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This is the Official Soundboard of LT.LICKME, the troller with over 1.1 Million subscribers on YouTube!

From the people who brought you the LT.ARMY App, we're back bringing you a brand new app!

๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in US ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in UK ๏
๏ #3 Paid Overall in US ๏
๏ #5 Paid Overall in UK ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in AU ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in CAD ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in NO ๏
๏ #1 Paid Entertainment in NZ ๏

Application Features
๏ Be able to troll whilst being part of Anonymous!
๏ Be able to troll whilst being The Watcher!
๏ Switch between Anonymous & The Watcher and troll with the famous sayings & phrases
๏ Choose between a variety of different phrases allowing you to become the characters
๏ Have the ability to Tweet to LT.LICKME himself
๏ Have all your favourite sayings from LT.LICKME in one place
๏ View all of LT.LICKME's social media
๏ Support for iPhone 6/6+/6s/6s+/7/7+/8/8+/X

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If you find any bugs or issues with the app please tweet @DarkFoxLabs so we can work on getting them fixed, if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the app as well please tweet @DarkFoxLabs or @LTLICKME so we can take your thought in to consideration!

LT.SOUNDS App Description & Overview

The applications LT.SOUNDS was published in the category Entertainment on 2017-03-29 and was developed by H KONS. The file size is 85.68 MB. The current version is 2.0.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

๏ NEW IN VERSION 2.0.1 ๏

๏ Whoops! Fixed the issue where some sounds were playing incorrectly in The Watchers section in 'Conversations' (Silly us)
๏ Enhanced UI adjustments (Better quality)
๏ Fixed the Developer button on the home screen
๏ Small bug fixes too!

๏ Follow us on Twitter
๏ Follow us on Facebook
๏ Follow us on Instagram
๏ Check out our website

If you find any bugs or issues with the app please tweet @DarkFoxLabs so we can work on getting them fixed, if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the app as well please tweet @DarkFoxLabs or @LTLICKME so we can take your thought in to consideration!

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Worst app ever!  ShidoOtone500  1 star

I want a refund NOW! Not a joke.

Cover fire

Good app but  Cover fire  4 star

This is a great app everything sounds good but it need something to where you can type out a sentence and it say it in the watcher or anonymous please add this in it would make it a little more usable


Great app but...  CrafteddutyYT  4 star

So the app is great it's simple to navigate and easy to use all around. But it does seem to lack content. There's just some phrases and some other things but not enough to carry out any decent length conversations. Maybe if at all possible make it where you can type your own custom message and the app will say it? I assume that would be possible and that would completely eradicate my recent statement. "Lack of content"


Good  H&NMAGNUM  5 star

Okay this app is a very good app just I don’t know what’s the point I probably might be dumb but do I have to put the phone to the mic in order to speak because if so it kinda takes long to write it all out but I kinda got the hang of it where you put it on your likes in a row and make a phrase choose the first hello and just go off and don’t respond to the person till your phrases are over I just wish you could connect it to your mic or something and be able to talk threw it. Besides that good app


It’s great  mcp0617  5 star

I really enjoy the app it’s tons of fun play around with but I wish there is feature where can you record your self saying something and its said in the watcher or anymous voice


REFUND ORDER (check Lt.LICKME youtube)  VIPR OHHGEE  1 star

This guy stole all the money from LT.LICKME aka one of Australia's MOST FAMOUS INTERNET MERCENARY TROLLS!!! this app is being held for randsom and this dev is a scum

Blade hammer

STOP  Blade hammer  5 star

The developer is holding the app and the earnings hostage dont buy


😡  DaWoodBoys  1 star

Give me my money back! Stupid developer

Mincraft on brosif

LT’s recent tweet  Mincraft on brosif  1 star

The developer of this app, @DarkFoxLabs on twitter, stole all the proceeds of this app and is holding it ransom. LT says to report and uninstall the app, and ask for a refund if you can.


Future feature please?  Emendoza58  4 star

You guys should add a text bar where we can type what we want them to say

my name on pubg jamesdsw

Plz make a microphone  my name on pubg jamesdsw  5 star

Plz make a mic where u can talk as the watcher voice


Personalise  ThEfAtMoIsThOlE  4 star

Just would want to jay this app is amazing I’ve trolled my friends with it but to make it that bit more believable if you could make a new section that you speak into and after you check what voice u want and then you can save and use it again. This would make Pranking ur friend that more funny and scary for them


Waste of money  cagil1  1 star

U didn’t even put an instruction how its work..I need refund..


Pre record feature?  ChuCkada310  5 star

It’s a great app but a pre record or voice over would be INSANE, I just bought it and scared some randoms with it The Watcher and I’m in love

Boi ur pants are low

Pre recorded sentences  Boi ur pants are low  5 star

This app is amazing but can u please add a pre recorded messages

Wanted to invite

Love the app  Wanted to invite  5 star

But honestly wish there was more sentences


Great App  adamisatroll  5 star

Love the app, just wish you could record your own voice and change it into anonymous or watcher. Plz add these functions to the app.


Great app  AussieWolf44  5 star

Love the app great for messing around with friends and family. However could do with updating regularly with more sounds.


Lit sounds  BEKFAST!!!  5 star



Well spent  Nukeman1303  5 star

I only use the watcher but still, best money I've ever spent in my life. I wish I could talk and a app could change my voice instantly to a watcher. Please do it. ILL PAY ANYTHING


It needs type to speak  •.,¿§₩)?  4 star

I love this app but it really should have tts (talk to speak) it would be a lot more fun to use if it had this just saying


Perfect  Foxbodymustang1988gt  5 star

You are amazing


10/10  Brewster73  5 star


My favorite one

Love it  My favorite one  5 star

Fun for trolling


Alright, good stuff... but one problem.. or two  Boss.86  3 star

All of the stuff is good, except, the anonymous sounds don't work for me. (I realize that might be just me). And also add a feature to record your (the user's) voice and change it to be anonymous or the watcher, otherwise it kind of ruins the effect that you try to use on your friends. So imma give this a spicy hot 3-star


Coolest app ever  Lrm612  5 star

This app is so cool! I wish there was a way to Use the voices over the phone

Smiley Blueyes

Deceiving  Smiley Blueyes  3 star

the app is deceiving from his ad on his channel. i thought i was able to speak into it and it will give me a recording. nope! just buttons. the watcher sound board is really good though, but the anonymous sound board sounds a bit off from his vids, you could probably get the anonymous sound board somewhere else.


AMAZING  ECR8820  5 star

Ok this game is so freaking amazing but when you update it just please add a text box and type in it!!! THIS APP IS GREAT!!!!!😝😝😝


Awesome but  Bubba12162  5 star

It would be cool if you could type in things for it to say or talk into it and it would come out like that

Corvo Krane

it's good but I have a recommendation  Corvo Krane  4 star

1. Can you make a customs list where you could choose a saying and make your own list of your Favorite saying so it's easier to access them.










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