Pinterest [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest.

Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt into a stylish dress, or plan your next vacation with Pinterest.

3 Reasons to start finding and saving ideas on Pinterest:

1. Discover everyday inspiration and explore articles on trending and recommended topics.
2. Collaborate with friends for your next group trip, party or project.
3. See an idea out in the world that you like? Just snap a photo of it with Pinterest Lens to find how to buy, make, or do it!

Discover new possibilities and save what you find. Find inspirational ideas from anywhere on the internet.

Get ideas for the topics you care about most:
- Travel and fitness tips
- Fashion and style
- Home design and architecture
- Food and cooking
- Wedding inspiration

To start saving and sharing Pins, download now.

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Pinterest Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Every week, we polish up the Pinterest app. This update includes: - Bug fixes - Performance improvements Tell us if you like this latest version at

Pinterest Comments & Reviews

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- Accept requests

How do you accept requests in the board? The people are under board requests and I click on them and it takes me to their account. I tried swiping, and looked under my inbox but it wasn’t working. I also tried inviting them to the board but it says they are already invited. Help!!

- Perfect

It’s very useful 👍🏻

- i’m obsessed with pinterest but you guys need to fix things

i have started THREE different accounts in the past week because your app is horrible and glitchy. i will be using the app and all of the sudden it will kick me out to the login screen. when i try to log back in it says user/email not found. the first couple of times it happened i thought okay it’s fine i’ll just make a new one even though i just spent hours pinning things. but when it happened a third time last night it really made me mad. i deleted the app because this shouldn’t be happening. my screen time on pinterest is like 5 hours a day but it will not be that high anymore after what you guys have done to me. i’m sick of this. please fix your app and make it easier to use.

- I love this app

I truly enjoy this app. I have saved so many pins and I have such a great experience with this app. I honestly love experimenting with this app too! This is one of my top 3 favorite apps to use!! Thank you for this great app I truly love it!

- Fun

This is one of my favorite apps to kill time, see some really interesting things And get great ideas on the things I love or plan to do. It’s a great all around app.

- What the app

Trying to get the app gut nowhere it says “get”. Someone messed up

- Bugs not fixed!

Every week Pinterest fixes bugs, and every week I still have the same issue with it freezing up when I zoom in on pics. Why is it I am forced to view more and more advertising from marketers selling items I do not want, but you can’t fix a simple bug such as this?

- It gave me something the IOS is not supposed to have

So I was looking for interesting pictures that would I would save and I went to the Twitter thing to get the full comic but then OUT OF NOWHERE I get a website that says “you have a virus” A VIRUS! THE IOS PHONE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO GET VIRUSES! WTH!? I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO DEAL WITH THIS!!!! If you can please find way to not have this happen to other people with this kind of device.

- report on blocking ‘like’pin

this is very personal so pls do me a favor this account to be deleted not just block,of cause supervise and Pinterest can keep them.Na ja! Reporting spam! If u can

- انتم احلى



Fun to look at

- My personal experience from Pinterest

I enjoy using this app where I can gather and build up my boards based on my hobbies and interest. I’ve heard of this app from my friends and decided to look it up to see what it can do. There are variety of topics that you can focus on like movies, anime, nature, travel and more. Pinterest has an average performance on its updates, recommendations, and messages, but it ain’t flawless. There is a problem the updates can be lacking like when it pops up too late or never appears based on the timeline. There is a slight miscount on my followers page like where it stated that I have 23 followers, but only 21 profile pics appeared. The boards give of black

- Pinterest keeps posting for my mother who passed away.

My mother passed away almost a year ago. It is startling to me every time I see that she has ‘liked’ something on Pinterest. Please stop it.

- Go back to the old version

The newest version is incredibly difficult to navigate and distract from the main content of the pin. I really dislike the new version and would recommend that you not update to the current version if you haven’t already

- Love the app but I have a suggestion

I have nothing wrong with the app it’s perfect. I have two separate accounts it would like to be able to just switch back forth and be able to be on one device, it does have the option to switch to a different account but that causes me to have login, logging me out of the other account. It would be nice if I could switch between accounts without having to completely re-login each time

- Love it

Easy to use I’ve had this app for 5 years never found a flaw. Pinterest has everything from life hack videos to Harry Potter memes I love this app

- Too man ads

Every other post is a ad

- Absolutely Amazing

I absolutely love this I have tried so many things on here from crafts to cooking and I enjoy looking at things everyday hoping I get around to making the crafts I have found or our creating something I have never done before

- Soooooo good!

This app is such good quality, and it is perfect for me, because I can work on my photo wall, and you can even upload your own photos for the whole world to see! GET THIS APP NOWWW!!!!!!!!!

- love the app, but i have a few suggestions...

i’ve been using this app for years now, and have had little to no issues w it. i rarely experience any technical issues/bugs, so my problem is w this new update. there’s a few things that i don’t like that i just don’t quite understand. for starters, i personally dislike the new layout for looking at your boards. now all it shows is a small icon of the board cover. i really like to see my recent pins with each board and how they appear to those who view my account. the larger board layout was better in my opinion. secondly, i dislike how my profile cover does not have the option of being one of my boards anymore, but instead i can only make it a single photo. overall i think change is good, but maybe if we could choose what we want instead of being forced into just the one option for everything? i don’t know. these are merely suggestions, i have no clue on how to do what you guys do, so please do not think that this comment is coming from a place of judgement or complaint. thank you so much pinterest team for all you do!


I am always on Pinterest looking at Sailormoon fan arts, and I can be on there for HOURS!! Guaranteed the best app!!

- Viewing uploads

Pinterest needs to figure out how to add a swipe-over tab on your home profile titled something like “View Uploads” or “My Uploads” that way you can see the content that you yourself have uploaded rather than pinned. This way you can find and edit things much easier.

- Fix this plz

I previously had this app and now the app is refusing to download can you please fix this

- The best app ever

I love to search outfits and other stuff and this app is perfect for room ideas and clothing and cooking and etc. so I recommend this app

- Not worth wasting any time on

Very disappointed with the amount of ads and tic tok videos lately. I can’t open a pin without some pop up video ad ruining it and your ‘picked for you’ suggestions are absolutely ridiculous. Such a shame your greed has ruined what was a good thing.

- False allegation pictures

When Pinterest allows pictures of innocent gestures to be posted as evidence of pedophilia, it loses all credibility with me. You have allowed pictures of Joe Biden with his grandson at Beau Biden’s funeral and his granddaughter at a pre-inaugural photo session to be posted showing pedophilia. As one who grew up in the same era as Biden and trump and endured pedophilia, Joe Biden is not the pedophilic.

- I’m really mad at Pinterest

Ok so when we get access to story pins we USED to be able to have a little scroll bar of all the other people with story pins As of yesterday you took that away and let’s just say I was livid I love viewing other business accounts and seeing what story pins they’ve created but now I have to scroll through my home feed for anything I’m considering deleting Pinterest because of all of the horrible updates

- Sexist Company

I just read in the article in the New York Times about how your company treats women. I will never spend another dime through your site. You disgust me.

- Ice-t

Trop cool cette application

- Trash

For a few months it always says no internet. It has said that through 2 different data plans and at least 3 different WiFi connections. I can sometimes see my boards. This has been a few months. Maybe worked 5 times.

- yeah❤️

do i really gotta explain? it’s amazing.

- yeah❤️

do i really gotta explain? it’s amazing.

- Very useful !!!!

Great app for ideas about everything,or just to show off your interests or style

- Not easy to use

Not easy to use

- It’s the best

It helps me find this I like and give me ideas and I can see the store’s there in and I HIGHLY recommend this there are so many options to pick and I can’t get off of this app!!

- Pretty good

It says it’s for 12 yr olds but it has some bad words otherwise gr8

- Pinterest Rocks!!!!

Pinterest is amazing I love it!!

- Has NEVER let me down!😆

I absolutely love Pinterest! It gets me in such a creative mood. Learning how to access everything is a lot easier than most apps, which is really appreciated!!! I’ve never experienced getting kicked out of the app or any sort of bug that’s disturbing me while using Pinterest out of the three years that I have had access to this app. I really recommend getting Pinterest!

- Pinterest

I love this app. I found it very useful. I love scrolling through outfits for hours on end😍-Ben

- One ☝️ star ⭐️ ‘coz

I love ❤️ this app and i use it all time for 3 or 4 hours but i given it one ☝️ star ⭐️ ‘coz i can’t use it with Arabic language… [ pls add the Arabic language. ]

- Heeh


- Can you PLEASE fix this?

Okay I love this app but there’s this glitch that really infuriates me. When you do a board collar or whatever and try to move one of the pins to a different section, it just says “Sorry, we couldn’t move some of your pins!” and duplicates the pin. I’ve tried so many different things to try and fix it and NONE WORKED.

- Pinterest best ever

This app is AMAZING not only does it cure my boredom it helped me redo my bathroom and room with options also some cute clothes ideas and more definitely recommended

- Needs a few tweaks

The app has started freezing and closing itself as well as stoping the music I’m listening to when I use it. Also I REALLY wish it was possible to download boards to my camera roll. I mean seriously it’s 2020 and your expecting me to download the pictures I want one by one....🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

- Message of appreciation

I’m very well pleased with the selections and all the information I have gotten from this app thank you very much

- It freezes a lot

I love the iPhone app but the iPad app is super buggy and it always freezes

- Why force someone to create an account

Some people just want to be a visitor—buy what we come for and leave the site. I’m pretty sure you could have even more website traffic if you make this option available for (men).

- I love this app But.....

It amazing app I love it but I had to get it again because it deleted by it self so please fix that but other then that it’s amazing please keep up the good work

- Temptation

Pinterest’s goal is information gathering. No images, unless a person logs in. So.. as a user, now your password is loaded onto their server. Sign in is via: Google EMAIL, FACEBOOK or GOOGLE.. Hacking made easy. Similar to a credit card reader. Carte blanch 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

- Amazing

I love this app I use all the time it is a great way for friends to connect I really like making pins and getting followers and likes

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- I love it!!

I absolutely love Pinterest, I use it all the time for new ideas and inspiration. My favorite part about it is the sections. Personally though, I think we should have sections within sections to narrow down more of our pins. Please consider this!

- Not working

This app is so glitchy. When I try to make a business account, it doesn’t let me click done. This has been happening for two days now. I deleted and reinstalled the app and that did nothing. I am unable to use Pinterest because I can’t even create a account!!!

- Hello

hi can thre be a thing where u can download a video just like a photo or something Plsss and ty

- ayo y’all needa get rid of those video ads omg

i literally LOVE pinterest but bruh- THOSE VIDEO ADS R SO ANNOYING. i be vibin listening to music scrolling them out of nowhere my music stops. like i beg yo pardon😃. nah but fr please get rid of them or make it so it doesn’t turn off music. it’s rlly annoying and ion even use pinterest anymore buttttt ima still use it. i cant live without her 😜.

- mi pns yusuusyus


- ways to improve

Love the app, but I have a more suggestions for it. Please make an option to convert a personal account into a business account without having to create a whole new one. Ive been on my account for over a year and have spent lots of time on my boards so I don’t want to start all over, so a way to covert it would be much easier. I also wish there was an option to instantly scroll all the way down a board and to easily organize / move / delete pins there instead of it refreshing to the top of the board every time an edit is made. Another feature i would like is it you could add multiple pins at the same time instead of individually, which can be very time consuming. That’s it!!!

- Nothing But Garbage TikToks

STOP WITH THE STUPID TIKTOK ACCOUNTS ON MY HOMEFEED!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I’m sick of seeing people’s tiktok videos bombarding my homefeed. I don’t follow these people and I DONT WANT TO!!!! So stop with them. People are using Pinterest like Instagram. And putting all their tiktok videos on Pinterest, why am I seeing them if I don’t follow them???? STOP WITH THESE C R A P ACCOUNTS!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 You have a complete garbage app!!! I want to see MY interests NOT anything else. Especially not lame teens showing off their d u m b bedrooms! 🤬🤬🤬 Over 90% of the pins on the homefeed are either TikTok videos, pins that have absolutely no interest to me or the topics I follow or what I pin, it’s like you pull the most i d i o t i c pins and show them. And I get so many pins that are in a different language, I have United States as my location, why am I seeing so many pins in other languages or shopping accounts in other countries. Are m o r o n s working at Pinterest? Get it right!!!🤬🤬

- I love it but……

I love this app but I hate that I can’t save photos. Please update it so I can or if we already can save photos tell me how! I just downloaded it btw!

- Help?

I have a Pinterest business accounts and I keep seeing all these really cute story pins. They say you need a business account to make them but I already and have the latest update, what am I doing wrong? Other then that love Pinterest 😍😍

- Hate the update

The forced shopping on posts annoy the hell out of me. I can’t even look at similar posts because nothing that follows is anything that relate. I hate it so much I fully retract any interest in buying anything off of this app. The absolute worst method of advertising that I’ve ever seen.

- LOVE IT but..

I love this app sooo much, but I have a couple requests. First of all, I have thousands of pins and I can never see the comments correctly. I don’t know if it’s just my phone or what, but the comments only work occasionally and it’s so annoying. Also, CAN YOU PLEASEEE MAKE IT AN OPTION TO MAKE A CERTAIN SECTION REQUEST ONLY??? Like I have a board and I want to keep one section of it to say “request to be in” you know what I mean? Idk how to explain it.

- The use of white supremacist

The description of white supremacist instead of supremacist in general is racism against white people just as if you said black/Asian/ any other race as being the only race capable of supremacy!

- I’m out

Every time I tap on a picture to read more of find where I can buy it, it never takes to that page. I am very frustrated that this doesn’t work. Going to delete.

- Great app! But a few things...

Pinterest is a great app! It’s really vsco and positive. Some accounts post inappropriate images but you just need to be careful. Also there are so down talking to this one acc who eats Chick-fil-A and supports them. When they called her out she denied it at said she only liked it for the food. Just don’t forget who you are,

- Great app

I love it

- Pinterest is great

I’ve had Pinterest for 8 months and it is great 😍 I love just everything about it, and it helped me improve my coloring skills

- Great app. Community can be Karen filled.

Love this app have used it for years. Community can be pretty catty. I really wish there was a way to report animal abuse posts there are a few of them.

- Love my Pinterest

When ever I’m looking for projects to do or different recipes to make I use Pinterest. I love it!

- Horrible with commenting and replies.

Can send a reply, keep hitting send and nothing happens. Log out do the hokey pokey and still not going to send a reply.

- Absolutely Amazing and Addicting!! But..

I love this app so much. I use it for about an hour or two every day just looking at pictures and saving them to my board, along with posting my own. Although there’s one thing I wish Pinterest would add: The ability to disable Messaging. Throughout the time I’ve been on Pinterest, In the comments I have seen Numerous Toxic quotes and comments, might it be To a specific person who also commented, or on the post alone. I myself don’t want to be the subject of that harassment say someone decides to message me and say that stuff. Not to mention my parents aren’t all that big of a fan of random people chatting with me.. (I’m of age I swear) I know there’s a block option, but I really wish there’s a way to somehow disable Messaging. Pinterest, Please add this feature. I’m sure people would use the option and you might even end up getting more users that feel more secure using the app. If you want to, I recommend even making it to where It can be set to Friends only (People who you follow and they also follow you) People reading this, please give this Review A Helpful Thumbs up so Pinterest can see this. Thank you and stay safe ^^

- Ideas

All of these images are great , people can get so many ideas for about anything from tattoos, to other kinds of art..

- Pinterest is being RUINED by all of the ads!!! TOO many distractions!!!

Pop-up window ads making app unusable!!! So much of the screen is being blocked by these pop-up ads. I have always loved Pinterest, and tell others to use it. However, there are too many intrusive pop-ups that get in the way of reading and enjoying the app. Please address this issue, and either clean up the interface, or allow for a one time charge to get rid of the pop-ups. I realize this is about money. Please find another way to increase your revenue!

- Update messed with my boards

After the last update, one of my boards is missing. Didn’t delete it or archive it, so I have no clue where it went. Please fix this ASAP.

- Im a fan account

this is how I get rares of charli, just look up charli rare photos then screenshot and crop :))

- pinterest is horrible w tiktok

it’s nauseating to see all the posers flaunting horrible vids. plus they actually make me vomit because of the motion in tiny windows. stop screwing up the feed with this visually disturbing dreck. give mr the option to stop the autoplay. i want pins of static images!! and none of the pinners i follow are visible under the follow option. the developers ruined pinterest for adults. it seems all they care about are juvenile pinners.

- some stuff i dont like

you can move more than 50 images and they tell u to just click 'select all' and that button doesnt even exist. if it did though, why is it so hidden. its really annoying and time consuming to have to go back on the pins ive selected and deselect them to fit this dumbass feature

- 1995

Best app ever love it ☺️☺️☺️

- Pinterest rocks ❤️

I love the app, the update, the way the app it’s organized. Everything! Buuut, how about also adding dark mode? (y’know, so I can spend hours at night without it being noticeable nor hurting my vision) Again, the app is amaazing! I love it!

- Awesome

love this app

- Nice app!

Very interesting app, just sign up and already found it very useful!

- Can’t get info as to purchasing a cat😂😂😂


- Review

Very fun and enjoyable to be a participant

- Too many ads

I used to love Pinterest, but now it’s just filled with advertisements... you cannot escape them. It’s really annoying!!!!

- So Many ADs on MY FEED

I can deal with the occasional one or two ads when I’m scrolling through my feed. However, there is no need for the large row ones that take up two columns. Get rid of them. Ads are long as they’re NOT intrusive and annoying. Y’see, if I keep seeing ads distracting me from what I’m trying to enjoy (be it video or social media feed) I’m waaaay more inclined to NOT do business with the hara—company. So...fix. the. feed. But I know you could care less about your users and more about $$$$ since you ARE a greedy company that do NOT care about your users whatsoever.

- Update weekly

Since the new update this week I cannot select my pins so I can't delte them either and it only does this to 3 of my boards but it's still annoying

- absolutely great!

i love pinterest, it’s fantastic. i practically live in it. BUT i just wanted to let you know that there’s a problem with the send button for commenting or sharing photos on pins! just wanted to give you guys a heads up! otherwise this app is great!

- Pinterest saves lives


- The new heart feature is annoying

Please stop showing me poor quality videos of white girls who can’t dance and trying to get me to leave a little heart by accident when I just want to hide it.

- Perfect but one thing

I would give it five stars but ever time I try to watch a video it plays a second and stops

- I want to like it but

I like the idea of saving in boards however every other time I get on or am on for more than few minutes it freezes and I have to undo the app. It did it one my old phone and my brand new phone.

- Love it! 💕

I had this for about few years am I roblox creator and bloxburg builder not always I had good inspiration sometimes I’ve lost my inspiration in making videos but Pinterest has never let me down! It has various features and I love whenever ypu save something it comes on your bord it’s amazing!

- Reseña

Me encanta la aplicación muy útil

- This is so fuuuun

Pinterest is really nice. I am getting tips on how to curl my hair best, how to do awesome makeup, and cute teen pics😍. I rate it 5 stars!!!! There is nothing wrong with the app. Thank you for making this amazing app.

- Mrs C L Stricker

I love this site. Easy to navigate and updates and new projects all the time. I love the recipes, home short cuts, sewing projects, etc. Keep them coming!!!

- Used to be awesome

Nowadays, mostly Promoted pins, dead ends, ads, sales, and absolutely nothing to do with what you're looking for, turn notifications off and you get tons of notifications, not to mention the copious amount of spamming inside of the app Pinterest forces onto you. Fine tune your feed they say..... negative! Same ole! Deleted once again!

- Fun and informative

Introduced to Pinterest by family and finding many things that interest me. Have already started making boards that interest me. Fun squared.

- Love this app but it doesn't open anymore!

Idk y but ever since I last updated yesterday it will go to a black screen then kick me out and put me back on home screen with the apps. i did love this app but now i can't even use it 💔

- Hidden posts

It frustrates me that I hide the posts that I’m not interested in seeing any more yet I keep seeing them repeatedly. it’s like hiding the posts does absolutely nothing.

- Way too many ads

Ugh!!!! Every other pin is an ad! It’s ridiculously annoying! Pick a format and stick to it! Stop changing everything every other week!

- Don’t update!

Every new update makes it less and less usable.

- Too many ads!!!

I love the app, but there’s just so many ads pop up like 2 to 3 on each page, so hard to read the recipe and scroll through, please fix this

- Cosplay

OMG I love pintrest it's amazing for cosplay ideas. And also for just ideas in general

- Coiffure

J’adore faire des coiffures et avec Pinterest j’ai encore plus d’idées

- Unreasonable amount of ads

This used to be a wonderful resource of information and now you have to wade through so many ads it isn’t even worth using. Disappointed.

- Pinterest

You should definitely get this app I absolutely love it !!!😁

- Muy buena

Me encanta

- nice


- Overkill with the ads!

The ads have gotten more and more repetitive and abundant. It’s hard to even scroll through with every 3rd post being a video ad. The app has really gone downhill.

- This app is so much fun

This app is so much fun

- I found a bug i think...

Ok this app is really great and i love it for finding fashion inspo... But i was renaming my board “fashion“ and than after that i went to look for more pins to save to my “fashion“ board but than when i saved it. My board just renamed it to “h“... Hopefully u can fix it thank u.

- Recettes

Toujours de très bonnes recettes

- Love it

I love the app, use it regularly. However it is harder to organize pins that are saved to a board, without the organize button. It made it easier to organize the pins you couldn’t put in a section at the time. Please bring the organize button back.

- Ads

Too many ads!

- Really mad

Without wanting to I clicked on the create a business account button and now it is stuck on there with no exit and I love Pinterest so bad so it's making me mad since I can't go on it

- Constantly crashes

App constantly locks up & crashes. Needs to be closed & restarted every 2 or 3 minutes. Updates never fix anything. There is no mechanism to give feedback or point out bugs in the app. The comments section does not function properly. Replies go to random people instead of the person tagged in responses. The entire app now feels like a crappy advertising machine. No improvement to bugs or functionality, just more ads. Seriously guys, every third pin is an advertisement. This app is out of control and on a trajectory to fail Comment section is so poorly coded. Don’t you guys have any quality control or standards? Someone should lose their job for this horribly designed app.

- I’m a big Pinterest Fan

Pinterest is a great resource for my hobby. After many years of not doing any artwork at all, I decided to reactivate this once loved enjoyable passion, but @ 72 years old, the ideas and techniques, that I had when I was 20 were very rusty and all seized up through lack of use. I then discovered Pinterest completely by accident. Now I get no end of ideas and resources to rejuvenate my art techniques. This has allowed me to find an old friend that gave me many good memories in the past, is back giving me much pleasure in my retired life today. And when I’m not in my art mode, Pinterest is a great place to good to satisfy my need for all types of eye-candy. Thank you Glenn Harris

- Amazing

Pinterest is one of my favourite apps it’s great there are so many thing you can do and is very personalized Five stars ⭐️

- 😡😡☹️


- I can’t text :(

Something happened where now I can’t text anyone any pins which sucks but the rest is fine!

- Drains my phone’s battery way too quickly

If it wasn’t such a quick drain I’d definitely give it 5 stars

- Sounded adds?

I love Pinterest but the addition of adds has hindered my experience heavily. Especially the adds with sounds, they’re extremely annoying and make spending time on the app very annoying, I keep try listening to music while using the app and it pauses my music or plays the adds over it, I do not enjoy using the app half as much as before. Please fix this, otherwise Pinterest is great!

- Suggestion...

There should be an option to download all your pins to your device, other than that it’s ok

- 💩💩💩💩💩

Don’t get this app!!!!!!!!

- That’s it.

Oh just bring the hearts back and tone down the ads.

- Pinterest

Lots of fantastic recipes Really great customer service

- Love it

Use this for bloxburg

- Needs more accurate recommendations

This app is really good when you’re looking for inspiration but after some time my « for you » page becomes less accurate for the recommendations and exposes things that has nothing to do with the content I’m looking for. Overall this app is great if you’re searching for inspiration whether it’s for your art or fashion ect...

- Crashes All The Time STILL

Every time I get into the app and look at pins and whatnot it starts lagging incredibly then it crashes. Please fix it. Even after all of these "updates" it still crashes after maybe 3-4 minutes of use. It's ridiculous. Every time I get into using the app it just crashes which is an important thing to fix since it makes using this app virtually impossible.

- Used to be wonderful

I loved this app before they put all the most obnoxious and unpleasant ads which are constant and annoying. Please bring back the old app which was so fun and where I spent hours researching great images. Now I never use it anymore, it’s so upsetting.

- What happened to Pinterest??

I loved this app but now it’s all ads? So disappointed with the change.

- Artist

Good for drawing inspiration ! 100% recommended if your an artist ☺️💕

- Not as good as it was

Although I still use Pinterest it isn’t as good as it use to be. Waaaay too many ads that cover up content. And the videos that appear are disruptive. It’s so annoying that I tend to just google recipes and ideas now.

- No title

I wanted to change my account to a business account but it keeps on saying something went wrong on he last step and because I didn’t change it fully (like add my email) all my boards are deleted so now I can’t use Pinterest which is a shame because I really love it and I used it ALL THE TIME!

- So cool

It helps me make a lot of fun things

- Last update-A MESS

What the heck have you people done! Pinterest was one of the last places I could take refuge, relax and enjoy postings. Now, on my iPad, I get a miniature version of the post on my screen and a number of other, I suppose recommended, posts that I can scroll through at the bottom. What a mess! All I want is to be able to see the post full screen like it was! Well, scrap another app!

- Great visions of recycling minds

Hears a shout out to artists that have vision

- .

The app was working great till I updated it, now it won’t even let me open it, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but it still won’t work

- New update broke the app!!

Ever since the newest update I can’t even open the app?! It crashes every single time I try to open it. I’ve tried swiping away the app to close it and trying to reopen again, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app. What kind of update is this?

- Update doesn’t open app

I couldn’t open the app. So I went to the App Store uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won’t open.

- Idk

Pinterest has been a rather useful app for me, but I have some issues with it. First of all, whenever there is an update, it won’t let me in. Even after it updated, it would stay as it was before. I don’t know how long it lasts, but it becomes very troublesome. Second, I’ve noticed that the more you look into a kind of images, the less it shows of it. For instance, I have been looking at memes recently, but then it started showing me pictures of dresses and makeup and all that stuff, even though I didn’t even set my gender as “female”. It became very annoying the moment I saw one, since these were what I wanted to avoid the most on here. One more problem; when you first set an account, you are told to set five types of pictures that you would like to see. I just wish you could choose the amount you want, since not everyone is interested in many kinds of pictures. Because of that, I had to choose pictures that I wasn’t even interested in, and I got a lot of pictures of them. Overall, it is a great app, and I think that four starts is a fitting amount.

- Not opening

The Pinterest app it’s not opening in my iPhone I try updating it and nothing

- App Will Not Stay Open

When opened, the app barely shows the home page before closing out. It does this both on my iPhone and my iPad. I have the most recent updates, Ive removed and reloaded the app and still it doesn’t work. I logged into the site on my laptop just fine but I’d like to use my iPad.

- Can’t open the app anymore

Love the app but can’t open anymore. All the updates are made. Please resolve this issue quickly. I use the app on a daily basis and can’t anymore

- App doesn’t work

July 10 - the app won’t work on my iPhone and iPad. When you click on it it goes to a blank page then it simply close. I tried restarting my phone and deleted and installed the app again. Nothing works. I found a bug page on internet with tones of people having the same issue as of today.

- Update

Not sure what’s happening but Pinterest is suddenly not working for me...I deleted and reinstalled and it won’t open ie it opens and closes☹️😩

- App not working

App is not working please fix.

- Crashes

After recent update, the app just crashes 😞

- Love it but...

I love this app A LOT and I use it for almost all of my inspiration, however the app keeps on crashing for me and I don’t know why? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and I tried restarting my iPod Touch but it kept crashing. But I love it a lot and if you could fix this then I would love that so I can go on the app again. 😊😊

- Keeps crashing

I downloaded the app and no matter what I try, it won’t open on my iPhone 7+. I just decided to try it again today after deleting it a few years ago so deleting it again. Too many apps that create addictions for people anyway and waste time when we should be doing important things in life, not looking at screens

- Crash

App crash at the second i open it

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- View

The word Pinterest is bell that rings in every heart both old and young because it gives all that it takes manage and care for everything that concerns all ages and their needs

- Pinterest

Awesome app. I love it

- 👌

I loveeee Pinterest so much.... That’s where I get inspiration on what to wear most of the time.

- Problems with downloading of images

I’m in love with Pinterest but am unable to download posts to my gallery roll.

- My Experience

Awesome App

- Fitted application for modern days

This application has helped me personally to really understand so many things. Putting up with it has motivated my views on interior and many aspects of home decor. It’s has been precious I have the application running, thanks to the manager.

- Awesome

This is one of the best apps I have ever used. It’s currently my favorite!!

- Best App

It is the best app ever!!!! I learnt a lot of things using this app. I will definitely recommend.

- Very good app

The app is wonderful

- Greatest App Alive

Pinterest is the greatest ap

- Lovely, inspirational and knowledgeable.

A very commendable app with amazing service. You also get to meet people with similar and varying views of everything.

- Awesome

Pinterest has been a great app to me. Really love it. Would be nice if one can be able to grab or save any small clip-like video on anything on Pinterest. I love it so much.

- Pin interest

With pin interest I learnt a lot as a woman Thank you

- Good looking

Nice and cool look

- Wow

Beautiful and educating ideas any time any day


this app has wateva u are looking for.. yes i said WHATEVER... so much amazing ideas... is it fashion, food, lifestyle?? U just name it.., am inlove with dis app ❤️❤️

- My Pinterest isn’t working

I’ve been trying to delete and reinstall because it has stopped working but it doesn’t delete. I’m getting frustrated.

- Best App everrr!

So helpful and resourceful

- Review

This app is a run to any time I need an inspiration for a dress,artwork, or write up. Basically, it gives me amazing ideas to work with. I love it! Thank you. -Maamuh

- My app has. Crashed

App is refusing to open

- Big Sam

I updated my iOS to the latest version and my Pinterest stopped working. It opens and close immediately when my internet is on but it will open when I put off my internet. Please what’s wrong ?

- Good app

I enjoy using it


The best ever

- Best of All

Has been the best App ever since I downloaded it 4yrs back and of great help to me....Gracias! 😍

- H

Amazing content

- Trouble with business page

It keeps crashing everytime I try to set up my business Pinterest. Especially at the last question.

- Impeccable

This app is fabulous. Am enjoying every bit of it. Thanks.

- The best

I love the motivational quotes , it helps me. I would recommend this.

- Cool

Cool App, once I click on it... I loose track of time!

- Rating

Absolutely wonderful

- Pins

I really wish I could save my pins to my gallery but a decent app aside

- .


- Awesome app

Really helps me.

- Great

Great App


Pinterest is basically a home of latest and meaningful ideas for everyone with idea and those with dead mind in creativity, actually is a life booster for creative lovers.

- Magical

A must have app❤️ best of all time

- Help

App keeps crashing, no longer opening since latest update 😭

- Superb !!!

In one word...AWESOME!!!

- Where have you been all my life?

I love this app so much

- Pinterest is made my work easier have gotten enough samples to show my clients on Pinterest.


- Great App..Best App on my phone no doubt

I’m really loving the app I must say, it’s got a really nice experience and design. It give insight to everything basically, not posting up some dumb pictures and stressing about likes. But TBH Pinterest is dope but an Update which shows the date a pin was uploaded would be perfect. Cuz I feel this would increase its authenticity in current events.

- Awesome

Awesome app

- Problem

My Pinterest app keeps going off.. it actually sucks cause this is one of my most used apps:( What’s the problem and how can I fix it??

- The app keeps on shutting down

Yesterday everything was great and things were working fine but when i tried to open the app today it immediately kept on closing so i uninstalled and reinstalled it but it just did the same thing but with a little more time in the app before it shuts down

- It’s crashing

Mine isn’t working 🙁

- Best of its Class

However the weekly update of this app isn’t necessary to me. Why not make it monthly or when you have an improvement? Honestly the updates still looks the same to me, no difference.

- Awesome App

Too much awesomeness. 😁. This App has better not get closed. Been providing food on people’s tables.... 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

- Unable to install

I have been unable to install Pinterest since I changed my phone . Why?

- Excellent

Pinterest has everything good, just search.....

- Impressed

Pinterest is picture amazing 😊

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Pinterest 8.28 Screenshots & Images

Pinterest iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest iphone images
Pinterest ipad images
Pinterest ipad images
Pinterest ipad images
Pinterest ipad images
Pinterest Lifestyle application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Pinterest Lifestyle application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Pinterest (Version 8.28) Install & Download

The applications Pinterest was published in the category Lifestyle on 2011-04-28 and was developed by Pinterest [Developer ID: 328135727]. This application file size is 156.02 MB. Pinterest - Lifestyle posted on 2020-08-10 current version is 8.28 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Pinterest Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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