Google Maps - Transit & Food

Google Maps - Transit & Food [Navigation] App Description & Overview

Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other important places.

Get where you need to go efficiently:
• Find the best route with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure

Find important businesses:
• Know what’s open in your area and their latest business hours
• Find local restaurants offering delivery and takeout
• Create lists of your important places

Get there faster with real-time updates
• Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
• Catch your bus, train, or ride-share with real-time transit info
• Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closure
• With Live View in Google Maps, see the way you need to go with arrows and directions placed right on top of your world. There’s no second guessing or missing another turn.

More experiences on Google Maps
• Offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection
• Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more
• Indoor maps to quickly find your way inside big places like airports, malls and stadiums
* Some features not available in all countries
* Navigation isn't intended to be used by oversized or emergency vehicles

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Google Maps - Transit & Food Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings bug fixes and new features to help users during COVID-19.

Google Maps - Transit & Food Comments & Reviews

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- Amazing

It’s one of the best map apps. I highly recommend this app.

- Please make street names more visible

Sometimes I can’t tell in the map view what the name of the street is. I use Apple maps for that. Please make street names more visible.

- Unable to open decimal cordinates

I’m unable to open decimal coordinates on the iPhone app but the same cordinates works on web.

- Removed full screen

I have no idea why Google made the decision to make it so you can’t hide the menu and search bar like you were able to in previous versions

- Choose on map not working

When I plot a route to cycle or drive, the “choose on map” function always misplaces my cursor position about a kilometre or so to the east. Please fix - it makes this tool quite useless.

- request

perfect app , just if you put truck roads so most of trucker can use it .


Google Maps is a great app to help you get to where you need to be! Google Maps has helped me with a bunch of things like getting place to place, finding where to eat or shop and lastly it help people know how to get to my house if they need to know. Google Maps is an AWESOME app to download, keep up the good work LLC! :D

- Arrow points in the opposite direction and does not advance with the car’s position

Arrow freezes and can’t use the map ever since I updated my IOS. Worked fine before that! Any help in fixing that please?

- Cannot download

I have iOS 10.3.3 on my iPad and have been running Google Maps until today when I got tired of the screen going black while trying to use Street View. I removed the app with the intention of reloading, just in case the app was corrupted. I can't download Google Maps at all now.

- No location for home residence yet...multiple messages sent

Lived at our home address since 2014, and it still does not show up. The whole development that our house is in is still not in Google Maps. I have sent multiple messages and no response.

- What Happened to GMaps?

Google, what happened to the nice, minimalist interface of yesteryear? I’m now forced to view these god awful ‘catagories’ buttons, none of which I will ever intentionally tap/use, which are taking up way too much of the already very limited real estate on my screen... This is the kind of thing that’s going to get you deleted in favor of Apple Maps... Please, stop punishing us...

- Cluttered

This lasted version has removed full screen view sadly, it’s so cluttered with buttons and labels, it resembles a filthy city plastered with billboards IMO, thanks for that, all in the name of progress I guess, I’ll look for another map I suppose

- Glitchy and slow

The past month, I’ve been noticing that if I take a different route to a destination, the map does not update according to my route and the road I’m driving on remains grey (instead of blue). Thankfully I’m on roads I’m familiar with because otherwise it would be impossible to get around. I have tried restarting and deleting the app, didn’t help the issue. I’m running the latest iOS, on the iPhone 11 so I don’t think a performance issue is the case. Please fix this issue, as I really don’t wanna have to deal with Apple maps

- Really good app


- 2 issues.

When I name a starred or saved place it still shows up either as dropped pin or actual coordinates and I can’t search the particular name that I gave a location. This is annoying when you want to search on CarPlay and the coordinates show up as the name instead of the name I gave it. Why?? Also what happened to full screen map mode. I used to be able to tap to get rid of the search bar and menu at the bottom when I look at the satellite view. Otherwise this would have been 5 stars.

- It’s not up to date

I am a customer who recently ordered at Thai Sushi. I find google really helpful when I’m lost, but that’s not the point. The point is that my food I ordered did not come on time. It was 40 minutes late. When I checked google maps (because everyone uses it) the road I live on is the same name as another road. So I had to wait forty extra minutes to get my food. I hope the workers at google read this, I hope you guys can update maps a bit more often so the newly built roads can be recognized earlier. Thanks for your time.

- Great

As an Apple user google maps is useful for the amount of time it takes to get there on a bike. Well done!

- Wrong address

I wanted to go to a Brazilian restaurant called Acajou Br and google maps sent me to the old address 5121 Boul st laurant MONTRÉAL . And the new address is 3425A rue st Denis H2X-3L1

- ThankYou

I have been dealing with Kimberley from empire one credit solutions and she has been fantastic, thank you

- Out of date satellite and street views

We have lived here for over 3 years and the whole neighborhood has been filled up but Google Maps has not been updated. Enchanted Way North, St Albert, Alberta, Canada

- CarPlay

CarPlay for Google maps has major issues in terms of running in the background especially when there is a destination already mapped out and I plug-in to CarPlay it automatically crashes and I have to re-launch it. Very frustrating. I’d also like you guys to be able to add multiple stops and have Google maps organize it based on priorities or most efficient routes more easier than it is now thank you.

- Sometimes change is bad

I loved Google Maps before you changed the way we can view the street. Now it dims with an arrow. So annoying.

- Cycling

Redownloading because new phone Apple maps doesn’t have cycling. Thanks for having that feature and hope dev continues there as HPV infrastructure advocacy increases i.e. strava

- Please fix it!!

The new version is awful! It’s the same as having Maps app. It’s just not accurate with timing and it doesn’t have the same options as before. Please go back to the old version!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

- وائل حبال الأفضل

لالتغيير وائل حبال

- Google traffic

This app helps me a lot for when I’m looking for the best cheap gas in Abbotsford

- Door to door movers

I was so happy with Door to door Movers. They were quick and professional. They were so polite And nothing got broken. Thank again. I would use them again and recommend to them to all that I know. Thank you!!!!

- Covid 19

Really bad experience in this store worker and people in this store without mask and doesn’t care about social distance, even manger the store

- iOS update problem

I had an iOS update and now Google Maps will not load. I have to enter my iTunes password every time the app opens then it freezes with a blank white screen then crashes.

- Ads on maps? WTF

Ads on maps.

- I like it


- I just feel it is impolite to not give a 5 star review


- Still a five star

This app is amazing, but the only thing is In some areas it is outdated

- My review

II really like the fact that you don’t need any wifi or data anymore to use a gps and I find that it is much better than apple maps

- No google map offline

I downloaded the app for google map offline and there’s no longer the option

- Perfect

Works perfect

- New update crashed the app

Since the update the app froze and wouldn't open again, so I deleted it. Now I cannot download it again onto my iphone, so I need to use my web browser to use it. My storage is fine, so I don't know what's going on with this update.

- Awesome navigation ! The Best 👍🏼


- Unclear guidance

Good app overall, but when I use it for directions while biking it often tells me to use paths that don’t actually exist and I end up getting lost pretty often because of this. I’ve also had to consider adding a compass to my bicycle to be able to properly follow the GPS because it likes to say stuff like “in 618 meters, head south-west through Bushes” or “Let the northern winds guide you for about 12 minutes, and at the rooster’s scream go straight through the nearest forest and your destination will be 3km directly behind you” instead of simply “turn left on bike path” or smth

- Pins deleting

I have lists of places I've saved, but some saved places are getting deleted from my lists. I just want to save places and have them stay in my lists. Hope this can be solved! Thank you 🙂

- Terrible update UI/UX

Last update made terrible visualization on landscape view of the map menus are smaller and seems like the car is not on the central position now. Stop trying to change menus and views of what was already perfect. Wish it was possible to change to the previous style...... I will try Apple Maps app next time.

- Hi

This is a stinkin piece of poo!I can never find where I want to go ! Pls help.

- Always suggests walking directions

Despite having it defaulted to driving

- Gave me wrong directions twice now

Was thrilled about this app til it’s now given me wrong directions for the second time. It may take me “close” to my destination, but definitely not on par!

- I downloaded the app just so I could write a review

Awful and horrible. Because of this stupid app and it’s stupid ads and it’s refusal to work on mobile I got screwed over. I shouldn’t have to download 4 different apps to use features offered on the browser and it definitely shouldn’t LOCK OUT YOUR PHONE BROWSER BECAUSE IT KEEPS LOOPING YOU BAVK TO THE F***ING APP STORE!

- Go from 3 stars to 4

This app is convenient but not when it comes to switching driving to walking or biking etc. The odd time I feel I get lucky and see a quick pop up that asks how I’m getting to my location but not often. No where on the app is it easy to find any option to switch it to? Make it easier please. I’ve asked a few people to tell me how long it would take to walk to a location and I found they had to close the app, google the question and load the “walking” direction that way. Thank you for listening.


Bluetooth operation is very very slow !!!

- Renée Laforet

I’ve been a client for over a decade and never disappointed! Dr. Jezdic and her team are proficient and professional in every way and I’ve never been disappointed. I am often asked how I’ve kept my skin looking so great at my age. I know how. It’s the dedication of a well educated and professional team. I wouldn’t change a thing! Thanks for helping me age gracefully!

- Review 🔥

In general great app love the style and lay out of the app and the help....

- The best map ever complaints

- State of the Art navigation Mapping System

Good to know that google maps has arrived on the 20th century

- Magnificent service

With short notice this company was quick to react with compassion and empathy. They were so very helpful and I would not ever use anyone else now

- It’s magic !

Never get lost.

- Thuong


- Amazing

So great and easy to use

- Hi


- Hasn’t functioned for routing while driving for months now.

Select my destination, hit start and fails to do anything as I travel. It’s useless.

- Freezing Issue Spoils a Good App

I’ve always used Google Maps in preference to Apples Maps but since upgrading to an iPad Air 3, it freezes after I zoom and I have to reboot. Most inconvenient when navigating my husband through a city. Using OS 13.4.1. Searching the net for answers has only shown me that others have a similar problem. Hope there will be a fix soon.

- Update the map

Update the map

- Christinah A

In these troubling times it’s nice to find someone who cares and is so very helpful, thank you again Christinah for everything you did for me.

- Not update

Not update

- Great application

I like the app. I would give five star ratings if it has many different fancy car location while driving!!

- ...Write a Review...

Quality is good Imagery is good also, can see different types of thermal settings for location, reviewing...

- Mt. Everst lies in Nepal not in china 🇨🇳 please review this information

Mt. Everst lies in Nepal .

- Needs earlier turn warnings and less right turns

For some reason google maps doesn't warn you when you need to turn until it's far too late and you can't possibly get in the correct lane, it needs an additional warning for turns earlier. Also for some reason it's obsessed with taking routes that involve right turns onto main roads with no lights, google maps really needs to correctly weight the fact that some roads are impossible to turn right onto during busy traffic hours and come up with better routes. Until google fixes these problems I really can't recommend google maps as it's more likely to get you lost or in an accident than it is to get you to your destination

- psb 97

Find them always useful and up to date. Thanks

- Good!

I love this app right now because it helps me with my distance for home schooling and dumb CORONA VIRUS!

- Almost perfect

This app works amazingly and has gotten better after every update. But the update we’re all waiting for years to come is the introduction of changing icons!!! Even as little as 5 icons or colours will help so much! Then it’s a perfect app!

- Colour codes

Would really like to be able to colour code my saved lists

- Good search app

You can find any area with this app. It is pretty good.

- Unusable

What have you done to Google Maps! It’s totally unusable following the latest update. The app is a danger to itself and society. Take it down and fix it before someone gets in a car accident trying to follow inaccurate and delayed directions!

- Fix please

Keeps saying, unsupported link

- Latest up dates not good

Latest update is no good Gets confused on location recalculated route a lot And map doesn’t rotate in directions you’re heading.. if you’re heading south you drive downward on the map and hard to workout where and when to turn while driving

- Rerouting

Since the update my maps constantly keep rerouting. Constantly having issues

- Update broke it on ios!! Please fix it!

Since the last update, google maps has broken and it doesn’t work properly any more! I’ve been using google maps every single day for many years and now I’m considering to use the iPhone maps even though I don’t like it till the bugs that were introduced in the update are fixed. Issues: - google maps suddenly goes crazy and it thinks I’m completely in a different location, so it can’t provide the correct direction and then it starts to keep changing directions every few seconds - there is a 10-30 seconds lag now. Which makes it annoying, for example it only tells me that I needed to turn few seconds after I’ve already passed the street! Lol useless! - This one is not a bug but it’s something that no one probably thought would be an issue. I can only adjust the volume when google maps is talking! If it’s not talking, the volume bottoms only adjust my ringtone! I had a super difficult time driving today which made me miss my appointment because the sound suddenly disappeared and I had to wait for google maps to talk every time I was behind a red light so that I could increase the volume. This got accompanied but the whole app freaking out at some point and thinking I was on the other side of the city! - There used to be a speed limit sign at the corner of the screen. It was very useful. Please bring it back. I’m not sure if it’s possible for you to do some user studies before you release updates with big changes. I hope to see the bugs fixed very soon. Currently the app can’t be trusted

- Should be sued

Your app is #1 in Navigation but a recent update has the possibility to cause serious danger to drivers on the road. By including the speed limit indicator means drivers will see this and assume that’s the speed limit if they haven’t seen a road sign yet. I was using Google maps and ‘90’ came up on the map while on an open road. So after I was pulled up by a police car for going 20 kms over the speed limit. To my shock it was a 70 km zone! Now charged with a $200 fine and 4 demerits I’m bringing this to your attention because someone like me getting a speeding ticket is nothing compared to what could happen. If the speed limit is not accurate on the app then it seriously shouldn’t be there.

- Tracking

Plz pedometer made on this app

- The gangrene turkey

The British have the best intelligence in Scotland Yard and still never been invaded so just to let you know god is my armour and I’ll drop my cluster last

- Travel

Travel = easy Easy = Peasy Why? Google Maps!

- Overall good

Good but it would be nice to be able to reply to reviews.

- App keeps crashing

After the most recent update I cannot open the app. It keeps crashing. I am using iPhone XR. Please fix it

- mmm Crashing Ipad

Bought latest iPad Air in January. Google maps freezes 3 times out of 6. Crashes iPad. Must restart. Very annoying! This is the BEST mapping utility on the planet and I’d like to keep using it......but🥴

- Excellent

It’s a real help.

- Do not purchase

Absolutely horrendous app. Tricky to use, much apps in the map field much much better put together. Location service is unreliable and effectively useless. Looks as if google got the work experience kids to design an app

- Bad update

Not functioning well since the last update. It always freezes, and doesn’t correct me if I go in a wrong direction. Can’t trust it anymore

- Apple Car Play dark mode no longer working

Since the last update, Apple CarPlay Dark Mode does no longer work, even when setting the CarPlay Google Maps setting to dark mode, the map remains in standard day mode. This makes it almost impossible to use when driving at night as the display is far too bright. Can you please fix this? iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 13.4.1 in Hyundai i30 PD 2019.

- Please fix Automatic/Night mode

To only be able to navigate in night mode is ridiculous, working night shift occasionally I have to go to areas that I don’t know that well so I’ll get my self to the general area then start navigation when I need it Also lose the state route numbers for Australia we don’t refer to main surface roads that way let alone freeways/highways

- Google maps

Hi love google maps just one thing can you highlight all the other street’s in a different colour so that there more visible thanks

- Map not working properly

My map is freezing navigation is not working properly I got lost in freeway tried re installing and reset as well but still not working help me asap thanks

- Was good - now bad

Huge navigational issues now in rural areas. Do not trust it at the moment.

- Oscar’s Review

Thank you very much for making a app that is always up to date it helps me when I’m trying to find an art shop, somewhere to eat and I love it. It’s just amazing👌👌👌

- IT’S SO, SO BAD :(

UPDATE: When phone is sideways (horizontally), it cuts off buttons at bottom of screen, specially START/GO button!! This has happen for last 3 updates 😞🙁🥺 Google Maps were so much better approx 5 years ago, in iOS 8! Now, It gets me lost 9, out of 10 times! When press Start, the blue arrow just sits there, in centre of screen, and point to wrong direction (I am facing), at least 98% of times! I start to drive and nothing’s happens, no voice and arrow doesn’t move either, until 3mins later and by then it tells me to turn around and go back the opposite direction!!?? Also, I’m in Australia and it keeps showing “State Route xx”, instead of real street names - no one calls the streets by ‘State Route...’ It never remembers the same route (even used the day before), it keeps sending me in a wild goose chase... even on the way back, 1 hour later! When I know the starting point, just need bit guidance half way through, it keeps telling me to do U-turns and go another, much longer journey. To make things worst, in one single sentence, it says: “turn right, turn left“, but there’s nowhere else to turn, after the first turn, odd !? And, at beginning of a journey there’s no voice instructions, so it shows a highlighted route, but 2mins later, ‘changes it’s mind’ and shows another route completely different and in opposite direction !? OMG so, so infuriating and stressful :( Nowadays, no matter how many updates, It’s utterly useless, and inaccurate !!! I feel I should go back to my old Garmin.

- Response too slow

After my last update it’s not responding well once I put the destination it just thinking for about a minute and then it show the route, it was not like before Hopefully it will be sorted with this update


I’m not sure what’s going on but my GPS isn’t working at all. I’m not happy about it.

- Marty’s haji ghousuddin kabul Afghanistan


- Easier location

It’s ok, but there should be an easier way to get to more, non-address location. Like if you wanted to get to a crop circle site, but all you get is some restaurant.

- issue on Google maps

I don't know why used carplay suddenly cancel out? It's happened every day! Make me crazy!

- Not working

Please fix app ASAP

- Love you Google map

You’re the best

- Ola missing in the ride share option

Only Uber and Didi is showing in the ride-share option. Ola is missing. It’s good to have all in one place to compare the prices.

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- Maps

Maps is so good to me

- Original APP was better

This is very good, but the aspect rotation reduces the usability. Every time you zoom in or out the slightest rotation moves North. The original app was the best. I wish I could have that back. The loss of HOME and WORK on the home screen and the audio delay (causing missed turns) is making this very annoying to use. Change of logo means I can’t find it quickly on my device

- Amazing app

Very great quality app but would help if speed limits would show up in the bottom corner. Please work to make this happen

- It’s a yes from me.

It gets me to where I’m going 💪💪

- Review

Love it

- Please create another icon or return the previous one back

Please create another icon or return the previous icon back because the current icon is similar like Google Photo and with the small icon on a half white background, it looks weird while running on a Dark Theme of iPhone.

- Road trip

Very handy didn’t get lost 😃

- Error in cycling directions

Suggesting to go through M1 (Bruce Highway) from Caboolture to North Lakes, Qld. Australia. Cycles not permitted on highways as with major countries.

- Not rerouting!

For the first time ever Google Maps didn’t reroute when I didn’t take the accepted route. I thought I was using Apple Maps 😅. Please sort this. Thanks

- Good


- The bew version gets lost, gps cant find anything.

The bew version gets lost, gps cant find anything.

- New features - can’t stop appreciating

Speed limit notice

- Use this app to track coronavirus!!!

Can’t Google track Coronavirus carriers and then tell you if you were at rinks of transmissions? Surely this is technically possible and reasonably easy to do??? Also this must be highly beneficial for society???

- Lucas

I love this app

- Camera alerts

^^^^the best upgrade for google map is yet to come, which is red light, speed cameras and speed traps that WAZE does amazingly! Google maps please introduce them asap!

- Buses


- Side buttons obscure the screen

Navigation works fine. However the four big buttons on the side (search, mute, compass and report) just obscure so much of my screen. Perhaps this is because many new phones have large screens and may not be an issue for them. Hoping there will be an update to have these buttons optional - if not already and I cannot find the settings to remove them.

- It’s not working.

I’ve been used only google map . But from few weeks ago. It search nothing beside search with exact address. When I don’t know about some area and I want to know where hospital or market or par is, it was perfect for me to find something around my area but it’s not working thesday. when I search as “park” it says no results. Only it can find it with exact name and street number , then why would I need it? I need you to fix it asap.please.

- Speedometer

Missing is a speedometer, it would be great if you can add it on next update.

- A good update for Google Map

This is what i’m waiting for. Thank’s for adding Road speed limit on the screen. A big thumbs up for this. 👍🏼

- Doesn’t work well with latest iOS 13.3.1 6s

The app doesn’t show map at all sometimes even you close the app and open or restart the phone. It is so annoying! I have to use a different navigation app now. Google never like this before, new update mess up EVERYTHING!!! 😡😡😡

- Great but can be better

I used Waze to navigate but moved to Google Maps recently. I’ve enjoyed it thus far but feel that it can be better. Appreciate if Google Maps can integrate a few of the features from Waze such as current speed, speed limit and also incident reporting. That would make it perfect.

- Great update

Well done google what a great and pleasure to use this app I love the sped limit that has been added I have been waiting a long time wonderful I recommend this app don’t ever change it

- AravKhuttan

Tells me places

- Good work

Hi I have been getting my clothes altered fro Nikki from last 4 years or more , I’m a regular customer to her, she not just does the job well but also very creative. Very pleasant person to deal with. Highly recommend

- Time to catch up with times

Yes great nav app, restaurants, shops, tracking etc. But times have changed and you haven’t really upgraded the app that much except added more clutter to the main screen. How about adding layers. As in layers of interest, fishing, weather, warnings, significant events, disease outbreaks, etc.

- Version 5.39: bug report + my fave navigation app + how to make it better

BUGS: 5.39 keeps crashing. Light rail doesn’t show up as the top route despite the preference for it being on. Public-transport routes show the time of bus-arrival after the time of destination-arrival, instead of before. Please fix. PROS: Works with Google Calendar so that you can tap on the event’s destination to see how to get there. Easy to compare the time it takes to get to your destination using different modes of transport (though only after you pick a mode of transport). Saves your search history, so it predicts what you’re searching for as you’re typing in a previously-searched destination. You can save places to make them easier to search for. It tells you how much it would cost to get there by Uber if you’re a user. I like the thumbnail preview and reviews that show up on some places. White dots on the public transport routes to indicate bus stops and tram stops. Regular updates to squash bugs and improve the experience. HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: Remove the “Explore ___” screen, it’s annoying. When you put in a destination, show all the different travel-times in the overview tab, so we don’t have to tap on “directions.” Add the ability to tap on a bus/tram station to see how long it would take to get there. Make transport preferences permanent, so we don’t have to choose the preferences every time we use the app. Show public-transport routes before and after the end points - that way we can decide if we want to go a different stop. Show the bus on the map so we can see how far away it is. The app uses both the AM/PM and the 24-hour time formats (eg. when warning that a destination may close within 1 hour of arrival). Use only the 24-hour time format. When tapping on the start-arrow, the app now shows the steps-screen before showing the map. Revert back to before this. Stop asking me to confirm my visit to places - it’s creeping me out. Get rid of ALL-CAPS - we don’t need to be yelled at. CONCLUSION: This is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever used, and it keeps getting better. It’s essential. If you liked this review, please long-press it and mark it as “helpful.”

- Great & helpful

Terrific easy to follow

- iPad Air 3, locks up iPad.

While using google maps for approx 10 min the screen freezes, NO swipe actions are active, the app won’t close the only action that works is to reset the iPad, it restarts and all functions normally. The only app that locks the iPad is google maps.

- The king

In my opinion this is the best maps available yet. Weirdly enough, the app on my wife's phone show the top directions as a tile. On my iPhone shows as it always did. Occupying the entire top screen. I actually like her better.

- My fathers tv

Paul was an easy going guy who went out of his way to help my aged father for all his/your tv needs, out by fixing his tv and was very nice, efficient, friendly and rang me before he attended as I requested, I highly recommend Paul’s professional attitude and didn’t rip off my father $ price wise. HIGHLY recommend this service Kylee

- Excellent and fun

I am very pleased and comfortable with using google maps. Google maps is a breezy very user friendly process so no confusion regarding the use of the apps functionality.

- Update ruined it all!!!

After latest update inaccurate and laggy🤬 which makes it almost unusable and annoying as hell!

- Bugs and inaccuracy

Application occasionally requires re-starting to be able to calculate a route, as it reports non-existent routes until it is restarted. Directions to inaccurate destinations (House numbers) - example: A business name search is accurate, but when I search for the street address of the same business, sometimes the application provides directions to a completely different location, usually along the same street, which means the street number register is incorrect. Dictation doesn’t work and switches off while spoken to in the middle of a sentence or even half way through uttering a word while no pause was made between the words. Attempted to dictate this review as well but had to type it in manually as the listening Mode always switched off after the first second even without a significant gap between the words.

- Directions between saved locations?!

Turn by turn navigation is not bad. Better lane guidance would help. Very annoying that road names are difficult to find as they are not marked regularly on long roads and the text always shrinks to soon when zooming in. Unbelievable that it is not possible to get directions between two saved locations. What the fork?

- Good but...

Idiotic 'explore nearby' tab.

- Terrible App

My mom, who doesn’t know English, can only find the method from Central Station to Sydney Airport by taking T8, instead of taking T4 and bus. Taking T8 cost her $14 more! Stupid Terrible App!

- Such a good place!

And an amazing customer service!

- Awesome

Just love it works fantastic

- Don’t Download v5.38!!!!

New Update (v5.38) Location mechanism is unstable and unable to locate itself in a moving vehicle via GPS!!!! Please Fix!!!

- Google maps review

This app is a necessity in almost every part of the world. Minor errors in locating the destination accurately but those are very rare.

- Fix asap plz

shows left turn on map however voice navigation says ‘please turn right’ and vice versa as well - not happening always but 3-4 times in one trip. Plz fix asap

- Google Maps Driving Options ( Australia)

When will I see speed meter and speed traps in ios app. I am in Australia and I cannot see it. Using latest google maps on my iPhone XS.

- This is good

I love google map

- John

Why can’t I get voice directions on my iphone ? Just downloaded the app again and it still does not give voice directions

- No depart at or arrive before option

Great app, this is my preferred map app. Only thing I don’t like is that there is no option to set ‘depart at’ and ‘arrive before’ times like we can on the desktop/web version. These are crucial when planning trips. Can we add this in the next update??

- d


- Explore tab very irritating

Why can’t I disable this? Almost always unnecessary

- Mexican Night

Went to check out the New Mexican. I love nachos and the last few places we have visited were nothing to get excited about. On the Boarder was nice and clean, lovely decor and the waitress was very attentive. We ordered some cocktails which were delicious, then the food came out. Between us we had the ribs, chicken club sandwich and nachos. The servings were HUGE! The food was to die for! The nachos were made perfectly and weren’t runny and soggy like you get in most places, the beef was moist and tasty. The ribs were cooked in a beautiful bbq sauce which had a zingy kick, delicious! The club sandwich was cooked beautifully and tasted so good! The manager came over to check how our food was.... we were all moaning in agreement in how tasty it was. On the Boarder is now my favourite Mexican restaurant, guarantee we will be back and I highly recommend to everyone!!

- Not working

Everytime i use it it doesn’t work with my iphone 6s

- Great App

I love google map app , it’s my goto app when I’m on the road, helps me navigate without stress . Great App

- Unable to open

The map has been really good but Since the last update I have not been able to open the map. Kindly rectify

- Doesn’t work recently

I have to drop this here. Back in the days google map is what i use in doing my logistics work and it has been helpful but recently lets say in the past 2-3months google map stopped work. When you write where you’re going to it will display the direction but the icon doesn’t move as your vehicle is moving. I have deleted it nd reinstalled it more than ten times still not working. To whom it may concern please you guys need to review it and fix it in less than no time. Thank you. Here i come again. I dropped my first complain like 2months ago and till now nothing has been done everything is still the same. Please is it that no one is seeing all these complains or what. I need the developer to reply me i am having an issue using this app and it has not been like this before please someone should reply me with a good solution because is really frustrating please pleasea. Thank you.

- The indicator doesn’t move

Hi Google Map, This APP has been very useful, but since this year I have noticed my map indicator doesn’t move while I’m driving. I have done several updates and reinstalled the APP, but it didn’t resolve the issue. Kindly assist Thanks.


My google maps app doesn’t work with mobile data, it keeps saying offline even when I have my mobile switched with enough data on it. It works fine with the WiFi though

- Closed

I am the Landlord of Blossom and they were my tenant. Now the place has been closed down for over two years . Thanks anyway.

- Malfunction.

Hello, I write to express my frustration at the inconsistent malfunctioning of your map.

- Map not responding

My map it’s not functioning at all and not showing the right location

- Great


Please there’s urgent need about IPhone 6 google map navigation Error. It’s static and not moving. Please help us to do something about this issue because many have complained a lot on this issue. Thank you

- Google map not updating while on the move

Hello... google map on my iPhone doesn’t update while am on the move... it updates minutes after the actual... I have calibrated and check all gps settings on my phone. What could be the issue?

- Great

Great app for navigation

- Nice navigation application

Nice one Great app

- Glitch

This app has been messing up lately on my phone. It doesn’t show the tram and bus times anymore on iPhone 6. Fix it!

- Google map

Google map is unreliable, ever since I updated the application it’s been malfunctioning

- Not good

Used to be great now but now it doesn’t work on my X

- Improvement

There is need for improvement.

- Thank you

It was very nice

- Poor services

My google map is not navigating I don’t really know the problem.

- 5 star

Really good app!

- Review

Great work google. Need more improvements like updates on pedestals and etc. just as the new updates on Apple maps.

- We need Dark Mode!

I love google maps as it’s better than apple’s map. However it’s just weird that my entire phone is on dark mode except google naps. Please give us dark mode! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

- Have been using this app for years plus and it’s so amazing

Have been using this app for years plus and it’s so amazing

- Very nice


- Inaccurate location

I noticed this particular app isn’t given accurate location so I want to uninstall it

- One of the greatest.

The team ought to be proud of their work. Helping billions globally in navigating, time saving and convenience. Plus superb updates

- Appreciation

I’ve used other maps but google map is the easiest and most accurate even though physical accuracy can be improved upon. The direction is good. 👍

- My Google Map

I want to thank Google so much for creating and running this map, it’s an amazing tool at its development and growth stage. As a Bolt driver in Lagos Nigeria I use and depend on Google Map alort. My desire is to work with Google to take the map to the next level and perfect it.

- Comment

It’s very good and consistent

- Best

The best navigation app so far till date and probably forever

- Very Good App

This is very helpful

- Accurate mapping

Accurate mapping

- This map is not working parfely.

Please work on it. Not give me d right derision. On iPhone

- 😭😭😭😭

Worst google map update version of all time in Lagos’ google map cost me lots of uneccesary substancial bills on the roads leading me to one ways, and to directions where there are no roads or blocked roads’ hereby making me fall prey to major traffic extortions from lastma officials and our corrupt police in Lagos 😭😭😭 Horrible Horrible Horrible!!!😭

- Excellent

Google Map has really helped me a lot, No lies.... I never regret downloading it 💯

- This is a very helpful guide. You can travel to a remote place an be properly guided!

This is a very helpful guide. You can travel to a remote place an be properly guided!

- It is giving incorrect real-time location

It has been giving incorrect real-time location in the last 2 weeks. Makes directions confusing.

- Navigator movement

I’ve been using google map for years on my iPhone but sometime last year I noticed the navigation arrow stopped moving. I do the updates regularly and even changed my iPhone since I noticed it, but the arrow doesn’t still move. It gives you the route but doesn’t move as you move. I don’t know if any other person experience that. Thanks

- Google map a life saver

What would I do in Lagos without google maps

- Good is the best

I love google maps Perfect directions Is really good to use Because it can help you find your way to your appropriate destination One thing I love about google is that all their services are always free to use An immediate tap on google take me home will get me to my desired destination Google has been like a family to many Nigerians. One thing about google maps is that whenever there is traffic it will always show it to you And tell you places to avoid And I love putting my google maps on avoid traffic, tolls and ferries Google maps has never disappointed And it will never disappoint you Can I get a shout...

- Not working fine.

This app is a nightmare right now. It’s not giving real time navigation again despite multiple upgrades and re installation.

- Inaccurate location

Google map location inaccuracy has got me all messed up🥺. It’s been hard finding my way around places I’m not familiar with which affects my job greatly. Google map is great yeah👌 but that bug affecting location should be fixed ASAP⚠️. Nice job google👍

- Appreciation

Actually this helps the community and visitors to explore more around the globe...

- So so dope


- Can’t get lost

Reliable always

- Sd

Goody Good

- Giving wrong directions and the route doesn’t move while I drive

Wrong directions while I drive

- Google my Map

Google map has been a life saver. Like wwhhhaaattttttttttttt.... I’m most times confident of a location coz I’ve got my map on stand by mode. lol

- Great guy

He’s a very great person, I enjoyed the ride.

- Nice

A very good and handful app

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Google Maps - Transit & Food 5.45 Screenshots & Images

Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food iphone images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food ipad images
Google Maps - Transit & Food Navigation application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Maps - Transit & Food Navigation application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Maps - Transit & Food (Version 5.45) Install & Download

The applications Google Maps - Transit & Food was published in the category Navigation on 2012-12-13 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 190.45 MB. Google Maps - Transit & Food - Navigation posted on 2020-06-01 current version is 5.45 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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