Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Spotify: Music and Podcasts [Music] App Description & Overview

Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on mobile or tablet.

Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection.

Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything.

Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else.

Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you the ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts from your wrist.

Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium.

Free on mobile
• Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode.

Free on tablet
• Play any song, any time.

Premium features
• Play any song, any time on any device: mobile, tablet or computer.
• Enjoy ad-free music.
• Listen offline.
• Get better sound quality.

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on. Bug fixes and improvements in this version include: - Fixed stability issues - Minor UI bug fixes

Spotify: Music and Podcasts Comments & Reviews

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- Spotify

Es lo mejor


I don’t have to many bad things to say about this app, so I’ll just say this one. I desperately want to be able to change the playlist image on my phone. I understand that this can be done on a computer, but I don’t have one. It honestly stresses me out looking at my playlist covers because it just looks messy. I guess you could say it triggers my OCD. People have been asking for this feature for years. I just want to change the playlist cover on my phone. Thank you.

- Do not buy

If you Have Spotify then you already know that Spotify keeps putting different songs in your library so do not get the app Spotify because of the update.😤

- Great app

Great app, but I wish the lryics came with it.

- Hate the one problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They keep adding songs to playlists but I don’t want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!then I can’t take them of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Turnips big move

I love it!

- Shuffle

The shuffle function within your library of library liked songs is awful. I press shuffle to play everything in my library and only plays songs from the artist I started it, and maybe 3 other artists songs. Sometimes in order, sometime random songs but only from a random handful of artist. Very annoying how terrible Spotify’s shuffle function is.

- Review

This app is ok. When I tap the banner to not listen to adds for thirty minutes, I have adds after the next song! That drives me crazy! And, I should be able to download music without premium!

- Playlists

This app kept adding songs I didn’t like to my playlists and I can’t delete them

- way too many ads!!

there are soo many ads. and i’m not talking like 3 ads every 30 minutes. literally after 2 songs there will be 6 ads then 4 songs then 6 more ads and it’s so annoying!!!

- New interface logic RUINED Spotify

It’s truly puzzling why we can no no longer manage our saved songs as a library (organized by artist, album, etc). If I search for ‘Artist XYZ’ in my Artists list I get no results. If I search ‘Arist XYZ’ in songs then I am able to see the 4+ songs by that artists that I saved. I am forced to “follow” an artist (don’t want to do that) but even once followed, if I search for the artist and find them in my list, I am STILL not shown my saved songs but rather the artist profile page. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THIS? Sorry Spotify but your bullheaded opinion on this poor decision lost you a paying premium customer.


stop giving ads to people who are poor .

- Great

All the songs are free

- Great music service!

My daughter introduced me to Spotify a couple of years ago and I am so glad she did! Great way to hear new artists as well as the ones I have been listening to all of my life! Keep rockin’! 🤘

- Please don’t bring the news to my music app :(

It’s surreal to be writing this, but... Can you please refrain from politics in my music recommendations? I know some people like listening to music based on causes and the background of the musicians, but so many of us just want to get home, tune out from the news and listen to songs about love and heartbreak, the feeling of dancing in the beach, the long ride home... you know... the rest of life. Also. I’m in the Netherlands. Why am I getting a “get educated” podcast recommendation for the history of black people in the United States? And also, I’m from Venezuela, in my country police forces break into people’s homes and shoot boys in front of their mothers for political retaliation. If international solidarity is the approach, why start with the United States? Because that’s what Spotify employees are currently concerned with? But this is all tangential. In the end all I want is recommendations for Latin Rock and Contemporary Classical when I open my music app. Please, please don’t bring US politics into every facet of my existence.

- Spotify is awesome!!

I love Spotify so much, it has such a wide variety of music. Spotify helps me get through my day, I would highly recommend it to anyone!!


I really like Spotify but the shuffle doesn’t work right.

- Great at finding music you like.

I have used other apps before but this is by far the best one. I only put in 3 artists when I first got the app and it does a great job at finding other music I like. Almost scary how good it matches my taste.

- Censorship

I would have given you five stars after finding out you signed Joe Rogan so that I can hear uncensored news. However, you are still censoring; by removing Joe Mercola’s interviews with Judy Mikovits MD and others. Declare “no book burning” i. e. “no censoring” on your platform, and I’ll give you five.

- CAN U PLEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!??????!!?????????!

Im not of an reporter type guy or someone who makes reviews, but I PAY FOR THIS, so hopefully i can see improvement sooner than later! So on the queue list whenever you drag a song up or down the app be bugging and it crashes. Please fix this, that gets me tight. Its incredible how update, after update this is still happening. I remember reporting this like in mids 2019, 2020 and this is still a problem. I pay for this and this is the service that i get? Common Spotify you guys been out there since 2006. Like are you guys lack of employees? HIRE ME PLEASE, CUZ THERE IS A LOT OF THINGS THAT SHOULD BE BETTER, FIX AND THINGS YOU DONT EVEN HAVE! For example, something that you guys SHOULD do, is putting a “recycle list” or “deleted song list” for whenever i or someone else delete a random song by accident. You guys have no idea the stress every time im using the app because of the nervousness of deleting a song that i probably wont even remember. And thats messed up. And that list could last 30 days, lets say, it doesn't have to be there permanently. But at least you would have the chance of looking that song for those 30 whole days. Another thing, fix the repeat function. When the repeat icon says the number 1, the song repeats over and over, and its suppose to repeat it only once, like the number says it itself. And when the icon is itself (without the number) it doesn't even repeat the song, it just goes to the next song, like are you serious? It would also be good if we (users) would have the option of repeating a song more than just once, maybe 3,4,5,6 times whatever... but it would be good, and little things like that are the things that makes the big change. NEW BUG: If you search an artist (on your liked songs at least) it doesn't show all the songs you have of that artist. You would have to search the name of the song. Please fix that, its annoying. I can tolerate some bugs, but things like this are the ones that make me wanna change to another platform. And im not even mentioning the lack of songs there is. Or the fact that sometimes there are songs that were there, and now there are just NOT, for some reason. So please make the app better! Make other people choose Spotify over any other music app and keeping your already members stay! If all this happens, i would give it a SOLID 5 STARS.

- 30 minutes add free

I like how it says 30 minutes add free if you watch this video and I do and it on gives me two songs y’all need to fix it. And to many adds pandora seems a lot better right now unless you fix it

- Amazing

This is the best song app ever you should get it there are some add here and there but for me it’s worth it.

- Just tip

Change black background color hurts my eyes

- Annoying on phones

There a lot more things on other devices you can’t check history only recently played I liked this song but it wouldn’t let me check what it was called and you can’t skip more than three song which is really dumb if you don’t want them on your playlist and there really annoying ads like that one girl who thanks you for listening to Spotify the older version was better in my opinion

- I hate it

I had put this on my phone 1 week ago and it says that my 3 months is over ugh I hate

- Best by Mariah

It’s the best I can skip and I can hear the songs I want well not all but it’s better then pandora it has no payment it has the music you like and you get six skips and you get to like the songs and keep them to playlist to listen idk what to say just download it and you will see

- 🙏

I like it, wish there was a way I could like sing to this app and it could try to figure out what song I want. Or type in lyrics... that would be cool. 💁‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🤠

- Great app

Family mix is fun and I like that you can listen online

- Wish it was free but if if it was not then here are my ideas

I wish it was free because I can’t get premium.and plus other app u have to play or you get lots ads and others more annoying stuff but u get to skip But with this app it’s good and all but the only way I would have give this five star is you had unlimited skips. And a other thing is when you Search a song it says shuffle play and it dose not go to the song you want to play I felt jebaited so I Would make the song u want first the allow shuffle play.

- Haters

Supports racist hate group BLM. Cancelled subscription and deleted.

- Would give 4 but the ads are kiLong me


- I love Joquarter his music and his voice

I love Joquarter his music and his voice is amazing he’s from African and I listen to and love his music here in American ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- I hate this.

I don’t even mind the ads, but this app is so stupid. I try to use it to play ONE SONG, I hit the playbutton, and it starts playing some random song that I’ve never even heard of. I hate this app. I’ve tried multiple times to use it to listen to the songs that I actually want to listen to, and it’s failed. Sorry but it’s a waste of time.

- Urban Funny Podcast!!

Overall great introduction, funny, urban.

- Spotify Review

Great App with a expansive selection of music!

- top tier app

Good ass app


This app is very un-user friendly and difficult to use and it also requires you to purchase a premium version for almost everything such as, skipping more than 6 songs per hour, playing a specific song not from your playlist and even seeing your playlist. And also all of your song in your playlist are on shuffle unless you purchase premium. HORRIBLE APP.

- Love the music


- the adds

i feel like 30 mins its not enough.

- It’s ok

the ads be playing more than the music sometimes

- If only

I wish I woulda known how much better Spotify was over ITunes along time ago.

- Give the UX designer a promotion

Whoever animated the Like/Dislike button is amazing.

- Too many ads

I hate when an ad pops up and there is a whole bunch of other ads after that. Literally like 5 or more. I still like this app though.

- Love this app!

This app has helped me explore and expand my knowledge and love for music. Thank you! Xoxo

- Best App

Glad you exist

- Yup

Yup! Its gooooooooooooooood!

- Desktop vs. mobile

You should be able to add playlist covers and add descriptions to playlist on your mobile device and you should also be able to upload your own private songs to download. Get on it Spotify. Other than that big fan. Great app

- I give this no stars

This is the most annoying app that I’ve ever used in my ten years of life I hate only having to play songs on shuffle the whole time and plus it won’t even let you pick your own songs so I’ll just delete this horrible app and get a new one so y’all can get this app together I do not recommend getting this app it is just a waste of your time so just don’t get it it’s for your own good don’t waste your time with this app that’s just one thing it’s like a wannabe social media. You wanna listen to music! Well to bad it’s Facebook! All I’m trying to say is don’t waste your time on this stupid app and the creators of this app should fix it or take it DOWN right NOW don’t get this dumb app thank you for your time!👍🏾✌🏾😁🙃

- Doesn’t even play the album or playlist you select

Click on album or playlist, one song from playlist plays, after that NONE of the songs are from the album or playlist I selected

- I do not apove

I’m 14 and I don’t want this app to mess up my playlists. I had it set up in a vary specific way so then I can listen to it WITHOUT shuffle play it would sound good but spotify forced shuffling to all of my playlists now it sound horrible I hate it I wish it was back to normal so I give it a one star review

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- pretty cool!

i would give it a 5, but im not fond of how some songs i like arent on there. for example, “ hide and seek “ by astro, “ tonight “ by jin of bts, “ winter bear “ by v of bts, “ 4 oclock “ by rm and v of bts, and the list goes on. ( p.s. stream still with you by jungkook, and boy with luv. bwl is almost at 1 billion 😎 )

- Black Music Matters?

Black music matters huh? And white music is irrelevant? I get there’s a lot of stuff going on, but please stop making ALL white people seem like racist freaks. I was taught to never see color, but to see a person for who they are in character. And sure, black music matters, but um I can’t listen to any of the songs because they’re all explicit. And a song is just as good clean. A song doesn’t have to have cuss words to make it cool. I’m not about to fill my mind with disgusting, filthy songs full of cuss words. Sorry, but I think Spotify got involved in something that didn’t really involve them. Just my opinion though.

- Tasiah ladore

To many ads

- I enjoy Spotify


- Mad

I always loved using Spotify. I been using it for years. Today I went to listen to music and noticed it logged me out. Now I can’t log back in. I know my username and password is correct. How do I fix this?

- Used to be great! New updates make it worse then pandora.

This app used to be amazing! I got very few ads and it did it’s job perfectly. Now when I’m listening to my favorites album, sometimes it just randomly plays “related songs” to songs that I have taken out of my list. I now get about 4 ads sometimes as long as 30 seconds each about every 3 songs. You have to shuffle play all the songs as well, unless you buy the premium version. Used to be good, but they had ruined it.

- A very noice app

I love it

- Alexis Acunamatata

It’s cool

- Best music app

Feckin greatest with premium

- I really like... one issue

It’s a good app. I have one issue, it would play songs that were no on my playlist and when I said I didn’t want to hear this song it kept playing it anyway. The least they could do is let you skip a song that they are for in you to listen to.

- Constantly by clif Rechard

Nice music

- Broken

I put in a song i want it dose anthor song that i dident want to hear

- Music

All my favorite songs are on here and I love fnaf music so I always gets adds on yt but with Spotify it’s the king of music

- Spotify Notice

Could we have something where a fragment of a music video for whatever song is currently playing displayed once again? I haven’t seen them since late last year. Also, can there be a way to download music without upgrading to premium? If you can do it, great.

- good but

there is the one thing where you can have thirty minutes without ads. the most i will get is four songs. but still over all my favorite! love it

- So many issues on Spotify...

**update for today: It’s been three days since I updated Spotify hoping the technical issues I mentioned would be fixed immediately. However, I checked the app just now and all the issues I mentioned are STILL not fixed. Therefore I have no choice but to change the rating from three stars to one star. I keep making the same complaints about the same technical issues for a whole month, and yet NOTHING is being done about it. Starting today I will not be using Spotify anymore until all the technical issues I mentioned below get fixed once and for all.** I really like Spotify so much. In fact I use it so much more than Tidal, thanks to the “don’t play music from this artist” feature. I now feel comfortable and happy that I can play the music I want without and music I don’t want shoved down my throat. I would give Spotify a four-star rating. However, I’m having a lot more issues on Spotify I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks that needs to be taken care of right away. It’s preventing me from give this app four or five stars because that’s how much these technical issues bother me. 1) Normally when I go to an artist’s profile, I would always go to their albums, check out their top songs and the list of the songs on their albums, play the sample that lasts a few seconds, and then like their songs that gets added to my liked songs part of my profile. However, today and yesterday I go to an artist’s page to check out their top songs and their albums, and every time I press the track listing just to see the list of the songs, nothing is coming up! It’s not letting me see the list of the songs at all! How am I supposed to press the like button on the songs if you’re not going to let me see the songs in the first place?! This technical problem needs to be fixed right away or I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to check out any artists’ songs or albums (especially their new albums). 2) Normally whenever they say that I’ll have thirty minutes of ad-free music, I usually do. However, for the past few days I have this issue when they say I’ll get thirty minutes of ad-free music, they play three ads in a row. Then after playing two songs, they play four MORE ads right after that! What’s up with that?! Why announce that I’ll get thirty minutes of no ads and yet play this much ads anyways? This needs to be fixed immediately! When you say you’ll play thirty minutes of ad-free, just do so! Don’t play that many ads. 3) I listen to a lot of Persian music. It’s one of my top five most favorite genres, along with pop, R&B/soul, hip hop, and Latin (lots of Spanish music). With that being said, I notice that out of all the genres I saw on Spotify, they don’t have one genre for Persian music only. They have Afro, Arab, Desi, K-Pop, and Regional Mexican music. But no Persian. Even more weird is that every time I listen to Persian music, I get more recommendations for Arabic songs and playlists instead of Persian ones. I don’t understand why. Why are you recommending ARABIC songs after I listen to a lot of PERSIAN songs? Don’t get me wrong I like Arabic music, but I don’t appreciate Spotify recommending songs and playlists from the WRONG genre and the WRONG language. That’s like recommending Spanish songs and playlists to someone who mainly listens to Portuguese music, or recommending Chinese songs and playlists to someone who mainly listens to Korean music. That’s NOT OK. So what needs to be done right away is: a) create another genre specifically for Persian music only, and b) recommend songs and playlists for the CORRECT language and CORRECT genres; in other words, when I say I want Persian music, I want PERSIAN music, NOT Arabic music. PERSIAN music. PERSIAN songs, albums, and playlists from PERSIAN artists. 4) Like I mentioned before I really like appreciate Spotify for giving us the “don’t play music from this artist” option. However the only problem is that we’re only limited to choose 99 artists. Once I reached to the 100th artist, all the artists I muted before now all of a sudden appeared on my homepage and all the playlists recommended to me. Why is that? I thought I have a right to play music from whichever artists I want and block music from artists I don’t want. Why am I limited to mute 99 artists? Why can’t I mute more than that without having any of them shoved down my throat on my homepage? I want to be able to mute more than 100 artists I don’t care for and don’t support from my homepage. It’s MY profile and MY listening choice. I have the right to mute as many artists as I want, just like I have the right to follow as many artists as I want. Please fix this issue immediately. Once these changes are made, I will change my rating from three stars to five stars immediately.

- Hey

Ok look when I want my song to play it don’t so fix it

- Muy buen servicio 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


- Good but annoying

The app is over all great but I hate how they will add songs to tour playlist without asking

- Life = Spotify

Music is very important to me, it helps me understand myself more as I discover more artists that take me on a psychological emotion trip. True bliss is about unity and connection, music is our shortcut to this world, into a universe of creators who all share a similar desire. I thank the people who made Spotify the amazing platform it already is. Spotify makes it easy to collect and treasure the music you like, while seeming pushing you into new territories of sound. This app is a necessity, it’s only a matter of time until it comes already downloaded on new devices. I believe the pricing of premium is very fair, you obviously can’t make something like Spotify without some type of income. Now, what are you waiting for?

- She be on point with it!!!!

My girl Lena be on it. You can clearly see and hear the growth over her podcast. Support your sister she is definitely on bet way to greater heights!!!! #MinisterKnowledge

- Spotify

You find your spot to listen to anything and you stick with it.

- terrible.

I hate the update pls change it why do ppl need premium to take off shuffle play this is just bad I’ve been using Spotify for 3 years and this is where my journey ends with u guys. Very disappointed :/

- Good


- Awesome

Unlimited music and great selection

- Ads are terrible

if you are looking for a free music app, don’t use this one. It used to be usable in the free version but it will play 3 ads every 4 songs and annoy me too much. Recommend that you prepare to buy the premium or don’t use it at all.

- Very good

Thanks my boii emmanuel i got premium...

- Great music!

The Jewish music selection is phenomenal!

- Sissel

I just paid for a Sissel album and most of it was on Spotify.

- Back from Apple Music

I switched to Apple Music thinking it would be easier since my personal and work laptops phones and all that are Apple. Boy what I wrong. Spotify really is just the king or streaming. Everything from queuing music, building playlists, pre made playlists, etc. Spotify is just better in my opinion.. I’ll never leave again haha

- Nice App

Very nice to use in the car I love to use it very very nice but it’s sad how I don’t have internet sometimes and I can’t listen to it I dont know why but very nice

- Spotify is Awesomeness!!!

Cannot imagine my life without it now!! I absolutely love everything about the service!

- My first time Listening to Spotify Music

Never have I heard such talented artists.

- It is the best I love it brjfufnfhhbbfnrm


- Adds

Music is amazing and like adds should be on the person’s preference not just random and like not repeating the adds

- Grr

I love the free music, EXCEPT! They randomly added a song to my personal playlist that I’m TOTALY NOT OKAY WITH!!! Plus they don’t let me skip anything so I can’t. Just skip it! I for some reason can’t delete it either! ANNNNND! Uggghh! ITS SO ANNOYING!

- ._.

Its not very easy to repeat a song on mobile lol

- Cool


- Don’t like the pause

Immediately update oh and it freezes too and now it won’t play

- amaseing app

Ty for a Makeing this app

- Le0z0ne

You guys are awesome!!! Download the Xbox app!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ios 13.5 iphone xs

Crash in background or when i lock screen

- Best app

I love it it’s so convenient

- Every song you’d like to play

I love love love love love LOOOOVE this app you can play any song or music that you like when I first downloaded this app I looked to see if it had descendants song’s and they had those songs even paw patrol songs fore my little brother love it thank you a lot respond as soon as possible again thank you a whole lot 🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩🤩🥳

- The best

I mother freaking love this app

- Horrible

Just horrible.

- App closing on its own.

A reoccurring problem i have with the app is it closes on its own while i’m listening. Tried everything. Once that is fixed i’ll change my rating, is a great app when it’s actually working for me

- Amazing

I don’t have a problem shuffling and repeating as I am on a pc so it’s honestly the best app for music possibly ever!

- I like this app

This app is good

- Pretty good

Spotify is a pretty good app. I only dislike the fact you can only skip 1 songs every 10 minutes.

- Onestly I’ve been in love with Spotify ily creaters❤️🥳🤩

ilysm Spotify

- Just my opinion

Yooooo Spotify premium changed my life 🤣 Discovery weekly is actually music that is catered to my taste, it’s perfect for finding new music!! I love my subscription it was a gift from my partner, so thoughtful and perfect for music lovers 🤟🏼♥️☺️

- why not have the function sleep timer in iPad?

I need sleep timer in iPad too, not only in phones. Thank you

- :/

I hate how I have to pay for skips? I can easily go back to Apple Music or YouTube music. You expect me to pay 10$?

- Please review because I feel like unsubscribing

Whenever I try to listen to anything lately it repeatedly stops playing and it’s bothering me enough to unsubscribe. Hope it gets fixed soon. As soon as it quits happening I’ll change my review back to 5 stars

- Lyrics

We should be getting lyrics for songs

- Opinion

i recomend. you should buy premium. its worth it

- J

I love Spotify and all of its applications/algorithms. I’ve found so many bands I now consider my absolute favourites through your recommendations. Easy to navigate, incredible podcast selection, and the recent unlimited collection feature is great. Spotify the program itself is not the issue I have - its that it doesn’t pay it artists nearly enough. Not to sound too preachy or like I’m some kind of moral arbiter but it seems simple; If you can do better/you should do better.

- No Spotify

Does not work with Spotify fix it

- Adore it!

I use Spotify almost daily since I have a 4 hour round trip in the bus to who to and from work. There’s so many different songs I can find and I can download them to listen when I’m not at home.

- >:(

Please take away the part where Spotify adds songs some of the songs I really don’t like and I just want to listen to the music I like with some weird song in the play list. It’s really annoying I hope you understand.

- Don’t use this music services here’s why:

Other music services offer synced lyrics. Other music services has playlists that can take over 10k songs. Other music services offer direct link that work form stories on IG and other third party app. Other music services are less expensive. Other music services listen to their customers. Other music services won me over. Bye Spotify.

- Very happy

Been listening for years. Very well done.

- Astonishing

I rate this five star because when I am on a walk I am so bored especially because I am a kid I am 8 but when I work out it helps me please stop and download the app and I like to read a book with it to.

- Dicktitties

Now that I have your attention, Spotify is lit

- Glitches

I have premium but still my search feature isnt working on my web player

- Someone who is tired of loud advertising

Why the advertising is so god damn loud, no I will not switch to premium because you are screaming in my ears. Can you please put the volume of the advertising at the same as the music PLEASE

- Premium is good. free version is a gimmic

Spotify premium is great but sometimes it plays songs that are not queued so that’s a downfall sometimes. other then that I love it.

- Love it

Amazing songs I can find all of the songs I want

- Good


- What are the point of your ads

I do not drive so all the auto ads are pointless. Do not own my house or have enough money to choose a bank. I am definitely not traveling anywhere. But the French ones are the best. Cause I don’t have a clue what they are about. Just because I live in Canada does not mean I speak French.

- Thank you

I really like Spotify because you can play disiny songs and more so thank you

- 😇

I love Spotify music is great it has everything great for party’s (I asked for Spotify prime for my birthday this year) 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- This is a great app !!!!

But I wish it could be WiFi free

- I love it

Spotify helps me forget the covid-19. It’s such a good source of music. I personally love it. I encourage people to get Spotify.

- Opinion

I love that there is songs from games like star stable online and songs from shows like victorious.

- Amazing

I love this so much, once u get premium it’s literally the best music app ever!❤️❤️

- Garbage

On my phone I can’t even switch 3 songs. Like bruh why would I wanna use an app that won’t let me Listen to the music I wanna listen to. And I have even press a song in my playlist because it will start the playlist from the top. Like bruh I can’t believe this app have a amount of skips. What a garbage app. And it literally adds songs to my album that I don’t even like. It defeats the pet Purpose of listening to music I want to listen to. I might as well use an app that doesn’t make me listen to music I don’t wanna listen to.

- Change it back!!!!

Can you go back to we’re you can click on any song you want on the playlist? Also why cant I go back to a song I skipped? It sucks

- Started crashing

Was working perfectly fine on my iphone SE (2016) a week ago but now when i get back in the app to change the song or something like that, the app freezes for a while or it just simply crash it’s kinda annoying kinda starting thinking about using Apple Music

- They add music in perfect playlist

I had two perfect playlist and they added music in without my approval and if I remove them they put new in, why can’t we deactivate this thing?

- STOP it

please move your “hide song” button to the bottom of the list!!!! you put it where the button for “add to playlist” used to be, so now EVERYTIME i’m listening to a dope song and try to put it in a playlist, I click the HIDE button AND IT SKIPS THE SONG!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS???? LIKE WHY WOULD YOU PUT THAT BUTTON THERE WTF WERE YOU THINKING

- A Mess

The app is a mess. Don't want to get podcasts through Spotify tough we'll recommend them anyway over three or four rows of the home screen. Not sure where there AI came from but it recommends all sorts of stuff I have no interest in. Songs I've listened to one are songs I have on repeat. Artists I've listened to once they recommend others artists I might like from. Basically the whole home screen is a dogs breakfast. Finally the new play button. Not particularly intuitive, all of seems to do is shuffle. Want to play the album click the first song.

- Why did u guys remove the lyrics?!

Why did u guys remove the lyrics?! That is what made Spotify better than Apple Music

- premium

why cant i purchase premium with my apple ID like literally any other app. guess ill stick with apple music

- I need lyrics

Bring back the lyrics

- Meh

It’s kinda overrated premium well I tried it and paid it was nothing special prefer Apple Music

- Lyrics...

So I guess we’ll just never have them😐

- Choosing a song.

I can’t choose a specific song and I don’t want to listen to a whole playlist to get to the song

- YES!! The best app every made!!!

Hey guys! I’m glad your reading this but this app is the best it’s great for if you have homework or your at work and bored! Or even at school (hopefully not during class) but I highly recommend this app! It’s great and there is all kinds of different types of songs and types of music on there! I use this app a lot everyday and you can also make your own playlist list with all types of peoples Music and you can follow people , or even if your a new artist and planning or trying to become famous or big you can make a acc and produce music, and just enjoy music with this app! Have a great day who ever is reading this and I hope you like this app <3



- 🤬

I hate how I can’t pick my song and we can’t go back on are songs

- Please be the Free speech platform

Plz don’t be like the rest and hold your platform up as one who respects freedom of expression

- App

Great app

- Love it

I enjoy the sound , the equalizer is very handy to arrange the sound for your particular speakers , the offline download is very useful , very simple to find the music you prefer and listen to . I’m extremely satisfied with Spotify 😁👌

- I love this app

I listen to all my favourite songs all day

- Wont let me pay for membership

Tried about 20 times. Entered all my info correctly, just wont let me have Premium.

- Good

It’s good and all except that it adds songs that It thinks you’ll like

- update sucks

where are the lyrics? I used to listening music in foreign languages and the lyrics are very helpful for me, with new update is not possible anymore

- Spotify

It has good music with good setup and service I love it it’s amassing

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- Hi

You’re App is so good

- No longer working with ps4

Fk Sony Fk Spotify fill in the blanks

- Angelina

This is so cool guys give it five stars🤗


I am so happy. Sprtify, as a tribute to the crisis in America (and all over the world) they have made play lists, and ads about this. I love it. It makes me feel proud as a human being to know that there are people the care. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Pay the artists more

Yeah could be a 5 if you paid the artists more money hey :)

- Best

This can play even when your on other apps or when it is locked

- Great App

Perfect for listening to your favourite tunes. Would be nice if your albums filter is on alphabetical order it would put the albums from oldest to newest from that band. Other than that, very nice.

- Very very good!

Best music streaming app on the market. iTunes/Apple Music eat yr heart out! Only thing missing is more money toward the actual artists...😬

- Awesome

This app is awesome but the only thing is that you can only skip the songs six times

- Not quite on the money

Great mix but some faves not there, all up 8 out 10

- Best songs on Spotify

I can have so many songs and you can play them when ever you want even without wifi

- Good


- Only using because I have to

Absolutely hopeless app. Can’t download single songs, won’t download in background (have to turn your auto lock off and leave your phone unlocked), no songs sections (only artists and playlists) and various other problems. All have been reported at least 5 years ago. I seriously don’t understand what the developers are doing. Only using because some of my favourite podcasters have gone Spotify exclusive.

- :>

This is the best app ever :))))

- Great music any time all the time!!

On iPhone or desk top. Just too good to believe. After buying roughly 3000 songs on iTunes, I can listen too all of those same songs and more for free on Spotify.

- Spotify is the best app in the whole entire universe

Add free , music video free, off line and online free. Whole thing free. Premier free Thanks. Spotify is the best MUSIC app on EARTH.

- Spotify

This is the best app in the world because you can listen to your favourite songs anywhere anytime

- Vibes

Such an amazing app that makes it easy and accessible to listen to literally anything. The o my thing I wish the app has was to be able to select multiple songs from one playlist and pop them into a new one, without having to do it for every individual song. Even tho this is a tad time consuming I wouldn’t listen to my music any other way

- Spotify ftw

Easy tunes on the go!

- Improvements

App is absolutely amazing, and I use it everyday. Although there are a few things that need fixing: 1. When I filter my playlists to “artist” some songs aren’t filtered and I have to scroll down or type it in which is a bit frustrating. 2. Sometimes I accidentally delete songs on my playlists on my computer and I don’t know about it until I want to listen to the song. It’d be handy if there was a toggle in settings which would allow you to switch between having a notification between deleting a song and not having a notification. Other then that the app is amazing!

- Broken

Latest update just broke spotify for accessing new material. Saved playlists work fine, everything else is a dud. Waah!

- Omg love this

It’s completely free even the songs best rated music app

- Less ads?

I am enjoying Spotify soooo much, and I love it 🥰 but I was wondering, maybe you could reduce they amount of ads. Thanks 🙏 But you don’t have to because it’s barely a problem, and I understand if we should pay for no ads considering that Spotify is free for anyone. I will be absolutely fine if you don’t decide to reduce the ads, it would just make Spotify that little bit better. Thanks for everything!!!! 😊

- Problem

I just want to look for a song,it’s to complicated

- Album & playlists

I love spotify and don’t begrudge paying for it, but I want to do random play and can’t which is a shame. It’s only a small problem, I still use it daily to keep me sane, especially with C19!! Thanks Spotify!

- Awesome app

This app is amazing but to long advertisements so I would go to premium the creators did the best app yet😍

- Pretty awesome, but needs more songs appropriate for kids

Spotify is pretty awesome, but it definitely needs more songs that kids like. Because, sometimes, if your child has an account on Spotify, and finds a song with a swear in it, and there is no other version, and if they really liked that song, it would really disappoint them.

- Love it

You can literally play any song you want and you can download any song hilly recommend.

- Hi I really like this app

10 out of 10

- Cool

Cool jjknmmm

- Good Good but..

IM IN LOVE WITH THIS APP!! I hate that you guys change when you skip cuz Im having a hard time and i dont know how to Make it loop please change😅

- Amazing

I have been using this for 3 months now I have been listening to my playlist and others 24-7

- Great but ....

Absolutely amazing but so slow on my Mac ☹️

- It’s good, needs some work though

This is a great app, can’t deny it, although it could be improved. While I get that you have to put certain restrictions on certain things depending on wether or not you have premium, I think certain things still need to be available to those who may not have it. Take for instance not being able to pick whatever song you want, having to listen to it with wifi or phone data, or only being able to skip 6 songs a hour, I believe one of those should be removed, as it could deter people from the app.

- Not impressed

I used the app thinking that I could play songs and find some good songs but it keeps playing different songs that some I do not like or don’t know and the app uses money to skip the songs you didn’t even want. I prefer ‘converter’

- Truly amazing!

This is a great app and I listen to it every day to pass the time 😂 The podcasts are great too! GET THIS APP!!!!

- Gooooooooooooooooooooooood

I love it you can listen to any song in the world and more than one play list it has noooooooo adds at all I have about ten play lists I love it nothing bad at all

- Spotify

Spotify is cool because you can play songs create a playlist and stuff like that I am also a kid by the way just saying

- My account doesn’t exist!

I opened an account to try Spotify with a view to getting a Premium Family account. After a year of using Spotify, my daughter could no longer use her account and the email address linked to the Premium Family. It was very difficult to get any help to fix this. The emails sent to us by Spotify don’t address the issue and don’t make sense. Yet we’re still paying for Premium Family! I’ve wasted so much time trying to fix this to no avail. I give up. I was happy with Spotify while it worked but I’m going to have to find another streaming service. So disappointed.

- Great Music

What ever you like it is here

- Amazing

It’s awesome

- Good

Can you reply

- Wish there were more songs

I love Spotify, but I wish there were more songs. I wish we could add songs to Spotify without a premium account. A lot of old songs aren’t on there, I’d appreciate it if you’d add them. :)

- Mr

Music side is much to repetitive on a day to day basis. Playlists are not enough large enough. Constantly play songs that have been disliked multiple times. Advertisers make no sense poorly aimed. Adds and plays extremely offensive and explicit music. I only have it because I cannot get into my original apple account. Because apple is.. well it’s apple, it is like complaining about quality at k-mart.

- Great app

Dear Spotify you are a amazing song App the best one I’ve got And the only one I’ve got Thank you For being an app 🍪🍪🍪

- is it possible ?

hi, i don't have this app but I would like to have it but i can't because my iOS is too old. can u update this app to work with iOS 9.3.6 sorry but I'm unable to update my phone. thanks

- Metal

I love your extensive range of metal

- Stupid user name

I have been given a stupidly excessively long usrr name which i cannot change. I am being tolf to change my password also without any real reason!!!!

- Shuffle algorithm ain’t great and can’t change username

I have been using Spotify for about five years now and it is my favourite music app out there. The reason that this is a four star review and not a five star is because I find that the shuffle algorithm is not the greatest. When I am shuffling through a playlist often I’ll be hearing the same songs over and over. I would also love to be able to change my username! Otherwise it’s a great app.

- Good and trash

Please fix the crashing problem it’s so infuriating and I keep having random songs in the middle of my playlist

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@Tumisong: So from now on all my mixes will be available on Spotify & Apple Music. Just click on the links below and follow/subscribe t…

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Spotify: Music and Podcasts 8.5.60 Screenshots & Images

Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts iphone images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts ipad images
Spotify: Music and Podcasts Music application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Spotify: Music and Podcasts Music application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Spotify: Music and Podcasts (Version 8.5.60) Install & Download

The applications Spotify: Music and Podcasts was published in the category Music on 2011-07-14 and was developed by Spotify Ltd. [Developer ID: 324684583]. This application file size is 123.21 MB. Spotify: Music and Podcasts - Music posted on 2020-06-01 current version is 8.5.60 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor

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