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AVADA Google Tag Manager App Description & Overview

Google Tag Manager by AVADA helps merchants implement Google Tag Manager into the store sites in one-click to track and gather visitor data quickly and conveniently. Noticeably, Ecommerce transaction tracking, Facebook Pixel, Remarketing Ads, etc. are well supported in this application.

Why Google Tag Manager is Must-have
  • All tags are managed and updated in only one place
  • Ease of use without coding interference
  • Act as a bucket of the most essential built-in tags
Google Tag Manager Highlight Features
Enhanced Ecommerce

With Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel can be implemented and works effectively. If Google Analytics Ecommerce is to track your marketing behavior, Facebook Pixel is the tool for setting up retargeting campaigns, optimizing ads, and tracking conversions.

Shopping Behavior Analytics

Easy to analyze customer’s shopping behaviors at each stage and identify where your customers abandon their carts (product view, add to cart or check out)

Support 70 tags more

Google Tag Manager supports more than 70+ tag templates, allowing you to easily add popular tags to your store site with a few clicks.

Support dynamic remarketing

Support Dynamic remarketing by Google AdWords, Facebook retargeting, and more. Dynamic marketing helps stores build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to the store site to complete what they started.

Thank you page

Support transaction variables that are useful for third-party services such as Adwords, Facebook Pixel, Adroll, Twitter, Affiliates, and more.

Improve website performance

As usual, for example, with Google Analytics or Adword, you have to add codes to the website’s source. In case there is a lot of JS loading, the speed of your site is impacted and slower. However, with this application, it is called as the third-party to handle all your script-tags. Adding tags uses a simple web interface, thereby reducing errors, eliminating the need to involve a webmaster, and quickly deploying tags on a site.

Import variables

Users can import variables into the Google Tag Manager containers, which you can use instantly.

Integrations / Compatibility

AVADA Google Tag Manager integrates with Quick View and AJAX themes

Google Tag Manager Full Feature List
  • Track the product view on the Product Page
  • Track the category view on the Category Page
  • Track searching action
  • Track the action on the Thank You Page
  • Support dynamic remarketing
  • Enhanced Ecommerce with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Improve website performance
  • Import variables into Google Tag Manager containers
  • Upcoming features: Add to cart on AJAX cart, Remove from cart, Clear from cart

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App Name AVADA Google Tag Manager
App Category Marketing And Conversion
App Price Price: Free
Support E-Mail support@avada.io
App Website

AVADA Google Tag Manager Features

Manage Tags: Google Analytics Ecommerce, Facebook Pixel, more.

Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Tag Manager supports Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel without adding any code to your store.

Support 70 tags more

Over 70+ tags are supported by Google Tag Manager allowing you to easily add popular tags to your website with just a few clicks.

Improve website performance

All tags are added, modified and managed in a one place without having to interact with code.

AVADA Google Tag Manager Comments & User Reviews 2024


Just use that one! Is a nice tool and is for free, useful and easy to set. Highly recommend this app and the others they offer


Great App ..... Thanks ..... www.swug-mode-und-mehr.com


starting to use let me see how it goes kindly allow the review to submit. easy to install. I will be coming back for more looking forward to being able to track code.

(United States)

great app its really ease to use and is really helpful for starters. and its free!!!!!!!!


Nice simple app to do stuff I don't have a total grip with so it's easy enough to install and then let it run with it. Hopefully it improves search results in Google.


tag manager traz performance para seu site e melhores resultados. ferramenta necessária para seu negócio.


Mi sta piacendo e ho notato un riscontro positivo al mio shop. Posso solo consigliarla. Servizio clienti ottimo.

(United Kingdom)

i used this app to auto sync all seo image descriptions and product meta desc great quick easy. thanks.

(United States)

Set up was super easy and I think that this tool will be a tremendous add for our brand. Looking forward to higher bandwidth


Easy to use and accurate. I have instaled this app in my shopify store in no time and setup was made super easy.


great help from avada team thank you guys! great help from avada team thank you guys! great help from avada team thank you guys! great help from avada team thank you guys! great help from avada team thank you guys!

(United Arab Emirates)

it was ok i am still trying to figure it out as i am not a whizz in the e commerce space. lucky orange set up


good to see some stats over the site and products im happy to see it and very easy to get up and run

(United Kingdom)

Im using Avada. It's very helpfull and productive app for our shop. Hope everyone can see effectiveness of this app.


good very helpful. good very helpful. good very helpful. good very helpful. good very helpful. good very helpful.


I would like to use this app so I can easily work with Google Tag Manager. I've finished the installation process but for the time being I can't go to the dashboard page. I sent a message to support

(United States)

Avada apps are amazing. We use google tag manager for a few essential advertising tags and conversion trackers. Shopify adamantly protests the use of google tag manager in stores, so it's nice to have a way to integrate it. We use many of the Avada apps. They are all amazing!


Great app. seamless experience, really helps get things started. Well recommended, works like a charm!

(United Kingdom)

I used this app to help me add the Google Tag(s) to my store. I followed the instructions which were a little confusing, but it appears that I got there. It would be great if the author then suggested a way to test my efforts. I'm very thankful for this app been free, it's very generous of the author.


looks easy, am still new using it, so i do not have much to review as i am not advanced yet tho it does look easy

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