Soccer Manager 2020

Soccer Manager 2020 [Games] App Description & Overview

Have you got what it takes to become a top football manager in Soccer Manager 2020?

Take on a top flight football team to test your management skills or help a struggling team rise to glory! Build a football team and guide them to victory on the field!

Experience the excitement of being a top football manager. 3D matches, realistic competitions and an in-depth game economy makes Soccer Manager 2020 the most immersive online football game!

Choose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries around the world, so you’ll have the chance to manage and build your top eleven.

As the football manager, you control all aspects of your club. Plan training sessions, develop your club’s facilities, make transfers, assign squad numbers and decide team tactics.

Lead your team to victory in Soccer Manager 2020!

Soccer Manager 2020 features:

Football Manager Game
* Choose from over 800 clubs from 33 countries.
* Build your stadium and surrounding facilities in stunning 3D animation.
* Nurture your talent with the club facility features.
* Success is rewarded with job offers to further your managerial career.

Football Team Builder
* Decide who to sell and who to buy, using the sophisticated transfer market.
* Use the scout feature to search for top talents or proven stars.
* Take control of your team's training and get the best out of your players.
* Create your ideal formation and line-up for each game.

3D Football Matches
* Watch the games live in a realistic 3D simulation.
* React to your opponent during the game by making live tactical changes.
* Analyse your team's performance during and after games with in-depth statistics.

Immersive Management Game
* Your decisions as a manager affect the attitude of the board, players and even the fans!
* Compete and thrive in a realistic game economy.
* All teams and players are generated from our extensive community database.

Begin your journey as a football manager and download Soccer Manager 2020 today!

Soccer Manager 2020 is translated into 12 different languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

There are many soccer managers in our community who have played all of our football games from Soccer Manager 2015 through to Soccer Manager 2019.

Join our community of online soccer managers on our forum and talk about the football game:

For any issues regarding this football game, simply contact us at:

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Terms of Service:

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Soccer Manager 2020 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Database update - including player ratings and transfers. Various bug fixes and optimisations including: - Improved stability at the end of the season. - Fixed bugs in relation to cup finals. - Schedule clash in Italy fixed.

Soccer Manager 2020 Comments & Reviews

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- This game is the best!!!!!!!

It’s the best manager game I have ever played

- Absolutely amazing

I am so addicted to this game that I play it at least for an hour a day, sometimes more (with my moms permission. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ok game

It’s a pretty good game Except the fact that the prices are way to inflated. I had to 120million for rudiger Who in real life would go for like 30 Also Jesse Lingard won premier league player of year by scoring 3 goals and getting 2 assists

- Game is good

One thing that you guys could add for sm21 is that we could manage a national team for example England Spain Mexico and other countries another thing is that I score say 2 goals it doesn’t show who had the assists on my team but it show who had assists on the other team can you fix this plz?

- Bad match rating

I always get bad match rating. I only get good match rating if I win big. Others get good match rating regardless loosing or winning. That doesn’t make sense

- Good,but needs fixing

It’s a fun game but very inconsistent. How can Chelsea loose to Sheffield 6-1. I like the game but at times i have to quick play a game because i know im going to loose 5-0 to Everton

- Where are the team and player names

All the teams and players names changed, what happened to the licenses ??

- New Career Mode

The game is amazing but I know something to make it even better what if for soccer manager 21 u guys make a career mode where we build our player and track their career, I think that features will add more things to the game and we would love to play that mode so pls make it happen and keep up the great work on the game

- I like this game very much.

Awesome. . .Love it. looking forward next a lot features.

- Great game but

It would be nice to have the rest of the South American leagues

- Hey

Why is it so haaaardddd????

- licensing

There’s no licensing in teams all the players names are generic and it’s not fun to play, what happened to all the licensing .

- Transfer list

It’s a great game! But when start clicking on the transfer list and the free agent list it just crashes the game I don’t know why. And it’s not my WiFi because it happens every single time! And it’s starting to get me irritated!

- Very lovely game

It’s a lovely game I have played over 11 seasons now and so far so good. I just want you to adjust the competitiveness of other teams as the game progresses cause right now I’m untouchable and when I go through other teams I still see same old players there. The management of other teams is poor generally. But it’s a lovely game

- It’s okay

They change the team name the players name and I don’t even know what name the players are and yea that’s it so can you fix that

- Fake update

Supposed they did a update but I still see the same thing there is no changes

- buyist

i honestly believe this game is favored to barcelona. how can i have more shots on target than them but im losing 3-0? and why is ter Stegen saving EVERYTHING?

- Good but crashes every other day

Good game, like to play but need to save constantly because any second it will crash.

- Annoying ads

So many ads how do i remove??

- Good game but....

I have a team of all 83+ players and we have not won a game in over a month. My team just lost 5-0 to Mainz. Otherwise it is a very addictive game.

- Very addictive but...

I love this game. It is super fun and, when I first got it, very addicting. I am currently in June 2022 with Mansfield Town in the EFL League Two. My starting player’s ratings are: 57, 58, 64, 66, 70, 64, 62, 70, 66, 62, 70. My starting player’s ages range between 18-31. So let me get started with saying the problems. My main problem is that the scores ALWAYS go against my team. Just several games ago, we lost 5-1 against Exeter City at home. Their FC got 3 goals. My problem with this is that he was 37 RATED. My DC are 64 and 66 rated and my GK is 20 ratings better than this player who got a hat trick against us! This is ridiculous. Also in that game, MY 70 rated FC got 1 goal against a 42 gated GK, a 44 rated DC, and 39 rated DC. I want to give this game a five star rating, but due to these problems I can’t. Please fix this

- Tactics and players movement

Some tactics aren’t efficient. The time doesn’t play the way you want. It should be more fun if the time plays the way we set up

- Problem

When u watch the videos after u exit it when black u need to fixed but the game overall it good

- View

Work on how the player move the ball...let it look real

- Cool game

Game with a lot of potential, unfortunately it crashes every single game... if you forgot to save the game... you need to redo it again.... I just go to plat to football manager then..

- Soccer manager

I like this game a lot Nd I enjoy it I jus would like that the the team of the month wouldn’t including my top scorers Nd not just my keeper


At april 10, I didnt purchase anything but in-app purchase has been done in my history, and the money have been taken from my account, please check this out for me and i think this is not the first time happening so please check it soon as possible

- App problems.

For some reason on the iPhone 11 I get a unresponsive black screen after I watch an ad. This also happens to my brother.

- Awful

No matter how hard I try and how many tactics I change, I never win matches easily (or win matches at all), even if I playing with favorite team in league like Barcelona or Liverpool, I have to admit that this game is too hard to play.

- Whenever there is an ad my game would go black

Whenever there is an ad my game would go black and I can’t even do anything anymore so I don’t care I want you to remove the ads this has been happening a long time

- Melhor soccer manager

Melhor jogo de soccer manager q venho jogando. Sou da epoca do cm4. 2003/2004. Parabéns por esse jogo! Jogo é muito top!

- It’s enjoyable, but bugs and minor glitches make this game not as high as you think.

I’ve been a fan of this franchise for 6 years now. This game is slowly turning into like EA’s Fifa, where the enjoyment gets lower and lower every year. Bugs and glitches never actually gets fixed such as: -The stadium glitch where when you want to view a player that just got transferred to another team, the interactive spinning stadium overlaps with some of the players stats -Midfielders are always having terrible games for some reason, like for example my midfield for my PSG team always gets a game rating of 3 -Sim engine/quick play engine is terrible, my team always loses to the most stupid teams by like 4 goals, despite my team being way better than the other -The player of the month thing NEEDS to be revamped, like I can’t stand seeing my goalkeeper always there instead of my other players actually scoring lots of goals and performing, seems like the system is based on the “rating” thing for the games -Speaking of the “rating” of each player in games, it’s absolutely atrocious. You’re telling me my winger who got 2 assists in a game gets a 5 rating, and will affect negatively on his standing on the team of the month standings? -Goalkeepers always get 9s or 10s in game ratings, which seems overly buffed -Jesse LINGARD is an 82 overall in the start of the game, higher than LUIS ALBERTO of Lazio, who’s an 81. -The ads just annoy me, and forces me to play without wifi and that ruins the immersion of the game without the badges and so so. Seriously, PLEASE FIX THE AMOUNT OF ADS PLAYED IN EACH GAME you can’t skip them until the end and most of the games advertised are cancer. -The youth academy system just destroys my soul. Never have I ever found a great talent/wonder kid, with even a 5* youth academy I can never find one wonder kid that would be insane for my team -Sometimes the game just f*cking crashes when there’s too many people in your transfer shortlist and you can’t ever access it beyond 2021 -Also the amount of youth players that get promoted are too high and the youth coaches are always promoting the most garbage players -This glitch/bug is back again but if I transfer list a player they always have bids from like clubs from the Polish 2nd division and whatsoever and it ruins the realism already, like these minnow clubs don’t have cash like that. -Teams never bid for my players, and there’s rarely every a big money club trying to get one of my starts -The membership just annoys me. Why do I have to pay like 7$ for a year of ad free gameplay as a subscription for a f*cking mobile when I would rather pay 3.99 for this app without ads and with the boosters be the only in app purchases in the game than this freemieum concept -Where are the PL team badges? -Can we at least change the color and styling of our away kits? -Please add a sim month/sim system where it automatically rotates the team for you and it plays the game for you, as quick playing the games and seeing like some team like Angers SCO beat a PSG team with mostly 90 overalls by 4-0 just makes me want to die inside. I know these observations are a bit nit-picky, but these little things just annoy me and makes the immersion of the game much worse than usual like past games, and I hope the developers listen to a long time player of this franchise like me. Gone long are the days like Soccer Manager 2015 when you can develop young talent and have them actually play on your team. I miss the way Soccer Manager 2015 was built, and I hope you guys bring back some of the elements of that game back in future installments, because that game was the perfect football managing game.

- Bad ads

Advertisements last a long time and usually end with a blank black screen. You have to restart the game and lose all your progression since the last game ended. Happened at the end of a 3 week break period to me. Tried 10 times to get past the ad. Took me 5-6 minutes each time, so I wasted an hour trying to advance a single game. What is the point of this? I can only rate it 1.

- Problemas

Cada vez que termino de ver un video la pantalla se queda oscura ... Me encanta el juego pero no se que pasa ..

- Ridiculous and Interesting

I don’t understand how rival clubs sign players so unrealistically, Liverpool signed mbappe and still had Salah Mane, he was on the bench, and the game play is too generic, too poor the only way you score is via set piece or snatching the ball from the last defender, I literally skip all matches now, please make improvements, the game is a sound manager mode experience. Just let your 3D experience be improved significantly or keep everything in 2D which would be heart breaking

- Great except one thing

Such a great game, but transfers need to be fixed. Other teams will only ever offer you market value for a player but whenever buying a player you need to go 30-70 million above market value. Other than that great game.

- Very good

Buen juego pero deberían añadir ya el cambio de jugadores si en la vida real se hace porque en el juego no puedo añadir jugadores a las transferencias

- .

I love the game but just recently for two different clubs my transfer balance goes into the negatives after a season it happened to me two seasons into Everton and 6 seasons into a Leeds one PLEASE FIX

- Somethings needs to change

Of recent there no more names of professional footballers anymore I deleted it and downloaded it twice same need to check it out

- Vietnamese Players Plz !!!!!

Can you guys add Vietnamese players? I love this game but I want to use Vietnamese players!!!!!

- Broken

Good game but I go blank on advertisement every time and it’s annoyingly

- Fix game

The game is generally good but please fix it ASAP. There’s a bug where after you name ur starting 11 for the game, you press play/sim and the screen turns black. My phone isn’t off but the game basically shuts down. Also when I try to hit the transfer button on the main menu my game goes crazy and most likely crashes or I have to double tap myself. Otherwise it’s a good game to play but even the past versions have been very buggy to the point where I had to give up my progress to delete the game and download it again. And I played for Real Madrid for 3 seasons, the UCL group stage was all the same except for 1 season where 1 team was different. That made me leave the team in the 2026 season as I wanted a new challenge and not the same thing every season.

- Game crashes with pop-ups

Every time a pop-up comes out the game crashes....

- Adds

It has to much adds it gets annoying

- Awesome game

Is it just me or when I check a players personal information his height is like 150-200 and when I see his weight it like 50-60.Jajajaja

- Fun but need to fix

There’s a lot of bugs in this game

- Addition

Add a fixture so I can simulate a season or to a certain date, please fix the player of the year award bc 74 rated players are get nominated, more prize money for winning the league and champions league

- Bugs ad too many adds before a game

Every time there’s a game I get adds and after that some times the screen goes black and the music and game are “running” and I’m only in the beginning of the season :(

- a review

that’s one of the best games ever but it has bad things, i’ve played so much one of my players reached near 40 but he hasn’t any retriment, and i haven’t any profit i loss 2.34bn pleas check it and improve it. . love from one of your fans🖤

- Improve pls

5 stars.though manufacture and ameliorate the graphics. Make the ST and mids skinnier or the st or mid is fat then make them fat.example Wayne Rooney.Please improve the graph make it where we can custom the balls.curve needs to be added and improved stadiums

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- Algerian

Yacer larouci is not french he’s Algerian 🇩🇿

- Merci

Serai tu possible d’améliorer le réalisme en match et aussi différents mode comme saison sombre et commencer pas d’équipe et postuler et aussi les pays

- Doesn’t work

Loved 2019. This version screen goes black after an advertisement occurs and can’t move forward .

- need Chinese language

need add Chinese in language setting

- Transfers

Please put in the new transfers

- Transfers?

Where are the updated transfers ?

- Please do it

Good game but we want to play league, Champions league like others than we can enjoy it please add it.

- Team of the month is broken

Great game, but team of the month stuff is dumb. A 99 rated striker who scored 12 goals and got 5 assists in 5 games didn’t even get nominated for best player of the month yet a player who played once and got a 10 rating was a striker on team of the month, and that was the only game he played that entire month and he only got one goal and one assist. That player was only used to replace a suspended striker.

- Issues with hitting the post

The game’s really great and realistic but I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m hitting the Post too much in the game... Like even when you’re alone in front of the goal well you can hit the post... If it can be fixed it’ll be really appreciated. Good job!


Desperately needs bug fixes and more regular updates. Would be perfect with those two things.

- Too complicated

Just like FIFA, you guys made it more complicated to play. I got hooked on your Soccer Manager 19 because it was so easy to move around and where things belonged. On the Soccer Manager 20, it’s so complicated that after a few games, I just deleted the app and went back to Soccer Manager 19.

- Pay 2 win


- Garbage award system

My player who scored 40+ goals from a team that’s finished the league no. 1 never even made it to the team of the month once, a player who barely scored 15 goals from a team that finished 4th in the league became a player of the season lol

- Bugs everywhere

Every few minutes i will click on a button and a screen will pop up saying there was an error. I can usually just click through the screen and everything is fine. MORE IMPORTANTLY: I am unable to upgrade any facilities. After having the ability to put two upgrades in my youth academy and 3 in my training ground, all of the upgrades for all of the facilities that my manager level is high enough to upgrade say “Requires {Facility} to be unlocked” Please fix this bug and I will gladly update my review I play this game every year when it comes out. Thanks!

- Brutal

Really??? Not a single win on the road ever with Man Utd....I know they are struggling for real but....REALLY. Crazy scores....some teams score 5 goals pretty much every game. Do developers have anyone who looks at realism?? Seriously this a terrible excuse for a, how did they rip off the licenses when SI Games (Football Manager) can’t get the Premier League. Something fishy here. Don’t pay for anything...seems a bit sketchy!!!

- National teams

The game could be excellent if a mode for managing national teams is added

- Correct the bug

I love this game but have bug that don't let me enjoy

- Bad

The game seems solid and realistic except it is not possible to win away games. Played away games against atalanta and valladolid with Barcelona and got killed with a much better team until this gets fixed I will not play the game. Please make it possible to win away games

- Switching a league

Can u make it so that I can switch a team/league after few season?

- Fast forward

The game is good but you need to let us fast forward between two matches guys. Thanks.

- This game sucks

In the new patch ,if your team is in the final of libertadores ,you ll lose automatically, this happened to me twice, so please fix it quickly

- Great app BUT...

So far so great, but i cannot loan players out. For some reason all of the offers for my players to go out on loan get rejected right away not giving me a chance to loan out any of my young players. Help?

- Loan

Can you make it so it is possible to recall people from loan for a small fee

- Need more assists

I’ve noticed most things r pretty realistic just I found that in my first season so far with ac Milan, the assist count is much lower than it should be as i am 3 quarters through the season and the player with the most assists only has 3

- Where’s Bayern II?

I want to take Bayern’s future stars up the divisions and into the championship league... was really looking forward for the release to do this now that they’re in the 3rd division.

- Great Game

This game is great if you are interested in managing football clubs. Definitely would recommend this game if you enjoy playing football management games. Only negative thing is that there are too many advertisements. Overall, it is a great game and the ratings are very accurate to the players’ real life skill.

- Soccer manager 2020

It is a great game very detailed and better then sm 19

- Why cant I keep my vip

Last year in sm2019 I bought the vip for the game and now when I get the new one my vip disappears. I thought there would be at least an updates I keep my vip

- i ordered it and it will not download.

it is downloaded on my brothers ipad and not mine, when i pre ordered it, it will not come

- Schlecht

Es funktioniert nicht

- Problème de connexion

Bonjour Je n’ai pas réussi à ouvrir l’application et l’app m’envoie directement au départ en me disant problème de connexion. Pourriez vous réglez ce problème . J’espère que vous réglerez le problème. Merci d’avance

- Won’t load

Was excited about this release, preorder it, and now it will not load. The app telling me to check my internet connection, now trying home wifi, cell data, and hot spotting from my work phone. And still nothing. My phone is iPhone 11 pro, with iOS 13.1.2

- Can even open

Whenever I open this game it says that I need to check my internet and I have full bars of internet

- Rubbish

The app doesn’t even start and when it does it keeps saying no connection.....just a waste of star

- Isn’t working

It keeps saying that my wifi isn’t working

- Lorsque j’ouvre le jeux ça de marche pas car ça dit que j’ai pas de connexion à internet

Pouvez-vous régler ce problème car j’ai très hâte de jouer !!!

- Internet

When I install the game the second it comes out, it keeps saying no internet connection when I open the game. Can’t even get to the main menu. Already a bug. I keep uninstalling and reinstalling it, but that has no effect. Soccer manager Ltd. I love your games and wanna play this game but can u pls fix this or u provide any other possible fixes for this??

- Great Game!!!!!!!

This game is really good and is really addictive. I really like how there are regens but nationalities are mixed up and also how you can see ratings of players in all of the database unlike SM19. This game has great potential and these are a few features but to make the game ultimate: . Make free agents more common to sign because there are good players who are unattached for years . Add national teams Other than that, great game.

- Screen just stays black?

Looks ok at the start, but after building a team and getting ready for the first game. I get an advert and then just sit on a black screen??

- Like the cartoon one

We miss the old game

- Good

Amazing app so much better than the old one better graphics better celebrations updated so good

- Game is rigged - save your money

So for laughs I’ve replayed a game at home against the second last place team. Zero wins out of 10 so far... Time to delete. Should be a good game but it’s clearly not realistic. They’d want to improve the AI to get me to spend money. Just by chance the 5th placed team against the 15th placed team at home should win at least once. Disappointing.

- Everything’s good but...

Well i just find the players ratings in our team is a bit off, players in my team will score 7 goals and still have a rating of 5 in the game and the oppositions player’s will have ratings 7-10 conceding 7 goals, i do not find this accurate. Please fix it and that is probably why none of my players is considered world class or feature in the team of the year, i mean the game is free and all but considering the details and lack of accurate gameplay , it might be worth to pay for fm20

- Too many ads

For a sim game too many ads, maybe one once you load in and that’s it?!?!

- Recommended for Football lovers

This game is very well made and there is something new in every different yearly release it’s so detailed and so I can tell a lot of effort has gone into this. The one thing I wish is that you could play as the team controlling them and have to different game careers. One swimming matches only and play games only. Also maybe a player career. But overall the manager career is amazing.

- Continues

Wenever I press continue it just goes back to the home screen

- What happend?!

What did you do to the teams?!?!?!

- The game is good but it’s missing one of my personal things

Please add Western United to the A league I really want to use the team

- This game is amazing

This game is amazing and is great for football lovers like myself but I wish you could do player swap deals. In the game you can only pay for players by money or coins(which are really expensive). Also I wish you could do player swap deals plus cash. Pls do this as it will make the game even better.

- I have a problem

It’s a great game but with the scout, training facility upgrades, it’s saying I need a (facility) upgrade but I’ve fully upgraded for the manager level I am on

- Bugs

Good game, but players constantly glitch up and get huge boosts (I’ve seen players with 9000%fitness) to be able to just teleport from one end of the ground to the other and end up with like 5 goals. Please fix.

- Sick!

Probs the best game ever played ( except Minecraft) keep up the good work!!!

- Wow

This is so lifelike and advanced it blew me away. You get the players opinion and all your fans, financial and media approvals. I love it

- Why.

Western United? 💚🖤🖤🖤💚💚🖤🖤🖤💚 💚🖤🖤🖤💚💚🖤🖤🖤💚 💚🖤🖤🖤💚💚🖤🖤🖤💚 💚💚🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤💚💚 💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤🖤💚💚💚 💚💚💚💚🖤🖤💚💚💚💚

- Nice game

I think it’s a wonderful game. But once when I subbed Mesut Özil off to begin the second half I did get the problem where the clock goes like a stopwatch but it’s only happened once.

- Make it even better!

Glad with the changes you made to the game summary interface - much clearer shown vertically. Three suggestions: 1. Preseason friendly: would be great if we can schedule our own and choose the opponents (i.e. clubs outside the league) 2. In tactics, when clicking the player, I cannot see the detailed ratings anymore. Can’t compare players either which is not convenient. 3. Please add the feature of replays during matches - replay of goals in particular, for example, if I choose 2D for highlights then I can see the goal action 2D first then the replay in 3D, or vice versa.

- Poor support

Send a message to support on the ticket service days ago and haven’t received one word back.

- Report

Great game so far but I can not continue my progress because after half time, the timer goes like a stopwatch and it acts differently then its normal action. Please fix ASAP

- Fix it

Need to check my internet connection when i am already conneted

- Great Game but Missing the biggest part

This game is great but is missing the biggest part . The all time favourite song from soccer manager 19 “Coraline” is gone . Pretty please bring the song back

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- Too many ads

I would rate this game a 5 star if you would please remove the ads before I play a game.Seriously the advertisements are so annoying and the game sometimes crashes.PLEASE REMOVE ADS🙏🏽

- I like the game but need’s improvement

My attackers don’t go one vs one at a defender but other than that pretty good game

- Current version blacks out often.

Current version after an ad will just black out.

- Broken Simulation

I like everything about this game except the actual game simulation. The matches seem like they have a fixed outcome as my players always make crucial mistakes at the wrong time which always cost me the game.

- Game Crashes

This game is really fun and addicting but after two or three seasons the game will start to crash especially in the off-season when there’s not a lot of games. Since they are not a lot of games you can’t really save it a lot of times this causes you to do a lot of stuff like renewing contracts assigning players but since you can’t save all the work that you did in the off-season wouldn’t saves and this is A very annoying glitch that causes me to have to redo all the signings in all of the contracts all over again but overall if you can fix that going into next year this game will be really good.

- This game is garbage

I would give this game zero stars if I could because you can’t see how much money you have and you don’t even play the game you just watch.

- It could be better

It would be even better if the badges from the premier league teams could show because recently they have all disappeared

- So rigged

This is by far one of the most rigged game ever, don’t download this game because these types of games are cash grabbers, showing you ads even though the mechanics are plain out rigged.

- thankkkss for thisss game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

thiiss iss auesome 🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍

- Update please!!!

Developers, you are great ... but there are some nuances that I really wanted you to solve. 1. That the goalkeeper could beat off a penalty. 2. To have more varieties scoring goals. 3. Increase the chances of an own goal and a red card. 4. Make the game so that it changes depending on what style of game you set ... for example, you put 5. Update the emblems of some clubs, some have changed, some with problems: Leipzig, Atletico Madrid ....

- What do vip users get I have vip on steam

What do vip users get I have vip on steam. I have vip on steam but I don’t get any reward everyday like 50 gold will be nice if u do I will give u five stars

- Please

I will rate this game 5 stars if you add Montenegrian (Montenegro) league in the game.Please🙏🙏🙏

- Plz

Please add new features this could be the greatest game on the App Store like asking for loans and add legends or better odds during a match

- Fix this please!!!

Always placed player of the month for goalkeeper position only and there is no manager of the month or manager of the year in this game. That’s funny right? This is the manager game to specific management skills. And no clubs buy my player otherwise I put them in transfer lists. Lastly,I can’t buy higher players even my club in high rank or aim a lot of trophies that’s mean however my club get trophies and my club still in a place where I started this game.Thanks

- Potential

This game has potential, however im spending at least 70% on ads with this game.

- Ok game

I cannot pass may 26,2020

- ابي الدوري السعودية

ولو يحطون الدوري السعودية

- Winter transfer Update needed

Almost everything is good except 1.We need the new data pack for the winter transfer update this past January 2. Should offer more loan offer for the players on loan list

- Game crashing

The game keeps crashing when I go to sign free agents and it annoying

- What did I just experience

If you are reading this take my word DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. I played as Ajax and lost vs a team called atromitos in the Europa league. I’ve never even heard of this team and I am the most football crazy person you will ever meet you also lose ridiculous ties such as Arsenal vs espanyol and Real Madrid vs Galatasaray. Keep in mind I used my beat teams for each game Absolutely ridiculous wouldn’t recommend to even the person I despise the most. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR DONT BUY THIS GAME

- The level of control is amazing

I started the smallest Russian soccer team I could to see if I could into a powerhouse. Lol

- Nice game but need a lot to be fixed

the first season is great and less technical issues , but I noticed that my players could play great in a match and perform woefully in the next match. I also don’t understand when a player scores 10 goal in a month and didn’t even make it to player of the month nominations, it’s a joke isn’t it ? Finally the second season is so bad and it keeps hanging every now and then

- Need some serious work

I’ve been playing a lot and I really like it. I enjoy this game but there is lots of problems. First of all, sometimes I am against teams and my team takes 20+ shots and they score once and the other team shoots 3+ and beats my team. Second my game is lagging in the free agent section and my game sometimes crashes. Another thing is the players, they don’t do what you really want them to do. Lastly, there is lots and lots of ads. I get it a game earns stuff from ads but every time I start a game or want to do something a ad pops up. Please fix this

- Transfer window

Please give us a updated roster for teams now that the transfer window has opened. Also refresh play rating as Halaands potential is now way lower than it is in real life. Other players like halaand who have been consistent this season but not still have low potential. It makes the game less fun as we enjoy using the players we can see blowing up in real life

- A great game

I have to say, I have been looking for a game like this to have on my phone since I love football and club management. It’s incredible that this game is free since there is so much to it and it’s clear that the devs put a lot of effort and care into it. I tip my hat to them! There are things I think need improvement however. First, the youth development. The players you get from it just never seem to useable talent, they just seem to have no starting stats or potential even with a three star youth system. Second, player loans. In all the times I played, I have never had any clubs offer to take one of the young players I put on the loan list on loan. Finally, a weird glitch when watching matches. There are times where there is a corner kick and there is literally only the opposition players in the box, all my players are on the opposite side or something and I’m just able to see them peer on the edge of the screen before the other team puts it in the net. There is nothing more frustrating than that. Like I said tho, this game is amazing and I would definitely recommend it since it is good overall. But I would prefer if these problems would be taken into consideration since it seems really strange.

- Other Sports

I love the game sooo much, it’s a strategic simulator where you can manage a team and bring them to glory. My only request is that you please invest this into other sports like Basketball or Football because I love this game and I wish there were games like this for other sports. Pleas take this request into consideration.

- To long

To long to dowload a data

- Review

I like it but it does a few mistakes. Like in the champions league, in won 2-1 first leg, then lost 2-1 in the next. So it was 3-3 with equal away goals. But somehow I lost

- No logos for the premier league

I don’t know what’s going on but all logos for premier league teams are gone. Please fix this ASAP, great game but way too many bugs Thank you

- Some Team logos changed

Some team logo changed in the updated one why is that? It isn’t giving me the vibe to play it anymore cause I felt am just playing one of those random games. Why will I be coaching Manchester city and it having another logo?

- Version 1.1.7 update glitch

Has cause the premier league data logos to glitch please fix this. We were not having this problem with 1.1.6. You can test any data packs I even made my own and the premier league is the only league which won’t load them. This should be an easy fix. Thanks, other than that the game is great!!

- about computer

so i’ve been playing sm since SM17 and it’s gotten better and grows rapidly, my only question is when is it coming out for steam on computer

- Bugs

For some reason it can’t let me start a season 2 because it glitches kicks me out of the first match of my new season, it kicks me out and takes me back all the way to final match of the previous season and I’ve attempted 3 times but it keeps doing the same thing. The game is great but when you leave it should save ur last date of action not match day. Btw I love the game so plz help fix it

- Gameplay Suggestion

All around this is a very solid game. I’ve been with the series since 17 and 20 has been pretty solid so far. I only want to suggest perhaps in the next update or next game can you guys PLEASE add a feature to watch the matches in 2D format? I don’t mind the 3D version as it is great but I feel for some games we should have the option to just go through a game quicker with the 2D view (like how Football Manager does with the circles and dots with a commentary bar on the bottom). I think it would be a vital addition to the game and make it better than it already is. Thank you.

- Improveing but...

What is this!! I have like 4 injures in training juz in 2 weeks!!! This is trash!! Change it!

- It’s a really good game and all but...

I noticed that the MLS season I stretched too far out. I also noticed that it is really difficult to win the MLS with an MLS team, it’s like you almost have to win out the entire season to get 1st in the table at the end. Please make it better, is has a whole lot of potential!!

- Terrible glitches lately

The game is okay but it glitches out a lot. When ever I go to renew player contracts, my player resigns and then their stats get sent down. I had a 86 Dalot resign and go down to a 78 rating after signing and a 96 Rashford move to a 90 rating. It’s really frustrating to deal with and makes me want to quit playing.

- Please fix this issue

Great game overall! Many bugs have been fixed which is wonderful. One suggestion though is that it is sometimes difficult to read the player ratings throughout a match, and the colors do not help. If this could be fixed that would be amazing!

- Glitches and errors

I can’t pass may 26, 2020. After a certain date, the app glitches and closes. When I re enter the app, I always start on may 26th. This is frustrating. This is the only error

- It’s good

Just one thing, actually a bit of small things just one major thing. I was playing with man United for one season and trying to make them great again. After my first season finished my budget went down to -128 million please fix this so I can restart a career and not have to deal with this again.


It is an overall good game for a free game, but the ADS ARE KILLING THE EXPERIENCE!

- Game not playing after I went VIP

I was playing the game normally then I saw the ads that I could go VIP then I purchased it. Since then,the game hasn’t load past the date I was before I bought the VIP. What could be the problem? Please fix this soon

- Bug or nay

For two full seasons my midfielders and defenders keep having a low rating of 3,4 or 5 even if they score or assist or do both . Could this be a bug. Please fix it

- Could be better

New release I know but there are some annoying bugs. The game is as fun as last years but sometimes your defense will not defend corners and the ball will automatically go back to opposition players even when they lose possession. Feels like VAR is against me also

- Nice Game

SM2020 is the best one among the SM series. However, there’s a main problem that the player ratings in the team always go up too quickly, which makes it too easy, and less realistic. Hope the editors can see this and thank you guys for the great work so far. lol

- I want to PLAY!!!!!

It’s so boring to watch them play, I want to play the game. I fall asleep when playing a match.

- Fun

This is a great game and is really fun to play during free-time. I have been playing it for a while now, but for some reason now, I am unable to update some of my facilities as it says they are not unlocked. Hopefully gets resolved soon so that Incan bring my club to the top 😄

- Ok

It’s a fun game. Unfortunately way too many glitches/errors. I transferred players and got no money in return. Certain emails wouldn’t delete.

- Fun Game it’s awesome

It’s fun and awesome but there’s some problems For example Liverpool would constantly get destroyed by Porto 4-0 and I’m not saying it can’t happen but it happens every season for me so lower the amount of times an upset can happen that’s why it’s an upset I also recommend improving the tactics It’s good but it could be better like telling players to track back or when defending you would drop back or press after losing the possession also add team sheets Like i can switch formations and lineups by just pressing a button instead of multiple it would make everything easier Also add more slots for the first team so I could have more reserve players Also increase the amount of times you could get asked questions in a press conference just a little It makes you feel like a real manager Also manager reports could improve By adding a section to see the oppositions weaknesses and strengths it would make it easier or u could make an option like a “further report” option which would cost time or money or something Besides that the game is amazing and fun but these improvements would make it even better and more fun for everyone

- Very bad game

Very poor and unrealistic game I’m playing as man city and losing to Norwich 7-0 which there center back scored 5 goals he was very broken which he would kick the ball Down the field and just glitch towards it I would not recommend this game it’s pretty much a joke and there is so many bugs and very in realistic things such as Raheem sterling and aguero missing open break aways just seems like the game wants me to lose

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- Players cost too much

This would be a good game if I didn’t have to sell my family to which ever club I wanted to buy a player from.

- Pile of trash

Far too many glitches Once I was winning 7-0 in second half so I put it on ultra defensive and drew 7-7 what an absolute joke and players cost way more than what they would in real life When you change the tactics they don’t do what you want to do DONT GET THIS GAME

- Too many ads

It’s a good game BUT if you want to use the quick match button you need to watch an ad every time. If you want too play the match there’s an ad every 2-3 games. Far too many prompts for ads just to get through games and a season.

- Not good

Fucking disgraceful, No England league logos or club logos absolutely ridiculous

- Ok but annoying sometimes

You score a goal with your team and are comfortably ahead. Then, the opposition score in the 94th minute. This happens far to often. Please fix this. Also there is a slight problem with signing players. If you are at a smaller club players don’t come to you, but that’s fine it’s realistic, however, if your a top team in the championship, no players want to sign or come on loan to you. Apart from this good game.

- I want more types of transfer and loan deal

I would like to see more options for loan deals and transfers, so 2 year loan deal should be an option, loan with option to buy, loan with obligation to buy, the option to offer a percentage of the player your buying next transfer fee, also I want player ratings to be updated more often and for transfer budgets to be updated more often. for example I try to be the Wolverhampton Wanderers manager and they only start with 28 million whereas a club like Newcastle start with around 50 million

- Game always crashes

Fix this bug

- Love it but I can’t loan youth out from another club

I love this game. I just don’t like how when I try and go for a young player who won’t get played in the premier league, I try and get them in on loan and everytime it says the snub my club. I can’t adjust the loan deal either so that he might want to come in. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in the Championship but I really want the likes of Eddie Nketiah

- I can’t lie ur game is good

But pliz may you make it a little realistic because how can a defender score a long range shot with the rating of 45

- Great except

It is an awesome Game but HOW DO YOU SAVE it it is pretty annoying when I have to do the same process twice please respond.

- Results.

Very good game all round except for 1 thing. The results. I was doing a Stoke City career mode and had 2 99 players and my lowest rated was 90 and I was losing to Aston Villa, West Brom, I think even to Charlton in the cup. I think that the results are extremely harsh.

- Transfers

During each transfer window, it’s not sending me emails about certain offers coming in, so when it gets to the end of the transfer window, I get emails saying I’ve rejected the offer even though I didn’t actually know about it. Apart from that, the game is a quality game bar a few glitches but it’s nothing unbearable. Would have been a 5* rating if it wasn’t for the transfer offer problem :)

- So unrealistic

I was PSG and I lost the champions league final to club Shaktar

- Best game I’ve played for a while

It is so realistic and good ratings are good too

- Good but unrealistic

It’s a good game with a good idea but there is no way that a premier league team such as Leicester city, who have been incredible this year in real life, is losing to a team such as Birmingham. The ratings are also incredibly unfair. Messi,who hasn’t been his usual amazing self this season ,at a 99 , meanwhile the top scorer in the premier league , Jamie Vardy, is a horrific 84. You should base ratings off of how good they have been this season,not how you expect them to play. Another thing is transfers and the cost of a player. There is no way Messi is leaving Barcelona for Chelsea,which happened when I was playing.Also, the cost for players are ridiculous.Mbappe is never leaving PSG for 120million,and Messi is never leaving Barcelona for 140million. I hope you take this into account and fix this game.

- Keeps crashing

Why does the app crash when your try to watch videos. So annoying especially when you have to go right back to last save date 😤

- Playoffs

Great game but I wish playoffs were in it.

- Transfer bug

I am currently managing arsenal and I put niles on the transfer list. I found a little bug where I don’t get a message for transfers and the club ends up withdrawing it. Other than that loving the game!!!!

- Good game

But the prices is expensive And to buy bundles or coins is expensive Have your card ready You can easily spend £200 a month

- Soccer Manager

Boss football game

- Shame about the adds

It’s a shame about the ads because this game is a great football simulator. I played the game for around 10 seasons and came across a bug . When I tried to select transfers the game wouldn’t load or would send me back to the main screen . To get around the ads turn mobile data off in settings and disconnect from wifi

- Great game

Really good and fun game

- Just Like

This game is just like some of my other favourite games like Pro Evolution Soccer , OSM, Fifa Mobile, Dream League 20,Dream League 19 , and also like Roblox ,Minecraft, Fortnite and like my computer games and they are PES 2020 , FIFA 20,PES 2019 , Fortnite , Apex Legends , Goat Simulator and also the Wii games like Wii Sports , Just Dance 1 2 and 3 , Wii family sports, Mario in London 2016

- Almost Perfect

I really enjoy the game. I think the one thing missing from the game is buying out a loanee’s contract and making them a permanent signing. Also I don’t like when trying to sign a player, the dialogue at times says that a move isn’t right for them. Other than those two minor issues, I’m really enjoying the game.

- Fix your Player of the months

Makes it impossible for my players to be included in the POTM as all the other players are getting consistent 9s and 10s which is impossible for my players to keep getting

- Problem with ads

Ads constantly failing when I get to the end of watching or they don’t load at all and the screen goes black. Having to exit and reload the app about 6 or 7 times before I get 1 to work. Sort this problem out and you’ll get a higher rating from me. Thankyou

- Fantastic

I think it is a very good game but you need more save slots and need to animate the on pitch batter

- Decent but....

A good free football manager game!! However it seems so predictable you know that a free kick at the edge of the box is either a goal or going wide, same with corners either a goal from a header or the ball is cleared played back into the box and goal. Also I started the season with Barnsley and went unbeaten in both league and cup until November I then went until February without winning (including losing to Hemel Hampstead in the FA Cup) using the same team and tactics after been 8 points clear in November I stayed up by 1 point. Is this a regular thing that happened to anyone else I can’t see how the team and tactics that worked so well went so badly

- Amazing

This game has just blasted on the scene and in my opinion is on its way to compete with the very best manager games out there 👏🏿

- Crap

Absolute Pants .

- Best game I have ever played

This game is SO good every football fan needs this game in their lives

- Teams and players have changed

Why have the team names and players names changed? On my device I don’t have any real players or teams how come it’s changed? The game is mint but this could stop me playing it.

- Fantastic game just needs one option added

This game is fantastic compared to other manager games it lets you build your rep but still bring in high name players, the only thing I’d like and think it needs adding is the ability to talk to players from other teams and convince them to sign for you or push for a transfer, as some teams no matter what you bid for a player won’t sell to you.

- Game crash after ads

After the advertising the game crashes. Have to play without internet. Which for me it’s much better... don’t have to see that crap. Thank you for this bug

- Rubbish

This game should be deleted absolutely awful

- Crap

Game keeps crashing

- Annoying

Could be really good but the adverts are ridiculous before every game you have one oh but of course you can pay to remove them Forced myself to do a half a season with manutd and it’s so stupid if I win it’s 1-0 I went from beating Liverpool 2-0 to losing to Crystal Palace 6-1 makes no sense at all!!!!

- No fun

Not fun needs loads of improvement

- Ok game

This game is good but it is boring during the season.

- Love the game but crash galore

I love this game!!! Very good but it crashes so much and is doing my head in!!!! Otherwise quality game

- Good but flawed

Very good game but I have a complaint about the financial aspect of the game. I am in the championship league in England, having taken a club from the lowest division and yet I still can’t fill my original stadium of 7000 (though I have increased the stadium size too) I’m still only averaging 4000 per home game with the very odd game reaching 6000. How is a lower club meant to keep and improve it financial status when the stadium isn’t full?? It means I am losing money and can’t keep or buy better players because of their wages! I’ve improved the club house zone to a high level but my fan base hasn’t improved much either. I think this is a flaw in the game. This needs to be fixed urgently. Please review. Stuart

- Rubbish I had Ronaldo and lost him


- Good but needs more things

I reckon they should have create a club mode and you can work your way up through the leagues but overall a ok game

- Cuts out after advert

Great game but cuts out after advert plays just before a match annoying to say the least. Can this be fixed as I have spend money on in game add ons that cannot currently be used to do the game not playing.

- Recommended

Hugely addictive game for me atm, great replacement for FM 👌🏼

- F2

This game is a good game but how do you get transfers of the list like Toni Kroos.

- Soccer manager 2020

Good game. Enjoyed it. And was into my second season , when I was putting players up for sale I didn’t even get a big but teams were withdrawing bids as I took too long to reply ?

- Very good but drains battery

Very good game fun to play but it drains your battery too much and in the play offs away goals count and in real life that is not the case but otherwise great

- Ok but

This is a brill game and it’s a game that u will want to have. But it’s almost impossible to sign a player and you can’t play but a acsept that it’s brilliant and no paying so it’s ur choise not mine so download or do the opesit

- Score

I played as Liverpool and lost 48-3 to Harrogate

- Titles

Messi will end up winning the golden boot and playmaker of the season yet will not win player of the season 🤦 Or be in team of the season or world player of the year💔

- Youth Team

After Upgrading My Youth Team Facilities,All i Can get are player of 35-40 rating at age of 18-20, Since My Youth Team is Fully Upgraded i should be able to receive players of 75+ at age 18 because see the youth team as an investment and additional professional player to the club.

- Player and team names

Mine isn’t displaying player names, it’s showing figures instead. Does it mean that it’s figure that is been used instead of the player teams? Same as team.

- Job offer

Why can’t we get job offers from other countries??

- Game not saving

Why’s my game no longer saving

- Football manager

I love these game so much and it so excited, in my own perspective i think a coach or manger should be allowed to coach or manage a team in different leagues

- Club manager transfer

Please make it in a way that clubs from other continent can scout you as a manager for example you’re coaching Man United and Real Madrid offers you a contract , I’m sick and bored managing only epl teams, Thanks Above all, Lovely and addictive game!

- Not working

I don’t know what u guys have done to this amazing game I’ve downloaded it on my phone wen I open it is telling me network connection retry I’ve full network on my phone pls work on this is really bad I love this game too much

- ❤️

Nice game ❤️❤️❤️

- Bad

I don’t like the ads it goes blank after advert

- Awards

World best player League best player Young best player .....etc Should be awarded with players that have the good statistics not just random names ..doesn’t make it look reall

- App keeps closing

The game keeps closing anytime I want to transfer players. I can’t play now

- I like the game

The game is good

- Manager transfer

Please change a lot of things in the game, i love the game but as a coach you need to comment on the team to get more and more in every match they play.... and try on working on manager transfer so we can choose the club we want to go like from Liverpool to juventus and PSG others......please work on it Thanks u🙏

- No sponsorship and endorsement

No endorsement no sponsorship. The developers should add these options to make the game more lively

- Improve game

An International break should be added and other awards too Also improve the player rating system A player scoring a brace shouldn’t have a rating of 6

- Players and teams not correct

Nice game and nice graphics but Pls the names of the players are not correct and also the teams name are correct...

- Game freezing

After 3-5 seasons the games start freezing when you want to transfer players


There should be international call up and matches too,whereby we can switch as a nation’s coach or we just see it happening in the game 😊🙏🙏

- Good

I so much love this game But with strong performance from my team They still don’t win the player of the month or get into the best 11 of the month


It would also be great to play with other real players as well

- The players name are wrong

I just downloaded new soccer manager 2020 on my iPhone and it’s showing wrong name of players. Imagine on my old android the players name even clubs are correct

- Please add commentary

Please can you add commentary it would make it more attractive

- International break

There should be international break for the players where they all go to play for their various countries especially the ones called up to play for their countries , 2) there should be an award for the best coach of the month

- Saving freezes😡

The game is very good at the beginning until the end of the season, I I’ve been trying to save and it just freezes and reload the game. Which I loses all my recent data, not fair at all😔

- Bug

Lots of bugs ,closes most of the time , won’t end a game with mins going bro 310 when a game ends in90 mine

- Error


- bugs fixes

very very nice game the only issue is the fact that there isn’t any replay option to the goals and the bugs are becoming a very serious problem. other than that i really love this game

- Bug fix

I’ve been receiving big messages on and on, and I’ve been waiting for an update to adress that. Still an awesome game by the way

- Replay

There should be a replay of each goal score or attempts made in a match and also there should be best coach of the month season and year...

- Debt

I’ve -1.6bn and it’s still increasing

- Match stats bugs

Assists and chances created don’t appear in the match stats after the match, this is frustrating and it should be fixed.

- Complaint

The game is no more friendly and full or error now mehnn i want to delete now

- Training

Setting up training is difficult unlike the 2018 and 2019 version.

- Game play

The game play is not good at all 19 is even better

- Bad Graphics

The graphics of the previous year looked way more better and less sustainable than this year. should have stuck with that one more to be honest. it looks off and i don’t think i can get used to it so i’ve deleted it already.

- Can’t play champions league/europa

I can only play league games...I’ve qualified for champions league more than once, still can’t play in it.

- Finance

The money there is just reducing, it’s decreasing every time and I don’t know why please do something to this as soon as possible. I have -1.38m now which is not good, i had 158m before everything just vanished

- Upgrade Issues

The app keep telling me to upgrade when I just downloaded. If I click the upgrade button,it doesn’t bring up any upgrade option. Pls ratify.

- Update

Why is the app always asking for an update?

- Cool

Game is really cool ... really enjoying it jxt wished houdson odoi and mount had better ratings

- Transfer listings your players

I can’t place my on transfer list, the can only be loan listed Please correct this Tho the gameplay and process is smooth

- Update

The game crashes after you change clubs

- Bug

The app is showing an error write up after the end of the first season.

- Ya

I like the game but the bugs are much. So fix that one

- Best game I have played so far!!!

Best Football Manager simulation game 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

- Horrible Gameplay

The game has a nice user interface that is similar to Football manager games but it’s gameplay is horrendous. Please it needs fixing

- Th Ratings are not accurate

Buy i love the whole game setting and its colorful and I think its going to be fun💯

- Too bad ..not playing

I just wasted my internet Need improvement ASAP

- Connection problem

It keeps telling me to check the internet...but my internet is very much okay

@ShiftTitanTV: LIVE NOW!! Only on with some Football Manager 2020. let's build the best damn football/soccer tea…

@JeremyCom Football manager 2020. The best soccer game I’ve played

LIVE NOW!! Only on with some Football Manager 2020. let's build the best damn football/socc…

@thamilare_: This pandemic due to joblessness I have finished GTA liberty city(70 missions) 3 complete Master league seasons (Pes 2020)…

@SInow: The Seattle Sounders FC have cut ties with broadcaster and former manager Alan Hinton after a series of tweets …

@thamilare_: This pandemic due to joblessness I have finished GTA liberty city(70 missions) 3 complete Master league seasons (Pes 2020)…

This pandemic due to joblessness I have finished GTA liberty city(70 missions) 3 complete Master league seasons (Pe…

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Soccer Manager 2020 1.1.12 Screenshots & Images

Soccer Manager 2020 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Soccer Manager 2020 iphone images
Soccer Manager 2020 iphone images
Soccer Manager 2020 iphone images
Soccer Manager 2020 iphone images
Soccer Manager 2020 iphone images
Soccer Manager 2020 iphone images
Soccer Manager 2020 ipad images
Soccer Manager 2020 ipad images
Soccer Manager 2020 ipad images
Soccer Manager 2020 ipad images
Soccer Manager 2020 ipad images
Soccer Manager 2020 ipad images
Soccer Manager 2020 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Soccer Manager 2020 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Soccer Manager 2020 (Version 1.1.12) Install & Download

The applications Soccer Manager 2020 was published in the category Games on 2019-10-21 and was developed by Soccer Manager Ltd [Developer ID: 777728659]. This application file size is 225.13 MB. Soccer Manager 2020 - Games posted on 2020-04-27 current version is 1.1.12 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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