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Sell globally with Currency Converter - Translate by Autoketing, Automatic Currency Conversion, Personalized Currency Rounding Method, Automatic Currency Detection, Smart Translations, Language Translate, Currency conversion in checkout

Add up to 164+ currencies. Convert prices instantly on any device into customers’ home currencies. Live currency rate updates every 3 hours. Multi-currency support in checkout.

Geo-redirection and Auto-select Currencies

Smart Currency Conversion detects customers' location with IP geological and auto-switch the default currency into your customer’s local currency. Display currency based on visitors' location.

Professional Translate Multiple Languages

Translate your store content into targeted languages with machine translation. Autoketing AI translator converts all resources in a minute.

Auto AI Translation - Multi language

An advanced AI translation system can translate your store into a new language in minutes. Translate every resource into multiple languages - products, collections, blogs, pages, shop policy, links, product variants, etc.

Eye-catching Language and Currency Selector

4 available Currency selector themes with fully customized styles. Autoketing provides outstanding switchers for switching languages and currency without affecting website performance.

Customize Currency Converter and Language Translator

Add a fully customizable language switcher on your store websites with a few simple clicks. No coding is required. The currency selector can auto display your website in customers’ local currencies.

Personalized Currency Rounding Method

Remove price decimals easily with personalized price figures. Provide a better customer experience. Smart rule works perfectly for all currencies.

Auto Currency Convert in Hidden Mode

Simplify customers’ journey with Currency Conversion Hidden Mode. The feature automatically converts prices without revealing them to clients.

Easy Setup

No coding is required. Currency Converter - Translate works instantly with any store theme in just 1 click. The quick setup guide provides all of the information you need to set up your store.

Currency Converter - Translate by Autoketing’s benefits:
  • Unlimited words and pageviews

  • 111+ available languages

  • Free position requests Desktop, tablet, and mobile-friendly

  • Multiple currency rounding methods

  • Customize friendly message and design at checkout currency notification

  • Support store design and increase customers’ satisfaction

  • Free and fast customer support

  • Fully customization, integration with other apps

  • Cancel any time, no commitments

  • Work with all themes

  • Friendly & knowledgeable support

  • No hidden charges to the theme code

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App Name Currency Converter ‑ Translate
App Category Store Design
App Price Free plan available. 14-day free trial.
Support E-Mail
App Website

Currency Converter ‑ Translate Features

Currency converter, currency switcher, currency conversion.

Multi-Currency Conversion

Switch a total of 164+ currencies into local currency. Smart currency conversion based on your customers' location.

Smart Translations

Translate your store to multiple languages with just a click. Smart translator detects languages and manages all translations effortlessly.

Reach International Markets

Go global with Automatic Currency Selector and Multi-language features. Increase sales by offering engaging shopping experiences.

Currency Converter ‑ Translate Comments & User Reviews 2024

(Saudi Arabia)

The best Theme creator app it helped me a lot and it was really nice and easy to use and has a lot of options



(United States)

Practical application, and easy for adjustment. it's a free plan that is enough for the startup of ecommerce.

(United States)

I love everything about this app! The staff member that helped me was nice and quick. I got my situation resolved quickly and wasn’t complicated at all! Will be using the service in the future also! Love the auto translation feature!


Great app. very good customer support. Thank you so much................................................

(United States)

I will try it first and then leave an accurate review. I cannot be accurate if I have not used the app.

(Saudi Arabia)

i used this app and i find it is very useful , important and hepful i think it will help you as me .


Great app! Cheap and no hidden agenda. You should install and forget about other apps which wants full access of your site

(United Arab Emirates)

Great app with the most amazing helpful support team. Everything as promised and their support team is very cooperative


Their support theme is very helpful, would recommend using this app. Also very easy to use as well and works great

(Saudi Arabia)


(United States)

I used a perfect apps for currency makes my store a very nice. so, it is a good idea to add it to your store. thanks again a customer service team.

(St. Lucia)

I love this app, very professional and very user friendly. I would recommend this app to anyone. Great job.

(United States)


(Saudi Arabia)

I used this app to help me in running my store and in fact I liked it very much and it helped me a lot with that. Thank you .

(Saudi Arabia)

good 'psorjg'orijg'o9[0rifk =]rik]0r9igj;o9wfjreijfr'jfro e3w=-4orikfj409gtuk45]=tikj-]=rot4iu90ti-3rti90jo

(United States)

I had an issue regarding mis-payments. They reached out to me via email and the issue was quickly resolved.

(Saudi Arabia)

I’m still using the app so far so good I would like to see how it is going and I like how it is easy to learn and to use it very good

(United States)

soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good soo good

(South Africa)

I am using both the currency convertor and translation facility. Its great to have both facilities on one App. The App is easy to install and works very well.

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