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Twitter allows you to find interesting people or build a following of people who are interested in you. Maintaining a social connection has never been easier!Twitter allows celebs to build a personal connection with their fans. This is why Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms in the world.

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- Suspended my account for no reason

I created an account, then I forgot the password, so I did the whole “forgot your password” thing to change it, but it never sent me an email. So I created a new account, and it got suspended a few days later for no apparent reason. I sent a request to underspend my account and I never got a reply. Most un user friendly social media app I’ve used.

- Tweeps Twitter is the consummate microblog

This is where it is at tweeps sanitizer sterilise analytics antibacterial antibodies vaccines discipline disinfect self isolation if are ill get tested then isolation and wash hands remain 1.5 meters together keep it separated 🤖🦟💥🕷🐜🐝💯🙏😋👄💚😷😋🦠🧬🍋✅



- I love shrek

Shrek is a good movie

- Montanna

Get a Twitter account for your phone Missy

- Twitter Censorship

Twitter censors free speech and conservatives

- Stuttering

Since iOS 13 the app is not as smooth in my iPhone X, constant frame drops and stutters when scrolling through the feed. Please fix this Twitter Team 😝 Facebook and Insta is running smoothly so you guys don’t wanna loose to Mark Zuck right ?

- The control Icons have shrunk and keep bunching up!!!

I have reported this problem to @twittersupport a number of times that the control icon tend to bunch up when you using it. Plus you got get out the app other and app in use by erasing it from the IPad’s memory that you are using it and it’s such a pain. As you got do it every time the icons shrink and bunch up. As this problem keeps reoccurring again and again!!! The icons are tiny and not good for the eyes, plus people get eye strain just trying to see these tiny control icons plus It is user unfriendly as the tendency to push the wrong icon is there as they a so bunched up together!! Please rectified this annoying glitch!

- Censorship

Twitter censorship is out of control, they will allow BLM videos of violence and riots everywhere, yet suspend republican accounts who are inclined to vote for trump? I’m Australian and don’t like to get mixed up in American affairs but it’s obvious the Twitter is basically a Biden campaign app.

- Newest update is dog poop

Now we can control who responds? Get bent

- Cannot get verified

Right after I register on twitter, I immediately was asked to verify using a phone number. Despite multiple attempts, I did not receive the verification code. Also I have contacted Twitter support regarding this matter, however I have yet to receive a reply or follow up. I therefore could not access my twitter account even though I just registered. So unfortunately until twitter resolve this matter, I will only give them a one star out of five...

- :)


- You can be blocked on Tweeter for no good reason : That’s alarming!

I got blocked on Tweeter for hoping that a person’s mother got over her sickness! Unbelievable! Somebody obviously misread the Tweet. Worse than than Tweeter still has not reviewed and unblocked me for almost a month after appealing. @pwyahoo

- Twitter from a Witter yes I have wit.

Twitter certainly provides a service that can be an enjoyable experience and an amazing opportunity to have intelligent discourse with other people. The only notable downside is that there is not enough space to write in. And sometimes there is the appearance of unfair censorship. But I thank Twitter for what they enable. 5/8/2020 9:10 pm

- Sadly to biased aligned to Democrats

Love Twitter however, sadly Twitter is to biased and aligned to Democrats 😂

- Update missing

I did not get my fleets update. I’m using an iPhone XS. Please resolve immediately. Everyone seems to have it.

- Linguistic Dream!

To read a compact message, a cornucopia of thought, from the idiolect of the global community is a delightful moment of each day. כריסתין מלודי אנדרסן

- Go Back to the Old thread format

Please I have an astigmatism in my eye meaning it’s hard for my eyes to focus. The new thread format that removed the lines make it difficult for me to follow conversations. The lines along the bottom kept everything organised and i could see who was talking to who but the lines on the sides are no guide at all please reconsider. Thank you

- I do enjoy Twitter

There is a lot going on Twitter on a daily basis, especially News happening around the world 🌎 And also interactions with Movies 🎥 Actors/ Actresses/ Sports ⚽️ and more...

- Edit function pls.

Need to be able to edit Spelling etc. after tweet has been sent. Please facilitate being able to make edits to tweets after the have been sent.

- It suspended me for no reason

So I downloaded twitter and made a account but when I try to follow,comment,re-tweet on any post it won’t let me! Even when I try to change my bio or name it still won’t let me

- From **BBC***🇷🇴🇪🇺🇦🇺🇺🇸

Best Wishes 2All & Stay Safe ❗️⚠️💙

- Review for Twitter

I find it gives the most up to the minute of things happening world wide. Informative, entertaining.

- Enjoying my time on Twitter

Thank you Twitter for providing a great service for me and countless others. Being an author I need to connect with millions of people your service is helping me to do that and to connect with fellow authors.

- Better than SMS

Yeah, it’s better than SMS

- Progressing Ballet Technique

Loving voicing opinions and reading others. Finding this addictive but fun

- Waste of time

Tweeting website articles doesn’t give it any higher reach or engagement. Also difficult to find other users interested in the same topics.

- No way to get help

It suspended my account for NO reason then offers me ZERO way of contacting someone to sort it out!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Bring back haptic feedback

Omg you took away haptic feedback when hearting tweets. This breaks my heart. Plz bring her back. We deserve it. We’ve earned it.

- Stay up to date and communicate

Twitter is good for both!

- Jacob sartorius

I only got twitter to read Jacob sartorius tweets and yeah ❤️

- Pedo supporters

Worse then Facebook and that says something, I got booted because I swore at a disgusting pedo friend of Epstein. And they wanted me to delete my comment, as if!!!

- Why?

When I downloaded the app and signed up it said Email OR phone number yet I’m suddenly not able to change anything or do anything because I didn’t give my phone number!

- Waste of time

You have become a sickly shadow of what could be achieved, I can’t see the people I follow and I get sooo much rubbish suggested I can’t see what I want, I have deleted the app off my phone and will not be restoring it

- nice

very good

- Political prejudice ruined twitter.

Political prejudice and targeting of those they don’t agree with. All the while supporting violent groups like Antifa and allow death threats against people who are right winged.

- Twitter!

Where you can watch the world collapse in real time!

- Excellent

Excellent app for fun

- Negative inline space

Cancel culture comes from twitter 😢 too much negativity and bullying and no one stops it.

- Terrible censorship and left wing bias

I closed my account as I like freedom of speech and balance without censorship

- BTC Inside job?

Where is my bitcoin bruh?

- Mr Parler

An echo chamber for the malignant left. You’re better off smelling your own farts.

- Love Twitter

I check in over Breaky every morning

- Love you

You are loved

- Socialist bias muzzled posts and thoughts

Left wing biased monitoring stifling debate and free speech politically driven to ultimately force their views on society and influence the outcome of elections and bring down a presidency.

- Here’s a little fun fact

Locked out of my twitter by abusing a pedophi** for 8 months now, countless emails to try and reactivate my account and I haven’t had so much as one reply, even went as far as to create a new account and y’all managed to figure out it was me and lock me out of that one too before I even made one tweet. Your tech support is deplorable and I’m guessing your dev reply will be too. I’ve had twitter for over a decade without so much as a blemish on my history and I get locked out and not one person can tell me how to get back in. Here’s the best part: that pedoph** is still active on Twitter and is very open & vocal about his disgusting intentions around the world

- Timeline ownership long overdue

As in the title, thank you very much.

- Limited by the hate accounts

Valuable platform, however the weak treatment of non-compliant accounts reduces its credibility. Suspension for a short time is insufficient, and the bullies return with their badge of honour at having reached the nastiness bar, and returned victorious. Also, some appalling comments slip by, as if this is the new normal. This is not the new normal. I would like to see better outcomes for reporting, as a contrast to the loathsome FB.

- I need help deleting accounts that are attached to my phone number

How can I delete accounts attached to my phone number if I can’t remember my log in details?

- Pretty cool and good

Having fun

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- Banned my acc for no reason!

I created an account and i was instantly blocked. I try to deactivate my account but it doesnt let me do that either. Terrible app. Has nothing on instagram, facebook etc

- Needs an edit button

I know Twitter has heard this one already and i know they tweeted that when everyone wears a mask then they’ll make one but lets be honest here. No one is going to wear a mask because twitter said they’ll make an edit button. Just make one already so we can fix the spelling mistakes we make when we tweet .

- Double standards

Twitter will delete any post that doesn’t suit the left wing narrative but will allow left wingers to post things like “all whites should die”. I would post examples but it’s not possible to do so in this rating system. Sad, because I used to enjoy a balanced view. Now I’ve switched to Parler.

- Twitter = the good, the bad, the ugly

I enjoy the instant information sharing and funny clips people post on Twitter. I like to think the majority of society are clever and positive. They submit items of interest to lift the rest of us up. What I don’t like though are the racist and derogatory comments people are only too quick to post on social media.

- not worth it

don’t waste your time. just an overall bad app. would give zero stars if i could

- Ministry of Truth

Other than the obscene censorship of voices against the approved narratives - Twitter is a fun platform.

- Bias company

Twitter is bias company always run on popaganda by leftist communists muslims and their sympathisers. These people used ugly words for reputable people in world but if someone reply then is same language then twitter block account of people who replied these sympathisers. So better to remove this app from phone.

- Cancerous

Cause of too many obvious problems, however I’m a sucker that uses it.

- 1 star

This app would be a 5 star if it weren’t for Donald trump on this app

- Review

Twitter need to add the ability to edit a tweet after it add.

- great app but...

In app links don't work a lot of the time. If different news sites post links to articles they regularly fail to open

- Every update messes with twitter

So over it. This is why I use it less and less. Any time twitter updates I lose any notifications I’ve saved.

- Follow the best fn content creators available...

Go follow... @tl_cldz @lucionofficail You miss out Your a simp

- Twitter is pornographic leftist trash

One star is too high for your sanctimonious stupidity. You need minus five stars and even that would be too generous. Your algorithm is rigged against anyone who is not a deranged leftist, feminist, morally depraved nitwit. Your platform is also heavily inundated with pornographic content. Lose your disgusting socialist/communist bias, put a stop to all the sexually depraved, pornographic content, stop rigging your algorithm to protect dangerous leftist stupidity and punish everyone else for using our brains and thinking or for refusing to self-righteously virtual signal to every other mindless, arrogant, leftist fool. You do these things and MAYBE just MAYBE I’ll consider using your platform. Clean up your trashy hypocrisy and lack of moral/intellectual standards first. Until then I am not going near your platform and am actively discouraging my family and friends away from your sanctimonious, immoral filth. Edit: I heard Paul Singer bought a sizeable stake in Twitter. If you let him fire Jack Dorsey and all of Dorsey’s leftist, woke, demented bullies and mouthpieces (especially Vijaya Gadde) then after getting rid of Dorsey and his trashy people that would be a step in the right direction. I’m not demanding a right wing platform, but anything less than a bipartisan platform is not a platform. It’s a publisher. Right wingers and centrists can be objective. Leftists can’t. Fire everyone in the company who is leftist and has any position of importance and most people will consider coming back to Twitter. 2nd Edit: Paul Singer was taking too long to fix the woke dungheap that is While I was waiting for him to get Jack Dorsey fired someone created a platform called Parler. Now I don’t need to wait for to be fixed. It’s a redundant platform now that Parler exists. Good riddance. 3rd edit: I’ve been using Parler for a week and a half now and it absolutely nukes Twitter on every level with every capability. There is now officially no more use for Twitter. It no longer has a purpose. Now is the time for twitter to cut its losses and shut down. This is what becoming a leftist coward like Jack Dorsey gets you. Your company eventually goes under. Get woke go broke. Bye bye Twitter. You now have our permission to sink into uselessness and obscurity. We the people won’t miss you.

- Twitter is good but ...

It’s a good app but Twitter is a political organisation and enjoys censorship and promoting its own political positions. The platform would be better without such interference

- You are bias towards the left

You are bias towards the left

- Biased against conservatives

Not good

- Politics

It concerns me that Twitter is becoming partisan. Anti conservatism.

- Defence boost

Spending $270b over 10 years

- BS artists only wanted on this site

So if there is no bs written don’t want it on Twitter

- Why isn't there an edit button?

I enjoy using Twitter but sometimes when using my Keyboard with PC the feed can roll so fast something else appears out of nowhere & I lose my ability to comment? Also please add EDIT parameter? 🤔😊

- Miss Heather Barnett

Great, not too long, but very informative..thank u..!

- Terrible

I had to delete the app after it kept on trying to sign me in as someone else and wouldn’t let me even try to log in on my account.

- Censorship

Enjoy the content of those I follow but dislike Twitter’s double standards when it comes to censorship. It seems like it doesn’t matter what you tweet but, rather who you are.

- Hopeless

Twitter is run by a censorious pack of Marxists who think they know content better than you. It’s a crappy app. Don’t use it. Parler is the way to go.

- Negative Nancy

So much negativity on Twitter and probably all social media platforms. It becomes overwhelming and depressing. It may be time to tune out and focus on the things that make me happy.

- Beat ever app djzoknet

Best ever app

- S

Censoring too many conservative voices.

- Rubbish

The worst app ever I use

- Screen flickers when following

Please fix this very annoying bug/glitch it happens with the follow feature screen flikers

- Corrupt

Twitter is an absolute cesspool of hypocritical left wing morons who are now colluding to interfere with government elections by censoring out people they do not agree with. Twitter is a sewer.

- Very biased social media that bans anyone it disagrees with

Sadly Twitter only allows politically correct content so it is a very biased news source.

- Truth and Integrity

It’s refreshing to see that censorship is being exposed and Twitter appears to be allowing everyone to decide for themselves what they write, read, pay attention to and dismiss.

- Deletes accounts with views that go against its hard left agenda.


- scum

twitter has been dead since 2014 its okay to talk about how women deserve to be raped and murdered but if you disagree with that you get banned.

- Poor customer service

Has a query and tweeted customer service; that was a couple of months ago, and still waiting for a response

- Meh

A great product somewhat diminished by selective censorship in recent times

- White fella

Still learning how to drive it, but I like it.

- Twitter

5 Stars

- Delete this garbage

A once decent platform has become an echo chamber for mentally ill lefties who silence anyone with differing opinions.

- folders in bookmarks

i loooove using twitter, it’s my most used app. but i bookmark A LOT of things and i just end up losing them because it’s so far down. i would love if a future update included making folders for the bookmark tab 🤍



- Twitter bias in politics

It is annoying when trying to use the twitter platform and I’m continually with out asking being pushed by twitter to form a political opinion. Please stop sending me your biased opinion! I just want to follow and receive information that I specifically am interested in. Ie. I couldn’t care less what you think is truthful about trump!

- LOVE IT!!!

***S*** NEED IT! Xxxxooo

- Edition


- Edits

Hi Twitter, please work on the following features; Edit tweets. Bookmark folders. Delete dms. Stop removing likes and retweets.

- Truthful content

Do not agree with censorship and deleting vids and content!! Twitter should be an open platform for all to voice their opinions, exposing the good and all the corruption happening out there news!!! Who is Twitter trying to protect?!?! A huge NO, NO!!!!

- Old version was so much better

Somewhere along the way They changed how o view tweets . Now I wake up in the morning and there may be 6 tweets that I’ve missed in the 8 hours I’ve been asleep, where are the rest ? Use it only to follow celebrities

- Censored left wing BS

Don’t expect to get a balanced view of society - censored left wing BS propaganda unit.

- Ms Gail Simpson

🌹I just love Twitter, you can follow World Wide, privately and by Choice, especially being A Great Royalist for at least 45 years, I’ve been well received, and also been requested by many Wonderful People, besides your everyday normal People, whom You know all about at any rate. Thanks Twitter ♥️🌹♥️

- Polls and Muting Conversations

Best app ever! But can we get notifications to know the results of polls we participated in. Secondly, if I mute a conversation, I really wouldn’t want to see the interactions with the tweet, like the retweet with comments. Thank you!

- I’m yet to have the voice feature

I love the app but I don’t have the voice feature like my other followers.

- Never the platform we desired

Twitter started as a platform for free speech and it’s no longer. No freedom of speech.

- Twitter my handle

This is the best way to get across to some plum heads. Especially in the this clime

- Commendation

Twitter is the best social media

- Very good app

Amazing ever like it and very speedy

- 4🌟

You get that 5 star when we get the edit option😁

- Alhamdulillah Ala kulli halin

Allah ka shiga lamarinmu

- Save video on Twitter

Please provide an option to save video directly from twitter. We do t have to use another app for this. Thank you and well done

- Bad algorithm

You’re hiding my tweets from my followers my handle is @qkea__

- I love it

I love it

- Wonderful

Using Twitter has really been a great experience for me

- Interesting Topics

I learning lots of new things here on Twitter

- Great app

This is one of the best app on social media I love it

- Very good

Amazing app

- Good job

Amazing app

- Review

Why can’t I use my iphone to tweet audio tweets on Twitter

- the sweetness

Sweet pass India film

- Twitter is racist.

Suspending innocent accounts for no reason is bad. Don’t download this app

- Blocking issue

I’m trying to open a account but you guys keep blocking my number 😪 I’m even tired of opening pls allow me to open a account now

- Call to regulate the app

While the app is indeed great, there are a lot of factions that could imprint unfiltered ideas on the mind of young folks. There’s therefore a need to enforce the age limit on the application.

- Increasingly anti conservatives

Twitter is becoming increasingly anti conservative by the day dads

- Enny



I’ve been struggling with loading pictures & videos on the app for weeks and the issue doesn’t seem to be getting resolved despite updating my Twitter app multiple times. It’s becoming exasperating!! PS: This is not the case on other applications so No, it’s not my internet connection!

- Security

Apart from the fact that the security is lacking I woulda given it a 5star




I actually love the little time I spend here.

- Good social app

Absolutely amazing asf What people say and think

- The best

Keep it up. Nice and beautiful!!’

- Twitter review

Why don’t I have the voice note feature? I use an iPhone XS for Pete’s sake

- Vn feature

I keep updating my app but I still don’t have the voice tweets 😭

- Resetting password every time

Why is there issue to log in Twitter most time?everytime writes I exceeded my time either I reset password or I dismiss which I don’t like ,please look into it .once someone username and password are accurate then why having issue to go online again,please it is not good

- 👍


- A*

Love it

- Twitter

The best app

- No voice note on my iPhone

I keep updating my Twitter hoping to get the voice note but still nothing


If l had not joined Piggy Vest since last year, l can’t say how l would have fared during this COVID-19 lockdown. You guys helped to save and so l never had any dull moment during the lockdown. You are really doing well, please continue in good works

- Correction.

There should be a button option to make corrections in every tweet if there is need for that by a tweep.

- New Features

Why don’t I get the new features on my own account? What’s going on?

- Slm ✋✋


- App update

Good day, I believe there should be an upgrade on the app. Twitter should have an edit option, like after a tweet, a user should be able to edit the tweet after noticing a mistake instead of deleting the whole tweet entirely.

- Love Twitter

Simply the best

- Twitter


- Well designed app

It’s a good app. Doesn’t break. Animations are smooth. Good job twitter

- Great app!

Great app!!!!!!

- I love the app but little issues

There’s no way I can change my username like IG

- Drop down options

Nice work with the App. However can we have the “mute option” added on the drop down options on trend topics? It’s a lot easier to mute a trend topic that way than typing all the words in the settings. Thanks.

- Great App..Steve Cardozo says so

Twitter is so fun and addictive..I just love it

- Complaint

The app keeps logging me out of accounts but the notification numbers keep increasing. This is the second time now. Please stop this.

- Voice Note

My voice note feature is still not coming up!!!

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Twitter 8.31 Screenshots & Images

Twitter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Twitter iphone images
Twitter iphone images
Twitter iphone images
Twitter iphone images
Twitter iphone images
Twitter ipad images
Twitter ipad images
Twitter ipad images
Twitter ipad images
Twitter ipad images
Twitter News application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Twitter News application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Twitter (Version 8.31) Install & Download

The applications Twitter was published in the category News on 2009-10-09 and was developed by Twitter, Inc. [Developer ID: 296415947]. This application file size is 121.91 MB. Twitter - News posted on 2020-08-11 current version is 8.31 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

Twitter Advisories: Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity

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