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Portal is an ambient sound app for iOS with a difference. Inspired by travel, it combines world-class immersive "3D" sound recordings with beautiful visuals and imaginative design to help with focus, relaxation, meditation and sleep.

Whether you're in a noisy office, on a busy commute or just trying to calm a racing mind, Portal's immersive soundscapes and soothing interface can provide an escape from some of the noise and distractions of modern life.

You can also mix Portal's audio with other apps to add ambience to podcasts, music, audiobooks or guided meditation. Listen to an audiobook surrounded by a thunderstorm or a podcast next to a cosy log fire.

Coming soon - sync your smart lights with Portal for full-room ambience.

Key features:

- 14 unique Portals, specially chosen to help you sleep, relax and focus
- Immersive 3D nature sounds, from waterfalls to thunderstorms to crashing waves, including sound content from an Emmy award winning sound recordist
- Powered by some of the same audio technologies as VR to bring you 3D sound through regular headphones
- Stunning HD visuals captured with drones and regular cameras
- Beautiful dark interface design
- 3 interface modes - sleep, focus and relax
- Countdown timer - to set specific focus periods, sleep timers and short rests
- Breathing exercises - relax to the sounds of nature
- Focused task option - for a simplified Pomodoro technique
- Alarm clock, to wake up gently to a different environment each day
- Beautiful and simple design - we hope like no other app you’ve experienced
- Optimised for the new edge-to-edge iPhone and iPad Pro displays
- With much more coming soon...

What our users are using Portal for:

- As natural white noise to help with sleep (great for babies too)
- As background ambience in the office
- To help with focus while studying
- To help improve concentration and creativity while working
- To help calm anxiety
- To add relaxing ambience to a busy commute
- As beautiful natural ambience for meditation and yoga
- On flights to help cut out cabin noise, calm anxiety and improve sleep
- To help mask the effects of tinnitus

PLEASE NOTE: Portal makes use of some of the latest technologies available on iOS and can be demanding for older iPhones and iPads. An iPhone 6S or iPad Air 2 or newer is recommended for the best experience.

Portal - Focus, Sleep, Escape Hakkında

Portal - Focus, Sleep, Escape ios aplikasyonu Portal Labs Ltd tarafından geliştirilip, 2019-02-12 tarihinde Health & Fitness kategorisinde yayınlanmıştır. Uygulama dosyasının boyutu 470.76 MB'dir. Portal - Focus, Sleep, Escape ios programının geçerli sürümü 1.1.1'dır ve minumum IOS 12.0 ve üzeri sürümlerde çalışmaktadır.

Thanks to everyone for your amazing feedback, suggestions and support!

This is a small maintenance update fixing a few bugs introduced in the previous release.

Please do keep sending your feedback, suggestions and ideas for new Portals to us at [email protected]

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