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The No.1 Astrology & Palmistry app trusted by over 20 million people.

Astrology & Palmistry Coach is your guide to a better understanding of yourself and learning more about those around you.

Learn more through our horoscopes, compatibility reports, numerology and palm readings. Feel more in tune with your surroundings and self by following our daily insights and advice supplied by our world-famous contributors.

Our mission is to improve and encourage a balanced and happier lifestyle by providing insights and learnings with a fun and friendly approach.

You can find more information about our team of contributors in the Help Center or at

▸ ‘’This is exactly what I was looking for. Definitely, use it again to understand those around me better’’
▸ “Scary accurate.”
▸ “It really relates to what you have planned for the day. It’s crazy.”

Meet Astrology & Palmistry Coach:
● Horoscopes
Your guidance and insight when life gets the better of you, reflect on your daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes to help you make the right decision.
● Compatibility Reports
Learn to improve and nurture your relationships by understanding your compatibility in love, friendship, your career and family.
● Numerology
Reflect and discover more through the mathematical understanding of the most important dates and times in your life.
● Palm Readings
Palm readings in real-time with our unique AI and ML algorithms which provides you with an analysis of the major lines on your palm.
● Biorhythm Calculations
Be more aware of your emotional and physical well being by learning and tuning in with yourself and your surroundings

Premium subscription:
Astrology & Palmistry Coach offers an auto-renewing, weekly subscription for $4.99 with free 7-day, a monthly subscription for $11.99 and a yearly subscription for $49.99 to provide you with unlimited access while you maintain an active subscription.
o Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase.
o Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
o Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period, and the cost of renewal will be provided to you.
o Subscriptions are managed by the user. Auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the user's iTunes Account Settings after purchase.
o A current subscription may not be cancelled during an active subscription period.
o You may cancel your subscription at the following address:

Privacy Policy:

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Astrology & Palmistry Coach Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes, performance improvements and more * Meet “You” tab with new tutorials and content * New Transits in Houses in Personal Transits

Astrology & Palmistry Coach Comments & Reviews

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- Terrible

It says it’s like your coach and stuff and it’s like making you to press ok I didn’t even try it

- Not good

When I first got this app it would not let me do anything the when it did it asked me for money plus who knows if this app is accurate

- PAID App

This is a paid app. Deleted immediately.

- Disappointed

I got this app to read my irregular palm lines ( I have two life lines on both hands, and on one hand I have no head line, and on the other my head and heart line become one line under my middle finger) I am an amateur palm reader, so I wanted a second opinion on these lines. After scanning my palms, none of these where brought to attention, and even the lines that they read where incorrect. Like they said my heart line starts at my middle finger, but on both hands they start exactly in between my index and middle. I believe the palmistry is randomly generated bs, and they focus mainly on astrology to throw you off. That’s right, this palmistry reading app actually has very little info on palmistry, it’s mainly things about your astrology, which you can get almost anywhere without having to pay 8 dollars a week. I found it suspicious that this app was asking things like the city I was born in, along with the time and date, because that’s something an astrology app does, not a palmistry one. My theory for this is that they can’t actually read palms, because as far as I’ve seen, no app can just take a picture of your palms and read it for you. If you really want your palms read, you should just go to a professional, or if you’re interested learn it yourself, because apps like these are just here to steal from you.

- not so impressed

i am not able to rescan my palm amd the time of birth wont correct . i was born at 805a and it is stuck on 905a . that changes everything so if i cant update it cancel my trial . no point reading about someone else

- 🤮🤮🤮

Aplicación fea

- Scam

Dont download this is a scam app

- Nice!

Thank you for the insight 🙏🏾

- Annoying

It seems really cool on the apps it seems like it would let you see what is on your palm. But no it wouldn’t ever let me past the screen that is forced g me to give them money. It is so annoying I scanned my hand already.

- False advertising

I don’t see why you haft false advertise on instagram. Lying about the app won’t keep the subscription active. No ones gonna give you money for that. Do better.

- Love it

I love it, its sooo accurate. I thought this would be some fake rip off but it is very accurate. However I am only doing free trial. It’s really dumb because you gotta pay. I change my review from 4 to 5 stars because these developers care about their customers and always respond.

- Money grab

Has been charging $24 every month for almost a year. Obviously it’s my fault as I shouldve picked up on this earlier but I do NOT remember starting this subscription. Everyone please delete this app!

- Bait & Switch for your info

This app asks personal questions including where you were born, and then says you can’t get a horoscope or palm reading without a very overpriced subscription. This is NOT a free app - you can’t do anything without paying. It’s a scam to be avoided.

- Dumb cost money and is not even real

Sooo dumb

- Horrible 🙄😒

This app makes you give WAY to much information like...what is your name, what time were you born , what is your date of birth. Why would the app need that kind information? And after you scan your palm you have to PAY to see it so there scamming you out of you money. Plus it takes at least 1 minute for each palm. So my point is DO NOT GET THIS APP!!

- You really are stupid you make us pay I can go online

F*ck an idiot

- Dumb and Stupid

Ok so I played this on my phone and I am like 7 years old and I was on the last the very last thing and then I was done and and I looked at the subscription and I was like.........WHAT THE HECK THIS IS SO SO SO SO DUMB AND I HATE THIS APP SO NOBODY Download this app.

- This is the worst 🤮🤢

Who ever made this game there really are stupid like 🙄

- New review

At first I didn’t see the game as to good and being costly didn’t exactly make me like it more but one day I got a g-mail saying they were sorry and could not make it better for me.They also gave me a list of things I could check into to get more help. I think this is great that they will help people who didn’t like their game and then they say sorry, try to fix.I don’t believe I will get the game just yet but I think it’s great how they get in contact and try to help others.

- This is Fake

It wouldn’t scan my hand but when I put the camera down to scan my blanket I’m not trying to offend anybody but these creators are awful.

- Worst

I was bored so I got this app but I asked for name date birth and where you were born first I thought it was sketchy but then just went with it. Then it scans my palms that was fine then it was going to show you have would happen in ur future but really it makes you pay 7.99 a month this is ridiculousi did not even want to give this even on star not even a half. DO NOT BUY

- Fun and detailed

Yes- you have to technically pay for a subscription after your free trial, but if you read the very clear directions they give you on how to cancel the free trial, it shouldn’t be an issue. I loved the amount of detail my reading went into. Lots of fun for a short while, although I’m not sure how useful it would be in the long run.

- Barely got through one feature then BOOM, survey ...

I would have liked to explore the app more before I was asked to complete a survey ... I guess I can say so far so good but I hope that wasn’t it.

- Deceptive Advertsing

App asks user to input personal data and reveals the cost for using the program after data input. Cost of program is hidden behind "free trial 7- day offer". Should be up front about charges!!

- Refund

Refund money Daughter accidentally purchased Thanks

- review

great app if only it were free to use.

- Dfug

Ok so yall just going to charge my card even though yall have not even sent me an anwer for the question you guys havent even answer right??? Dafug is wrong with yall just tryna steal money

- You have too pay

You have to pay for 7$ a moth to know your results

- This is a scam

This app let me scan my palm for free and I was very excited! Then before it showed me any results, it asked me to pay 8$ a month. This is a scam, DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY MONEY!

- Worst


- It’s a scam

It’s a scam because you need to pay for it

- Invading app

This app asked for my name and then I asked my city and age so I didn’t go farther so I’m going to but fake information to see what happens

- Subscription Scam Model

Stop relying on your customers to forget to cancel their subscriptions. Offer a quality product.

- Dumb

If I could put zero stars I would. It didn’t say anything about paying. Also it got my name, my birthday, and it scanned my hand before I knew I had to pay for it. I wanted my review but I couldn’t get it. This app is stupid and it needs to tell you about paying before you type any of your info in. And now it’s sending me notifications asking why I didn’t do the trial. 🙄🙄

- This is super bad don’t get it

It’s not good because you HAVE to pay to actually see what it’s supposed to do but no I have to pay I don’t feel like I can pay for something I can’t even try out and see if it is worth it for my money but if u want to pay 12 dollars every month for something you can’t test out then you do you but I’ll do what I do and delete it off my phone but if you will pay for something then go ahead and do what you wanna do but it’s not worth wasting your money

- Wrong

This app is terrible! You don’t know anything about horoscopes at all! Don’t download this app

- Doesn’t let you play!??

Like FIRST WHAT THE HELL the game is good quality and all but HELLO kinda creepy about having to put ur information but I get why that’s not the problem YOU CANT PLAY it asks oh do u want a trial and it WONT CLOSE that’s pretty Dumb so WHATS the point in playing it if you just put ur info and scanned ur hands for NOTHING and I REALLy wanna know and be safe it’s asking for ur info but u don’t know if it’s tracking ur info now that u put it even if u delete the game so yea guys DONT BUY ANYTHING don’t waste ur money on the trial I’m sorry if I’m being rude but you really need to fix this game

- Pay to use

I got the app thinking it was free but when I got it I had to pay to get the results

- Hi

On someone else’s comment the game creator said you can do a 3 day trial. Mmm wrong. I went expecting not having to put all my credit card info in till those 3 days are up. They are trying to charge me before I even use the 3 day. I recommend not using this app. The scanning quality is horrible. What app asks if I’m in a relationship or the time I’m born or even the place. That’s stupid. If I could I’d use a very colorful language for this app. But since there’s kids I won’t. So if you think you like the ad and think it’s free it’s not. DON’T GET THE APP. It’s a waist of time. Yeah

- Sucky

I hate this app is so fake. Don’t get it pls.

- Cost money

I was disappointed because I had to buy some thing just to do it

- Love it

Love this I can’t believe how right on they are ,thank you

- Scam!!!

The ad for the game says it’s free. They ask for personal, birth place, gender, and birthdate. I was a bit smart and entered all false info. But then scanned my palms and told me that I needed to sign up for the real part of the app. Yeah, there’s a charge. You can do it a few days for free, but then you have to pay. Nope. To me, that’s misleading and false advertisement. I deleted as soon as it asked for payment.

- Stupid

This is the worst game I have ever played! I’m not happy about this! This is the worst game ever!

- I hate it!

I have to scan my hand, then I have to pay monthly or yearly!All I wanted to do was to see my future life, don’t get this app!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡🤢😤😩😫😖🤮

- So bad 🤮🤮

ridiculousness !!!!!!!!!

- Definitely not worth it

Detected palm type absolutely wrong, at least according physical description and almost all lines explanations were total opposite to what is in my life. I did find a couple of correct points, mostly not from palm, but birth date/location, but others only caused laugh. Not even waiting for trial to end, uninstalling in less than an hour.

- Stupid

This app is stupid. It is free but after you download it it isn’t? Don’t even waste your time. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who got this and deleted it within the first ten minutes. Hot. Trash. Garbage.

- don’t download it

I filled out all the information then I HAD TO buy a trial to continue witch I didn’t buy there was no x button for me to click to not buy the trial so I think you have to buy the trial the go on the app


I was testing it and it took so long to load and when it was done I had to do it again it doesn’t even do the same thing as I saw on the AD BOOOOO never downloading it AGAIN

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- Horrible


- Cancell

I do not want this. I was just looking and it told me I purchased this. Please delete and refund me. I did not open the app or use it. I do t want it. Thank you


Trust me, I read the reviews and was willing to give it a try. I open the app, answer a few questions, scan each hand, which takes about 5 mins and then you have to pay and it does not show the results like in the ad. My advice: don’t waste your time and download apps that are worth your time and money. TRUST ME!!

- Don’t waste your time

It is so bad I wish there was an app like this that wouldn’t charge you money to play the game

- Not Impressed

Was intrigued by the ad so I tried it, thinking it was free. This app asks for your name, birthday, place of birth and time you were born. Then you scan just your palm. The scan did not include your fingers or wrist. Anyone familiar with palm readings knows that those areas are important to palm reading. I unknowingly subscribed for a years subscription. I was mad at myself but decided to read some of the information they sent me and it was very minimal and not in depth. You can easily go on the internet and look up the information for free. I explored the app more ( there’s not much to explore ) and your allowed to ask one question a week with your paid subscription. So I asked a question, hit send and then a messages pops up and asks for $10.99. I paid $75 and it’s asking me for more money. Don’t be fooled by this app. Keep you money and see a real palm reader in person and look up the other information on the internet for free.

- .........

DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP !!!!!! ——$$$$$$ in your pocket -12$/week !!!!!! It’s a SHIT APPLICATION

- HUGE rip off!

So annoyed with this app that I never actually wanted the paid version of. They really get you! $11 a WEEK!! Not evident when you click download and give your fingerprint away! Really not useful, so mad that I can’t get a refund!!!! Apple! Seriously? Such sneaky jerks.

- It’s literally a scam

Tried the 7 day free trial and literally got charged the next day. The app is pure garbage. Apple won’t give me a refund and I’m out 16 dollars after less then 2 min of use. Literally a scam!

- F u

I think more people including myself would use the app if it were free, ur just making people mad and in the end it’s really not worth it.

- Worst app

How can I cancel the subscription.

- Horrible

You fill it all out. And you get charged even when you don’t click that you want to see the results.

- It’s terrible

It gets all your information and then asks for money Not good at all

- Oof

The app sucks

- Scam

Said free trial 7 days and they charged me those days

- This this app asks for your info

It asks for all your information and I just think it’s creepy you have to subscribe and it’s really really expensive it’s just a terrible app and it wasted my money and time terrible terrible app my sister thinks it’s creepy to where you were bornScared it will scam me

- scam

i cannot believe they made a "free" app and the second you click on the app you have to PAY for a membership or the app is USELESS, so disgusting.

- Worst app ever

How we can download this kind of thing

- Not worth it

Crummy. Not worth it. Makes you fill everything out and scan your hand and then makes you pay if you want to see an answer.

- Worst app don’t get

It ducks Dumbest app

- Worst app ever.

I have looked around for an app to read my palm and things like that. Do not install this app if you have time, but it will easily get wasted. I am NOT paying money, even if I could, I wouldn’t, for this stupid stupid add, I understand that you want money, but seriously. You start with ,any many questions about your privacy. Then they scan both of your hands, then ask you to pay if you want the answer. This app is a disgrace. Make everything free for gods sake, jeez.

- Waste of time


- Worst app

It wont even scan your hand so u sit there forever. And then u pay 12dolers.

- Stupid

I got it cause I saw it on Pinterest and it looked cool. But did I ever know that you had to pay. Like at least let me try one time before I spend money on this app. So dumb don’t buy unless you want to pay for something that isn’t true. It’s up to you but I repeat don’t buy.

- Misleading and overpriced, but kinda cute

If the astrology was really powered by NASA, they would know that there aren’t 12 Star signs, there’s 13-14. The Star signs we use are outdated because the earth moves. Also I’m not going to pay $12 for fake palm reading, but the horoscopes are nice to read and the design of the app is pleasant and cute.

- Mean developer.... don’t trust

Please don’t give your info. These guys are using your information. After filing all the information they don’t have courtesy to show atleast initial report of your palm and astrological horoscope reading..... literally very mean developers. I am sure they will never succeed in their life doing this.

- Terrible

This app is already expensive enough. When I subscribed so this piece of trash app, I did a free trail. Then when I started exploring the app, it kept saying “subscribe now!” Even though I already was doing a free trail!!! I refreshed the app but the same message kept popping up and no matter what I tapped on it wouldn’t go away. So now I can’t even USE the app. 😡😡😡 DONT download it.

- Omg I’m so mad

I would give no stars if I could! They ask fo personal information! Why would somebody do that?!NEVER GET IT!

- Horrible and waste of time and money

I don’t get it why should I have to give Whole bunch of PERSONAL information which is a waste of time and then I have to pay for it! And most of all the results probably not accurate.

- Horrid app

I gave all my info, let it scan my hand and then, after I did all that...It told me to PAY them bruh this app is a waste of time don’t pay for the answers of your Palm it’s probably fake anyway but I wanted to test it for a YouTube video, this app is literally so bad

- Horrible don’t download

Continuously changes my birth date and time. Check your birthdate after you first sign in and I bet you it’s wrong. I downloaded co-star and it’s much better with no subscription fees. I liked the lay out of this app but if it’s constantly changing my birthdate so what’s the point? Fix your user interface and your code because there’s obviously something wrong. I had to put a day before for it to actually set the right date. But I’m not confident it won’t change on me again. Also, if I say it’s CONTINUOUSLY changing I’m pretty sure I know where my profile is to change my birthdate to the right time. I continued to try and change it and it would set back until I figured out it would set a day later than what I set it. Can’t believe you’re charging people when it seems to still be in beta. Hope you get this all figured out. Was actually really excited and considering the app until during the 7 day trial I noticed my birth chart moon was changing. My numerology was different when I’d come back different days. Took me a bit to find my profile but was upset to see it was the wrong day and time. Set it back went back in, it had reset itself to the wrong time. Checked the profile I added for my brother and the birth time was wrong. Just can’t trust this app when it’s this buggy, especially if I’m supposed to be paying for it.

- If I could give Zero stars I would

This app absolutely sucks it’s pointless you shouldn’t have to pay the app is supposed to be a fun ‘’Experience’’ so u can find what happens in u life don’t put ur time and money in this app and if ur reading the reviews ur APP SUCKS don’t recommend

- Horrible


- Too expensive

On the ads the game looks fun and all so I installed it (thinking it was free). Then it made me fill a long list and scan my hand to tell me that I needed to pay! It’s probably not even that good

- Why😕

Hi this is Negar👋🏻 I know this app looks good and has a lot of raitings but When I went through the app i waited exactly 1 hour and 14 minute and ... nothing! the screen was showing a old man( I think it was a professor or something I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️) and he was looking at his hands and at the bottom there was an image of loading ( I mean this 👉🏻🌀 something like that😅) and just like that for 1 hour and 14 minute the screen was like that and I hope this will be fixed for me 😊

- Literally useless without paying $10+/week

Absolutely no features available without a paid subscription

- Paid service


- How do you unsubscribe before free trial finishes?

I want to unsubscribe before the FREE trial expires so that I don’t have to pay for anything. There’s no unsubscribe button in the settings. View Apple ID, subscription, select the app, there’re only selection for weekly, monthly, yearly subscription. I am not paying for this app $6 a week. I want to unsubscribe it right now. Or else I will ask for the refund.

- Please change this!

Great game, but I don’t like the subscription, it’s too much money. my mom won’t let me have the subscription, so please change this. maybe make it one of those options when you get to choose but you don’t get unlimited access? you get limited access but you have a choice to still do it but you don’t have to. you would have the chance to pay for a full subscription, a one time payment. I like this game it just doesn’t have the option to still play, subscription or not. This is kind of sad, please change this!

- Terrible

Saw this on an ad, I was instantly intrigued. Downloaded and signed up for the trial. First problem: they gave me the wrong zodiac sign. The app won't let me change it unless I change my birthday. I'm on the cusp of being a Gemini, but my birthday is two days into Gemini. But it's also contradicting: this app tells me I'm a Taurus, but then the natal chart shows me that my sun AND moon is a Gemini. It doesn't make any sense. So everything they're predicting is inaccurate. Second thing: they have a chat feature, which you're told to use; you get one question a week. I'm curious how long it takes to respond, because so far it's been more than a day and I've heard nothing. Don't waste your time with this. The fact that they're telling me the wrong zodiac sign and call themselves an astrology app is problematic enough???

- Scam. Had to cancel credit card

had to cancel my Dads credit card to unsubscribe from this app, but not before it took $250. Do not download and install

- Subscription based garbage

Pay $7 a week for some silly palm reading app. You only find out that you need to pay after you scan both your hands. You can opt into a one week free trial and then cancel, but we all know how that goes...all of a sudden you are being billed even though you canceled. Delete the app.

- Cool but too expensive

Tbh, app is cool, but is totally not affordable, as a student this is way too much for me, this should be a daily app and should be more affordable

- 乱收费!! 取消订阅还一个月charge我好几次费用!😡

乱收费!! 取消订阅还一个月charge我好几次费用!😡

- Waste of time

They have you download the app, add in your info and scan your hands then they make you buy the subscription.. waste of time.. it’s so expensive.. my Netflix is $10 a month I’m not paying $6 a week to hear my horoscope

- Conception calendar

Having trouble with conception calendar loading - anyone give me any help on how to use it ?

- As soon as you give your info you need to pay

My title says everything

- horrible

It says its free but when you sign in you need to pay or else you cant access the app.

- Let’s be honest

This isn’t real, anyone who thinks so is wrong. This is just for fun. Thank you for your time!

- Don’t download this app

It just gathers your information and then doesn’t allow you play until you pay $7 per week!! App Store should delete this app! :(

- Funny how people fall for this

No this does not work you as a person choose how you wanna live your life it is completely impossible for a app to tell you your future don’t know why people fall for this it’s a scam

- Advertises as palm reader but asks for personal info

Won’t recommend 👎🏻 Advertises as palm reader but asks for personal info.

- Insightful app, stops working after a month

Overall the app was very insightful and helpful, when I first downloaded it, the palmistry information was interesting, as was the numerology, talent profile, personal transits and biorhythms. I’ve updated the app and now I can’t access any meaningful data. I’ve cancelled my subscription, what a waste of money, very disappointed. I contacted the developers with screenshots of what wasn’t working on my app and nothing was resolved. Don’t waste your time.

- Do not get this app so bad

You have to tell them your information and then you MUST pay to see your report!😡

- 👎


- Biggest Disappointment EVER

I hope you read this before you waste your time getting the app. This have been the biggest disappointment in my life, I was really excited for my results but then it cam up with I had to pay for the results and you have to give this app all of your information. This app might be used to find who you are and where you live, and hands also hold your ID for your face and if hacked your information would be spread everywhere. I was really excited because I had seen this app on ads multiple times, I hope you don’t make the same mistake that I did.

- ItS FrEe (it’s not)

They ask for your personal information then they force you to pay to use the app.

- Subscription required

Asks a heap of questions then asks you to pay for it! No freebies, you want anything you have to pay a $12 a week fee. RIP OFF!!

- It’s really BAD!!!!

I can’t even get the camera to face my palm and it’s asking to much personal information !

- Really awful

For some dumb reason I have to pay to use this app I have to get a membership that I don’t want so this app is scamming you

- Very bad

It’s a very bad application and if you chose the free trial it will deduct money from you and you can never cancel Be careful, don’t download the application I’m trying to cancel but it’s not working

- Question not answered but great app

I like the app so far, but can someone please tell me what the risk in red means in the conception chart?. I can’t find the answer anywhere!!!!!!.

- Worst app ever

First of all I watched the add which was not like the app at all, and then after downloading the app I went through some very personal questions about my self and the i found out the rest of the app costs money, if there were an option of 0 stars I would do that, i was disgusted by this, you may as well make the whole app cost money to save us answering all the questions, I’m glad I did not put down my proper details!!!

- Same always

You need money theres no point of making it free in the first place your just tryna get downloads

- 😡

This was a waste of time. Are you guys trying to find out everything about our identity? I had to lie about half of it😔!!! And when you get to scanning the hand the camera position is like impossible to put you hand in front. On the add it takes like 3seconds to scan but it takes like 6mins. So frustrating. Please try and make it easier to use!

- Shit

I need to cancel my subscription but unable to do so it freezes every time I try you keep taking my money for nothing

- Don’t buy this scam

No one buy this app, it is fake, It is a scam, I tried it and it doesn’t tell you, It just makes you spend more and more money and it asks where you live, IT IS A FAKE SCAM!

- Stupid app

Don’t get results until payment please don’t download

- Worst app ever!!!

I gave in all my information to you and what do I get NOTHING!!! you need to pay so I just gave all my information and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING

- Pretty good

It guessed a lot about me perfectly


I am so disgusted by this because it asked what city I was done in what time I was born and questions like that but already for the name that’s fair but why all of those personal ones it should be like email password and name and horoscope it’s that easy but why those ones I read the reviews before I got it but I got it anyway but I regret no listening to them because I have now wasted my time when I should be doing my homework instead of tell people how bad this game is because it shouldn’t)t even be here and now I’m writing this review so no one makes the same mistake of getting it I kept on getting asked for premium or something and after that I just deleted it and I got asked premium before I even signed in.

- Surprisingly accurate

It’s easy spectacle if it’s only your own reading but not only is it accurate with my information adding family members you can see it’s surprisingly accurate

- Hi

So I will be brief, listen yes it asks your personal info, not brilliant, I get it helps the results be more accurate but should be optional. Second, it should say before you do the scan or enter details that you will need to pay otherwise it feels like it will steal your personal info and your scan and use it without your permission, after you have done it, if you don’t pay. Reader I don’t think you will be happy with this app so I do not recommend downloading it. Unless you are willing to pay. I have not payed so I don’t know if it is good or bad after you pay. Thank you for reading and hopefully taking this constructive feedback in, I hope you are successful and unlike me, like this app.


I was on this app for 5 mins and suddenly made me get it for money. I hate this app if it were free I would get it but it is not so make this app free please!!! Yes if I could I would give this app 0!!!!!!!

- So annoyed

This app at first asks a bit of personal info such as ur name date of birth and time of birth, at first I didn’t mind that but just as I was about to find out, it forced me to buy the “premium version” and I had no choice so I didn’t use the app and I deleted it! If there was 0 stars, that’s what I would’ve put! Absoloutely rip off and waste of time I would NOT recommend this app unless ur allowed to get the premium

- 1 star

This app doesn’t even tell you what your results are unless you subscribe and pay for it. I would definitely not recommend this app. I down load it for fun, and it doesn’t even tell you the results. I am absolutely disgusted.

- Bad

Read this if you have money no worries if you have no money don’t get this game ok

- 1 star

The reason I give this game a very low rating is because i can’t even use it! I opened the app and answered the questions (bending the truth on most for privacy) and skipped the “would you like to scan your palms” part because it wouldn’t work. I then try and use it further only to find out I can’t!!! The app took me to a page with all the details about paying for the app and now i can’t get off the page. I tried closing the app and re opening it. Same page. Powering off my device. Same page. I don’t know what else I can do! My device doesn’t allow me to delete apps so now i am stuck with this bad app that wont work!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

- This game is bad

Do not by this game it will scam u

- Rip off

You need to stay straight off the bat that you want money before people enter their personal information, as you can’t even back track and remove this is so wrong on your behalf are you collecting this personal information for selling purposes? Not happy would like someone to answer how I remove my information from here now!!

- Worst app ever

First why do you want to know what time I was born the people that made this app are creeps and I’m going to use this app once and you make me pay disgraceful.

- Read the reviews

I read the reviews before I downloaded this app and they said that this was a very sketchy app and is a waist of time. The app also asks for personal information such as your birth time and we’re you live. The creator/s replied with: it is so you can have the best experience but if you are going read someone’s palm why do you need to know we’re they live and what time they were born. So please be a smart person and read the reviews before downloading this app. Thankyou Ok all I want to know is how does knowing we’re u live and ur birth time going to give u the best experience of when ur going to have kids just how does it give u the best experience


I tried it and it just wants your personal info, and wants you to pay $9.99 per month!:( waste of money, so disappointed I had to uninstall It because I really wanted to see my future!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Terrible Experience - They trapped you as Free and Pay unlimited

DO NOT DOWNLOAD: I downloaded this app for free and I did not like the experience. I deleted as It did not meet my expectations. It does not allow me to cancel the app, they charged me already 47.96 AUD and I have deleted since downloaded it. Be careful it looks like it is spam

- It wants me to waste $11.67 to see my results

This is unbelievable I’m a 9-year-old do you expect me to have money online




Hello people who are reading this! Before you get this app please read my review... 1) When you scan your hand it makes you scan the other one but it doesn’t work, I tried it nearly ten times for it to work! 2) It asks for you name date of birth and the time you were born! This is personal information you don’t need to share with this scam! 3) It makes you pay to play the app! It makes you pay $12.00 dollars a week for only one scan!! This is way overpriced and besides you can only scan your hand once then it’s useless! Please don’t download this scam if you don’t want your personal information shared or to be paid $12.00 a week for nothing.




At the start I was like “Oh this is gonna be great I will find out my future!” But then it started to ask questions that were very personal but I did wrong answers like always so, THANKS A LOT APP! It was very fishy but when I got to the end it was like “U MUST PAY TO USE THE REST OF THE APP” like you may as well make the entire app cost money so people don’t waste their time downloading it. I legit wish I could rate 0 stars. So anybody reading this, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! Okay I’m done now

- I hate this app

I hate this app I wish it didn’t need money. App Store needs to get rid of the app. It’s so bad I mean I’m 8 I don’t have money! Just bad bad bad I wish I never had downloaded this app it was a waste of time

- Not for free


- LISTEN I am a kid how am I supposed to pay and how am I supposed to know my time of birth??!!!!

I HATE this app so it just scans your palm then you can’t even see the results of it because you have to PAY!!!!! Listen up NEVER EVER download this app!!!! I hate it why doesn’t just offer the pay as the price of the app instead of tricking people to get the app?!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Listen I will never ever enjoy this app and I will tell everyone that I know to not download this app!?. I thought this would be fun during isolation but guess what the app RUINED my whole PLAN!!!!!!!🍕🍕🍕🍕😡😡😡😡😡😡 Also by the way I love pizza that’s why I put it in there 😝😝

- I had to pay

I downloaded the app and they asked me a lot of personal wuestions they then it scanned my palm and asked me to pay per month not happy.

- ⚠️Read before you download⚠️

I saw this app and I was interested because I love stars and astronomy so I download this app, but than this app wants to know all of your personal stuff such as your birth and where you live😬. As soon as I found out about this I deleted straight away. So I recommend that you don’t download this app unless you want to risk your safety or risk someone else’s safety go ahead and download this dangerous app. ⚠️❗️‼️🚫

- Listen,

This game can be dangerous. As you are taught to never put in your personal and private details. Please download it yes but be careful.

- Horrible

The people that made this should be burnt alive.

- Hate this app

You have to pay for it so you can’t even use it

- PLEASE READ THIS Write me back

Danger⚠️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ I am a kid I do not want to give my age where I am from my name that is dangerous for my future as a adult this game is very very bad and dangerous fro little people do not get it and don’t waste your time



- Free

Why aren’t there any of these things for free😒


At first I was excited then personal stuff bro I ain’t giving where I I’ve next minute some gonna come to my house and murder me the I see u have to pay FOR THE REST OF THE APP DELATED NO WAY IM PAYING MONEY TRASHHhHHhHhHHhhHhHhHhH DO NOT DOWLOaD

Payoneer 💰

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It wants me to buy premium and won’t let me say no, and the prices are way too expensive! I hate it, this app is just stupid

- One star

I gave this a 1 star because I would like this app to be free so I can have access to what’s my future because is not fair who can’t afford anything and have to wait until they get a i tune card and is also not fair to buy 1 thing that is useless because is just for 1 thing.

- Take all your info then force yo to pay

They take all your info, images of your palms and then force you to get subscription before you can see anything. You should start with the subscription before gathering info for tracking

- BS scam

This app is absolutely BS everything was wrong couldn’t even get my astrological sign right in the horoscopes when my birthday was asked. Getting horoscopes for Taurus libra and cancer, I’m an Aries! Also I had to answer a relationship question to which I said I was in a relationship and all my horoscopes were for single people?!?!? Like what is the point in the questions if you don’t actually use them? If I could give it negative stars I would. Can’t even do a simple palm reading and you don’t even have to be an astrologist to do that, I’d hate to see what your “professional” do with tarot cards. Get your act together or take the app off the App Store cause you’re just a bunch of scam artists.

- No trial . Payant !

Toute pour ce faire de l’argent !! Application a oublier . Ne vaut pas le détours !!!

- UGH!


- Don’t waste your time

You have to pay for your results. Don’t waste time with this app

- Don’t do it

This app just COLLECTS your information and then wants you to pay for a ridiculous reading. NO THANKS!

- Arnaque !

Attention ! Ne pas télécharger vous allez perdre de l’argent !

- $$$ overpriced

In love with this because it’s so accurate but it’s unnecessarily expensive. $8/year would be worth it but $50/year is a waste of money. You’d rather wake up every day & experience the world instead of dropping a ton of money just to read about what will happen in advance. Definitely won’t keep it past the free trial.

- $$$

It is very expensive, and although it is fun I don’t think I will continue past the free trail because of the cost.

- Médiocre

L’application pourrait avertir que l’on doit payer ... pas seulement après la 8e étape ... publicité mensongère. Déconseiller si vous ne voulez pas payer 11$ par semaine pour cette application !!

- A scam


- Need to sign up for free trial right away

No thanks

- No good at all

Cannot uninstalls! They are just taking money from me automatically

- False advertising

This app advertises in-app purchases, nbd, so I downloaded it, got all the way thru the sign up process and turns out you need to purchase a monthly subscription to see any of your results or go any further in the app. It offers a free trial but you need to input payment information. Was really excited to see what this app was all about but I was severely disappointed.

- I don’t like this auto-renewal apps

First of all I don’t agree with the auto-renewal for free apps. I downloaded this app thinking it’s like every free app I owned where I’ll give my card info to download it and not authorize them to charge anything cause they claim it’s free. Also, they should make it optional to renew and just stop the app from working without authorization. This is a switch and bait scam. I would like my $10ish money back. Also, I noticed they have different charges and they really have to charge me with $11 something. Scam


SCAM they will drain your credit card. The App logs you out. When you go to sign in the App tricks you into thinking you are only signing back in. The fact is, that you are being set-up to start ANOTHER subscription where you will be charged in duplicate.

- All about money

Why should we pay for something that not 100% acurred It all fake information it like paying for a game when it alway say free to use but cost money at the end

- POS!

Try to take your money before even letting you try it! And and extremely unreasonable amount

- Dont Bother with this Ap

Doesn’t even load. What a waste of time.

- Won’t launch

Only got a loading wheel. Never got to use the app. Reinstalled and tried on both wifi and data and nothing.

- Expensive but cool

It’s a neat app, but I do find it to be a bit on the pricey side.

- Free Trial

I hate apps that give you a free trial if you sign up. Seems like they are hoping that you forget to cancel before the charges start. If an app has real value, let people try it and then buy it with an in app purchase.

- Not as advertised

The ad made it seem like it would give you a reading on your palms. Not only does it not, but the descriptions of the palm lines did not match mine whatsoever. There are much more robust free astrology apps out there that cost much less.

- Not actually a free app

App should not show as free if it costs an insane amount to do actually anything with it

- Expensive

The cost was too expensive

- Scam

App does not work unless you pay money

- Not great

It asks you all your personal questions and scans your palm before letting you know it’s 12$ a month.... it should let you know the price before so you can save your time and money and delete the app.

- Saw it on instagram

It makes you jump through all the hoops: birthday, palm reading, etc, and THEN it tells you that you need to pay to see the results. I didn’t even know this app costed anything. Wasted my time.

- False advertisement

It can be installed for free but the moment you go to use it, you get told it’s not free, awful way to get users

- Stupid 11.00 a week 7 day free trial no thx

I didn’t even use it I was annoyed it took me through a bunch of steps before asking for my credit card. So deleting .

- Fake advertising

I saw an ad for this one Snapchat and was skeptics but downloaded anyways and it was completely different from the ad and confusing to use, maybe it’s better if you’re willing to pay more but after trying the free trail it’s horrible so unless she trial doesn’t offer what the actual subscription does but not willing to pay to find out

- Fake

Do not subscribe

- Scam

When you open the app you go through a normal interdiction then you start the scan but right after doing that to see your scan you have to pay for it

- Scam app

Really smart to put a « 7 day trial » with an automatic renewable plan. So if you forget to delete / unsubscribe your app, it will automatically renew and you’ll pay a lot of money. No fair guys. Not fair

- Come and gone

I went through the process and before My reading I was asked to pay only after a free trial which I had to pay for first before I could learn anything. I just deleted it off my phone.

- technology serving mumbo jumbo...

It’s ridiculous if any 21st century people use this app!

- Nope.

Did not like that this is a subscription. Not affordable at all, so I deleted the app.

- Request for refund

I have removed this app on the day I downloaded it but I have been charged $11.75 for 3 weeks. I would like to request for refund whole amount please. Thank you.

- Scam

It’s nothing but scam

- Pretty bad ._.

I think it’s SO silly how we have to pay our HARD.WORKED. MONEY to pay to see our fates for the future. You never know if it’s lying to you or not I recommend to not download this game it takes away valuable time plus why can’t we just wait and see what happens in life? I hate how they make apps like this and make u pay just for a stupid game on your phone. Don’t pay that’s would be dumb not tryna be offensive I just personally think that’s very dumb cuz we have to pay 10 DOLLAR BILLS A FREAKING WEEK. That would be for teen weeks, 100 BUCKS FOR TAHT APP. That’s so stupid stop making this silly games please, PS: it asks for your age when you were born ur name so it’s technically tryna get personal info ._.

- No Palm Reading?! Weekly Subscriptions?!

What was the point in scanning my palms if I didn’t get a palm reading? All I got was my horoscope. The palm scanning needs work. The thing starts scanning before your palm is properly aligned. Also, weekly subscriptions? That’s ridiculous. App Deleted


I downloaded this app to play with my friend. I scanned my palm and I waited 10 minutes for my results! AND I HAD TO PAY!!!! I didn’t pay though. Plus why do you need to know my name, where I was born, And my birthday!? It is not worth it ⚠️DO NOT DOWNLOAD⚠️ 👎🏻😡😫💩

- Too expensive

Not worth trial

- Horoscope: avoid horoscopes

Or at least ones like these that make you pay to see something you can get online for free.

- Rip off

No commitments....what a load of bs. After the free trial, it will mine your account $10 a week auto renew. Free trial should be that, not a hook for a direct drain on your wallet. What a scam!

- Misleading

I watched the ad I and was like “Cool,might as well download it for fun” I did and entered all my information then it said I had to pay some outrageous amount to see “what your plan says”

- Money thief

You guys charge me $12 $10 every two days are you serious! Never even use the App two times and and charge lotta money This is a scam can’t even update all my apps because I owe you guys money and you didn’t do nothing for me you rob my money

- No money 😔

I think it’s a very great app. But I also think some of the parts should be like a demo of some sort because right now, it’s very expensive.

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- Trap

You should not ask personal questions and scan palms then put people in a trap to pay you to continue for a free trial. If your app is any good, after the real free trial then interested people will pay you for a subscription! Your app is now deleted right after installing it. Maybe you are just interested on the number of downloads only!

- Just y

I’m on a iPhone and after is scanned my palms you wanted me to pay 7.99?!i just wanted to know like

- Do not


- Hate this app.

So i download this app and I get all excited right, so I do the palm scan thing and then it says your report is being done. But the only way I could see that report was if I subscribed and paid for it which I’m am not going to do. I think it is propaganda (false information that is being promoted) and it is not fair. The creators of this app are very inconsiderate about the payments too. It is so expensive for no reason. I DO NOT recommend this app. Sort out this issue.

- Could not cancel the subscription after free trial. Can you please cancel it?thank you

Could you please cancel the subscription? I tried cancelling . But I could not. Thank you Sriharan harannnnnnSri


I downloaded this to try out and they told me that I would be notified before they started charging me for their subscription. However they did NOT notify me nor did they ask for my permission before taking money out my bank account. They took £7.49 from me each week for 5 weeks in a row, and it was only when I checked my bank account yesterday that I realised how much money they’d taken. Absolutely awful service and lack of clear communication with customers, STAY AWAY.

- Refreshing

This app is amazing especially if you understand birth natal charts. YES YOU HAVE TO PAY BUT YOU CAN CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THE END OF THE TRIAL DUMMIES 🙄🤣🤣 Anyways. Brilliant App Love The Layout, Love The New Updated Layout Today But I’m Upset That You Guys Removed The Numerology Section. This part was definitely essential and I’m now not sure if I would pay for it. It Would Also Make Sense That If I Added Family That I Can See Their Birth Natal Chart Instead Of Only The Sun, Moon And Rising Aspects. Hope you guys can fix this before the end of my free trial also Biorhythms are hard to understand you need to describe it more

- This is scam

Dear Apple please remove this app and the developer from your network. My child without knowing my password was able to subscribe for £7.49/week. Luckily I have spotted this. Shame.

- Hate it 😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

Its saying do this do that in then you get the scan and after it says do the free trail for just7 49 a week I know right!!!!!

- No.

I know that this app says that it is free but all you do is put PERSONAL INFORMATION in and then you have to pay £7.99 a week! Not only that but in the add for it it says millions of people have this app which is true but not really. And the money thing, I mean, my parents let me have whatever apps I like ASLONG as they are free. So I got this app and now they are mad with me for getting an app that costs money. I mean, why not just pay for the app?! Now I have to delete it. It shouldn’t be rated 4+. And I will! It’s even more expensive than most! £7.99 a WEEK!

- Bad app !

I got this app so that I could see what the lines on my palm mean and it wasn’t very clear when it asked to scan your hand it took about 10 minutes to scan.and then after all that waiting I found out that I had to pay to go on with the app and the app is very expensive for basically a really bad app. So do not get this app !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Money

I would NOT like to pay for something that I would only use ONCE I’m my lifetime!! I think it is a scam so you can get money because you did not show me what my palm showed (e.g YOu wiLL HaVE tWo KIdS WhEN YoU’Re oLdER ) (I am not trying to be rude I am just showing my anger in this review) I understand that you would want me to pay first but you could’ve ATLEAST showed me a few. I think you should show me a few then be like your have to do the monthly payment thing. I hope you understand my frustration and take my review into consideration. Also, that it will make you change your app a bit. Further, this review is a bit informal and I am sorry. ~Tanisha

- Complete con

You can’t get any sort of reading without signing up and paying. Swizz

- No just...No!

It tries to take your personal info and it’s fake.theyre lying just to get info from u about not install ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

- The premium

I’m saving my money for something so I shall not get the premium is there a way to skip the premium?

- Fake

It’s so bad

- Awful app

I saw an add for this whilst on anther FREE astrology app. I put in all my details only to fine it wasn’t free. I can’t believe you would need to charge people for facts that are probably not true and/or and google or find other apps. Honestly I don’t know how you can call this app good when it’s probably just a scam

- Outrageous

Don’t even bother, tells you “free trial” and then bills 8 quid to your card. Definitely reporting this to Apple 👍

- I hate your app

Right, so where do I start with this app. It is the worst app I’ve ever downloaded in my whole entire years of living. You waste your time putting in al your details then it just tells you that you have to pay. First of all I think that is so disrespectful, second of all I haven’t got any money to be wasting on an app I’ll use once third of all you can’t even use the free trial. So in conclusion DELETE YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE APP, thank you :)

- Bad review

This app says I’m an artist when I’m a RAF pilot

- RIP off

When you come in to the app it asks me 8 questions and camera what is the app spost too know those 8 questions I am disappointed 😡😞

- Deceitful effort to rob your hard earned money

DO NOT TOUCH THIS APP Under handed attempt to take £10:99 a month off you , but only tells you when the apps got all your details This dishonest attempt to hide the fact they are going to take £10:99 a month of you is disgraceful BE WARNED...SECOND HAND CAR DEALERS ARE RUNNING THIS APP.... THEY WILL ROB YOU BLIND. CON ARTISTS !

- Boring app and isn’t working as it should

The content is pretty boring and things like career report and phone analizer is a joke. Worse could be only crystal ball fortune telling (take an idea) I purchased one year subscription plan and after some time I cancelled it (however I should be able to use full version of the app for the whole year) but now when I go to their chat section to ask an astrologer one question (claim you can ask one free question per week) it prompts me to the pay screen asking to take a subscription for £7.99 per week. I already purchased a year subscription. Is it a subscription inside subscription? Why are you guys doing this? £50 I paid for one year isn’t enough?

- This app would have been good

As I’m only 13 I can’t use this app because I have to PAY FOR IT EVERY MONTH like wth

- Signed up for FREE trial and charged my card

CANNOT believe they call it a “FREE” trial and then it went ahead and charged my card?? I had to report a problem and cancel my “purchase” with Apple to get a refund. It’s WAY over priced. £1.99 max is what I’d pay, although it should be free like Co—Star. I was so bitterly disappointed in the content of the app. They give a “report” and it’s just random industries with percentages next to it (which by the way is WAY off for me). No break down of WHY. The only thing I liked was the numerology personality thing but that is something you can google. I learnt nothing new. Palm reading didn’t work and glitched - it was only showing info about my palm shape the rest was blank. Conception calendar was interesting I don’t understand how it works or if it is accurate (highly doubt it as they don’t know your last cycle etc), but I’m not trying at the moment so not interested and this could be triggering for some people - they should make that a different app to cater to that audience. The settings menu is not clear so you can’t really see immediately where to request support and you can’t manage subscription in app. For a paid app I cannot believe they are trying to charge you to send messages or get psychic readings. It is the worst paid app I have ever used. If I could give this minus star ratings I would.

- NO 7 day free trial!!

Do not sign up for this thinking you get 7 days free trial to ‘try it’ as they automatically charge you £7.99 for a 7 day free trail! Absolute rip off and miss sold.

- Rip-off 😡

You didn’t even get to do it you have to pay £46 for a year. 🧐😾👎🏻

- Stupidity if it was a game

Waaayyyy to expensive and it doesn’t even work, zoomerang is £40 but it is worth it!!!!! You peeps are stupid useless scammers

- Bad game

I couldn’t even get my results

- Scam

You have to pay £7.99 to see your results!

- ♊️☯️♊️


- It was way to expensive

No stars do not get

- C*@p

I was very disappointed it is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Not recommended

They looks like dodgy app just to make money A week ago I bought 7 days free trial but they charge me £7.49 and after that again £10.49 premium service for month but I want to do live chat but they still asking 7.99£ for chat but I have paid already 10.49 and not much information there available very dodgy thx

- Load of rubbish

Absolutely terrible this app never buy it. Only giving it one star because I have to.


I just saw an advert of this game and I thought it would be cool. When I downloaded the game, it asked me a couple of questions and then it told me to PAY OR GET A SEVEN DAY FREE TRIAL! This game is a total rip off, please avoid this game!

- False statement saying free app

They lied about this app being free so just why? WHY?!

- One star

I think it’s terrible it’s making you put all your really personal details in and saying that it’s free and making you pay don’t trust this app

- Thieves

I wouldn’t give even a single star! Rubbish this app doesn’t let u move even a single step.

- Ripping off


- Rubbish piece of chicken poo

It’s so bad it is really fake. It is so expensive just to see ur flipping hand.

- Rubbish - free cancellation within 3 days is a scam too

I have cancelled and unsubscribed and did so on the first day ... yet you have still taken money out my account ... and ignored all other emails I sent. Do you have a mobile number ? I have emailed your team on the email address you provided but doubt I’ll get a response

- Con?

Options don’t work to unsubscribe!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ only get a star because you have to rate 🤦🏻‍♀️

- No free trial

Please be aware that they have lied about free trial and will definitely charge you. I thought I was given a free trial yet I see that that they are going to charge me £7.50 every week

- Avoid!!

It seems to be a scam. I felt being tricked into starting a subscription, which is extremely expensive. Why does Apple allow these tricksters?

- Rip off

They want your money. I did all the tests and then it to pay a membership which cost 8 pounds don’t get it it’s a waste of time

- I cannot unsubscribe

SCAM!!! I downloaded this out of curiosity and then I realized I cannot unsubscribe so I end up paying for an app I’m not even using!!

- A big waste of time

I was playing a game on my tablet and this add was popping up a-lot and after a while I thought it would be fun to do. It was telling me to give them information about me. This big hand popped up and it told me to scan my hand and it took soooo long.Then finally it was done then after it told me to pay and i got soo angry 😡.

- just money making machine

nothing special...just making money Machine

- Not happy

Thought this was a good app until there was no option to not pay for it which is really unfortunate :(

- Very useless app!

This app is very stupid and useless! DO NoT DOWNLOAD!!

- The app scam

This app scam you have to pay before you can find your results.

- Issues

This app keeps charging me every week for subscription and I have stopped the subscription since last month and even deleted the app on my phone but they are still removing my money I want a refund I never even used the app for a day.

- Amazing app

This is such an awesome and accurate mind blowing App

- Unsubscribe your App

Please how do I unsubscribe your App, it’s not what I envisioned and I don’t want you stealing money from me. I just downloaded it. Thank you

- Don’t download it

This app is not good an they make you register , scan your hand .an then say you have to pay to see the result! Very decietfull . 👎

- Fraudulent App please refund my money

Hello Team, I downloaded your and deleted the app immediately since we had to make payment which i wasn’t going to do 6 months after I got a new card for icloud and debited for app I do not use and have downloaded.This absolute rubbish, I would need a refund of 2,900 naira back to my card. This is stealing and fraudulent please let me know the steps because if I take actions into my hands it won’t be funny. Thank you for your time

- Mtchww

Ole barawo people. If you ain’t a Nigerian ask one to explain what that is. Mtchwwwwww

- Bad app

After so many questions and scanning both palms the app asked me to pay money before they can show me the result of the palm reading. What a waste of time and WiFi. Why should I pay for something I haven’t yet tested? I’m uninstalling it right away.

- Stole my money from my account

Good evening,I downloaded this app and you wrote that I have a free trial for 7 days,I put my account information and was immediately debited the sum of #12,900,please this is fraudulent as far as am concerned,I need a refund immediately.

- It’s not Free!!!

Don’t border downloading the app if you’re not ready to pay because you’ll have to link up your card before accessing the free trail. Until you do that you won’t be allowed to use the app.

- You’ll need to pay to use

Wasted my data to get this crap... free 3 days trial, but you’ll need to put your payment details in advance ... waste of time.... Don’t download plz

- This app is fraud

This app has been billing me money n taking money from my account without my authorization Pls stop this fraudulent act of I will be mad

- Miss

Rubbish app,fraud at its peak!!! Don’t waste the space on your phone or data. Thank me Later!

Astrology: update of Nicole Kidman's Horoscope #astrology

@maxhiigli: Thats an omen folks. The Astrology is speaking to us now

día del #Eclipse cadena de eventos signo por signo aunque no sea visible en el área donde vives, de todos modos in…

@notcapnamerica Astrology is pure horseshit, that's why.

@stelladesu: 明日は射手座の満月。満月のテーマタロットは 「恋人」愛 「星」希望 運命の出会いと心の結びつきを暗示する愛に満ちた満月。理想の未来を描き、夢に向かってスタートするのにもよい時期。 #sagitta…

@starseedastro: Random #astrology fact: The 2020 prograde of #Zeus at 19° Libra will happen on July 3rd, the exact same day that @realDo…

@DeviDubzzz rising is what other people see when they first meet you and moon is what you feel. whatever site you…

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Astrology & Palmistry Coach 4.9 Screenshots & Images

Astrology & Palmistry Coach iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Astrology & Palmistry Coach iphone images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach iphone images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach iphone images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach iphone images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach ipad images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach ipad images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach ipad images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach ipad images
Astrology & Palmistry Coach Lifestyle application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Astrology & Palmistry Coach Lifestyle application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Astrology & Palmistry Coach (Version 4.9) Install & Download

The applications Astrology & Palmistry Coach was published in the category Lifestyle on 2018-04-28 and was developed by Ruby Labs ltd. [Developer ID: 1410714805]. This application file size is 119.39 MB. Astrology & Palmistry Coach - Lifestyle posted on 2020-05-27 current version is 4.9 and works well on IOS 11.4 and high versions.

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