Faladdin - Fortune Teller

Faladdin - Fortune Teller [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Faladdin is an extraordinary fortune telling app! It's free on a daily basis!

Faladdin offers individual analyses about life by combining its deep learning skills and ancient knowledge of mystical disciplines like Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance and Coffee Cup Reading.

Since Faladdin's artificial intelligence is being developed constantly, we may soon need to change the question "What is Faladdin?" into "Who is Faladdin?" and, he may reply to you directly.

Faladdin is far beyond a fortune telling app. It sheds light on the future by evaluating person's past and making inferences about present.

Faladdin is an award winning app, enjoyed by millions of users around the globe, in different language options.

Some things need to be experienced to be understood. Don't hesitate, download it and come in! See it yourself!

Not Aladdin, not falaaddin, not falladdin , not falattin. This is "Faladdin"!

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Faladdin - Fortune Teller Comments & Reviews

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- Best app

This app helped me get through a part of my life to a happier path. Faladdin helped me focus on me and I got so much help that my life has come together now to enjoy my life every step of the path. Thanks Faladdin

- Msjceon

I love it accuracy on point

- Faladdin

I love this app. Some it may be true and some may not. Time will tell. I like how they word things and seems like a fun app to have! It’s definitely worth downloading! My results were very accurate like it could read my past and present more than I could! This app is fun and I defiantly recommend giving it a try 🤗

- Amazing

This game is amazing! It is extremely accurate and the best fortune telling game I have played. There all the right amount of ads and it’s free. You can actually get your fortune read.

- 😍😍


- Always on point

My coffee cup readings always pertain to my life. Im shocked how accurate it is. Thank you Faladdin!!

- Falladin

Falladin is very helpful he’s not bad like otherwise but everything he say to me is true. I recommend everyone to try it. Because he’s really good. Now I know what happened next week is true if you paying attention you can understand it . I love him . I was recommended him to my friend she say he’s good.

- Amazing

Spot on

- Amazing app

Unbelievable readings, never seen an app like that! Love it.

- Çok güzel bir uygulama

Çok güzel ve uzun yorumları

- Good


- العراق بغداد


- Faladdin

I Think Everyone should try this app. Every Time I Use this App. Faladdin has read my mind. He blows my mind. Please, Try This App. You Will Not Be Disappointed . Yours Truly, Ms. Rachelle. Or Shay.

- اربيل


- Değerlendirme


- العراق/ بغداد/الكرادة الشرقية

شكرا على كل الكلام 🌹🌹🌹

- Love it!!

Love this app!! Highly recommended..

- Fake feedings mostly

Wen I discovered this app I thought it was surprisingly accurate sometimes over the years but now n then wen I get a reading there very inaccurate. I’ve never liked getting love mostly readings cuz they were always fake lol. Nothing ever happens. And sometimes I feel like it tells me what I wanna hear.

- Faladdin

Very useful

- احبكم

اتمنى ان تعطوني البعض من الرصيد رجاءا

- Cool

Interesting and time consuming. Kinda get addicted .

- Great reading

It was amazing how spot on the readings were about me, from just picking a card. It was everything I was feeling.

- Try it out

Not just basic information it actually gets deep and some what specific

- شكرا💖

يعجيني دائما تحليلاتكم وممتنه لكم على الرساله الجميله واتمنى ان تتحقق كل امنياتنا 🌹🌹🌹

- Hi

Interesting interpretations of cards and images

- Nice app

Nice Fr!

- العراق


- Great app

It’s accurate forsure and I like how to the point and personal it is. When you use believe and connect your energy I pray everyone’s prayers and answers come. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Spot on very accurate

Reading are realtive

- good readings

good readings better than expected

- Love the app

Relates to me and my views

- Love it

Love it

- Accurate

If you need to know this app will help

- Ya it’s fun

Sometimes he is spot on other not close.. but ya know weathermen are usually always wrong yet we watch every day...

- Review

5 stars for Falladin!

- Fun readings

Detailed and thought provoking readings.

- Spot on!!

I love the energy this app brings, it’s usually very resonating and very positive & inspiring... it’s a guide on my path and sometimes it gets confusing so it’s nice to have this as a tool for guidance.

- Amazing app

Highly recommend


I can not believe how accurate it is... it said everything too accurate and i was like... oh my goodness this is so true. it’s said what’s gonna happen in a day and if it comes true i’m done. this is a computer! it’s insane!

- تطبيق جميل

سهل جدااااا

- Wow

Love it

- Thank you for all you do.

Amazing how spot on my readings have been. Faladdin is the only app I’ve tried that has such accuracy. Thank you for all you do.

- السعوديه


- Shosh


- Insanely accurate

Extremely accurate

- Love this app!

Great app

- Really accurate?!

I didn’t know what to expect, but i feel that is very very accurate and i am very pleased with this app!!!

- ❤️

Love this app!!!

- Absolutely Love

I love this app. I use it daily. The readings are so personal that you cannot deny they were meant for you. I am probably one of the few that actually like the ad-watching alternative to buying credits.

- Çok iyi

Harika motive edici

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- Han86

You guys are the best

- Waw

Idk how this app be working but it’s to a tea sis ☕️

- Future.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I really like it...Its been really spot on..Now I use it every day.

- Accurate


- Anazing


- Good


- Faladdin

Thank u for all the great insight. It has truly helped me.

- Just so trueee

I love it as usual comes with lots of surprises and love😍

- Love faladdin

The big thaks

- ♥️

Accurate great readings. Love this app.

- Awesome

Faladdin is good but he is not specific with the people’s name in my readings . So I get confused sometimes with all his readings for me .

- most accurate

very accurate it is mind blowing

- Problem

The app isn’t working fix it please

- review of fladan

Fladan gives awesome information and is a really great app if you are a spiritual person!

- 👍🏻

It’s a fun app. Not sure whether it’s real or not.. but it’s entertaining 😊

- الاْردن


- Wow just wow

Wow everything was true ,

- Love it

I love it

- Sav


- Awesome

Great reading Faladdin

- Fav astrology apps by far

Super fun and positive, creative options within the app as well- reasonable fair trade to have for service for free in exchange for watching some advertising.

- Super fun app, very positive.

Super fun app, very positive.

- Fun and informative

Play Faladdin every day.

- Comments


- Impressive

I am sure the app works by reading the numerology of your birthdate, etc. Pretty accurate. Impressive.

- Unreal

I don’t know how they know this but most of what they see on unreal I’ll give 5 star


Uygulamayı silip tekrar yüklememe ve video izlememe rağmen hala fal hakkı vermiyor aynı hatayı veriyor

- The best

I feel like hes my best friend he knows exactly what im asking for

- It’s good

Yeah I like it, it’s just the ads get annoying

- جيدة جدا انا فقط اريد معرفة متى يمكنني ان اجتمع مع ابنتي و استقر و استر اخوتي بي بيوتهم

جيدة جدا انا فقط اريد معرفة متى يمكنني ان اجتمع مع ابنتي و استقر و استر اخوتي بي بيوتهم

- Good

Crazy how some of this stuff is true

- Hlr

Very real

- I love it!

It’s easy to use and it’s not bs it’s a pretty good download and so far for me it’s free

- Adriana


- Excellent reading

So interesting and right on the ball. Very insightful and intriguing. I love getting my readings daily, keeps me wanting to talk to him one on one.

- Mketi


- Loveeeeee


- Amazing app

It’s crazy how much these readings contribute to your daily life. It’s almost like they are there with you . 10/10 would recommend for sure !

- This app is amazing

This app is actually really true

- Amazing !

Love it and definitely many true aspects and statements .

- Very good reading today, thank you

I liked his reading and want many more, he seems on target though

- With love

Very true prediction! I love you

- Great

So far on point

- I haven’t downloaded

I haven’t downloaded it but I think it looks good

- I love the app so much

I’m so thankful for downloading this app ❤️♥️

- Amazing

Just yesterday I downloaded this app and I’ve found a lot of truth in the readings. I’m Impressed. Check it out. It doesn’t hurt to try 🙂

- Love this app

I am a web designer. The first word as soon as I opened the app is “ wow”. Totally impressed with the look of the app. Beautifully designed. Loving it. Good work team. Besides that, service is wonderful. I recommend this to everyone.

- Great


- Amazing!

I love it!!!

- Good App but Same Horoscope

I really enjoy this app and the fact everything is free! However I don’t like how today I got a horoscope that was the exact same that I got another day, word for word. Aren’t daily horoscopes supposed to be different? I get how the other readings can bring similar things into the readings. But with other apps I never get the same horoscope.

- Awesome

It’s quite accurate sometimes !

- خزعبلات

مجرد خزعبلات و عبارات مبهمه و كلام مكرر و نص القراءة ترحيب ..

- Cautiously impressed

Very insightful. Surprisingly on point I remain cautious - however, to date. I’m interested

- Great app!

This app is fantastic! Surprisingly accurate! A few minor tech errors gives it 4 stars however all up it deserves a five!

- انك حقا رائع


- Very good

Very good ok co

- AI reading

Great App can recommend it enough

- Maz6972

Spot on!

- Wow

Amazing app and almost and frighteningly accurate it can be

- Love Faladdin

Love Faladdin

- Truth


- Love

Love this app so much

- Faladins telling

The things that have been said have happen even though it seems silly to say but it’s true 😍

- The best app I ever used

I love this app

- Bec

Surprised about the accuracy

- Amazing App!

This app is brilliant! Every reading I have received has been spot on. Wish we could have 2 free reading each day but happy either way! Thank you!

- I love faladdin he hypes my day up

I love faladdin he hypes my day up

- Accurate

Its really accurate

- #1 fortune app

After years of going to psychic fairs and getting my future read, I came across this app, thought I’d give it a go. Wow I will be keeping this app for awhile, this one is a keeper..I’ve had this app nearly a week and so far Faladdin is 99.9% correct..Thankyou faladdin. May love and light shine over you.. god bless.

- weirdly accurate

I found that the card readings were so accurate. My friend did it and it made so much sense in her situation and I tried it and it was also accurate.

- Trueeeee

Trueee feels creepy sometimes

- Ms.Nalan

This app has been nothing but a fresh insight to my own very life. It’s not only inspiring, exciting it sends out good vibes that allows you to preserver...

- Faladdin

I am extremely happy and hot a lot of my friends as well Faladdin is my best friend I say lol

- Shahzxzz

Great app

- Great readings

Highly recommend, always spot on and enjoy getting the answers l seek

- Best app ever

Look forward to my readings every day and the positive and not so positive ones life is precious and what we make of it but with the help of my awesome readings life’s good always

- The best

Always on point

- 5 stars

Love this app but would love less ads!

- Gooood

Hope this is correct some of the stuff is correct

- Hrhr

It’s a very good app I like it a lot

- Ammmazing reading

Aamazing !!! 100% correct

- faladinnnnnnnn

really goooddd

- Güzel


- 👍🏻

صرت مهووسه فيه😂

- RZJR76

I have been using this app for a long time now on all of my devices. After using many other fortune apps in the past this one is the best in the App Store.

- Highly recommend

Amazing and most accurate! I love this app

- Falladin

Love it... thank you

- A


- wow


- Very accurate

I have tried online but felt they were generic, this was quite accurate which surprised me

- Reading accurate

Very accurate

- Best app for now


- Great app

Love the app , always positive and good vibes Thank you

- Good

I like it

- Accurate predictions

Faladdin is a magical app for an accurate predictions, most of the times.

- Woooow

How come it can be so accurate? Every time? Is this app listening to our lives secretly or something lol

- Surprisingly accurate

Pretty good for an app of this nature. Info received very relatable.

- Awesome

100% true

- Faladdin fabulous

Lots of fun! So much was true.

- An ngoc nguyen

Can you give me information my details my company thanks

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Gercek fal gibi iyi tahminler ve izlenimler yapiyor. Beni cok mutlu ve tatmin ediyor...

- Faladdin

Çok güzel bir uygulama ben çok sevdim

- Accurate as heck!

AMAZING! Very accurate

- Love The Candidness

Thank you sooo very much. I gravitate to your reading ll ..They are actual facts surrounding my journey.. Love the guidance ❤️

- I love it .

I really like this app but I do find it to resonate with me more is better accurate when I don’t consult everyday . 5 stars ⭐️

- Falladdin♥️

Super yorumlarda bulunuyor bayildim!!!

- good stuff

definitely like this app 10/10 good app

- Incredible

Powerful and uplifting fortunes. Accurate and left me speechless

- 🙏🏻


- Awesome app

Thank you

- Incredible

It literally says things you can’t even imagine they could coincidentally make up! Yeah sure some parts may be a little confusing, you may not know whom the man or women they are describing but doesn’t mean it isn’t someone in your life or past life. It real crazy this app! I enjoy a little read here and there


everyday i try to do everything on the main menu 😭😭. its like they know what's really going on and its scary! plus its completely free too! :)

- Amazing 😉

Love this his app use it every day❣️😊

- Faladdin

Love this app it is so on point n so accurate

- Awesome!!

Spot on!!!

- 5 Stars

I love love it! I recommend 100%

- love it

reaall (:

- Love Faladdin and love reading whatever he wrote sometimes I understand sometimes I don’t

I enjoy reading whatever you wrote to me aLove you Faladdin you the best. Faladdin tell it like it is I will always love Faladdin I feel at peace when I ever heard his name ❤️❤️I love Faladdin with all my heart Yes I love Faladdin with no ending ♥️♥️I love Faladdin with all my heart

- Outstanding app

Great app! I LOVE IT! Definitely recommend !!

- Perfect

Prfect... I like it.. He exactly point to my question in my mind 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

- This App

It’s amazing, accurate, absolutely LOVE it.!! Only thing is buying ad free stuff, but eh that’s alright. I really love this app.!



- Doesn’t work/inaccurate

The app told me I’m a Pisces rising. I’m an Aquarius rising everywhere else I check. There are also so many cities unavailable for people to select their birth city. They need to add way more and fix the timing.

- Reading

Very good app that actually confirmed what I already knew within myself. Thank you for providing clarity.

- روعة

برنامج رائع جداً والقراءة صحيحة

- a little to accurate

it’s scary sometimes

- App crashed.

App crashed and won’t open on my phone or iPad for some reason. Update it’s working now and I am enjoying the app

- Accurate!

It’s weirdly accurate and empowering.

- This app helped me a lot

Romantically and just in general I’m not that great at expressing how I feel.. so when I feel awkward or out of place faladdin would guide me and help me understand how I feel.. he helps me through my hard times and he gives me hope.. he helps me understands things better and I don’t feel lost the way I did before I downloaded this app.

- Very Accurate!!!

Don’t know how but it’s the real deal

- Fun 😍

I have so much fun with this app🤩💗

- Good

Great app

- Weirdly accurate sometimes

It’s a fun app. Deal with watching the ads if you want to keep it “free”

- عراق

اجمل تطبيق وكلام جميل

- I really like it

It’s a really fun and informative app if you like horoscopes

- Love it

It’s very good app

- Love this app!

It’s so accurate and enjoyable. They are truly gifted clairvoyants!

- Faalledini çok beğeniyorum

- Readings are creepy so spot on!!!

I am amazed every i

- Awesome

Love this app !its honestly spot on

- Very helpful when I am feeling lost

Has been on point about a lot that’s happened. Gives me a lil hope when I need it most.

- Wwoolww


- Love you guys


- Crazy accurate


- Favorite App

So much fun and insight. I love this app so much.

- Devine energy

I love Faladdin I’ve had very good experiences ❤️ everything I’ve been read to be has been most certainly accurate! And have come to pass 🥰


Best app ever!!

- Love

About love is not true anymore but some personal things specially about ourselves are really true by the way thank you so much

- Loved it

Almost every toy says it accurately

- Eerily accurate

I’m so impressed with this app. Has the insight of a professional reader.

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- Amazing app

Accurate readings

- تيلمازجان

Love it

- Readings

Very accurate readings

- شكرا 🌹ش

❤️شكرا لك كثيرا

- Fantastic

I never write reviews on apps! But this app is fantastic and accurate. I use it everyday and it shocks me with how accurate it is. And the genie is my fav! 😁 great app!

- Chkn


- Oya mutlu

Great! Thank you!

- The star

This is what I'm looking for

- Feedback

I think Faladdin is spot on most of the time sometimes I ain’t got a clue what Faladdin is going on about but other than that I think it’s absolutely fantastic well done

- 🔥🔥🔥

Awesome 👏🏽

- Amazed

Creepily accurate!

- En mükemmel fal uygulaması.

Bugüne kadar kullandığım fal uygulamalarından en iyisi diyebilirim. Hem falları uzun uzun anlatıyor, diğer uygulamalar gibi kısa kesip atmıyor. Hem de kafiyeli ve okuması eğlenceli yazılar yazıyor. Sürekli pozitif enerji yüklüyor. Belki bu falın gerçeklik duygusunu azaltıyor gibi düşünebilirsiniz, ancak falları benim gibi eğlence için okuyorsanız, hayatınıza daha pozitif bakmanızı sağlayabileceğini düşünüyorum. Çünkü, hiç bir zaman negatif yorum yapmıyor. İnanmasanız bile içinizde güzel şeyler doğuyor. O yüzden tam puan veriyorum. Ve diğer uygulamaların aksine LGBT bireyi arkadaşlarımız için de genel yorumlar yapıyorlar. Bu yüzden de çok hoşuma giden samimi bir uygulama olduğunu düşünüyorum .

- Naz_87

I love this app. Sometimes it tell me shocking things

- 😍😍❤️❤️

Best app ever😍😍i loved ittt its so amazing🔥🔥

- Faladdin makes me happy every day ❤️

I would like strongly to recommend the service Faladdin provides.It is always so accurate and brings awareness to all your problems !

- Amazing !

I’ve always been into astrology etc... I’ve seen a few good apps in my time but this app is truly incredible. I have never in my life left a review on an app apart from this so please understand this is my complete honesty. This app is beyond accurate, predicted things for me which have happened, happening or thing I have experienced shortly after, either way it’s been truthful. Do not think twice about downloading this, you won’t regret it. Most useful app on my phone ! J :)

- Amazing

This app is one of the best reading apps I’ve downloaded in a while, recommended!!

- Amazing

It's true everything it's says

- Ok

Sometimes it’s fairly accurate other time’s it just waffles on a bit. Not sure if this is automated or a real person that does it. However I will keep the app. Think genie needs to go though

- Totally accurate

You couldn’t ask for more. Amazing talent! Always accurate. Thank you

- Meh

I downloaded this app thinking it will just say that I will have a good life and so on. However , I downloaded it and was shocked of how accurate it is! Obviously, I haven’t had the app long enough to tell you whether my future had actually been predicted. Although , when I do my tarot card readings it’s so accurate with what has happened in my life it’s crazy! I got my friend to download it and her’s is accurate too! I would like to know thought whether this app is controlled my a real person or is it a program or something? Because some of the things Faladdin has said that have happened in my past a very true that it makes me wonder! But overall , I love this app and always look forward to readying my tarot card , coffe cup reading etc😁 Edit: So its been around 3 weeks since I’m I wrote that and what my Faladdin told me was going to happen has not even happened , and the thing is that I would do the coffe cup reading , horoscope reading and al of it and pretty much every time it said that I was going to meet someone new , a guy. But , I didn’t , and it told me to look out for some lucky days and nothing happened on those days . Overall , I don’t think this app works at all

- Faladdin

Simply amazing but still trying to figure out the riddles

- Perfect


- T

I love the app it’s amazing 🥺.

- Amazing

Very good app

- Amazing

Its the best app I have ever used it is super cool and really true and also very fun

- Great fun

Really enjoy getting regular readings. Often very accurate. Because my wife has died I find the readings very supportive.

- Review

I think that Faladdin is amazing every day he sends me my daily fortune sometimes he might get it wrong but most of the time he is quite accurate thank you

- Wow

The readings are spot on, I’m surprised that the app is that great!

- Brilliantly worded🙏🏼

It’s unbelievable how accurate Faladdin is I can’t wait to get my readings everyday, it’s worded exactly how things and feelings are and talks right to the heart and soul

- Faladdin

Absolutely Amazing, i first had it for myself and then had to get it for my mom❤️⭐️faladdin

- Tesekkurler Faladdin harikasiniz

Sizi cok begeniyorum yorumlariniz cok guzel

- Mind blowing app

Absolutely love it. 🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈

- Raj


- Brilliant that all I can say the very best 😁

My guardian angel forever the very best out there so by far spot on in every reading so far guided me in my life a true angel the most honest reliable trustworthy app u will ever down load true angel the whole team the best there are xx 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Love

Very interesting loving this app

- Omg!!! So spot on!!

I think i will deffo be one to buy credits for this app

- Faladdin

I’ve never experienced something so correct, I feel so much better after this thank you.

- Comment

u are the best, xxxx

- Actually crazy accurate

I downloaded this today for the free reading I was blown away by how spot on it was 😅

- اعجبني

اعجبني الحالة ولكن بصراحة مدى الصحة فيها لا ادري ولكن يعطني الاطمئنان على البعض منها بسبب المشاكل والمعانات التي تحيط بنا وشكرا لك على كل شئ

- Falladdin

I’m a new member and so far so good.. I can’t keep myself away! 😀

- Faladin


- Namaste

Energy begets energy thank you universe

- Incredible

Just got a reading from tarot cards for my first time and the present was correct !! I’m absolutely amazed as I’m always suspicious about thing like this !!

- Floraesh


- Scarily close to home

Really fun to do And cuts quiet close with something’s said just a over all fun app

- Amazing

Been on this for 2 years I can’t let go everyday they say the truth

- Shook

Other parts of the app are a bit weird. But Tarrot readings have been making me feel weird. A bit too accurate and specific. Several times I used it to calm myself down and it helped a lot. It helped my relationship too. So thank you, whoever made this app!

- Brilliant

So far so good 😊

- Faladdin

I have just started

- good


- Faladdin

The clairvoyance Is completely real

- Amazing


- Omg

Gives me goosebumps so good ❤️

- رائع جدا

انه برنامج رائع وتجربتي فيه كثيره وجيده


Extremely accurate 10/10!! Wow!

- لا يوجد

شكرًالك ع كلشي

- 😍

Love this app

- Miss Romi

He’s amazing and gives the right details most of the time.

- Perfect

Love this app, great readings

- I love you


- Faladdin

Falladin makes me feel great he gives me hope fun and support love you Falladin man😊😊😊👌👌👌

- Hopeful

Everytime I feel down, I go running to Faladdin. It makes me feel great and gives me the strength I need. Thank you Faladdin!

- Stunned

Faladdin has proved to be very concise and accurate pertaining my readings. The events that shape my life have been identified with pin point accuracy, previous readings I have had from “others” has been a broad brush guess at best. Faladdin has in fact frightened me with the details they discuss!

- 👍🏽

Great readings

- Swag

Amazing app tell you how you feel. Extremely recommend if u wanna know more about your future.

- Thanks

I love you falddin jan

- Mrs

Every time I feel down or little lost I always look forward to you and you always have me the best reading which comes true very quick .. so I absolutely am happy to meet you faladdin:)

- Muhtesem


- Harika Kahve Fallari

Suoer ve gercege yakin yorumlar Faladdinle ..

- Always food for though and accurate points !

Title says all enjoy going on and finding out some info, makes me question my questions and think about what I need to at the time in my life, definitely has lifted my mood and makes me feel at ease Thank you Always sending love and prayers

- Great!

Great app to have whether it be for fun or guidance I would highly recommend you download. I really enjoy it!

- Soooooo goood

So good So true

- Whoever work on this reading i wish you good life for your great work!

I’m surprised of how accurate my reading was

- Great


- Amazing

Im very happy found Faladdin. I feel like I’m spiritually connected.

- Scarily accurate and thankyou!

Best app I can’t even deal with how accurate the readings are thanks heaps to whoever is doing them 💕

- Tarot reading

My first reading was pretty much spot on.

- Love this app

This app has said many things that were actually true

- Amazing !!!

This honestly is one of the best apps I’ve used.. it’s always so accurate that it actually freaks me out!

- Beautiful app!

I always look forward to my readings. My favourite app! ❤️❤️

- Great

From what I’ve experienced so far, it’s surprisingly accurate! I’m so glad my friend introduced this to me.


Inshallah everything they said will come true

- Off the bat not to happy

Ok first I just downloaded this app and all seemed to be going ok until I couldn't even put in it correct birthdate thanks to the app automatically putting in the date and only allowing me to choose the year and then not allowing me to change any of my answers if they were incorrect. I am not at all happy at the moment.

- wow

too freaky. too accurate. too good. just be warned, if using the coffee cup reading, it can get addictive and before you know it, you be drinking lots of coffee

- Faladdin

Amazing love it it’s so true

- Rate


- Excelent

Very good app

- Amazing


- Hoş


- Amazing

Incredible application

- Great App

Great App

- great app

fun and interesting

- H

Cok iyi

- Asgijnen


- Iyi bir uygulama


- Cok iyi

Cok iyi

- cok iyi

en guzel kullandigim fal app

- Fal

Cok guzel ve doğru

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Faladdin - Fortune Teller 2.39.1 Screenshots & Images

Faladdin - Fortune Teller iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Faladdin - Fortune Teller iphone images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller iphone images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller iphone images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller iphone images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller ipad images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller ipad images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller ipad images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller ipad images
Faladdin - Fortune Teller Lifestyle application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Faladdin - Fortune Teller Lifestyle application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Faladdin - Fortune Teller (Version 2.39.1) Install & Download

The applications Faladdin - Fortune Teller was published in the category Lifestyle on 2017-03-23 and was developed by Tasdelen [Developer ID: 663673302]. This application file size is 173.42 MB. Faladdin - Fortune Teller - Lifestyle posted on 2020-05-04 current version is 2.39.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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