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Triller: Social Video Platform [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Triller is an entertainment platform built for creators. A social video community where you can show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds. Express yourself and connect with the content you love. Create amazing music videos for trending challenges such as the Drake #InMyFeelings challenge and many more.

Millions have made Triller videos on the fly including Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Rae Sremmurd, Rita Ora, Kevin Hart and more. Just shoot a few takes, tap the Triller button, and we quickly edit everything together into an impressive, shareable video.

Use Triller to:
■ Create professional-looking videos in minutes with the help of our unique auto-editing algorithm
■ Look your best with 100+ filters and personalize your videos with text, drawings and emojis
■ Access the top trending tracks or your own music from your library
■ Collaborate with friends next door, or all over the world, in a group video
■ Share videos via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Text, Email or save to your camera roll

You do you, Triller does the rest.

Questions? Feedback? We love it. Please write to us at

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Triller: Social Video Platform Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Super easy editing has had another boost with new capture trays, and we have even brought back text over video. The Triller devs are hard at work bringing you so many more improvements, to make what you do best better. So keep making Trillers, and keep doing what you do best - you. Bug update: Fixed:  App crashes with Apple music, multiple selected clips and sharing videos. Great for when you get the party started, and then someone decides to pull a plug. Design bugs:  Typefaces were wrong in some screens and messages we saying unread when they had been read. When editing we found that some buttons would hide. Why did they decide to do that? Maybe they didn’t like to be pushed around. Sometimes when importing a video would it would be green. We think someone didn’t kermit the file properly. When you clicked like, a double heart would show. Timelords only know why this happened. (Yes we did just get a Dr Who reference in there). Lots more text over video issues. This type of problem is becoming more offensive than comic sans.

Triller: Social Video Platform Comments & Reviews

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- I like it a lot but I have some suggestions

This is a great alternative from TikTok. But there some aspects to which makes it a bit more difficult then TikTok and other applications that are similar. This app honestly has a great variety of music and amazing effects. Honestly the app seems pretty easy to use and understand. My suggestions are: an installation for direct messages and to find away to use audios that other people/creator have recorded. I find the second suggestion most envied by me. It’s just a really enjoyable feature that could be added. I can’t wait to see what this app has in stored for the future. And I hope this creates a great and amazing community around it.

- Annoyed

Why make changes. the last version, as well as those prior were way better, before, when you searched for an artist or song, that’s exactly what the search revealed. Now when you search, it’s a million other unnecessary songs totally irrelevant to your search, before, a search would reveal all of the songs from the artist, then near the end, you may have some songs related to your search. Now you have to scroll for days hoping to find what you’re looking for, & It’s annoying. The videos are shorter, they use to be 30 seconds, now they’re 16. The filters often disappear during playback. I do like how u can permanently set your account to “private” in settings, yet you have to select “private” every time you save & download which defeats the purpose. You also have to choose a category, before saving your vid, like for what. Triller was everything when it was first launched, It’s cool though. I still use it, but as the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If it was up to me, I’d still have one of the older versions.

- Glitch maybe?

So... my phone started playing music then kept going to other music and stuff while it was off and I wasn’t touching it,it was all the way across the room and I was on my I pad so I went over to it and started to see what that was so I went to all my apps that played music and stopped the music and then the music started again and it just kept going to different music and stuff so then I turned off my phone and turned it back on and it stopped for about 20-25 seconds then it started back up and it wouldn’t stop so I went to triller and just swiped up and down and then I clicked off the app and that’s the music that was playing so then I went on instagram and swiped then it played a mix of both music I was so lost so then I started to delete all my apps then when I deleted triller it stopped and then I downloaded it back and it never did it again lol but it was kinda funny tho 😂

- Review

App has many glitches , quality of videos looks blurry (even with great wifi) usually takes a while to adjust and even then the videos still look unclear for the first half while playing ( that’s your uploads and videos of others) . it would be nice if the apps community tab was like tiktok it’s useful to see everyone’s videos , not just vertified influencers in the front of all pages it makes it like ig In a way and not as inviting to the entire community . App also takes a while to upload your videos ... as well as glitches at times when you attach something from your camera roll , it won’t even show up to edit it .. as if you didn’t choose an attachment at all , over all app could be better if glitches were fixed and were more inviting to community not just influencers . I really enjoy how tiktok shows you many different videos . I’d also like to add I had triller when the app first came out and it wasn’t as glitchy

- Improve the app more

So this app is a really good alternative to apps like tik tok but it’s still full of bugs and glitches and features missing. The big feature is messaging. PLEASE fix and implement your private message feature. I’ve messaged people and it wouldn’t load me in. Then with a recent update I see that you can’t message anyone at all for some reason. The next feature is to fully save videos to your camera roll. Other apps let you and so should triller. If there’s a funny video I want to send to my friend I want to easily do it by saving the full video to my camera roll. The third feature is a request system. I have many times requested and asked a user to make specific videos and I think they aren’t seeing my comments. This request system would fix that by letting commenters privately request whatever video they want. These features would definitely make this app even better. Thank you.

- Glitch, please fix!!!

Theres something wrong with that app. Me and my boyfriend boyfriend both experienced this a few times. It plays music without the app even being open. It woke me up in the middle of the night playing songs. It goes through them too. Like more than one song plays. Like its swiping through the triller videos playing songs. The app wasnt even open at all. I closed all my apps and it still played. The first time this happened I was confused and I thought someone hacked my phone, here it was the app. So I deleted it. Then a day after the second time it happened to me, it happened to my boyfriend. It woke him up in the middle of the night so he starts calling me. So he had to delete the app. Its either you delete the app or keep the music playing because restarting your phone doesnt even help it just continues. Please fix this because I actually really like the app and I used it a lot.

- Honestly

I don’t get all of the positive reviews, I had the app for 30 minutes, maybe an hour and I was completely disappointed. I honestly do not understand the hype. The app reminds me strongly of TikTok, Snapchat, and Byte all clashed together into one app and it’s just a mess. The navigation was difficult and it didn’t feel like it was its own app, which I think is why it was so unenjoyable. There is a certain fluidity that TikTok has captured and that I think Triller was an attempt to recreate but it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t feel the same, more like a poorly made spin-off. Anything you clicked was kind of weird- like, you would click on something and it would have a weird transitioning effect and the only content was ‘verified’ accounts, which was also very disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand the app is trying to gain traction by endorsements from popular creators but at the very least they could throw in a single video of someone who doesn’t have a following. I will say that perhaps I’m judging it to harshly, but I feel as though the app just doesn’t feel like its own and I am reminded of TikTok. I get that’s the whole point, but it’s kind of like Vine a certain group of people got to enjoy it and then it was gone. Byte didn’t work out because they were trying to replace something that just simply couldn’t, or more so shouldn’t, be replaced. I think that’s the case here too.

- It’s ok! 💞

Ok so I’m going to give this app a four star because I’m sure this is a really great app and I really want to use it so people can get in contact with me, but I can’t sign up for an account! Well, I can, but there’s been some problems because it won’t let me make an account. It could just be on my end, because I’m not on WiFi and I’m switching between 3 and 4 bars of internet because I’m on a road trip, but every time I go to make an account it says that theirs an unknown error. I tried to use my phone number to sign up, and it told me that my phone number was invalid? Then I kept trying but it wasn’t working so I decided to try my email, that didn’t work it either it just told me their was an unknown error. I will definitely try later when I’m on WiFi!

- I think there’s a bug...

I have never written a review on an app before, but I think it’s kind of necessary in this case... I like the app’s features, I’ve made some really cool videos on it. HOWEVER, I had a very similar problem to the other guy that wrote a review. Ever since I downloaded Triller, my phone would just randomly start playing a bunch of music clips back-to-back when nothing was open or on my phone and I wasn’t touching it. I tried everything to get that music to stop and Siri couldn’t even get it to stop! Every time it happened I had to shut off my phone completely and turn it back on. Plus, I had to push notifications for this app OFF. It couldn’t send me anything, but would just randomly start playing music, all different kinds of music, at all different hours. Including 4:30 AM which I was not impressed with! This went on for weeks before I heard an ad saying something about Triller in between the music clips playing and then I knew it was this app! Also, unlike TikTok, for some reason on Instagram and Facebook, when I post a Triller video that I made, It won’t post and I’ll get a notification saying that the music violates copyrights. Which in my opinion makes the app pretty useless. Why would you spend all this time making a super cool video that no one can see?

- I love your app

This app is so beautiful you can do a dances and stuff I can express my feelings I can do my dances I love everybody on here I get followers are you likes this is a good app everybody should go to this app and I love you app and and there’s a lot of loving people on this app I love this app this app is beautiful it just lets people express their feelings and this is a cool name for this app and everybody everybody I mean everybodyEven the whole world needs should go on this app please please please please go on his app I love you bye .

- banned for NO REASON

I love this app and have been using it for a long time because I have always felt safe to express myself on there. This morning, a little square appeared on my most recent video that read “famous” and I was sooo hype!!! HOWEVER, a couple of hours go by and all of a sudden my account is “no longer accessible”, and then when I tried to log back in, it said my account had been banned. MIND YOU I have NEVER DONE ANYTHING BAD ON THIS APP. The only reason I can think of is because I had BLOCKED JOSH RICHARDS and his sway house friends the day before because their content is BORING and that’s MY opinion!! I reserve the right to block whoever I want!!!! I feel truly heartbroken over this because triller didn’t provide me with a SINGLE EXPLANATION as to why my account was problematic. (Maybe because there was no reason?) I want Triller to be held accountable, because I put a lot of time and heart into making my content! THIS FEELS SO UNFAIR:(

- Not sure if I’m the only one with this

Issue, but I’m really getting tired of waiting for a triller vid to load the whole video..instead I watch snippets of it and can’t even pause until it’s gone thru the entire vid. I don’t think it’s got much to do with my WiFi connection Bc snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and even funimate work just fine. It’s until I get to this app is when I literally can’t enjoy it anymore and I used to love this app it’s the best out there...anyway, developers please somehow fix, I saw that about 6 days ago you made it to where the vids would load at your WiFi connections speed, but I shouldn’t have to use a ton of my 4G LTE just for this app. I’m not gonna lie it pisses me off that every other app works just fine while this one just can’t do it. Please let me know what you can do to get this app working properly again‼️

- why am I crashing so much?!

So, I was making a Triller, Just like all people on this app basically do. I finish making the Triller and I’m now editing the video. When I’m editing, it crashes numerous of times and then, I just leave the app load it back on then I go to my profile because it saves every Triller in its progress if you close the app... so I then proceed to go to the video and I’m trying to post it. It says, creating video and it has a loading symbol that doesn’t have nothing in it like, it’s not even loading. So then it does this for like 3 seconds and then it crashes. I don’t know if this is a bug or if there’s just something with my phone that is just not caught up with the app and it’s just not working but this is very, VERY annoying and I wish that this doesn’t keep happening but, unfortunately it keeps happening.

- Almost perfect app

I love this app to make music videos. It’s easy to learn how to use and has a lot of great features. I wish I could give it 5 stars but I have to problems with it. 1) There is only a 3 second countdown before the video begins. I wish there could be options to set the countdown to 3 sec, 5 sec, and 10 sec. I do videos by myself and sometimes it is hard to be in front of the camera in a shot after just 3 seconds. The other feature I wish it had was an “undo” button on the shuffle screen. I will be working on a video and have it shuffled and edited perfectly but then accidentally hit the shuffle button AGAIN and lose all my work. It would be very helpful to have these two features.

- Ok but needs work

So I came to this app because as we all know Donald Trump is banning TicTok so this is kind of like a alternative app so I got on the app and the first thing I will ask if there’s an auto scroll feature and I’m pretty sure Once all the creators on TickTock figure out that there’s an app called Triller they will move onto the app and they will make the app better like they will take all their content and move it to Triller and if the for you page will pretty much be good worst thing I noticed the data there’s an auto scroll feature and I do not like that at all I think that just disengage the audience from engaging with the creators I think it might be a way that you can turn that feature off but yes it’s kind of a lag he and when I say could you some work on yeah so

- Hello

I love using triller. I always record 1 minute long music videos, and I record many different videos to edit and make the entire music video loon unique and cool. The recent update makes each video segment much longer. I am posting this to ask for the app to allow us to edit the length of each video segment, like how we can change which video we want in which place, can you update it so we can choose each length of the video? I like the app even 2 months ago, when each time segment was different and wasn't the same for every video. Now my music video is so out of place, because I want to edit it to go along with the song but I cannot do that now. Please fix this!

- Very confused and disappointed

I loved triller!! But after today not anymore! Triller has always been a great app and I’ve made many great memories and videos on that app. Unfortunately, today I was trying to use the app and every time I went on it, it was just a black screen. I then tried to delete the app and then reinstall it but it did not work. There wasn’t a black screen anymore, and I could see some videos but when I tried logging back into my account it kept saying there was an INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (500)!! And then when I tried to click on someone else’s account it would crash and take me out of the account!!! I’m very disappointed in this app! I loved it so much and this is what it does! Like come on!! Whoever created this app needs to do a way better job at doing THEIR job!!!

- I mean it’s alright

First off this might be the next tik tok since I am not aloud to have tik tok I always am looking for an app similar and this app looked kinda like it and I seen some tik tokens on it so I was like ok maybe this is the next tik tok but then I was like oh it only has a few songs and it’s always be happy maybe put more songs that are popular or have been popular before I would give it four or five stars then because all my friends have tik tok and I don’t so if there was an app that could help me be more part of the tik toks my friends do because every time they ask me to film one with them I don’t know the dance so I sit and watch so this app eventually could be a great app for me😁 but over all I like the app

- Triller from a new user’s standpoint

I decided to try Triller out since my favorite app will be banned soon. Unfortunately, I’m not too thrilled with this app. I’ve tried to watch different videos to see if I wanted to duet them. Unfortunately, the videos skip ahead without my moving them. NOT a fan. And, every video I’ve seen is of a famous person. Not an average person. Where’s the average person at!? Also, the songs I’ve heard aren’t that popular yet. You need more catchy songs on here. And don’t just keep songs that are in my Apple library if I try to upload a song. And DO NOT trim the song for me. I’m not 2. I’m more than capable of doing that myself. Stop trying to rip off a good app and then ruin the features we’re used to. 2/5 stars.

- I love this app!

I love it! It’s just like tik tok kinda. Definitely more now! I am not even close to a tech savvy and cant figure out how to get to my Direct Messaging. One other thing is I took some videos from Dubsmash and posted them on here cause I couldn’t find the sounds. In fact I couldn’t find any sounds. I love the songs that are on here but I wish there was even a way to add a sound or record it. So that we can make videos with that other app. (And I already deleted it)😬 Other then that I love the app and it’s totally worth downloading. And all your favorite dancers are on here! Addison Rae, Charli Dameilio, Bryce Hall, etc. those are just some examples!

- I highly suggest just deleting this app

For the past week or so, my phone would randomly start playing LOUD music and videos, and I could NOT figure out what it was. I would close out all of my apps but it would continue going from one video to the next. After blaming Tik tok, deleting it, and nothing changing, I assumed I had a virus and I almost bought a new phone all together. The only way to get it to stop was to fully shut down my phone. It got to the point where it was happening multiple times an hour, and since I had to keep shutting off my phone, I just couldn’t use it. I finally saw something online that said it was Triller and indeed it was. Glad I figured it out before I wasted money on getting it repaired/buying a new phone. Will not be downloading again 🥴

- Glitches?

I’m personally not a fan of the filters to begin w, but I can see how some of them would be cool for certain videos. I really want to like this app, but I feel like it’s a little hard to navigate. Idk if maybe I missed an announcement on how to use it, but I follow josh, Noah and griffin on tik tok and haven’t really seen much of a promotion on my fyp. When I went to go make a video the sound wasn’t playing and it paused in the middle of the video and just froze like that. I tried to exit the app and try again and it wouldn’t load and would send me back to my home page on my phone. I’m hoping these get fixed though bc I think it has the potential to be the new tik tok but there’s a lot that needs to be worked on

- App is a Horrible now

Its a shame I used to love triller but now when I open it, it lags and takes forever to do anything. I even recently made a triller and captured some really great shots in the beautiful location I was in. Then when I went to shuffle and make the triller or even export one of the takes. It would stay stuck on processing for minutes and hours before just quitting. I updated my phone, I updated the app and still no luck. On top of that I deleted a lot off of my phone to make storage for the app because doing one triller project takes uses up a ridiculous amount of space. I am really disappointed because I think triller is a great app and I would of liked to continue using it but after this last experience I don’t think I will anymore.

- i want old triller back

i’ve been using triller for at least 3 years now and i loved making stupid funny videos for my friends. after the new update i’m seriously debating deleting the app bc not only can i not click on my acc without the entire app crashing, i can’t even make a video bc it crashes before i can save it. also the new editing is HORRIBLE. i can’t tell which clip is which and you can only have like 6 at a time where before it was at least 10. the shuffle button doesn’t even shuffle the clips and the videos come out horrible, although i never even got to finish one fully before the app crashed and deleted all the clips i had saved. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the crashing and PLEASE go back to the old way of editing at the very least

- Huge glitch

Triller is a good app or what not but today I’m chilling and my phone starts playing music out of no where literally. So I swipe all of my apps off and it’s still playing. Now at this point I’m thinking some one hacked my phone so I turned my phone all the way off then turned it back on. That stopped the music but just a few minutes after it starts again, so I turn my VPN on like that was supposed to do something. Then, when I saw it didn’t stop I went online and saw so many people complaining about triller doing this, I deleted the app and the music stopped. Y’all need to fix this cause I was ready to get a new phone chile.

- What my life has come to

I came to this app because I’m preparing for a tragic loss, you may have heard that TikTok will be ban in the USA soon. This app will go places with a bit of tweaking. For starters I would like a feature of favoriting sounds, videos, and hashtags. I would also like the ability to “hide in the comments” this is something that the people on TikTok created. To explain it is when you find a scary video and pull up the comments while the video is playing so you can’t see most of the images. (If you need more information go on TikTok and find a horror video and look at the comments) Next I would like to see videos we liked, it’s, to put it simply, convenient. I love TikTok and it may seem like I’m trying to make this other app a copy of it but I’m truly not. This app has some very good features, and (to be completely honest), not as racist as TikTok. Thank you for your time~ ~Sincerely: A broken hearted ex-TikTok user

- Crashes all the time

I have an iPhone 6, not sure if that’s the problem but all my videos crash before even able to save it then if I can save it, it crashes again before I can download it. This past weekend I tried multiple times, restarting the app, restarting my phone and it kept crashing. I deleted the app and re downloaded it (this worked before) but nothing!!! It even crashed before I was able to try to save my video. I use this for my business on IG and it’s frustrating when I can’t get the video to save and download. Now I’m left with no recording. Need to find another app that works. Super disappointed and frustrated. Not opening songs and not even letting me log in, the log in won’t even pop up

- Great but very glitchy

I really like the app because it’s really fun and cool and your able to message make videos and dance and I like the option to make two videos and put them together! But the app is really glitchy and every time I want to click on the video it glitches and kicks me out of the app and it’s really annoying because I can only watch a video on my for you or my following and it’s getting really annoying. But I don’t know if it’s just my phone or the app but if it didn’t have those glitches than I would 100% recommend

- I want to love it

I’m very against using tiktok, and naturally this is the best alternative. Unfortunately it has two major shortcomings. 1. The algorithm in the “trills” page is horrible. I keep getting recommended videos I don’t care about all all or that I’ve seen before. 2. The lack of the ability to use other’s custom sounds is extremely frustrating because it largely prevents trends of songs that aren’t natively on the app. Other than that, the camera is very good, I would say superior to the competition. The only other small gripe I have is the placement of the music tab. It should be integrated into the search tab.

- Starts randomly playing music??

The past few days, the app has started randomly playing the music from the videos, even switching between multiple videos, and keeps playing music when when all apps are closed out. I haven’t even used Triller since March so it hasn’t been opened in months, and yet the app would start randomly playing and the only way to make it stop was to turn off my phone. I only just figured out it was coming from this app because it happened to start playing the audio from a video where somebody said “thank you to Triller.” I had fun with the app, but this is a really annoying glitch that needs to be fixed. I’ll have to uninstall until then

- Not so good

I downloaded the app expecting to be able to use my own music from Apple Music for my videos. It gave me the option to choose whether or not I wanted triller to access my music and I clicked on allow. However each time I click on “My Music” it says “No results found”. So then I thought to delete the app and wait a couple hours and download it again, which is exactly what I did. So I go back to my account and click on my music and the same result happened: “No results found”. I really wanted to use this app because my cousin explained how fun it was especially when using her own music but, I guess I’ll find another app.

- All great except!!!

When I first started using Triller, I was able to use the entire length of my songs to make music videos. This new update only allowing 60 seconds instead of full length of whatever track I choose, really makes it difficult to make a precise, and perfect music video. Other than me wishing the time limit would be changed back to t entire length of track, I LOVE THIS APP!!!! :) 😁😁

- Clip length randomization is terrible now.

So I must’ve downloaded the New version of Triller. I know you were never really able to control the length of each clip in editing a music video unless you switched the next clip over to the same video, but this new version of trillers randomization of each clips length is terrible. At least before it seemed they tried to get the videos lengths to match up with different points in the song. Now it’s just a casual switch over to the next series of clips after seven seconds of play. I’m disappointed. I finally got a new iPhone 11 and was ready to test out the camera. 👎🏿

- need a area to get back out of pages

Triller is good love it but the developer(s) forgot one thing , when a user goes to lets say someone's friends list you get stuck because there's no area to go back to the page that you where on before or to even go back to your own page , the next update the developers should put a back button on their app so users aren't stuck trying to navigate back to their page or back to the area they came from & add live video chat too .

- Horrible

This app is nothing but a headache. Every update fails to fix any bugs and issues that the app has. For over a week I haven’t been able to save or post not one video. No matter how many clips it is. It won’t save or post at all. It’s a waste of time at this point and sadly I’m debating on redownloading tik tok and allowing whatever China issues that want to happen, happen. Because tik tok may have no terms of security. Yet at least their app works. At least I can do a video and it won’t be stuck on the app. Unable to save to phone or to the page on triller. It’s pointless guys. Just don’t even download this app. They refuse to fix it. Wish I could give it 0 stars.

- Glitch/Virus??

I haven’t used this app in months! But last night my phone started randomly playing all kinds of music even while I wasn’t even on it! I closed all my apps and that didn’t work. I would get a phone call and the music would continue playing. I did a reset and that still didn’t work. It wasn’t coming from my music app or my Pandora app. So then I just started deleting my apps that play music, ads, or shows. And as soon as I deleted Triller, the music stopped. You all need to figure out what that bug is because it’s very inconvenient for a phone to be playing music all throughout the night, during work, and in the middle of calls.

- Disappointed teenager

I used to have this app and I really enjoyed it but now it won’t let me save ANY of my videos, I’ve tried to make at least 5-10 and every-time the app glitches out when I try to publish. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I really wish it would work because my trillers used to be fire and I’m salty that I can’t make them anymore. I already tried re-downloading the app but it still doesn’t save my videos without the app crashing,, I’m frustrated and annoyed!

- Confused

Okay ever since Tik Tok bought Musically I hated it. The camera was weird and transitions were harder to do. A Muser now uses this app so I installed it hoping to get that old musically feel. Haha wrong. I like it but your camera is weird. It looks normal at first but then it flips around and makes me look weird and it’s all wrong. I’m used to holding the button in and playing/stopping the music whenever I please, this counts down and to my knowledge you can’t stop and do transitions, I do like that you can connect Apple Music to it and use your songs but the camera needs some work. I like it so far but I hate the camera system. If that changes I will definitely post my Trillers.

- Stop doing things nobody asked.

The new UI is terrible, low quality, and now shuffles are only one preset with looooong shuffles.. Literally, the only complaints I’ve seen were from people wanting 1 minute videos, crashing problems and log in problems. Log in was fixed, crashing got better, now we get 1 minute but now everything looks and feels clunky and terrible all over again. Even the FX look different, but worse. This app can easily out do tiktok and alike for music creators but man it’s hard when the updates will go 2 steps forward bunch cartwheel back for no reason.

- Wouldn’t let me unfollow accounts

So I downloaded this app because of the possible tiktok ban in the U.S. I tried to follow the official triller acc, but it wasn’t allowing me. Then I went to see if it would work on other accounts but it didn’t. Then I went to my account and refreshed and saw that I was following five people. So I tried to unfollow the people I didn’t want, but at first every time I refreshed they came back. After 3 or 4 tries, it wouldn’t even let me unfollow whatsoever. Also, every time I come back to the app on the AppStore, I see that the star review I put was gone so this review was basically a warning about the glitches and to see if it gets removed.

- Error

I finally made an account on triller and when i wanted to upload my first ever video i had to do a verify my email i went to my email account and clicked the link and when i clicked it It says it expired so i went to triller and tried again but it seems like I cant resend my email so i logged out of my acc and tried to do my phone number instead and it kept showing that i cant Log in I uninstalled the app to see if anything was wrong or if i clicked something wrong and it didn’t work it kept saying my wifi connection was poor which wasnt at all my wifi was perfectly fine i also cant see any videos pls fix this

- What happened? 🤷🏿‍♀️

For some reason now the screen on the right under “edit videos” makes it impossible to delete videos because the delete button is now buried under another two buttons. When this happens I have to start from scratch and make sure I like what I’ve imported because it’s there for good. Never use to be this way. This only seems to happen when the phone decides to rotate to landscape mode, leaving less vertical space on the right side of the screen. Really frustrating.

- Camera

sooo i updated the app and my camera isn’t working when i start to record..i didn’t know if it was the app or my phone so i went to the camera app and my camera worked perfectly fine so then i went back to the app to see if it worked and it didn’t 🙄 so i restarted the app and my phone but yet it still didn’t work soo I dont know what’s I dont know if it’s bug but i don’t want to delete the app and put it back on there cuz i’m scared it’s gonna delete my stuff so. but it seems like i’m not the only 😭

- Fix please

I used Triller for a long time, & the update just messed it up in my opinion , now when you make videos you cant shuffle the clips around as good as before , the same clip would stay on for like 5 seconds or more the "shuffle again" button is just messed up now. & it wont let me post or save anything, it would fully load && make me think it saved but then i try again && it just gives me an error message & that happens every single time i try to save something


So this app allows you to create a video and edit it (which is amazing.......or so I thought) but once I tried to download the video it notified me that I needed to create an account and validate my email address. Okay, cool. Right? Ehh, wrong! It gives you the option of creating an account through various ways, which I did EVERY SINGLE ONE, and still kept getting an “error 500” notification after every attempt. It also gave me a time out connection notification, but my data was and is working just fine elsewhere. I liked this app at first but now it’s just a waste of space. Throw the whole app away 🚮🤷🏼‍♀️👎🏼

- How to mess up a great app.

I used to absolutely love Triller. I’ve been using this app for a long time and now it seems as though I will be deleting it. They’ve mad so many changes to the app that it’s completely unrecognizable from the great app that it was. They took away the ability to shoot in landscape. They took away the social media aspect. And now they’ve completely neutered the app by not allowing you to import your own music into the app to make your videos. They have capped it at 30 seconds which is absolute nonsense. DO NOT USE THIS APP. They take away features that you love for no specific reason. Thanks for killing your own app.

- Ehhh...

My friend told me about this app, so I listened and got it. I like musically, they’re fun to make, and she said it’s like that. When I got was just confusing. I had no clue how to make a video, and when I finally figured how to make one, it looked super bad and it just was not that fun. I mean looking at others trillers are fun, but making your own and being proud of it is what I wanted to do. I’d recommend musically over this. More simple and way easier to figure out. I give this a two because the only part I enjoyed was watching other people who were actually good at them. Not the best app, prefer musically and I think you’d prefer it too. 💯

- I’m frustrated.

I used to love triller. Making music videos with cool effects was right down my alley. I dont know if its the new effects or too much activity overall on the app but its been slow and lagging ALOT lately. Whenever I try to watch or edit videos it moves incredibly slowly, delays, and glitches. Plus, whenever I create videos half the screen is missing so I’m barely visible in the picture. I would like to use triller as often as I can, but these problems are too irritating and existent for a while. PLEASE FIX TRILLER.

- Crying in the club

I made a 40 minute video of how to do makeup (bc my sister is still learning so i make videos to help) and the only way i could export the video in any way, way if it was auto edited. I though it might add a filter, or crop something out, but boy i was surprised when my video came out 14 seconds long instead of 40 minutes, with some bright orange filter on it and flashing lights so you couldnt even see anything! First of all, i want to know who needs to look like a blinding oompa loompa. Second, how can i export the video in a normal way? I cant even export scene by scene! This app drove me to frustration and i am indeed, crying in the club.

- Needs improvements

I don’t know if this is only on my phone but when I’m scrolling on ‘social’ the videos I’ve already seen still pop up and there is no way to refresh the ‘social pages to get a new page of new videos. When I press on ‘social’ it just takes me back to the top and shows the same videos again. Another thing is the social page only has like 15 videos to scroll down to and then it doesn’t let me scroll anymore, and there is no new videos. So if Triller can fix this, it will improve the app a lot.

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- It’s pretty good

I enjoy using triller and I love some of the content creators on there but the sounds don’t keep in time with the video after you’ve filmed. The sound always goes a little faster than the video and it makes it a little inconvenient to film videos that rely on the time. But other than that it’s pretty good.

- Feedback

Hey triller I absolutely live this app and it will definitely be the next big thing although there is in thing that I really don’t like is how you can only see who follows you and you can’t see who likes your vids mentions you in videos and comments on your videos and for some reason them features were taken off and it was a bit disappointing so if you guys could bring that back then it would make me super happy and will definitely be to me a five star app. Thanks Triller.

- giving small creators a chance to be big

obviously if tiktok dies triller will become the next big thing, but I really hope that they still give small creators an opportunity to be featured on the social page and become big unlike what tiktok does. ⛔️if you can like reviews please like this so the creators of triller can see this and keep in in mind⛔️

- Thriller

When I found this app I started to see what it like and what I realised it that this app is so cool and make ur video so like popular and etc I might delete tiktok now cause I found that this app better than tiktok cause you when u shoot the video u can it it like in 59 and more video in one shoot i find this app better and I can never thank who ever brought it up

- great app but..

i believe this app is amazing to make cool videos but the fact we can’t choose a particular part of the song really annoys me. i went to make a video to the song “nameless” by lil keed and i couldn’t choose the specific part of the song i wanted to shoot with :/ the song is great overall but there’s this one part that just slaps yk😭😭😭 please fix this and let users choose any part of the song like on instagram !!!

- Pleasure

Hi, it would be awesome if you could put every song on there like safari and google so when you search the song it comes up and you don’t have to download it. Apart from that this app is amazing!

- Buggy

I would like to say that I love this app, but I just can’t say much about it yet apart from its very laggy and glitchy. Most things refuse to load and I often find myself waiting for the feed to load most of the time instead of using this app. Some intense fixes would be appreciated

- Doesn’t let me log in

I entered my email and tried to send a confirmation for the email and it kept saying resend failed. I tried a different email, then I would press on the links in the email which are supposed to take me to a website but the website just says it doesn’t work and to try again. I have tried multiple times and nothing works. So frustrating

- Glitches

It always glitches out of the app and will not let me saving t to me camera roll before it glitches out I love this app though and have been using it for a long time and if you fix the glitches nothing would be wrong xx

- A new triller user.

Hello triller, as you would probably know, tiktok is getting banned nd everybody has went to triller. I have multiple accounts on tiktok and quite a few followers on most of them. I was wondering, if you could add multiple accounts on one device? (3-4 would be great!) Thanks, this kiddoo

- Review

This app it great and I was wondering if you could add the audio that the person used in their video so you can tap on it and use the audio (just a suggestion) and also I would love it if I could get 10k followers it’s my dream can you please help me reach my journey. Thx

- I think that...

I think that triller would be better if you added some different colour filters like a nice sunlight one or others also I would like if you could add the songs you like into your favourites collection but you can’t.

- Not impressed- Please Help

Firstly I can’t connect my Facebook to find friends, i got to login to Facebook and then I takes me back to Triller and nothing happens. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app still nothing. Also everything seems a little slow, takes a while to load videos/searches all that- very frustrated.

- Multiple Accounts that don't work

I actually hope this reaches someone! I have two accounts with this app that don’t work. I had to create a second account because the 1st accounts password/username didn’t match after the app glitched and kicked me out, and now its happened again for the second account. Please help

- buggy app.

rea11y 1aggy.

- keep em

i saw that some of the guys from the hype or sway house are going to leave tiktok for this app... I’m only giving this 5 stars for them to stay on triller ✌🏼

- Just what I needed for the job!

Only issue is the sound sometimes doesn’t work

- Glitch

Hi, triller is really frustrating me because every time I go into the app it doesn’t load then a few seconds after that it glitches me out and will not let my triller post. Oh and I have tried posting a good amount of times but it still won’t work. Sincerely Trina

- Good but glitches

I really love this app and I just got it but it gets really Annoying that I can’t get videos from my camera roll to the actual video it’s self but overall it’s a good app

- If tiktok gets deleted make sure EVERYONE downloads this

If tiktok gets deleted make sure EVERYONE downloads this

- Chanel

This app is the best you should definitely get it


issa cool app but i prefer the old version; its easier and actually allows you to trim to any part of the WHOLE song so please change it back

- Barely works

This app is awful. I got the app years ago and have updated since but it always seems to either now function, sign me out and have my video un-viewable or both.

- I’m only on here because of jungkook

Stream This Night by Jin

- No comment section

For some reason triller doesn’t allow me to comment, there isn’t a comment section.. :,(

- Awful!

The app is so slow loading, its so confusing to use and just a bad app! I don’t recommend this to ANYONE! Also when you want to follow someone you HAVE to confirm your email every time

- RIP tiktok 😔

im only using this since tiktok getting banned in the us 😭

- Beautiful app

I am enjoying it

- More customisation for our videos

All I can say is let us be more free with our videos give us more customisation

- Just like tik tok

So I’m not allowed to have TikTok anymore and this app is awesome

- Disappointed

The app works horribly on my phone It’s has a hard time opening Basically doesn’t work

- Need to be better

1you need to make it less glitchy 2need better songs 3partner up with TikTok it will make you unbeatable. Other than that I do not mind your app

- pov

pov: you’ve come from tiktok to download this app because tiktok in america is getting banned (rip americans) so you’ve come here to stay up to date with your fav tiktokers.

- Slow app

i found this app veryyy veryy slow to load... and i have no problem watch tik tok vids .. i going delete the app and try again

- Glitch

It’s sooo slow I tried updating but still not working I love the app if it were to stop glitching I’d give it 5 stars

- I’m thrilled to use this app

Good luck! ✌️

- not kid friendly

I’m a young teenager and I downloaded this because I thought that it would be like tik tok. No. My whole “trending” page is 17 year old girls twerking and boys grinding 🤮

- good but i have questions

i think it is more family friendly than tiktok but how do u reload your social and following page so u are not watching the same vids??

- Too buggy

There’s a lot of celebrities on the app but it is very choppy and not fun to use. It seems outdated and not very impressive

- Can’t use

Help my email verification isn’t sending it keeps saying failed

- My opinion

I think there trying to copy tik tok but there not as good it’s pretty bad and not worth the time

- It’s kind of a rip off tiktok

It’s just a crapy version of tiktok in my opinion. Still ok tho just prefer tiktok

- Lags and exits the app a lot

It lags a lot

- we hate trump

great alternative to tiktok

- Mmh

Too much of a copy and buggy

- hi

Who’s here from TikTok?

- Amazing

Amazing app

- bad

too much loading

- Bad

This is like tik tok and has bad quality



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- TikTok Replacement

Who’s downloading this app before TikTok ends? 😁

- Good

It’s kinda I copy and paste if tiktok but it definitely has its own touches

- Fun with problems 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣

This is a good app to make music videos can’t lie it’s fun to do when you’re bored just watching the edits but every time I try to post/save a video the whole app crashes and takes me back to the home screen and that happens at least a million times before I actually get to save/post the video.

- can’t save

this app won’t save my trillers no more .. so i can’t share em

- Unable to search for music

App will not allow me to search for music even though I gave it permission to search in my music library etc. Unable to even make videos. Useless.

- Force quitting

The app constantly force quits I don’t know why

- Wtf is this

Lmaooooo this is literally tiktok BYEEE

- It’s ok i guess

TikTok is better I just came here to see Americans TikTokers going to Triller. No funny videos, not same community and it’s just not fun

- Musique

Il n’y a pas toute les musiques😡😡😡 j’aimerais faire un clip avec une chanson nommée amour point zéro mais il n’y a pas cet musique😭😭😭

- Copies tik tok

This app is a copyright of tik tok and does not let you search music. Also this app doesn’t let you save trailers to your drafts.

- Do not get it

This app sucks, the quality is horrible it’s like 10 fps it’s so bad. It’s supper supper glitchy. It’s designed like tiktok but it’s so much worse, and the content is horrible. Worst app ever

- 🙄

This app is always crashing I can’t even watch on video

- Ok

It’s a good app but it always crashes when I go on the search tab so that needs to be fixed

- The community page

Can you please make it so the community page is set to what we want to see I don’t wanna see all the popular creators all the time I wa

- 😃😃😃

It’s amazing I love it

- Can’t access Apple Music

It doesn’t let me

- I can help make this app look better,


- Move to byte not triller

Very confusing, move to byte not triller 😼😼

- Not the best

The app is very slow and a rip off of tiktok but it’s ok for a video app replacement

- Needs more work done

The app is good and all but keeps freezing also it crashes here and there. Running On IPhone 11 Pro Max IOS 14

- Triller content creators

It’s a good app but I feel like it needs a lot of updating, should be able to save sounds and edit videos better like TikTok

- No💀

Follow me on TickTock deodorantz or my fan page stylealexz

- I’m on iPad

I’m on iPad and it says cannot record on phone

- Suggestions

I really wish you were given the option to add common filters/keywords it just makes it easier to filter out hate comments and gives the creators a better experience

- Lit

Very fun app!

- Sucks

DJT Jr. Sucks

- New update bruh

New update is cheeks fam how tf do you use anything

- UI and Functionality = worst of any app i’ve ever used

Idk if there is only one person working on this app, but they need to figure out how to code properly. Every single feature on this app is slow, clunky, and just straight up doesn’t work. Want to scroll through your “following feed”? Too bad, you get to see 3 of the most recent interactions. If you want to see more, you have to pull to refresh 22 times before it loads the next data. Oh, you clicked on something to see it? Let’s send you right back to the top of the page and unload everything you just looked at! Trying to scroll or view anything in a meaningful way is almost always completely broken. FIX YOUR APP

- Glitchy

App is always super glitchy and doesn’t save my drafts properly

- Terrible

OMG!!!Plagiarizing and copying can be so easy! Seeing most of review were negative, but they get such a high score, it has to make me wonder if Apple is doing it for them. BTW, I don't think Tirller is any more interesting than Tiktok's app, not innovative and boring. I don't care about my privacy because it's already been compromised after I use Apple. We've all had our privacy stolen anyway, so I'd rather use TikTok.

- Serious lack of creativity

The app is just a really terrible version of Instagram Reels and TikTok.

- Do not update

My Triller was working fine and then I updated it and every time I try to make a music video it crashes and loses all my video file I’m really disappointed into this application

- Great App But...

Every time I want to copy my own music into triller, it takes me straight to the camera with no option of trimming my music, once the record button is pressed, after the count down no music is present.

- Guetto

The newest update made this app even more guetto. Like its literally a ratchet version of tiktok but it was tolerable. Yall just made it worse , put it back mf

- No Spotify 💔

My Spotify isn’t showing up as a music option

- bad

walmart version of tiktok

- Worst update ever

Triller was so good before this new update who ruin everything

- Why

This app won’t let me comment its honestly a bad copy of tikrok

- Update is terrible.

I’ve been using this app for 2 years at least and this newest update is terrible. It keeps crashing, won’t let me save my videos. And if for some reason you leave the app and go back to edit your video it’s completely useless. The videos just disappear. Trying to choose between takes during the editing process is so much more complex... I’ve lost multiple projects this past week alone and I’m just fed up. Will be moving onto a different app at this point.

- App kept crashing

Tried to make my first thriller my video it looked amazing then booom the app crashed

- Plate

Il n’y a rien d’expliquer, faut tout comprendre sois-même, ses bizarre, sa ne vaut pas TIKTOK!!!!!

- Bye TikTok hi thriller

I love this app

- None of the videos will load

Wherever I am in my house, whether I’m on wifi or data, or at somebody else’s house using their wifi none of the videos will load. They just stay on the loading screen forever

- tiktok? Dat u?

i dont get the point of making an app thats BASICALLY JUST COPYING TIKTOK. Like no sis, not cute ❤️

- New update has it freezing all the time.

I can’t even access my projects now it just freezes all. The. Time. Also freezes when I try to make a new video. I miss the collab with Spotify as well.

- Import Crash

Every time I try to import a video from my camera roll the app crashes. 😤


this app is literally crap! 😡 1. it wouldn’t let me follow my friends. 2. if doesn’t let u text ur friends on the app. 3. it won’t let me post anything. 4. when i tried to edit a video it deleted the entire thing! 5. it wouldn’t let me follow anyone! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE

- Tiktok

Follow my tiktok @yasamin565 😃 oh and when I open the app to film a video I get kicked out

- Before tiktok gets banned

Its fine but like the contents are mostly publicity or sway house only and idk but for me the camera isnt the best. Just my honest opinon sorrry

- I understand the concept but it doesn’t work

So I downloaded it because of the chance of TikTok because banned in the U.S. and I wanted to follow the people from TikTok that are from the U.S. on the app but I can’t even watch a video because the video won’t even load and I was wanting to use linktree to share my account so then my followers that are from the U.S. on TikTok can follow my account on Triller but I couldn’t get the URL and I couldn’t upload a video without verifying my account but an email didn’t even show up but I understand the concept on the app being like TikTok but they might need to change the app

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- amazing

this app is amazing it always know how to make me feel good I get high before all my basketball games it’s fun to jam out with my friends do crazy stuff it’s just it’s a great app shut up I’m trying to write a review on I love it so much I totally suggest you get it on 10 out of 10 great job on the app for Reminders thank you so much love you guys peace

- More ethical than TikTok

PLEASE USE THIS APP INSTEAD OF TIKTOK! This app is the same as TikTok but isn’t blatantly prejudice towards black creators (that I know of). The only complaint I have so far is that I can’t share the videos on my social media stories, only copy the link to send to others. With TikTok I used that feature constantly and I would really love to see it be incorporated into this app. It would be easier for me to make the transition from TikTok to Triller if there were more sharing options.

- Saving and crashing

I love this app so much and it’s so fun to play around with but sometimes when I make a video that I like a lot and it’s processing the app just crashes and I lose the whole thing or what’s been happening more recently is when I make a video but I can’t save it and it will post but when I go into the video settings to save it, it just won’t save. I also don’t like that when I try to screen record it that also doesn’t work. All I ask is that you try to fix the crashing and saving problem and screen recording.

- It’s not working anymore

I uninstalled this app twice and reinstalled it again and it’s still doing the same problem! Every time I try loading a song on to make a video I get to the chopping screen and below where u change the sec. it starts with 30 sec. of where every u want ur song to start but normally I like to do 60 sec vids so when I try changing the time it automatically just goes to 2 secs and that’s it no other option even when the songs are clearly longer than 2 secs I don’t understand I use to love this app til now smh

- I miss the old version too

Been a Triller fan for a long time back when you had to use the big circle to trim the audio. Looooove this app. Love the developments so far. But there’s this bug wasn’t there the last time I did a triller. When I’m tryna trim the audio to a song why can it only go to 30 seconds? There’s this certain part of the song which I only like and I can’t do it and I’ve been planning to for so long. Idk if it’s a bug or y’all changed it to be like that. But I don’t like it.

- crashing

As you make a video, finishing editing and ready to post &save, the app crashes. It brings up the “creating video” with the loading symbol. It sometimes doesn’t load at all and crashes as I wait for it to load or it loads just a little to crash again. There’s no update yet for this fix, but hopefully it can soon! However, great app besides the technical difficulties and pretty sure others are having the same problem just pointing it out!

- Update is terrible!

Since the latest update a few days ago I have had so many problems with the app! Every time I tap on the icon to access my saved projects the app completely freezes. I can’t see anything I’ve saved and this means I also can’t pause to say, take a call, and then return to my project. I also hate the way you have to go into a new screen now to set filters. The update is super frustrating and I don’t think it’ll “just take time.” If they don’t fix these issues I’m finding a new app.

- is it crack ? is it crack you smoke ?

WHY ? why did you have to change the app ? why do you wanna be tic tok / musically so bad ? please let me know ! first of all why can you only make the video 16 seconds i might as well go to tic tok ! i liked the app cause i could make a 30 second to a minute to a hour however long i wanted vidoe so i could fit the whole part of the song i wanted to do. now it’s only 16? y’all wanna be tic tok so bad like move bra and let me make longer videos ! when y’all see this feel ashamed for trying to be like something else . it just made your app worse . thank you come again .

- kinda irritated

I like the app, It's fun and all but My phone started playing Music out of nowhere uncontrollably every day, and for about 5 days i had no clue where the music was coming from even when i tried everything like closing all of my apps. So instead i kept having to restart my phone but just now i went to all the apps i have that can play music and i opened this one and it was playing the same song that i heard. Even after i opened the app triller kept scrolling by itself and playing music Why is this ?

- Meh...

I used Triller a year or so ago and like it. Downloaded it again to make Christmas videos. Only 6 songs from my iTunes library downloaded. If you think I'm repurchasing songs that I already have, you thought wrong. Then there is a song playing in the background each time you open the app. No matter what you're doing, that song plays and if you are testing music for a video (or recording a video) then two songs play at the same time. Definitely clutching (I'm assuming this crap wasn't the goal...)

- This app has to much too quick

This app is not friendly to any new growing creators, there is 3 tabs on top; social is for only verified people?, Music for only artists and following. If you go to any video the comments are: follow for follow or some stuff like that. They divide everything up into categories wich divides and limits videos to everyone, maybe try staying with the # system, and show people on a main page for people to discover, dont hide it in a sub menu. KEEP IT SIMPLE. The ui for sound, comments and share. Is too small. I cant recomend the app at the moment if this review.

- Not the same 😐

why am I seeing videos of people that I’ve already blocked. I don’t like seeing these people on my for you and hopefully you guys fix this. also I don’t like that whenever I open the comments or go to their profile that it starts over the video every time hopefully you guys can fix that too. those are just two problems of my concern hopefully you guys fix these things that would make my score go up to five.

- Issues since app updated

The music is not playing loud enough to hear unless the phone is close to your face and it keeps crashing while editing the video. This has been happening since the updated version of the app. I have sent many emails regarding this, yet no response. I really liked the app before and want to continue using it but I don’t have time to figure out the sound every morning and shoot the video multiple times. Please respond and fix these issues.

- Disappointed.....

I used to love this app but it constantly messes up and freezes. Every since this app came out I would try to use it and it would always do the same thing. On and off I would delete the app and download it again once I feel like making a video (which is not too often) and there are still no improvements. Although every device can have different effects all of my device did the same. This app deserves 5 stars but I have to give it one. I continuously become more disappointed every time I use the app...

- Too glitchy

When I make videos the quality is soo glitchy. When I used to use triller it worked fine and made super cool videos. When I download it again 2 years later, I have no idea what happened. It’s super glitchy. When I just recently looked at my videos I was off beat and it was really bad and glitchy. There are a lot of bugs and it can be slow sometimes. It’s not as smooth as it used to be. It’s not as easy for me either. If I go in fast motion it’s also very glitchy same with any other feature that I try. So please fix this!

- :)

I used to have this app and would just mess around and make funny videos and it’s definitely a lot of fun. I’ve been trying to redownload it for the past 4 hours and it won’t load! No matter how many times I’ve restarted my phone, turned on and off my data, or deleting a good 1 GB of storage it will not download. once it does ill definitely give it a 5/5 though ;)

- Deleted Video

Usually the app dave’s your videos even if you exit out the app, but I when to a different app for one second and the video disappears. Then, I tried to see if it was because of me going to a different app, so I repeated it again, but this time and every time after the videos saved. Also, I thought it was because I wasn’t logged in , but once I tried again they saved so I knew it wasn’t the problem. I just wish there was a way to get back those videos.

- Great! Except for one thing.

I honestly just wish you could choose the part of a song you’d want to make a triller to. The app itself is great and the user interface is pretty easy to navigate, but I dislike not having the autonomy to choose which part of a song I’d like to make a video to. Change up this feature and then you’ve got yourself a five star review.

- So slow

I got triller as a replacement to tiktok as it will be banned in the US soon, my first complaint with the app is that it is SO SLOW!!! I can’t scroll seamlessly like I could in tiktok, it takes at least 15 seconds to load each video. Tiktok seams to be the only one who has figured out the seamless swiping, I also downloaded byte and it also runs significantly slower than tiktok does!! I may just be impatient but it’s wasting my time and I’m just bored of it.

- Has a bug☹️

I love the app so much but I have this problem that many people have which is the camera. It is very glitchy, slow, and laggy. Anytime I try to make a post my camera lags and/or pauses for some reason. This app is so fun and amazing but i’ve always wondered how other triller members or ambassadors have such perfect trillers, I want mine to be just as good as theirs. Please fix this bug because I haven’t made one triller because of this problem!! Thanks!

- What happened?

Triller use to be great! I use to be able to make videos using music from other appa like Soundcloud and Pandora. Now I am only able to choose from their song selections! This app doesn’t offer enough variety of music!! I really loved your app until now.. on the search for a new app! Sad!!!!

- Fix Yourself. Updates aren’t helping you.

Are you kidding me?? This is a fun app and I like to make music videos but I’m so sick and tired of the glitches. I am literally sweating because I redid a take 4 times. Every single time it would say processing and then delete itself. That’s so annoying . I redid that take 4 times and every single time it deleted ? What’s your problem ? When it was a simpler app, it was easy and fun. Now, it’s just annoying :/

- Longer Videos Cut Short

I noticed that you guys updated the app to where videos can be 5 minutes long. I try adding my own music & one of the songs I chose was 2 minutes long & it still cut my clip to 1 minute in length along with my other longer videos. I’m wondering if you can fix this problem because it is pretty annoying when I try to do dance videos to a full song & I used Triller for years as a platform for my video recordings. Please fix it. Thank you

- Awesome

Triller is the best music app I have ever played it is a lot better than musically and it has so many of my favorite songs the one thing that I would recommend is that you should get a lot more songs so that it would become a lot more popular and more successful, but other than that Triller is the best game ever

- Dope app!

Im new to this app and in the process of making my first post and its doope! Only thing i wish is that you had control over which clips dropped where and for how long so that we would be able to create custom videos and have more creative freedom! Fire app tho! Looking forward to becoming a long term user.

- Fake

This app is fake. Along with a lot of other apps this is a copycat of the most popular social media app right now TickTock. It makes me mad about this is that they take videos from TickTock and then add them in their ads. So people who are fans of those influencers will download the app to find out that none of those people are there. They also have the same set up as TickTock they couldn’t even change it up a bit. So this app is pointless to download. Just download TikTok or any other social media app like Snapchat or Instagram. Thank you for reading!

- new update is 🚮🚮🚮

it keeps freezing, takes forever to load, takes forever to process videos now. like I get you wanted to give us better quality videos (we appreciate that) but honestly it takes way too long now. and it doesn’t even really shuffle the videos anymore, plus it’s way harder to tell which clip is which when organizing them. im seriously considering deleting the app because it’s wasting my time + is more trouble than it’s worth. this whole update is trash and needs to be fixed.

- Not what I expected

I’ve had this app for a while now and I’ve only been able to make 1 video and that was 5 years ago! It’s work all the way up until it’s time to save and post then the whole app closes down. It’s been doing that since i got the app, I’m not ever sure how i was able to make the video i made a while back... Im disappointed. Just fix that bug and we good. The app is cool but fix the malfunctions ASAP.

- Awesome

I just whant to say that this app is great you all just want to make it look dab so musically is more popular so you all that are hating on this app* shutup cause they Carrader works hard to get the app to gether so... stop hating on it I no some one hast to agree with me and no I am not a good speller but I am to lazy to change them so let the haters hate and let the lovers love so burn 🤜💥🤛

- It’s okay, but not as good as TikTok

I joined the app a couple months ago when the TikTok ban threats first started. The app is alright but it has some major flaws. The audio fades out at the end of every video I post, which ruins the video. It’s still hard to see what hashtags are trending. The music library is still very limited. I find it difficult to find users to follow and to find followers. Those are some of my biggest complaints.

- Great but.....

It’s an awesome app but every time i make a video to post I press the next button and i try to play the video but it glitches and goes back to my Home screen and I lose the video I just made. It bothers me. almost every time i make a video. 🙄 and also I wish there were more songs like TikTok.

- Great app but watermark at the end is irritating

I paid to have the watermark removed and it was working fine. Now at the end of my video it cuts my videos off and closes my videos with the watermark. I wouldn’t mind it but at least let my video finish before you had the watermark

- Watermark?? Upgrade??

I REALLY just want to remove the watermark in the middle of my downloaded video .. I don’t see this option anywhere, not even as an upgrade. I’m soo frustrated. I also wish I could use more than 30 seconds of song. The app’s description says “100s of filters” .. but I’m only seeing maybe 20. If there’s a paid “pro” version I’m missing, please let me know! I’d upgrade for these options in a heartbeat

- Maybe a glitch

Well I did my account and I wanted to follow some people and it said I had to send a confirmation to my email so I did but all it would tell me that it failed to send then when it actually worked I clicked on the link and it told me it had expired even when I barely just clicked it I would really like if y’all can fix it for me

- Eh

I like this app, but I have some problems from it. 1) When you have to go through after you make a video and you can’t just edit that one or just watch that video you have to go through a lot of steps! 2) There is really only people that look like adults or young adults (no offense) I think that there should be more kids or young teens on this app inside of older people (again no offense)

- Triller acts dumb by Sanyia

Triller it always freezes and it goes off and I have to start over then it says you can’t save it to my camera roll and I checked my settings 24/7 and it says I allowed it to come to my phone but triller acts dumb 😡 and whoever made this needs to upgrade and fix these bugs 🐜 is . So I rated this a 1 Star ⭐️ because it’s dumb and no it’s not my phone I know it’s not I delete it and download it several times but still don’t work so I don’t get it the app is terrible sorry 😐 but bye. My opinion no offense or hate.

- Horrible

App literally deletes every video i create. I have to save it after every clip just so my triller does not crash. It’s Horrible , you can’t zoom in & out after you create a video, you can’t choose any part of a song they have on their, and the app play music in the background when you don’t even open it. I’ve had it wit triller you can’t even make videos on here for fun anymore. At least Tik Tok gives you way more room to be creative and also interact with others and triller just doesn’t offer that.

- New update ruined it

I loved this app and used it every day. Super simple and easy to use. Sometimes it crashed, which was annoying but I could usually recover the videos and finish editing them. Since it updated, I can’t even use it. It crashes EVERY TIME I’m editing a video, freezes when I go to my profile, and isn’t as user friendly. The old style seemed to be better and I would still love to use the app, but it just doesn’t work anymore...

- Unnecessary exits

I like the app but to be honest I am unhappy with the way it exits on its own every single time i am editing the videos. It’s very frustrating I won’t lie. I have to go back to the app again and again to continue my project and as usual while I’m playing the shuffled video it would just close up on me. I don’t know what’s happening but seriously it is a problem that can be frustrating.

- A BAD glitch

For WEEKS now I been having songs and people talking playing on my phone when no apps were open. I just reset my phone every time. But it kept happening. Then I deleted all my music and radio apps and nothing happened..then I contacted apple and no results. Then the next time the radio came on I heard the guys talking about triller, so I hurried and deleted the app and it went away. Idk what kind of glitch that was, but it was frustrating...please fix.

- This app turned into trash

My friends and i decided to promote one of our songs making a video on here. I use to love this app. Its complete trash now. First of all, freezes while recording and previewing. Second of all, shuts down while editing EVERY TWO MINUTES. And the last thing that is making me delete this app after I figure out how to get my video, it doesn't even let me post or save the video. Begins creating and goes black after 5 seconds every time. I wish i could rate this app 0 stars at this point.

- New version.

Please please please go back to the original version I’ve used this app so much but with that update I may have to go to tick tock it’s too confusing and doesn’t do what I need it to do ! Who thought this new update was a good idea? Please just go back to the original version !

- Use to love triller!

I’ve been on triller since I was back in high school it has always been fun to mess around and make music videos. But now the dynamic has changed, I get that tik tok isn’t going to be around anymore but after the recent update I feel as thou triller is trying to copy tik tok, when triller was the first originator to make music videos and such. Even when recording it’s not the same. However I do like the new way of editing your videos at the end.


everytime i try and go onto the app now i’ll be editing a triller or trying to save one and the app just shuts downs abruptly . I’ll go back in and try it again and the same thing happens .. I cant even use the app anymore and i dont know what the problem is . NOW I RE INSTALLED IT TOOK A TRILLER VIDEO AND ALL THE FOOTAGE I TOOK IS CORRUPTED FOR NO ABSOLUTE REASON . ITS JUST A GREY SCREEN FOR EVERYTHING . THIS IS ABSOLUTLEY ANNOYING PLEASE FIX !

- A glitch or something

I’m sorry but triller needs to really fix its app I keep trying to follow somebody and won’t let me I try changing my cover photo and won’t let me... and I’m just getting really mad.... so I recommend to fix it please! I like the app only since I heard tiktok is getting banned and so wanting to use this app so please fix it... thank you 💕

- 😐💭...I’m confused. PLEASE HELP❗️

I recently downloaded TRILLER and was wondering can the community see my project even though it’s inside the FOLLOWING tab and not the COMMUNITY tab? Thank you. It’s just been driving me crazy because i can’t figure that out. But besides that my friends, i love this app so much that i gave it 5 stars across the board😀✨❗️

- Why lie and say that the app is compatible?

I’m pretty sure that the developers of this app gets comments like these everyday and they proceed to not update any of the glitches in the app🙄I try to use a song and I can’t even get over 30 seconds of the song,the camera freezes while recording and when I try to save my video the app shuts down on its own😑this app is terrible I need y’all to update this horrendous app or at least update where it says that it’s compatible because it’s not THE APP DOESN’T WORK

- A little irritating

I wish you could choose which part of each cut you want to use in the final video. The shuffle feature is okay but I know which parts I want to use and I’m not able too because it is the only option for video editing 🤨 Also, why can’t I rearrange the clips how I want? It makes the whole experience not fun when I can’t create the outcome I want 😕🤷🏾‍♀️

- An App That Needs Work... but promising

Hoping this would become TikTok’s predecessor since it’s getting banned soon.... But what puts me off is the lack of video effects in it. It this app had that with all the effects for editing like them snapchat like filters, then it’ll win me over. I don’t see myself using this to make videos just yet. Just uploading ones I had made from TikTok. Wishing this app the best! (Also a little laggy at times. 🤔 Choppy videos.)

- This app is frustrating!!

I’m tired of the problems I run into in this app with the iPhone. One minute everything worked fine importing my music through Google Drive, but now it will only allow 30 second recordings after it uploads... like when did this all of sudden start???? This irritates me cause every time I’m sitting for at least an hour trying to figure how to get this app to work with the iPhone... this is a perfect time for another app developer to steal a base cause I’m ready to leave triller for good....

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Triller: Social Video Platform 16.2 Screenshots & Images

Triller: Social Video Platform iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Triller: Social Video Platform iphone images
Triller: Social Video Platform iphone images
Triller: Social Video Platform iphone images
Triller: Social Video Platform iphone images
Triller: Social Video Platform iphone images

Triller: Social Video Platform (Version 16.2) Install & Download

The applications Triller: Social Video Platform was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-07-23 and was developed by Triller LLC [Developer ID: 994905762]. This application file size is 199.94 MB. Triller: Social Video Platform - Photo & Video app posted on 2020-10-21 current version is 16.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.triller.projectx

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