific place what's wrong with you guys you only want to steal our money!!. Another thing why is it 17 germs per swipe now it's expensive you guys are being greedy !!!!

- Don’t wait your time

It’s a major scam. Before you can even decide if you want to use/keep the app, it badgers you for personal information. Red flags everywhere

- Wanting more

When I fiesta started using this app many more things were free or cheaper now more thing I need diamonds for and it’s more diamonds as far as gender and location I think it’s a total rip and they just want more of our money for basically nothing so yeah this app blows

- Toool slow

Take at least two minutes to show someone to taIk with.

- الدول الاخرى

لماذا اذا كنت اريد ان اتواصل مع دولة الكويت يجب ان ادفع ٧٠٠ جوهره ولمده سبوع بس

- Rate


- I doesn’t work for me

It say I’m too young but I’m 18

- You have to be too rich to effort it


- 👎🏻

كل شيء جميل ما عدا ارتفاع المجوهرات في حال اختيار الشخص او تود الاتصال للأسف ارتفاع ليس جيد

- مكمن مساعده

بل الموقع

- برنامج جيدا جدا ونصح بها شكرا ي ازار

ازار جيد جدا للغايه حيث يخلي الواحد يستانس من الطفش وشكرا

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- Gems

Decent app fun to use but they put the price of gems up when lockdown happened so that’s a bit of a low blow considering no one is working.

- Very amazing app

I met the love of my life on this app, and until this day I am in shock. I have nothing but great things to say about azar. Keep up the good work.

- hbb azar

amazing app, found the love of my life. my rock ❤️ my ride or die.

- Makes no sense

It says the app is for 17+, I’m 19 yet it kicked me out of my account and won’t let me join because it says “I’m too young”

- Stupid Application - Total time waste


- Apps sucks suspending users for no reason

AZAR sucks!! I paid for VIP memebership and got suspended twice for 8 day so basically cant use it. DO NOT buy premium does not worth it cause anyone can suspend you and you cannot use it. I already dispute it with app store and I got my refund back. AZAR is just another fake app that runs after your money...not a fun app to meet good people at all. Keep your money in your pocket since does not worth a penny!!

- It’s ok

It’s a good app , for some reason they just take my gems

- Good app

I like to report all the rude and nude people and make Azar safer place

- I wish you can chat with both genders without money

Great app to talk with other people, but I wish you can talk to all genders without money

- Turkey


- Scam and hidden fees

I purchased a VIP membership lately 1) used to be able to place 3 free calls now only 1 2) Adding friends costs 480 gems without warning you in advance, it just deducts it automatically 3) the app fails to allow people to add each other hence charging you 480 gems after even though both tried to add each other during a call (screenshot will be forwarded to Apple support for proof) 4) Network quality is so bad that if the other user does not have a high speed connection, Azar will not try to reconnect and causes the call to drop

- Disgusting

I do not recommend this app. It has too many disgusting stuff.

- N

There ripping me off with money

- The calls

Please make the 3 calls back again

- Too many scammers

Too many people from Philippines and other countries that just get here so you can send money. Azaar doesn’t seem to care. Not a good way to have fun

- Vibo live

What happened to vibo live

- Sad

Other apps allow you to choose genders without a fee. Why I would pay to make friends around the world when Line and SM and a bunch more are free.

- Love

Best app love it

- Very expensive

C’est cher, It’s expensive

- Bonsoir paris

J’aime parler de mes problèmes de couple est me faire traiter de gay cordialement votre client insatisfait

- M

Horrible app and customer service dont download and waste your time

- I requested an immediate refund !

Hello today the 20th of july i was charged 31.35$ on my debit card saying that i have puchased gems on azar which I haven’t used for a while, i even had the app deleted!!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?????! Explain yourselves. And I cannot even request a refund from apple cuz it says my request doesn’t meet whatever !!!!! Refund my money Asap!

- Ads

Can you guys please add ads to get gems! I want to practise my Spanish but i don’t have enough money to buy gems. I am willing to watch ads to talk to spanish people.

- You cannot report abusive behaviour or harassment

The app is a sesspool of discrimination, homophobic slander, and racism.

- Wow- money grab

First off - how dare you make people pay to specify which gender they prefer - paid features like this will ruin an app.

- Sioux bye

Y’a plein de monde qui nous montre leur partie intime 🤮🤢 je vous déconseille cette application

- Money Hungry!!!

After downloading the app, you are required to pay for almost everything including changing a name and trying out any action. And you can’t change or delete your account. Users Should be left to access and control the content they provide at any time. This app locks you out of control once you register. And will ask This is very unethical. I can’t even delete my account. I want out and you can’t keep my information if I no longer interested

- Gender and regional

You charge so much points for regional and gender sections

- This app sucks balls

This app sucks balls

- Mean

Sucks people are mean

- More freedom for free

Overall a well designed app, however to really do anything you either need gems or you have to pay. On another note, there is very little options to build your profile. I would like more options to customize my profile and at least be able to select genders and locations for free.

- Don't ever pay for the region cuz you will never get that

I paid for select region but it's just never work

- C’est de la merde

ATTENTION N’ALLEZ PAS SUR Azar! C’est une application qui a des pervers de 50 ou plus et des jeune de 17 qui demande de montrer nos sein ou autre. Notre expérience: on a vu des penis poilus et c’était traumatisant🤮. J’en ai pas dormi de la nuit. MERCI DE NE PAS L’INSTALER👍🏻

- Le monde es méchante

Il y a du monde qui nous demmande de montrer montre partie intime

- Non

Ces vrm choquent il y a plein de gens qui font juste te demander montre moi tes seins ect en même temps de se masturber

- Unexpected turn

A random guy was wearing a mask and threatened me to do bad things or else he would expose my information to other people online..... Do not get app..... :(

- Ladies ladies come on 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

5 star for the ad on IG💀

- Bad !

When your account is suspended for any reason, all your money ( Gems ) get lost . WASTE OF MONEY D

- 👎🏿

Very poor. Why do I have to pay to select a gender?

- Azar

Beautiful azar

- Crash

App keeps crashing doesn’t even open

- bad


- Hi

I do not like

- To pick a gender preference I have to pay

Everything was great until I find out I have to go through guys in order to meet a girl and for me to pick the gender preference I’d have to pay. That’s so stupid

- Bad customer service

No help line and and no one to talk to if we need any help with the app..

- شراء المجوهرات

لماذا أسعار المجوهرات تختلف من شخص الي شخص اخر ؟

- I love it

I love it

- User


- Wrooooong

Dommage que je ne puisse pas essayer l’app, ils me demandent de payer, je suis à Montréal, quel intérêt de rencontrer quelqu'un en Asie 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ really? Mauvais concept.

- Bonne application

Très bonne appli plutôt fluide et diversifiée cependant il y a des bugs c’est à dire que lorsque l’on veut switcher l’écran pour passer a une autre personne ou revenir sur le menu cela ne fonctionne pas toujours

- Id is not working

Hi there who so ever os operating this app, listen I haven’t done anything wrong and still my id getting reported this is not fare at all. I want to continue with my id this is not fare. Thanks

- What’s wrong

I join VIP cost $39.99 Australia I didn’t get any credits of benefitsAnd I contact you. Did you really ready my message because you haven’t done anything

- Can’t get past login

Pretty sh**

- Annoying ads

Stop ur fking undignified ads

- Error

Skerror domain can’t buy coins.. do something.

- There’s a sk error game

There’s a sk error game

- Scam

Updates are intende to get money out of users. Worst customer experience. Uninstalled!!!

- Feedback

I can’t select a gender and no option for selected countries. You can allow access to those option tho you can increase the adds. Thank you


Pedofile’s use this app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, they can see your location.

- Eh

It’s okay if you want to talk to dudes living in caves

- 1 call???

Good app but 1 free call per hour is dumb

- Disgusting update.

13 gems for gender selection is outrageous. Used a lot but now I’m out of here, you should do the same.

- Scammers

Worst ever app ! Total waste of time..xx

- Don’t download this app


- Needs to be innovated

Contacts should have "online" statuses so users can see which friends are on just like on facebook messenger, needs to make users more interactive with one another

- Terrible

I payed for the 500 coins and got banned cause girls would just report me for saying hello, had no idea wth was going on then they took $6 out of my card and now expecting $8 more so it stopped my Apple ID. Smh don’t trust this app. Use monkey or Hola

- I liked Azar

I loved

- Cannot pay

Cannot pay for I phone x

- Wastage of gems

I buyed gems and set location but my gems were wasted because the location i set was not comming and my gems were deducted

- Feeling good

Best app to have fun

- The worst

The worst

- Not very Happy with the App.

It's not bad but I will not recommend it to a friend. Because in order to send a text or a request, you have to buy gems 💎 and pay for it. I do not like the idea . Thanks tho.

- Ok

I think it stuf your phone up. And I just looking for people in Australia but it goes over world so not good.

- Bad app

It's really bad app. 1-You can't get back to the new people you meet. 2-sometimes make skip by itself 3-the location of people is not right 4-too much money to get full app 5-sometimes the app forcing and i have to close it and open it again 6-take more Data off Internet Sorry it's really bad app!! 👎🏻

- $$

Quality is decent but unfortunately you gotta buy some gems to be able to use the whole app

- So bad

Good apps but All nerd to pay for the gems.Really disappointed

- Kizito


- Deleted the app

This apps only logs in with facebook! Privacy ALERT!!!!!

- Good for me

I have a lovely friend from this app 😂😊

- Bad

The camera keep appear the black screen instead myself... Bad.. Need keep close the and reopen it to manage to let the camera works

- Camera

After 2 min, my iPhone camera stop working. I got iPhone 6s

- Azar

I like it

- Improvements

Can i gets some free gems by watch ad videos or invites friends??

- :))

Good. I like it!

- I'm waiting

Nix slightly

- the app takes my credit before even see who's your match, what a bad app

very bad app, even when you pay to match a girl you found boys match, what a bad app, when never match people from your country or near you while you select your country for match, don't waste your money, Never buy credit


Can't get the free coins, a lots of ads comes up and disturbing!! Honestly not good! Please fix it thank you :)

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- Cool app needs one feature

This app is really good and the only thing I really want is a 2p mode for this app to be a 5 star.

- Bad app

So many Arab people on this app and a curse A lot

- 👌🏻


- Wow, all these reviews are trash

This app is so bad. I couldn’t change my name. I couldn’t tell the app what I wanted to see, whether it be boy or girl. I had to pay for gems just to get a preference. You can’t do anything without paying for it

- It is very very expensive

It is very very expensive

- Promo code

How do I use the promo code @bazinga

- You don’t do what you said

I pay vip for 15 $ and pay for 25 $ just to pick the location i want I don’t get that this is my last time in the app

- Fix the problem first

Do not making our money! Try to leave kinky people away first!

- Stupid app

Never use azar again I used to use it for more than 3 years but now they only want money they increased one swipe from 9 gems to 17 and from 3 free calls to only 1 call . They are still taking our money while they are decreasing quality!!! If you say its for increasing quality I’m choosing specific region and it shows me matches from another region I’m not choosing Is this the quality you talking about ? You are taking my money

- اهلين

انا دافع جواهر فقط اريد من السعوديه. لا اريد اي دوله اخرى ارجووووكم !!!! مستعد انطر وقت طويل لاكن لااريد اي دوله اخرى لانه الجواهر راحت على الفاضي وشكرا

- نصابين

الحذر من التطبيق يسرق فلوسك بلفاضي لا احد يشحن الحذر الحذر

- كربلاء


- فلسطين

برنامج رائع جداً

- It’s a scam app

Don’t download Scam

- تطبيق ممتاز مره

افضل تطبيق تواصل مع الناس تقيم ٥ نجوم

- Hhjjjkhhk


- لبنان

لا يمكني المراسلة مع الأصدقاء. لماذا ؟؟؟

- زق عليكم

الله يلعن من اسس ها البرنامج لعنة ابو لهب

- The app is not working

The app is not working and my money there for the Gems are gone ; I have been trying to start it for a while. I deleted it and Re installed but the same issue keeps happening. me and my friends face the same issue

- نصابين يضيعون الجواهر

قبل كان 9 جواهر والحين 17 ليش دبل

- جيد جدا

برنامج جيد

- ازار

البرنامج رائع وفِي بنات كثير التشبيك فيه سهل

- App

Looks like this is a predominantly white dating app

- العراق


- Im using my ipad and i can’t press anything at the login screen

It doesn’t work

- فيه شينه

اذا عطوك باند يبطي مينفك اي واحد يبلغ عليك حتى لو مسويت شي يجيك بااااند

- 😐

thats not work 😐

- I love it

I’ve deleted and then reinstalled this app many times because I can’t stay away from it, I find it really fun and it makes the time go by fast. I’ve met a lot of interesting people on here that I ended up friending on other social media platforms so I could talk to them more. All around fun and enjoyable app :)

- Not working

I have problem with app not working with my iPad 11 inch 2018 open but any touche working my iOS is 13.2 pleas help

- Trash

👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 trash app

- البرنامج سيئ الرسوم مرتفعه جدا

تم حظر حسابي بدون سبب

- So expensive and cheating

So expensive and cheating

- To whom it may concern

Its very good but there is one thing that bothering me while using.. im paying to have everything i want and the problem is .. im choosing the region ana it seems like im wasting my money on other regions so please let me enjoy my choices

- Always band

I don’t like it, always band me ?!

- To azar

Hi I have problem with this app it’s not working please fixed i cant’t access ?! This problem after updating softwar ipad

- Mi Dearborn

لانه كان أفضل بكثير لانه لايوجد بنات للتعارف فقط والحظر طويل في حال اي بلاغ

- Country

Usually I chose Kuwait and the country i see is in east Asia.this is ridiculous

- Photos

No puedo ver las Fotos cuando las Envían con la Nueva actualización

- I didn’t sign up for this!

Ok, WHAT THE HECK is going up with this update? It’s ok if you want to have your own Tinder-like functionality or app with this new cards thing, but you just can’t activate a new feature like that and suddenly have my face/age/country randomly appearing on the accounts of hundreds of persons near me to swipe at WITHOUT MY CONSENT. One thing is selecting the people’s countries I want to chat with and be able to skip them immediately while I’m controlling the app, but this is a total different thing that I didn’t sign up to and an abuse of privacy if you didn’t even let us choose to use it or appear on it. You gotta at least let us deactivate the option, but no, you cashgrabbers ask for money so we can hide our info from the cards. Totally deleting my 2-year account if you don’t do something this about this ASAP.

- Problem

Hi , I am in Iran and cant use it, i want to know why we cant use it ? Sara

- Error

Application Unavailable: The application you're trying to use is either no longer available or access is restricted.

- Answer

Where do i write the promocode?

- Who knows

It’s basically a bunch of foreigners’ trying te be in Americans and talking trash about Americans’.. It’s a battery burner , for random foreigners’ te show shade and such .. The video chat app is a great idea, just not for random companies’ .. This App has no quality of necessities’.. It’s a bunch of rude foreign ugly cowards’ finding their way and reasons’ te throw dirty shade at Americans bi violating the Americans and being the black eyed children..

- احتاج الي جواهر وتشغيل حسابي

احتاج الي جواهر وتشغيل حسابي

- Totally absolute Rip-Off!

Totally absolute Rip-Off! Only for seeing men. Gay maker!

- Pervs

All a bunch of pervs showing their dicks are old creepers

- Expensive!

13germs for one swipe that’s stealing!!

- لايوجد عروض

رغم اني شحنت اكثر من 20 مرة ولايوجد اي هدياء ورفع البحث عن انثي الي 19 جوهره

- I can't use it for a couple of months I don't know why please guide me and update it

I can't use it for a couple of months I don't know why please guide me and update it

- Greeeedy

Just greedy

- Application pour obséder

Sérieusement je n’ai que 17 ans et à chaque fois je tombe sur des gens qui parlent anglais et qui avait 27 ans et qui voulait que je leur montre mes parties personnel et ils étaient prêts à tous il y en avait même qui était prêt à montrer leur propre partie intimes

- Old filters were gone

Dear Azar, Good morning, I like your app , and also we liked the old filters which it's gone now, for no reason, I hope if there is a chance to put it back. Thank you.

- 🤔

its a good app but getting ban that quick means useless for using vip i have one incident that a girl show something then after that iam the one being ban but its a good app you can learn alot of language here

- Scam !!

Scam and rip off , i paid many times , and every one of those i get sent out of the region i choose which is canada and US. I guess is done deliberately to make people pay more and more, Bad rip off !!

- مرحبا

زمان كان يطلعلي شباب وبنات الان بس بطلعلي شباب مشان هيك انا ما بفتح هاد البرنامج كثير زمان انا ٢٤ ساعه ساعه كنت على هاد البرنامج بس الان لا وانا حالياً ببحث على برنامج اخر شكراً

- It takes money without utilizing it

It takes money without utilizing it therefore it’s a ripoff

- Don't pay for it


- Awesome


- very good


- Good app

Best app

- I liked

I liked this app

- The new updatee sucks sooo bad!!

This new update is so bad.Lags everytime i scroll,has some useless effects,new avatars look so annoying and there arent as many girls as it used to be and on the top of all it crashes!

- Keeps crashing

The new update sucks It keeps crashing after 10 seconds Fix it ASAP

- Sucks keeps crashing app doesn't work

Waste of time doesn't work keeps crashing

- Quand tu as rien à faire !

Rien !!!

- Azar is great

I love Azar its so much fun, mew a few ppl that I know n met in real life on there it's a new step into alternatives for omegle

- اًٍْْْلـًٍٍْـ👑ًٍٍـبًٍٍصًٍٍّْْرٍُْهْ🌟ًٍٍ

انهو جميل ويضحك تتعرف عڵـے ناس جدد حبيته هواي

- Oh well

Out of 100 profiles, 99 of them were males :(

- Better than omegle


- Bof...

C'est intéressant se concept mais comme je suis aux Québec une province bilingue... je pogne juste des personnes de États-Unis mais je ne parle pas du tout anglais :/

- Good App

Ressemblence a chatroulette mais sur mobile

- Prima

Good app

- 🙏

Hello, can you make this app for ios 7 pleasee?!

- Azar inscription

Impossible d'ouvrir l'application c'est Tune in qui démarre à la place c'est vraiment étrange?

- Ripoff

This app is useless always have to pay to use it. Lot more better app then that , it will be great if not have to buy gems every 10 minutes. Must be joking $279.00 for gems .waste of time searching in a country give you results in all other countries, and cost you gems every time even if you skip Don't waste your time on this apps

- No one answer me and fix my camera bug

I send more that 10 help request about an error in my camera and I have to restart azar and the problem the same. Nobody do any think about it I will uninstall it wast of time and money. I write this after another 10 days and no fix not just me my other friends has the same problem. No one fix the problem after update and I send them a gain no respond. It's really a waste of money.

- This app Just looking money only

This app just asking money at beginning for gender selection. How i spend money on this app as long I don't have opportunity to play with this app first. To be honest I don't feel it's the useful app as it's advertised. Thank you.

- Pourie


- It costs to see only females ?!??

I find it pretty stupid to pay for some "germs" to be able to see only females. I mean, at least take off 1 germ per female we see ! Except that, this app is pretty mediocre.

- Terms of Service??

The ToS is so long I think they may have wanted me to agree to give them my first born. I'm sick of having to turn over my entire identity to use a gimmicky app. Disagreed and uninstalled. Stay away!

- Spooky

It reminds me too much of omegle video chat. I don't know what's going to pop up.

- Hrmm

3,000,000 users and I'm the first to review.. I'm calling BS

- Attention

SVP application pour les obsédés fille avait cette application et j'ai dû lui faire enlever...un homme qui voulait qu'on lui montre ses parties intimes en plus l'homme était prêt à montrer ses parties personnel ....SVP est ce que vous êtes prêts à le faire ...bonne chance

- Horrible

I payed for the gem to choose the region but even though i choose Canada and US and it is getting me people from Asia and other countries and when it comes back to US and Canada it brings the same people again and again It is a waste and i need my money back

- thanks for fixing the cam blur

the cam blur was so bad. but you guys are so cool you fix it thanks

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- Do not download!!!

Very disgusting application. You can’t make two clicks before being asked to pay for something. A complete waste of time. I’ve done you a favour don’t bother downloading. 😒

- Bad experience

The guys are to freaky and too rude

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Azar - Video Chat, Discover 1.43.0 Screenshots & Images

Azar - Video Chat, Discover iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Azar - Video Chat, Discover iphone images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover iphone images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover iphone images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover iphone images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover iphone images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover ipad images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover ipad images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover ipad images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover ipad images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover ipad images
Azar - Video Chat, Discover Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Azar - Video Chat, Discover Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Azar - Video Chat, Discover (Version 1.43.0) Install & Download

The applications Azar - Video Chat, Discover was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-06-11 and was developed by Hyperconnect [Developer ID: 972558972]. This application file size is 156.36 MB. Azar - Video Chat, Discover - Social Networking posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 1.43.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Azar - Video Chat, Discover Advisories: Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes

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