Tinder [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

With 30 billion matches to date, Tinder® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Think of us as your most dependable wingmate—wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re here to meet new people, expand your social network, meet locals when you’re traveling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we spark more than 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps do that?

Match. Chat. Date. Tinder is easy and fun—use the Swipe Right™ feature to Like someone, use the Swipe Left™ feature to pass. If someone likes you back, It’s a Match! We invented the double opt-in so that two people will only match when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. No rejection. Just tap through the profiles you’re interested in, chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new.

Now, let’s get started. And remember, when in doubt, give a Swipe Right™. Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes.

Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. Don’t be shy, come on over.


Upgrade to Tinder Plus® for premium features, including: Unlimited Likes so you can use the Swipe Right feature to your heart’s content, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around the world, Rewind to give someone a second chance, one free Boost per month to be the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, and additional Super Likes to stand out from the crowd.


Upgrade to Tinder Gold™ for a first-class experience: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls. But wait, it gets better. Save time and aimless searching with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you. Think of it as your personal Tinder concierge—available 24/7—bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure. Goodbye search fatigue. Hello #GoldLife


If you choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current Tinder Plus subscription price starts at $9.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Current Tinder Gold subscription price starts at $14.99 USD/month, and one-month, 6-month and 12-month packages are available. Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. If you don’t choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can simply continue using Tinder for free.

All photos are of models and used for illustrative purposes only.

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Tinder Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Pesky bugs have been exterminated. Continue as you were.

Tinder Comments & Reviews

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- it’s cool when they don’t ban you

they banned me for absolutely no reason, even though i was paying for premium and was following their guidelines. they don’t even have the respect to tell you what you were banned for, let alone give you a chance to repeal it. solid 4 stars if they didn’t pull this kind of bs.

- False ban

I matched with someone I knew and then I was banned then they told me the next day they reported me as a joke and said I was 17. I’m not. So now I can’t even use the app and there is no ban removal.

- bruh

honestly tinder is cool and all but omgg why tf is it so laggy like it’s not my wifi cause gorl - there’s so many cuties on there but cmon it’s hella laggy like if your on a flip phone trying too use the tinder app that type of slow

- Bug

Every single person I have to swipe on his blank pictures. The bio is still there and I can see the school they go to but no pictures. Please fix

- Needs Word

Starting to Die out, starting to overflow with bots and turn into every other app, slow as heck, and doesn’t always load matches.

- Won’t login

I’ve been using tinder for some time , I subscribe to gold , but they had a service outrage today and I logged out to try to fix my problem (it didn’t work) instead it locked my account out and won’t let me back in , I’ve emailed customer support but so far three hours later no solution has been offered, my verification texts won’t even come through.

- Help?

Please unban me tinder I don’t even know what I did, your the only app left that people actually use I even was a paying member.

- Change from original review

I originally gave this app 2 stars because my account was kicked out of and wouldn’t work, but tinder fixed the issue so my account is active again. It still needs improvement though so as tinder fixes the bugs and issues with their app, will slowly give them better and better reviews.

- Way too many fake profiles.

Great way to meet ppl, gets kind of annoying bc at least 70% of the profiles are scams and it seems like Tinder doesn’t care that their app is flooded with fake accounts or else there wouldn’t be so many. It’s especially inconvenient if you paid for Tinder Gold and you end up having to sift through who’s an actual human or robot.

- Bugs

Usually I have no problem but lately it’s been acting up and it won’t show pictures of anybody or the pictures I put on my profile.

- please fix your app

i can’t stand it all the bugs

- Needs New Coders

App is fine in concept and it’s popular so you can potentially meet a lot of people. However, more often than not, the app can’t make an Internet connection, crashes consistently, and half the accounts you see are spammers. Paying for unlimited swipes would be fine if these issues didn’t exist, but because they do exist it’s not worth any investment. But hey, that’s why it’s free right? Just don't be surprised if you are in a good conversation with a potential mate and the app prevents you from seeing their messages or letting you respond - thus killing any shot you may have had with that person.

- Broken

App does not display images or chats.

- Joke & Scam

App always crashes. Every update comes with 184717 glitches. Since they’ve offered the ability to change your location for free to everyone, there’s too many people so I just swipe right on everyone and see what happens.. don’t even look at the profiles really. BUT, Tinder sends me a notification “oops, you missed a match!” Now, how’s that possible?! 😂

- stopped working

keeps taking my pictures off my profile and won’t let me send messages.

- big problem

why did it delete my account ? i haven't done anything wrong. i was being friendly with everyone i've met so i don't understand why it doesn't let me log in

- One of the buggiest apps I’ve ever used

This app sometimes won’t allow you to upload pictures. It will not let you log in even with a correct code and phone number. It will be unable to delete photos from your profile. And then it deleted all my photos for absolutely no reason. This is one of the most frustrating apps I have ever used

- Bad UI

This app has terrible user interface options, if you don’t upgrade to the premium feature then you don’t get access to most of the apps features which granted is fine/ but then you take into account most of the time the app doesn’t work.... I can’t connect with anyone because my messages never send! (It’s not my connection) also it takes forever to load even with the latest updates. Overall bad app development/design.

- Maybe got banned for some reason

I really don’t know why but I’m guessing either a bug on my end or I got banned. I have no idea why but my account stopped working so I deleted my about to make a new one but can’t anymore. I didn’t do anything against tinder’s guidelines either. I used a different phone number and email and that didn’t work.

- Crashing

Great app, it’s just I’m scare to put money on here at all since it crashes so much

- Can’t even log in.

You’d think that an app this old wouldn’t have login issues, but apparently the people that run Tinder don’t know how to do their jobs.

- Not working

My app is down right now can’t see any profiles and nothing sends

- Bugs, bugs, bugs

New version won’t let me see my likes. It also sends me an error every time I try to change a setting and won’t change it. And yes I have tinder gold. Please fix this.

- Just stopped working

I had my tinder working fine- all of the sudden everyone had no pictures and my pictures stopped showing and the app crashed - I uninstalled I and reinstalled it but nothing, now it’s not even working. Pretty disappointed because I paid for it.

- Banned for no reason

I don’t even know what happened, such bs.

- Broken site

For some reason this app been having loading issues, I can see any pictures any matches or messages either

- Server is down

Please fix it. After logging, can’t see anything.

- Terrible servers

It crashes all the time, won’t let you login, open it and all of your matches are gone and messages erased. Full of bots, cleaver bots also. Don’t pay for it, they’ll bait you into paying and you will if you’re horny but you’ll immediately regret it...

- Log in issues and other bugs that NEED FIXING NOW!

I literally cannot log in! It won’t accept my phone number verification codes! Before that happened, it wouldn’t even work to let me see who liked me, even though I have premium.

- Still has bugs

Says bugs were fixed 2 weeks ago, now i can’t even get my location to enable. Hilarious

- Won’t load!

App won’t load my profile, messages, matches or options to swipe on! Have deleted and reinstalled to no avail! Fix this plz!

- Crash

The app keeps crashing the moment I enter it. And the network is down for the application rn. Can’t receive anything or send

- tinder gold

it wont let me see my tinder gold part or load my matches. Its like its all crashing and saying error

- App is buggin out!

I haven’t been able to log in, prior to that I lost my messages and matches, all this was after I updated my subscription, mistake.

- Technical error

Can’t log in! I keep getting a new code and I’m told to try again each time.

- Confused

Sooo it wouldn’t let me upload my bio so I logged out and tried to go back in but then it was failing to go on, so I deleted it and came back it gave me a code I typed it and it still did not work

- Deleted content

I was using tinder, I was liking it I was meeting Cool people and suddenly my entire account was deleted and the app is not even letting me create a new account. I have no idea what happened, it was working fine last night and now I can’t get into my old, apparently deleted account, nor can I make a new one

- Would be cool, if it ran smoothly

No, “pesky bugs” have not been exterminated. I’ve had to restart the app 5x/day every day for two weeks because it keeps freezing. Today, I couldn’t even send messages. Since there’s no customer service, I decided to delete and re-download the app. I assumed that, like with EVERY OTHER APP, my progress would be saved, but I was wrong.

- Good but buggy

It’s all smooth sailing for the most part but recently my tinder crashed hard and it’s keeping me in this forever loading screen? The account shows it’s me but cannot pull any pictures or anything up. Is there any way I can fix this?

- Constantly Glitching

Every time I open the app it freezes, no looking at messages or even swiping. No matter how many times it’s closed out or even deleted, no help. Always has some kind of glitch going on with this app, not worth the benefits

- Not working

Nothing is working on the app. Can’t send messages, doesn’t load, just nothing

- Can’t login

Tried logging in with phone number and received a code type said code said it was incorrect

- Crashes

Every time I open the app there is always a crash or bug problem and it takes several weeks for them to fix the issue. Hate this app!

- Crashing

It will randomly crash and log me out. Then I will go through the process to get back in and it sends an ERROR message to me. It’s getting ridiculous


My tinder is not allowing me to send messages and my profiles are reading error. Please fix!

- Why bother

90% of the people are scammers, escorts, or repeat profiles with different names. 0 quality control. Even when matched with possible real profiles, the people don’t respond.

- Paid for Gold Membership, Nothing.

I’ve been on and off tinder numerous times. I didn’t have much luck with the non paid membership so for the first time, I tried the gold membership. Guess what I got from that? Nothing. No, I’m not complaining about not getting any dates from it. I’m complaining because I’ve gotten zero matches while on it. It’s a very odd thing to where when I didn’t pay for the membership I would get secret admirers every so often. Now, with the membership, I don’t even get secret admirers. The ability to move your location is bogus because I didn’t get matches in other locations either. Superlikes don’t work and are pretty much pointless. I tried the free monthly boosting perk you get. I only got 2 matches from that. So it either boils down to two things. I’m either so butt ugly that no one wants to match with me or there are some things going on behind the scenes that require you to give more money. I’m not going to pay for another month. Tinder is still garbage regardless if it’s paid or not paid.

- Ruined my life

This app doesn’t encourage you to find a date - it’s using classic social media techniques to make sure you stay on as long as possible and keep coming back. Just a gross feeling and honestly makes me really depressed.

- Fake profiles

Purchased Tinder Plus. Waste of money. Tinder is showing me clearly fake profiles of beautiful women who are much younger than the age I set up. They all have randomly chosen professions, no education listed, they all look much younger than the age listed. They seem to be located in the city I requested (Prague), but no description, all names are in English. Clear fakes. I’m sure the same pictures are shown to other members. Soooo wrong...

- Lag

There is a 30-60 second lag on everything I do. I can’t type.

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- Logged out of my Tinder Account

I just woke up and found out I couldn’t log into my tinder account anymore, I have been trying to log in with the “Trouble logging in” solution and it’s not working or it’s directing me through the procedure of opening a New one . Please how do I rectify this. I use Tinder Gold and it will expire soon . There are a lot of fake profiles and fraudulent people on the app, talking from experience. You people are doing a good job too


Don’t take my word for it, read the hundreds of other reviews saying the same thing. It appears the majorly of accounts will get banned for life for no reason. Not so bad right? Well what if your profile was still active and you are still getting notifications from matches. Customer Support your solution? Think again! Even if you are as polite as a schoolgirl and are banned you will get what seems like robo -esponses from tinder with the same phrase “violation of terms of service.” Paid for their service? Doesn’t matter, you will lose your money and not be able to do anything about it. Meanwhile, if you try to sign up with a different number or account they have ALL OF YOUR DATA. I simply signed up with a different number and didn’t communicate with anyone. Had it for a few weeks and BANNED. They mine your data. This should be taken off the Apple App store. All that aside, the app is pretty useless, most people on here don’t take it very seriously and seem to just use it as an ego boost. For whatever reason, unlike other apps, users on here really don’t seem to want to meet up. The ones who do are only interested in a quick hook up. The most attractive users are separated into “to picks” where you will never match with them. Just USE BUMBLE. Way better! Funny enough, I have never been banned on Bumble after using it for years. Run this scam company out of business, they don’t care about anyone.

- not sending my messages

it’s like it says they are sent but don’t actually send. and today the app glitched out for a while. FIX it.

- Fausses identités

Bonjour, Il y a de nombreux profils qui sont faux sur votre site, j'en ai signaler au moins 25 depuis 2 mois, je doute de la capacité de TINDER de gèrer cet afflue de fausses identités et d'Assurer une réeele protection des utilisatrices. J'ai signalé tous ceux que j'ai pu débusquer. J'ai même pu vérifier les photos par GOOGLE à chaque fois. Votre site est envahi par ces fraudeurs et j'ai bien peur que beaucoup de femmes se fassent exploiter. Vous savez qu'ils sont très habiles pour harponner des femmes en quête d'amour...il est même arrivé que les photos utilisées que j'avais signalées se sont retrouvées quelques jours plus tard sur votre site. Je peux même dire que 7 profils sur 10 sont faux. Faites quelques choses pour arrêter cela svp. Veuillez me confirmer d'avoir reçu mon avis et assurez moi que vous prenez les bons moyens pour régler ce problèeme grave. Merci

- Fix the app

I deleted my Tinder account a while ago, decided I wanted to come back and it’s saying I’m banned for no reason.

- Tinder banning for no reason!

I used this app for many years even buying the gold subscription. I never posted any bad photos or did anything against their guidelines then one day was randomly banned. I was offered no explanation on why I was banned and now there is no way to make a new account.

- ABSOLUTLY horrible

Supposed to be 20$ a month for the top subscription, and 18$ for the second best, and when I upgraded i realized its making me pay for both!!!! And I been emailing tinder requesting to cancel my subscription my account is inactive I can not log back in so I can’t cancel it. They are of no help just telling me to cancel it when I can’t even use the app anymore how am I supposed to cancel it? 1 more month and I will be seeking legal justice for unlawfully taking 40$ every month without my consent and without the possibility of canceling my subscription!!!!!

- ?

my account was deleted and somehow I was logged on to someone else’s account ?

- C’est mal

Ça brise des couples . Vous est chanceux que je puisse pas envoyer mon homer sticker.

- Do not use Tinder

Tinder will reduce the amount of matches you get and block messages in order for you to pay more for features like boost and tinder gold. If they decide to shadowban you for any reason this can last indefinitely and as it is a “shadowban” you will never be informed. So that you keep using the ap and potentially spending money. If you recreate your account too many times you will lose your tinder Gold which is expensive. ZERO STARS

- There’s better apps out there.

Greedy money grab. Features, options and accessibility are all based on a 70$, 3 mnth subscription. No option for a 1 mnth subscription is given. No trial offer.

- Impossible to match because of system

Don’t even think to buy anything. It’s just scam. You can no match with anyone. System does not allow you to see who likes you. I am definetly sure about it. Even if you are so handsome or sexy whatever you will never ever match with anyone. I am telling you guys, it is just about scam.

- Needs more security measures

People lie about their age so much on here and it’s a statutory rape charge waiting to happen ! I’ve seen people who I know for a fact are in highschool on here and it’s gross... you should have to take a picture of your photo ID before making an account to prove your age.

- Thievery

I do not have this app activated and have been charged ! Refund is in order.

- not working great

it slows my phone down a tonnnnn and often won’t even let me swipe! it just freezes

- Bug

There’s a bug that cause photos I upload to be improperly cropped. The subject of the photo will be near an edge and in the editing process it looks fine, however, in the preview half my face gets cut out. Please do try and fix this as it’s quite frustrating

- tinder social

tinder social was the best. get rid of secret admirer and bring the soc back



- Banned

I was banned from tinder for no reason i went on tinder one morning to see my matches and I was banned

- Frustrating

Good app but most of my matches get unmatched which I’m pretty sure wasn’t done by any of my matches. I’ll appreciate if this is fixed

- Not what I expected

Out of all places, 3 days into tinder and I literally found the love of my life. We’re getting married in August. Thankful for this cringey app !

- Banned for absolutely no reason..

After I confronted them for support on why, or what the reason was, and they couldn’t come up with anything, basically saying that “you violated guidelines, and we won’t give back your account.” I never did anything besides talk to a few amazing people? Contacting support doesn’t do anything- if you want to try get your account back.

- Account issues

My account got banned for no reason at all, and support isnt helping or replying. What is going on

- App glitches

You can hardly use the app without it glitching and it constantly says I have 30+ messages when A. I don’t have any and B. I font even have notifications on for tinder.

- Bug

Fix the app I get notifications but I can’t see the messages and new matches without logging off/ on.

- This is fraud & cheating

I wish I could have read reviews before paying through my apple account, it is Big time fraud, This App offered me 6 months for $104.99/- and having paid that amount , when I checked who liked me, I was demanded $8.33/month additional in addition to $104.99/-. Now I requested re-fund within 2 hours after paying through Apple account, it was refused by Apple. People be careful before you pay through Apple ID. I need my money back. I wish I could have read reviews before. Even their phone number is not working, all scam signs there 100% scam.

- Worst app

They will ban you without any reason

- Don’t waste your time!

Don’t waste your time with this app. Tons of fake profiles. My account was banned for no apparent reason. No assistance was offered to correct the problem. A garbage app!

- Banned Iran

I dont know why you banned Iranian people! What did I do wrong in my life?


PLEASE bring passport back !! I’m stuck in Antarctica and I can’t go back to my own location cause I know too many people in real life :((

- 0 stars

They’ll give you a lifetime ban for no reason, will not even tell you why they banned you. Worse if you’re a paid member because they don’t even refund you your membership when they ban you.

- Won’t let me in

Deleted a while ago. No problems just wanted to get off and now I can’t get in? It constantly just says oops and I don’t know what to do. I never sent anything or got blocked

- Sucks

Lots of fake profiles tinder makes to keep you paying like there’s a Instagram model 1 km away yeah right fake..

- Bad

Literally garbage it wouldn’t even let me upload any pictures

- Banned?

Ive never had a Tinder account so I tried to make one and it says im banned like lol okay. So I sent an email to tinder saying ive never made an account yet it says im banned and they replied with saying that they take their guidelines seriously and violations of them results in a ban. But how could I get banned… for never even- okay.

- Tinder is.......

Tinder is like browsing for red flags

- Notifs

The notifs are glitchy AF yall, can i just get notifs when i get messages mane :( like on imessage, i didnt let them get me notifs at first and now i have to redownload the app after deleting if i wana have an option in my settings smh LIKE WHY ARE YOU NOTIFYING ME WHEN SOMEONE CHANGES SUMN ON THERE PROFILE IDC making me feel like i got 20 messages and panicking that i dont reply when i acc got like 7 we chill

- What a joke

Tinder is the worst app. I highly recommend to never download or entertain yourself with it. I haven’t used tinder in over a year and someone has decided to impersonate me. I found out through a friend as I’m in a relationship. Somehow my number got banned so now I have no way in going in to finding out if I can find the person impersonating me. They said they couldn’t help me. Well tinder you are fools, thanks for taking our personal information seriously.

- Rigged

The app is completely rigged for you to never match who you like unless both sides pay. It keeps showing me people who never see me, while people who liked me are hidden behind a paywall. I can see “99+ people like me”, but I have to pay $40 a month to see them, and they are clearly not appearing in the free stack of photos as the number doesn’t go down even if I spend all likes I have available. Devs, fix Tinder. You’re not convincing me to pay, you’re forcing me to delete it.

- Some advices

Hello Tinder team! I’m one of your honorable users and I’m glad to meet this app, it brought me a lot of friends and I really appreciate that! Thank you! Only one thing I’m not satisfied is the banning regulation. I know there are a lot of people loving this app and so does some bots and pervs because of its very good functions! But some friends and I discussed about it and found out that we are all BANNED FOR NO REASON, our pictures are normal, our name are normal, our bio are normal and we didn’t even change anything in our bio for months and suddenly got banned! I totally understand the regulations, but I really think you guys should come up with a recheck kinda system to make sure no normal people like us get banned and can’t get their account back. And I’ve found several vids on YouTube teaching people to get another fake tinder+ App to get their banned for no reason account back, but asking for credit card info at first place, I wonder if tinder should take this responsibility if someone’s info has been sold for illegal use. Thank you for your time! I’m really looking forward to your response! Thank you.

- banned?!

i got banned and i can't appeal it. "your account is under review"?! my account has been under review for at least a year now! very disappointed.

- Banned with not explanation

I have been using this app for a few weeks. Had made a few connections. Then while writing a guy claiming to be in the military I was banned for no reason. I did not violate any of the conditions! This is uncalled for especially when I paid for a membership! Someone who pays for something deserves answers!

- Banned for no clear explanation

Do not recommend this site. There is no recourse if your account is banned and there is no way for you to defend yourself. I was banned and no clear explanation was given. I tried to ask why but no reason was given. Basically when you catch a scammer if they are quicker than you to report you you’re the one to get banned not them. This is a poorly managed site and good customer service is non-existent. It’s the good people out there that get punished and not the scammers or fakes. I hope Tinder (Match LLC) get their act together and have a better system in place to defend yourself.

- Buggy

I get message notifications but when I open the app (even after a day) they don’t show up. When I delete and reinstall the app, they show up. Wow, a messaging app where the messaging doesn’t work!

- Never pay money for this, never worth it

They have micro charges even after you’re a member. E.g. $7 CAD just to send ONE message with a super like after you’ve already paid them for gold. What a disgusting company. Even for people that have the money for that don’t want to seem that desperate because everyone else knows it costs an embarrassing amount of money.

- Terrible

Never use it

- swipes

CONSTANTLY swiping left on the same 20 people. shouldn’t it be if I swipe left I don’t want to match with them? but no 20 mins later the same guy is on my feed

- Glitchy

It always says I have notifications when I don’t. It also rarely gives me matches. I used to get matches on almost every right swipe...

- Insanely Glitchy

Great app, great idea. But the app is being so glitchy and is lagging so hard. I don’t think it has anything to do with the update, because this problem has started like three updates ago. It’ll send you notifications of messages and then when you click the notification, it doesn’t show anything. I’ve had to log in and log out several times just to even see my messages in real time. Super annoying, wish they would get that fixed ASAP

- Boo

Blocked. No idea why. Was never rude to anyone. Won’t answer my emails.

- Useless

Sending likes to a black hole and get absolutely nothing back. It will sure kill your confidence after wasting time flicking finger left or right. Why are there profiles of people living thousands kilometres away in Russia or China when I specify certain maximum distance less than 30-40km? Why can’t you have something like ‘reading’ in the interests?

- Error logging back in with verification code

Won’t let me log back in using my phone number even when I didn’t log out in the first place. Says there is an error and something went wrong please try again so I do and it wont send me a code to log back in. I deleted the app and re installed but that didn’t work either, also the verification code has just been sent after I deleted tinder from my phone.


Got banned after giving them money and didnt violate any rules scum

- H

I hated it. It blocked me out in minutes

- App Store editors

Incredibly buggy needs urgent improvement


Full of scammers, prostitutes and transsexuals. In 2 years- not a match, let alone a date. They have numerous lawsuits pending against them. I suggest shutting them down for good. People should be re-imbursed for the cost of the app plus all their loss of time. How can it have such a high rating to begin with- paying people to artificially inflate the rating?

- Hey guys

I met the girl of my dreams on my tinder and it’s crazy this is working so well😘💕

- Too many annoying notifications

Tricking people into clicking ads is shameful

- Total RIP OFF

Ok so I downloaded tinder last week and to my surprise got 32 likes and 10 matches with 2 who super liked me on the first day, the second day followed with some likes and matches this continued for a couple days and thought this was great. However the curiosity got the better of me and wanted to see who liked me so I upgraded to tinder gold, for $43.99 AUD, so my likes could be revealed, I thought this is cool, anyway I only liked about 3 of 32 likes. Since I upgraded to tinder gold I have had not 1 like or match, and since I have unlimited swipes, I’ve swiped on thousands of potential matches with nothing. I’ve even super liked girls who I normally wouldn’t go for to test it out and nothing. I am not a ugly guy so I find something not right about this. I will be seeking legal advice and contacting the ombudsman and the department of fair trading, as I feel like I have been deceived, and ripped off, because as soon as I spent $43.99 everything dried up.. hmmm So do yourself a favour DO NOT download tinder, it is a complete waste of time and money, or if you have already downloaded it, try not to spend money on tinder gold, it is completely useless besides the unlimited swipes and 5 super likes.

- Barely functional

How does this app get MORE broken with each update, to the point that now I have to delete it because it doesn’t even open anymore??

- Expensive and outdated

Lacks many filtering features other apps have, high numbers of spam accounts and an extremely pricey system that doesn’t really benefit you. It does have a high number of users but it’s a really trash experience to go through and find people.

- Image Compression is terrible

The resizing of the images is horrible, as is the compression. Kills any photo!



- Scam. You have to buy your matches.

This is an absolute heap of garbage designed by a group of actual idiots. Here’s how it actually works: you won’t get a single match unless you pay for them. They hide your ‘likes’ until you subscribe to Tinder Gold. This company needs to suffer a class-action lawsuit before they even THINK of delivering a viable product. Don’t waste your time, use Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, literally anything else as they are all far superior. I get multiple matches and atleast one date a week from the other three. Tinder works like a poker machine: zero value to anyone, a stain on society and the house always wins.

- Bad

I created a account last night and got a few matches didn’t even get to message them then my account was banned for no reason and it’s been an absolute mission to try get up and running again cause there are no numbers to call or anyone to talk to

- Terrible

Tried setting up an account for my friend beside my account and they instantly banned me

- Stop it I can’t deal

Opened Tinder after months of exclusively using Hinge use to see if it was as bad as I remembered it... the short answer is yes - it was. Issues: laggy, slow to load, rubbish quality of men/ profiles. Not really sure why I haven’t deleted this yet. Also - please stop telling me “oops! You missed a match!” when I swipe left on someone. If I swiped left on them IT ISN’T A MATCH because I am clearly not interested. Tinder you better lift your game. It’s sink or swim with Hinge and Bumble around now.

- Groups

Bring the groups back

- Banned for no reason, wasted money

Paid for tinder gold and had the app for a day. Woke up to find I had been banned, despite the fact that I had not violated any rules (no inappropriate images, bio, and had not even matched and therefore spoken to anyone yet). Emailed customer service asking why and was not given a reason, just that there had been a ‘violation’. No chances offered to appeal the ban, despite not having done anything on the app. Waste of money and time.

- Deleted my account and matches as soon as I logged out

Trash app

- yo

imagine if my app actually worked properly huh!

- Shittiest app every

Tinder bans the account for no apparent reason. And there are no options given who to contact, and what you have violated. Utterly disgusted by tinder organisation and there inappropriate unprofessionalism

- got banned for no reason.

i did not do a single thing wrong and tinder banned me without an explanation and wouldn’t let me know what the reason was. unhappy and very annoyed.

- Slow asf and turns off after few minutes

Even after the update if was doing the same thing. Typing was slow and chats were deleted. Takes forever to load

- Can’t use it bruh

Says 17+ on here but on the app can’t use it coz I’m not 18😂 I’ll be 18 in 5 months man

- The bugs

I’m starting to think you guys developed this from a lone 98’ dell computer in Argentina connected to Maccas free wifi or something. Your notification system is screwed. I never know when I’m getting a message because the app won’t figure it out until like 4 days later and I’ve constantly got the notification that I have like 50 messages when I obviously don’t but someone could have messaged me but I wouldn’t know. Christ please fix your notifications!

- pesky bugs have NOT been exterminated

i keep getting notifications from matches saying i have a message from them but when i go to respond there’s no message ?? just whatever my last message was. only when i deleted and re-dowloanded the app did the messages show up (after taking about 20 minutes to load in all my matches) but this keeps happening after i respond, i don’t have the time or patience to keep re-downloading the app just to see someone’s response. fix this asap or i’m moving to bumble lol

- Too Expensive Never Getting Matched

You’re out there trying to find the right one.You are really struggling to match with people on this app you’ve even wrote a full description about yourself on this app and yet you still cant match with anybody. This app is a complete scam ever since i got it payed for the tinder gold version Not even worth it its always matching me with bots.Just proof that i’ll never find that actual REAL MATCH instead im just matching with BOTS

- Tinder

All was going pretty well on this app. However, about five days into having it, disaster struck. I wasn’t getting messages anymore, I was getting next to no likes, and I’ve been told that people I matched with can no longer find my account. The app was telling me there was nobody in my area, and I stopped getting any notifications. Of course, I consulted the service team. They were downright useless. They checked my account maybe five times? The first time did absolutely nothing. The lady checked my account and said “nothing appears to be wrong, please contact us if the problem persists and we’ll investigate”. So I did. The next person wrote a response that was nearly a word for word copy of the first! My account was working properly for about an hour after that. Then it continued with the same issues. This happened again three more times. I’d assume that they did something if the account was working right after they “looked into it”. However, having paid for gold, I’m feeling quite ripped off. I paid for a months worth of gold and got five days, and crappy customer service! The same responses signed with different names, and no regard for the fact is given money to this app. Disgusting. You’d expect more from such a commonly known app.

- Ripped Off

I paid $220 for a yearly subscription, I accidentally matched with my ex girlfriend. She reported my profile, Tinder then banned my profile for life. Leaving me $220 out of pocket and no dating services. I tried to call and email Tinder, however a person called “Jess” simply said bad luck. I will never support Tinder again and I am advising everyone to look at alternatives such as hinge, bumble and plenty of fish. Ripped off.

- Terrible app and a ripoff to boot

This app was apparently programmed by some amateur who has almost no idea what he is doing. It is SO slow to load for starters, and is one of the few apps on the iPhone that will lose your writing if you home-button away from it to check something else or copy-paste something into what you’ve already written. Oops! This crappy app on several occasions has also lost contacts I’ve made and that I had been having very nice discussions with. While it’s also possible those people blocked or ‘unmatched’ me for no apparent reason, there is a bizarre phenomenon suggesting otherwise: I sometimes access the same account on two different iPhones, and different people show up in my matches and messages! With one or two being the same people out of about 6 or 8 matches on each! Bizarre! So now I have learned to give out my email address early and ask people to save it in case we get disconnected. Of course the ultimate indignity is the greediness of this outfit as reflected in their prices, as others have noted. I am not giving them a dime of my money until and unless they drop their greedy greedy prices down to 10 or 20% of what they are now, screw their version of parasitic capitalism! There are PLENTY of venues online to meet people and this crappy app is not essential to the process!

- Could be much better

Keeps repeating the same people over and over. No matter how many times i swipe left or right. Same with the notifications. Getting alerts for the same match over and over. Too many fake accounts and scammers.

- Banner for no reason

Banned for no apparent reason. I was always respectful. I paid for the monthly and soon after banned. Asked Tinder support for help they simply declined. I made another account with a new number and phone, just to check if it’s a re-occurrence and hardly even used the app just to find out I was banned again lol Seems like they just ban you for no reason

- Won’t let me sign up

I accidentally put the wrong year and now it won’t let me sign up at all or change it. It’s physically making me wait 🤦‍♀️

- Lots of problems

My account disappeared without any reason, lost all my chats, upload photos is a torture and most of the time I can’t, anyway...horrible

- Scam

In app purchases are an absolute SCAM ! Got my account banned for no reason after purchasing tinder gold. I’ve been using the platform for months and never made any action that would justify it. They don’t reply to my emails nor give my money back. Feeling scammed !

- Laggy and slow

Currently the app is unusable in its current state. Again it logged me out. Treats me with the usual tutorial. But swiping is painful, checking next photos is also a pain. The entire experience is horrible. Something needs updating

- Honestly such a waste

I signed up last Friday as it was my first time trying it out I subscribed to the gold for 1 month and then the next day I got banned I didn’t do anything that violates the term of use and I was only talking to a couple of guys and all I say was hey I’ve tried to contact tinder but they won’t answer back it’s just very frustrating.

- I love this!

I want to say the person who made this app is amazing and talented and I love the app so!

- Amazing idea with an awful customer services!

What happen guys ! What are you doing ? Why you let this app die slowly showing not interest whatsoever to fix anything ! Stop encouraging people to do upgrading and fix the app ! Is messy .. can’t you see it ? You are selling love and passion and is exactly the lack you showing ! Have some respect for your customer ! Ex tinder fan

- -10000000 STARS

Tinder used to be fun and it obviously blows up, it even became a verb now...but I think the CEOs got greedy and wanted more so they keep charging ridiculous fees and banning accounts randomly

- App doesn’t work

Paid $165 for subscription and the app just constantly freezers. Is absolutely garbage! Waste of money

- Glitchy McGlitch

Cannot open the app. Opens, flickers and force shuts all within one second of opening the app. Every time and consistently.

- Crashes and no Passport opt-out

App now constantly crashes on load... Also agree with those disliking the passport feature - where’s the opt out? I’m sick of swiping left on those that are 1000s of Ks away.

- Duds

Duds, dudes everywhere. Such a waste of time.

- Banned As Soon As Gold Purchased

As soon as I purchased their premium Tinder Gold package, they banned my account. They gave 0 explanation, I broke 0 terms and conditions, and their help centre simply didn’t care.

- Forced Passport needs removed

Listen to the internet, nobody wants the feature. It’s utterly pointless and forcing everyone is forcing everyone anyway. Dumbest rollout yet.

- Fake

10 likes for over a week with no match. 1 match when first started but as always, the girl doesn’t chat, then she deletes, strange almost feels like tinders’ 100% fake and set up


First i wasn’t getting a single match even though I started swiping right on every single person, then it said I had no one in my area so I turned the location up to a radius of 150km but still nothing and when I tried to delete my account it comes up saying there’s an issue and my account can’t be deleted (i try every few weeks and it’s the same) !! Pls for the love of god fix this !!!!!!!!!!

- Waste of money and fake accounts

Tinders app charges one month subscription no different to the free app they have steps to con you to pay more and more money. They don’t stop notifying you non stop of fake accounts rude inappropriate people that are not on the app for the right reason or show there true self. I found it a massive waste of time conning money with out you knowing they take it out of your account and not real people on there for genuine reasons.

Payoneer 💰

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- Crashes

Every time I open the app there is always a crash or bug problem and it takes several weeks for them to fix the issue. Hate this app!

- Crashing

It will randomly crash and log me out. Then I will go through the process to get back in and it sends an ERROR message to me. It’s getting ridiculous


My tinder is not allowing me to send messages and my profiles are reading error. Please fix!

- Why bother

90% of the people are scammers, escorts, or repeat profiles with different names. 0 quality control. Even when matched with possible real profiles, the people don’t respond.

- Paid for Gold Membership, Nothing.

I’ve been on and off tinder numerous times. I didn’t have much luck with the non paid membership so for the first time, I tried the gold membership. Guess what I got from that? Nothing. No, I’m not complaining about not getting any dates from it. I’m complaining because I’ve gotten zero matches while on it. It’s a very odd thing to where when I didn’t pay for the membership I would get secret admirers every so often. Now, with the membership, I don’t even get secret admirers. The ability to move your location is bogus because I didn’t get matches in other locations either. Superlikes don’t work and are pretty much pointless. I tried the free monthly boosting perk you get. I only got 2 matches from that. So it either boils down to two things. I’m either so butt ugly that no one wants to match with me or there are some things going on behind the scenes that require you to give more money. I’m not going to pay for another month. Tinder is still garbage regardless if it’s paid or not paid.

- Ruined my life

This app doesn’t encourage you to find a date - it’s using classic social media techniques to make sure you stay on as long as possible and keep coming back. Just a gross feeling and honestly makes me really depressed.

- Fake profiles

Purchased Tinder Plus. Waste of money. Tinder is showing me clearly fake profiles of beautiful women who are much younger than the age I set up. They all have randomly chosen professions, no education listed, they all look much younger than the age listed. They seem to be located in the city I requested (Prague), but no description, all names are in English. Clear fakes. I’m sure the same pictures are shown to other members. Soooo wrong...

- Lag

There is a 30-60 second lag on everything I do. I can’t type.

- Bad. Cash and grab app. Really bad.

People don’t talk. Can’t chat with people.

- Decent until you randomly get blocked

I’ve used tinder off and on for several years. Recently I opened the app and found my account to be blocked. There’s no way to appeal it so now I guess I’ll be utilizing other apps like bumble.

- Too Many Bots!

Waaaay to many bots and it’s like every other swipe is a fake profile. An issue that should be taken care of as soon as possible

- Bugs

Almost every time I attempt to update Photos or a new Photos my Tinder it begins to bug out in meaning it either goes extremely slow or lags when I’m swiping it freezes up extremely quickly and every time I attempt to refresh the app it just seems to get worse please look into this or fix this because it’s really kind of pissing me off I’ve restarted my phone almost 4 times and it still continues to do what it’s doing,it’s not my Internet connection because I use cell phone data as I just renewed my plan only two days ago.


It’s hard enough to find a real girl, yet alone one on Tinder. 80% of profiles are just spam bots wanting you to add them on Instagram or Snapchat so they can make money off you somehow. The worst part is that Tinder can easily fix the bot issue, but they refuse to, because they know a bunch of suckers fall for it, and that means more revenue for them. Uninstalled.

- Trash

Banned me for no reason🤦🏾‍♂️

- Not working

I have downloaded the app 4 times, tried to go via internet without using the app and I have done everything to trouble shoot as per your instructions. Come here for customer service/support and you are asking me to communicate via facsimile????? REALLY???? You were fast to take my money, can I get a refund??? Ha! Probably no one would even read this... let’s see.

- The truth of tinder 🙄

I got banned almost an year ago for no reason because some dude reported me because I didn’t like him or sum and Im still is band for people petty reasons smh😒the truth is if u get band or shadow band from tinder...I’m letting you know that you get band forever smh and that’s sad and pathetic. I didn’t get an email on me getting band just an app error.Tinder needs more customers services and ish


i am 18 and it still will not let me use, gave them my drivers license and everything 😡

- Tired of the tranny’s!!!

Developers leave “no way of contacting” other than here... Tired of Tinder showing me Tranny’s as Secret Admirers. I’m not interested in men of any kind, it makes my anger for the community to grow. USER VERIFICATION IS WORTHLESS, you can verify a man from a woman Tinder??? 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

- Absolute trash

Paid for premium, and I matched with two people and then the app would t show me anyone around me despite knowing there is. Couldn’t fix and could t find a solution. Tried deleting and redownloading and everything. Doesn’t work stole my money. Complete ripoff

- Easy way to waste your time

Too many bots on this app, and they don’t get rid of inactive users.

- Fall from glory

I remember when Tinder first rose to the dating scene. It was glorious and started a new wave of dating. It’s not there anymore. It is really a terrible interface overall and you really can’t pick what you want to see anymore. you just see broad categories. Used to be my preferred app, has turned into a bad meme. 1/10

- Fakes, Distance, and Subscriptions.

There are a lot of fake profiles selling nudes and all that.But also the distance thing isn’t working. There’s ZERO reason why in my top picks, people from 3000 miles away would be popping up. I have my limit set to 30 miles and it always does 40-50+. Nextly, I shouldn’t have to pay for “read receipts”. I already pay the subscription. Should come with it.

- Meh

I cant use this app. It literally never works. I cant see my messages it never refreshes and straight up doesn’t work.

- I was banned for no reason

My ex found my tinder account and filed a claim on me. Without any say or any warning I was banned. I know I did nothing to be reported before hand because I only had it for a couple of months and only matched a couple people. I saw her and just swiped left nothing of worry for me. But was banned out right for no reason.

- Infestation

Thought I’d take hey look at 20-30 yr old women profiles. 30of 35 were all women:1 pic, two short sentences and a Snapchat name, just by conscience, their preferred method of communication. Currently talking to a 35 yr old who is a doctor from Turin Italy, bravely fighting Covid 19😂☺️ She told me this after revealed to her I had traveled to earth On an egg shaped spaceship and check in weekly with Orson. Reported 48 hrs ago and her profile is still up!

- Disappointing Farce

This app has too many fake accounts. Of course the entire point of this app is to make money, not actually help anyone. Those few who are helped out in a good way, kudos. Those many who are colossally let down by this app time and again, sorry, but this app isn’t actually meant to help, it’s meant to destroy.

- Low quality app

First off the app glitches and it will show someone else's face with another persons convo, i have to exit and close the app 10 times within an hr just to fix the issue .. then when I try to delete a match the app glitches and i end up deleting the person im actually interested in, that has happened twice. Then when u try to contact support theres no direct contact.. stupid and irritating.. tinder has to many accounts for the app to be this glitchy.. get it together..

- Orientations

The orientations should be a bit more detailed to include whether they are an individual or couple. Along with that a marital status to know whether or not they are single or polygamous. This app just needs to adjust with the times a bit more

- Trash

All tinder cares about is money dating on Facebook is way better its actually free

- Good except one thing

The app works very well except the only complaint is the sheer amount of spam accounts/bots it seems like every other swipe is a fake account and it’s getting old sifting through bot accounts, security measures need to be increased.

- Stop this app

People are getting killed using this app do the world a favor a shut it down. The developers do not have your safety in mind are horrible human beings.

- Lousy management of app.

80% or more of the account profiles are foreign bots and/or fake accounts. Endless solicitations to Snapchat or .coms.

- So laggy

Just in general the app keeps lagging, and it aggravates me so much because it shouldn’t be like this at all, obviously. I tried talking to their support people but they’re no help either.

- Random Bans

Keep banning the people actually using your app correctly (without any explanation) while bots and other scam artists abuse your active user base.

- Awful - Doesn’t apply filters, thanks passport 😾

Live in a big city and I have my mileage set to 3 miles since that could be 45 min commute by mass transit... thanks to this AWFUL passport feature 98% of the people in my swipe deck aren’t even from this hemisphere... looking for a meaningful connection not a foreign pen pal... 0/10, wouldn’t recommend

- Do not purchase!!! WARNING!! Stay away.

I purchased a one year subscription and my phone number which I was given by the phone company was already banned. Refund denied by Apple and by tinder who has no customer support numbers or any way to help anyone if they needed any sort of support.

- Delete this from the AppStore.

Neglect and bad filtering every profile was spam. There are more fake accounts than the app will even let you report before it throws an error. The developer obviously doesn’t care just makes it look like they have more active users than they actually do. Better for their bottom line in partnerships. All dating apps are owned and run by the same company anyway that’s why none of them work.

- Tinder bans you for no reason

Tinder bans you for no reason. They say you violate the terms and services, but they don’t wanna explain nothing to you. I didn’t have no arguments with no one on the app and i still got banned.

- 0 ban appeal policy, copy paste generic customer service

I was a user since 2018. I say that, because my behavior had been consistent and similar almost every single day for those two years. I was banned from the app for no reason given, without warning. Had the company let me know what I was in violation of I would have corrected my mistakes and moved on. But since they refuse to help me to understand why I am being banned, I wrote this up. Just use bumble.

- Plz reply

It keep saying account band I just bought this phone and I can’t make profile??? I think last owner got band now I can’t use this app?

- Totalmente en desacuerdo con la opción de denunciar perfiles

En vez de dar la opción de denunciar perfil de otra personas solo deberían permitir que se pueda bloquear a otro usuario porque a veces otras personas denuncian mi perfil sin yo hacer hecho nada malo y esto provoca la suspensión de la cuenta. Esta opción deberían eliminarla porque cualquier otro usuario puede denunciar mi perfil solo por envidia o por querer molestar. En estos momentos no tengo acceso a Tinder por esta razón considero q es algo que deberían corregir en la app

- Great time waster

Great app if you are looking to waste your time. You will swipe left so many times your fingers will start to hurt. If, by an incredible chance, you get a match it will never turn into a date. She will ghost and unmatch you as soon as you ask her out. I have single handedly had more success with a fraction of the effort in real life. If false hopes is your thing this app is for you!!!

- Too many fake profiles

Tinder, as far as dating apps go (or apps that utilize the swiping system), is definitely the best of the bunch. That being said, there are WAY too many fake profiles of “girls” who put their snap in their bio but only want to sell porn on Snapchat, using Tinder as their advertising platform. Also, most of these “girls” are people trying to scam guys out of money by promising to send explico content after receiving said money, never mind that the majority of them are clearly not fluent in English and can’t type complete sentences. Essentially, my complaint is that this app has no monitoring of suspicious profiles, and I feel like at least 60-75% of the girls on here are fake.

- Woof,

This app barely works on a programmatic level.

- Support is trash

Customer service does not answer questions or help at all

- To many fakes

There are far to many fake accounts that just want you to add their snaps for scams. They are easy to catch and should be monitored to be removed

- Wrong bday

I’m 59 and accidentally put the wrong year in and I can fix it???

- Banned for no reason and without explanation

I’ve been using the app sparingly for about a year and I log in one day to find that I was banned. I’ve done nothing to break the terms so I’m not quite sure why I got the ban hammer. I tried to contact support but they just gave me a bot message saying that I was banned because I violated the terms and conditions even though I didn’t. Still have no explanation and am unable to use the app again so thanks

- Happily married now.

Met my husband on this app. An I’m so thankful for it. It let me see who was near by to make a connection. Once you weed thru the randoms looking for just hook ups, it is possible to find your forever love. Thank you tinder for brining me something I thought I’d never have 💜

- No pixel hotties

Omg i saw no pixels i just wanted a pixel cutie i need a slender pixel cutie pls fix the bug i need 2 hawt single pixels pls pls pls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Fake brown dudes behind Instagram thotties pictures

Fake users its full of fake profiles and behind them brown Indian scammers trying to get ur number lol trash dating site must be avoid at all cost huge waste of time and god forbid money this should be shutdown u might as well download hot or not lol

- Non active accounts

Will tinder ever do something about this?,apps going downhill and apparently reporting people goes no where

- I don’t know

I’m 28 I made an account because I’m single and I actually can’t meet any women irl because they won’t even make eye content with me. I had decent photos I swipe on people I like and not one match for a full week of swiping. Guess I’m ugly guess I’m single for life this app is not for me , I’m ok being single but I hope one day a girl can make eye contact with me and enjoy my positive vibes. Get out doors and enjoy the moment Much love and respect

- Remove from “liked you” when you’ve swiped left on them

Make it that when you swipe left on someone who liked you, they go away from the blurred “liked you” section and update it to the correct number

- Not worth the time

Messages and matches disappear and come back later. Rarely are options presented, what I desire or even set as wanting in the first place


A promotion page popped up for one month tinder gold for $7.99, I purchased but was charged of $48.99 3month subscription. Contacted Apple, they said no I have to contact developer, then it goes to nowhere. No refund given by Apple as well, but I never subscribed for 3 month service, only 1m trial. Be careful guys!

- Glitchy and no matches

Algorithm is messed up, it’s impossible to get matches, when I first joined I got multiple a day but now nothing. It’s also a very glitchy app

- Don’t use tinder

I had a promotion offered to me that was what looked like $19 for a month for gold. I was charged $41. I asked for a refund immediately and was declined. There are a lot of dating apps that are much better then tinder. Use them!

- Banned for no reason

Purchased gold and was banned a few hours later....

- It won’t work

I type my phone number then my code that’s sent to me, then it goes back to the same screen and then I do it again and again and still nothing. Please fix your app so I can actually use it

- Banned without making an account?

I downloaded this app for the first time, put my phone number in, and it says I was banned! How can someone be banned if they never had an account?

- Crashes

Crashes within seconds of opening the app

- App crashing

Worked fine yesterday, no updates happened, none available, but it keeps crashing now... On iPhone with latest iOS... Please fix this

- Passport

Think the passport should be free to be honest cause if the apps about connecting with people then i should be able to swipe with anyone i want and from anywhere But ofc the developers are greedy and need there money so 🤷🏻‍♂️ just my opinion i think the passport option should be free And not just a trial

- Garbage

What a joke. You are a fool to spend money on any dating site. They want me to spend money yet I rarely ever match with someone, usually always ignored. Lots of fake people, people wayy outside your range, like halfway across the world. Even when you swipe left or right the same profile will sometimes appear over and over. Never have spent money on a dating app and never will. It’s just a waste people. It’s like buying a bottle of water just to pour it down the sink.

- Don’t download

Slow, buggy, full of bots and constant fake notifications.

- Keeps glitching

Matches and messages keep disappearing - causing me to have to delete and reinstall. sooo annoying!

- Problem

I used to have the app for a while before. I recently just downloaded it again, and for one; it told me my account had been banned when I had tried to log in after. I did not have any explicit photos or inappropriate, content or language. And for two; I managed to make a new profile, but the app keeps crashing every time I have tried to upload photos for my new profile. Please help or fix this.

- C&R now in love.

Hey. We in love now. Hate to break it to y’all but I got the one. Like THEE one. Like - we talking some next level holly and Michael typa relationship like y’all don’t even know. Like. Daryl and Val typa relationship. Like Todd packer and your mom typa relationship. Lemme just say. Super liking a girl from kkkville is definitely a little odd at first considering they all want you dead in that mystical land. But it is what it is. #Godisgood. #Tindersucks #Rebeccadoesnt

- It’s a fake, don’t be fooled

It completely fake, don’t waste your time on this, it’s a fake.


Don’t bother this app has become garbage over the past couple years. It won’t even display matches around your area let alone within so many km of you... this is really frustrating don’t bother upsetting yourself wasting your time on this app

- No more Tinder Passport Even though country is still on lock

Tinder passport was great. Just wish they’d keep it on until the entire quarantine situation is over with, not until April 30th..

- Keep freezing and not working

Tinder was good for the first few days then suddenly it keeps freezing, it’s getting frustrating. Something has to give.

- Tinder is okay

Paid for tinder gold to see if some things would change but it didn’t. I was still seeing people I super liked popping up again. It would use your superlike but didn’t count it. The same people you liked or didn’t like would pop up, meanwhile my roommate is getting completely different people then me and we are in the same area. Same thing happening to her, same people no matter if she liked or disliked them TinderGold IS NOT WORTH IT. this app is a scam to get your money, nothing really changed when I got it other then extra superlikes and a free boost ONCE every month and seeing people who liked you. But how can that really work when you aren’t even seeing 50% of the population on tinder? Like a said a total scam, again me and my friend came across completely different people showing up, I’d run out of likes despite not coming across any of the ones she came across. WE LIVE IN THE SAME BUILDING so explain that one to me tinder? Don’t waste your money, ride the app but don’t pay for it. Not worth it

- Summer 2020

Let’s go tinder you’ve done me and the boys wonders so far, but I’m trying to work with some of my boys not against them and I feel like we compete when we match with the same chick so I mean let’s just bring back this whole tinder group game and let the ladies pick for themselves.

- Dumb

Hey why do I want to meet people over 10000kms away when we aren’t even supposed to our province? I don’t have my settings looking for people 10000kms away. Seems stupid and dumb. Fix your app.

- Garbage

Tinder controls your account who they want to show you to, waste of time and money, don’t even try to contact customer service they are useless, over 30 days and no response and I pay to use this site, as of now I’m no longer paying someone who has zero respect for a customer.

- Notifications that don’t exist

I’m constantly having an issue where my notifications are stuck at 50 when I don’t have any. Occasionally they go back to normal when I have a new notification but they also sometimes get added on on top of the 50. This is SUPER annoying. @developers please do your best to fix this.

- Money!!!

You have to pay otherwise you will never know who gave you a like. Feel free to try it yourself and give 1000 dislike and you will see that you will have the same likes. Don't be stupid and don't support these organizations.

- So many crashes

Any time i update anything in settings or upload photos it crashes

- Oh this ain’t right.

It’s not my first false advertisement fraud I’ve been exposed to but damn if it’s fair in any way. I’m very sad and I think a lot about suicide, but that app will do nothing to prevent me from using it. It’ll lie and tell me someone swiped me right, when I know that no one would do that. I know it’s all a business decision and loosing money is not of the question... but can you at least bring down the false advertising, the propaganda and such? I’m very sad that some entity can just pull out fake numbers out of their ash and not be reprimanded. Even these reviews are fake as they never make it to the appstore.

- Refund

I deleted my account 2 months ago but u guys still charge me 18.99. I already refunded the other one but u took it again. Why?

- :(

Sucks don’t use

- Notifications of messages but can’t open them

I can’t open my messages. I deleted and downloaded the app back and nothing happened. I still can’t see the messages.

- Pathetic!

If there was zero stars or minus this apps deserves it. It’s the worst dating app I’ve ever used. All they want to do is sell you the upgrade and it’s for nothing! Makes no difference and it’s a waste of time and money.

- Wife

Thanks for the wife!

- I found my husband

Thanks Tinder!

- Confusing as hell

The UI for this app is brutal. Sometimes swipe-left means “No”, other times you get to see more photos, and there is NO indication what your action will do. I am lucky I bought, because I have swiped left on too many women when all I wanted to do is see more pictures. Go take a Human computer interaction course and then fix this hunk of junk!!!!

- Fix the algorithm!

The first day I got matched with a lot of people. The second day I never got anymore even after buying gold. I think it’s rigged bc if I make another account with the same pics I will get matches. Somebody needs to make a proper dating app this is ridiculous. I have a better chance with woman using Instagram as to this dating app.

- Racism digitized

This app has given rise to discrimination and racism towards south asian and other communities by white people who are selectively dating based on race. Tinder should not allow racisl bias and ban users men and women who have racial bias in dating

- can u help

my cousin went on my phone and downloaded tinder put put her age not mine I am much older than her and i was thinking of using the app but it won’t even let me start a new account because she put her age instead of mine !

- Bugs all the time

I’ve deleted this app many times because they need to fix it and somehow they keep saying they’ve fixed it but nothing changes. I downloaded it recently, it was working fine that day only. Since then, haven’t been able to open the app at all. Deleted it, now it won’t even let me download😂 as a programmer, this is embarrassing, go back to your first patch, when there was 0 issues.

- Trash now

The distance settings do not work. Keeps shows me cave trolls that live 3000kms away... when i limit the distance to 20kms i dont want to see someone 75kms away. Wth is going on w this app??!! Not to mention the stuff you guys dont control like the quality of people on the app. Or their expectations to date, etc. Just no.

- Not worth it!! Hing and Bumble are way better!!!

An absolute money grab...

- Dangerous to use

I hate this I got scammed on here

- Shit

1. Too many fake people and catfishes 2. The app is so bad it makes me feel like I’m in 2012 3!! Why can I turn off notifications for everything except when you get likes. I’m just tired of getting a ‘someone liked you’ notification every 2 minutes. I don’t even care if anyone likes me because they are all fake and catfishes anyways

- Désabonnement

Je fait quoi pour me désabonner

- Banned for NO REASON

Dear Tinder, I do not understand how the account was banned. I bought Tinder Gold around April 21, 2020. I did not violate any of the rules listed in Terms and Conditions. I would like my account unbanned, and I want Tinder to extend my Tinder Gold subscription for the amount of period lost from this (the period of my account being banned). Very poor customer service received from the Tinder Support. They just sent me an automated email, not actually reviewing my account. It’s fun to use Tinder but the customer service was very poor and for that reason I gave 1 star. Thank you.

- Got banned yet I used the app once

Got banned and I don’t even use the app ? Yet I can’t delete my account so I still get notifications?? Uhm ok 😅😂

- Keep on crashing

Can’t even open the app anymore

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- I got blocked pls unblock my acct😭😭😭

Pls unblock me tinder i am begging

- Not working don’t download

This app isn’t working, it keeps saying there is no one around you. It doesn’t allow you do anything

- Unnecessary banning of account

You guys should open my tinder account back before I curse you guys 😡😡😡😡

- I can’t access my chats

I don’t know what is happening to my tinder account ever since I switched phones I no longer have access to my chats,I get notifications for new messages but when I open the app I don’t see anything please fix this issue.Thanks More so my tinder account has been blocked and I have been banned from using tinder gosh I feel sick already because that’s the o my app I get to keep myself busy and entertained during this lockdown Tinder community please do something

- Vn

I think adding a voice note feature would be a good move

- Banned account

It so sad tinder get to ban my account without a prior notice or stating what My office was ..been on tinder for over 1year and some month and it hurt me seeing my account banned ..infact can’t open a new account on my phone agn ...dat so bad ....things aren’t done dat way

- The way you ban people is so annoying

Stop banning people....I didn't even know what I did that prompted the ban.

- Unnecessary banning of accounts

It’s not fair the way you people ban accounts, so unfair! Thought tinder was a sweet app but the banning is not nice to the extent if you have been banned you can almost never use tinder again in your life, it’s so annoying, all my matches gone, without even warning me, tinder won’t even tell you what you did wrong before banning your account, y’all should do better because they are numerous apps that can easily take over, it’s like you people are becoming selfish that you getting people together for free forgetting that’s what the app was created for, tinder could have been the best apps ever because it have joined lot of lovers together, helped lot of people but that’s getting spoiled because of banning accounts unnecessarily, it’s really so sad! Stop banning so much that will discourage people from downloading the app at all, please do better henceforth, I have been on IG and Facebook for years and my account have never been banned except not being enable to use a feature for like a week and I ll be told what I did wrong but tinder isn’t so, y’all just ban people anyhow without warning whatsoever!

- Tinder is very bad

Honestly to be sincere I’m not happy with Tinder this app is a very bad app They've deleted my account close to hundred times why why are you deleting my account what have I done wrong I tried logging in now it’s not even working anymore any number I use is saying did Account has been ban why fuck you and your fucking app seriously if you don’t want people to use your app then delete it, to hell with you man you guys a fucking crazy, and u guys are intruding into someone’s privacy you just block someone’s account without anyAny invitation without any complain or any fucking thing, your app was very good I love it but seriously to hell with you on this fucking app, I’m fucking tired of opening a new account every day.


Why will I subscribe for features and they are not activated! You take my money and still I can’t access the features?? I need my money back or you active the features!!! I just joined this app and I haven’t even enjoyed anything at all, instead you take my money and still not give me what I paid for. Active the features or please refund.

- Unable to swipe right or left ( paid member, my tinder plus

I deleted my acc and opened it after 1 day I was unable to see any 1 on the app. I opened with another no and will locked out 5 days later and am a paid member ( my tinder plus) kindly refund my money or that will be considered scam . Unable to see any 1 in my location or with passport so I can’t swipe right or left .

- Terminating my subscription before due date

I did a tinder+ and good subscription and cancelled renewal. Tinder terminated the subscription 2 weeks before the due date. That’s utterly wrong.

- No one shows on my radar

I paid for tinder plus and yet for 24 hours no one has shown on my radar, at first i thought i’ve probably swiped everyone in my location, i then switched to different countries to test and yet nothing, nobody has shown. What is all this rubbish? I have deleted and installed the app and yet nothing, i have restarted my phone and nothing still. I feel tinder is a scam.

- I can’t like someone picture

Tinder please what is wrong with your app I can’t match with no one it keeps telling me tinder can’t connect with App Store please work on your app

- Account banned with no Reason

I don’t understand why my account was banned, I was very compliant with the term of use and services and my profile was still deleted without a notice or heads up sent to me, This is very bad customer service and all this happened after my purchase of the tinder gold, now I feel my money is being wasted because my subscription runs till the end of the month and I don’t have accessibility, I am very annoyed and disappointed right now, because this is not fair of the app developers, I’m going to be giving tinder one star until they fix this issue.

- Photos

I love tinder so much I met my ex boyfriend on tinder but now am trying to register again but is telling me image too large please can you give examples of what kind of image size you want I am freaking out please reply soonest

- Creeps

Once you’re able to get through all the weirdos and creeps, you’ll find a creepy weirdo that’s perfect for you.

- Blocked accounts

You guys just block someone’s account without giving them any notification or a chance to be heard,that’s bad I can’t even rate your application

- Glitch

App freezes badly. Messages don't ever deliver.

- Don’t waste your time and money

Please don’t ever take their paid membership. Your profile can be banned after 14 days from the date of paid membership. Why after 14 days? Because you can claim your refund before 14 days. You will not get any explanation from the tinder team. Believe me they do this even if you don’t violate any of their policy. Actually they are running a scam online where they are not liable to answer you anything. You can’t go to court (who has time). And trust me they are making billions of dollars from this. So please don’t fall in their trap and use other apps like happen, OkCupid or any xyz but not this.

- Normally, it serves me right.

It ok then

- fix your verification

i can’t create an account, haven’t received any verification text, been trying everyday for 30 days. fix immediately

- Worst app

Keep deleting my account every time for no reason I should be notified with reasons why my acct was deleted

- The app is hanging

Your application is freezing too much... pls work on it

- Centre of fraudster

I am a Nigerian, and I absolutely love the dating app tinder, as that’s the only way I get social with people. But seems to me like the app has been invaded by fraudsters and voodoo worshippers! There shld be more strict privacy on tinder! If I wasn’t careful enough, well, only God knows. Pls see to this. There shld be some form of settings that’ll let u know who ure conversing with. Thanks

- Fix please

I’ve been having problems with my account I’ve been trying to delete my account and it keeps telling me it couldn’t Delete the account can you fix it please

- Annoying reminders

When you ban anyone the least you could do is tell them the reason why! And constantly reminding me to enable notifications in every chat I open it’s annoying!

- I app lock from my tinder app due to some date issue what should I do

I need assistance

- Pls fix😭

the app goes blank and remain so for days it won’t display anything... I even updated it and it’s still the same. please can something be done about that?

- Worst app

Tinder you guys are so unfair I got blocked unexpectedly for no prior reason what’s the reason for blocking people after they paid for your app

- Crap

My tinder suddenly stopped working and any time I try to create a new account it keeps rejecting my pictures. I already have an active subscription on my old account and I would like to cancel please

- Pls work on it

This annoying the app is crap must we pay for tinder gold this that before we see likes or reply messages that bad

- Bugging

Plz work on your bugs it’s annoying, can’t even use the app... rubbish 😡

- Review App

This app is great for interacting but it keeps getting stuck in one place then it goes back to my home page. It’s frustrating and tiring Please fix

- Bugs

4 issues 1. You can’t tell if you offline 2. You can’t delete a message Incase of typo, like who doesn’t delete messages 3. You don’t know if it read or not , so you can’t actually tell if you were snubbed 4. I get to like people nd Dey choose to like me, but I don’t get to choose to match anyone WHY

- Unresponsive

Can’t load

- Too much fake profiles

Most people I got matched with were fake, there are too many spam accounts

- Very bad . No one can see my proile

Eversince you renewed my tinder gold subscription, no one can see my profile again. This is bad. Please fix this. And you have the worst customer service

- Screening of people who get to haves an account with u

I almost got scammed by a fake guy here on tinder ,u guy need to screen a lot of people here think to God I didn’t lost anything just my transport coming and going fake people every where

- Useless app

Horrible app. Got banned after paying for a subscription. I don't even know why. But whoever is behind this app shall know no peace until death comes.

- Useless App

Very useless app, they will banned you without telling u why, disgusting app

- Please fix

Each time I get a notification that I’ve been messaged by a match, immediately I log in to check it out the message is no where to be found and somehow I never get to chat with that person again please fix it apart from that it’s a cool app

- More like a suggestion - Allowing comments

Whilst swiping one should be able to leave reviews or comments (optional) after viewing a profile just before swiping. This could help users structure their profiles. This feature could be switched on/off in the settings menu.

- Account banned

Hey I just subscribed in my tinder and logout and said let me login again you guys banned my account, please refund back my money, i feel so disappointed



- More than 5 deleted accounts in less than 2 weeks

Tinder keeps deleting my profile. I even paid for tinder plus and the next day my account get deleted without notice. How can you do this? Several times my account has been deleted or blocked after even paying for tinder gold. You have deleted my profile more than 5 times in the last two weeks. Also It’s either no one can see my profile or you’re not showing my matches at all cos it’s not possible that in all my profiles you have deleted I didn’t get any matches even after using a booster. Look into your system cos it’s starting to get really annoying. I’ll give a rating when this is fixed.

- Not loading

Very annoying app, I don’t understand why it’s not loading

- I plead sanity

Worst app ever. Tinder sucks big time!

- Trouble logging in

I use an iPhone 7. Every time I try to log in it says something went wrong try again. For months now, I’ve updated, deleted and downloaded again. Still nothing.

- Am confused.

I love tinder so much, but right now am definitely having a problem after I updated it to the last version.....I have 12 messages but it’s not showing who it is from? I deleted n download again but still the same thing happens .

@kristoimmanuel Goyang2in kaki soalnya heran sejak kpn anda jadi model tinder? Wkwkwk 🤣

Lisa #Qさま Pounding it out with a Tinder date porn usa

@wch_reviews: ไม่มีอะไรดีใจมากไปกว่าปัดTinder เจอฝรั่งแล้วขึ้น Match!! อีกแล้วค่ะ 55555555555555

The tinder Ken doll I never met hit me up since restrictions are easing up soon. Let’s get this dating dumpster f…

@JennyRa71816907: 階段で露出オナニー💦 野外おなにーハマりそう笑 した方に無修正送ります💓 待ちきれない人はマン垢来て 📲 💓 オナニー 裏垢女子 見せ合い セフレ エロ動画 セフレ オフパコ #おし…

@chocolatossz Main tinder aja coba biasanya banyak tuh yg suka wkwk

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Tinder 11.15.0 Screenshots & Images

Tinder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tinder iphone images
Tinder iphone images
Tinder iphone images
Tinder iphone images
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Tinder (Version 11.15.0) Install & Download

The applications Tinder was published in the category Lifestyle on 2012-08-03 and was developed by Tinder Inc. [Developer ID: 725634363]. This application file size is 138.79 MB. Tinder - Lifestyle posted on 2020-05-11 current version is 11.15.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Tinder Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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