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A meditation app that touches your soul…
Meditopia is the leading app that helps you to get calm, reduce stress, sleep well, love, find peace and start a deep discovery within yourself. You can create a space for yourself in life and discover the happiness within.

You can listen to 250+ meditation sessions with top quality audio in both English and Spanish. You can learn to meditate, listen music to relax with nature sounds, use the timer to meditate and focus on different topics with specialized programs.

Topics are:
Foundations 1-2
Body Awareness
Release stress
Sleep well

Start Now which includes on the go meditations:
Small Break
After work
Tension relief

In addition to meditation sessions, you can use Timer option to meditate without guidance with different background music options. Also, you can favorite your best meditations, download and listen to them OFFLINE!

Users see the impact in their lives very clearly:

“It’s the most impactful thing against a busy and stressful business life. I’ve experienced many benefits of practice as a person, whose business life is very hectic and tiring. When feeling very stressed and suffocated among all the work I have, I give a break and I really feel that I can calm myself.”

“Every day, I look forward to having my meditation practice. Each meditation that I listen provides me the chance to discover myself. I sense the real peace and calmness. I know how to calm myself down even under stress.”

Our aim is to spread meditation all around the world and make meditation affordable! Therefore Meditopia COSTS FAR LESS THAN OTHER APPS!

7,99USD per month (US based pricing)
49,99USD per year

Meditopia integrates with the Apple Health app. You can add mindful minutes to the Health app.

Payment will be made from your iTunes account after you confirm the purchase.
Subscriptions will auto-renew itself at the end of each term if it is not canceled 24 hours before the end of the purchasing term.
The user can manage subscriptions. Auto-renew can be turned off from iTunes account settings.
No refund is possible during the ongoing purchasing term.
Subscriptions can be deactivated at the following link:
Privacy Policy:

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Introducing Meditopia Sleep!
In Meditopia, we are working day and night to bring the best experience to you in your daily life. Considering the we spend 30% of our lives sleeping, helping you to sleep better have become a priority for us. That is why we created a new sleep page with new meditations, sleep stories and sleep music to help you get a better sleep at night.

Sleep Meditations
Listen more than 30 mindfulness meditations that include visualization, which will help you to drift into a restful sleep.

Sleep Stories
Sleep like a baby at night like you used to do with new stories section. Enjoy fairy tales, go to dream worlds and drift away from your recurring thoughts in the dream world.

Sleep Music
Listen relaxing music, which will relax your mind and body from start to end.

Now update the app and sleep like a baby tonight.

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