STAmina Apnea Trainer

STAmina Apnea Trainer [Sports] App Description & Overview

STAmina is created by and for freedivers with the ultimate purpose to improve your freediving skills by increasing the breath-holding time. STAmina is all about O2 deprivation and CO2 tolerance tables. It allows you to configure the tables to correspond to your skill level. It leads you through a workout with visual and voice notifications and tracks the history of your workouts.

CO2 tolerance tables
O2 deprivation tables
Mix tables
Wonka tables
Custom tables
Pranayama exercise

Tables Generator
Male/Female voice notifications
Training notifications
Unlimited workout log
Personal best tracking and history
Workout statistics

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STAmina Apnea Trainer Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Apnea exercises and pranayama breathing in Japanese! We've added a new language!

STAmina Apnea Trainer Comments & Reviews

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- Post Covid19

I’m extremely grateful for this tool at this moment in time. After getting COVID19 6 weeks ago and suffering from major fatigue for 14 days while being an athlete and coaching NBA athletes to be their best in mind and body I was struggling with my lack of stamina as I’m known to be the guy in the room that never gets tired. After a few friends of mine getting Covid19 and developing pneumonia because they pushed it during their training after being symptom free, I knew I had to slow down and modify what’s possible right now. Your app has given me great hope that I can still challenge myself right now to build my energy and stamina but not do any potential damage. Not only that, but as a scuba diver and lover of the ocean now I’m thinking and visualizing my first free dive and even first spear fishing trip with my friend that recommended this app to me. Grateful for the gift you’ve given me through your app, the gift of energy, stamina, and vision. Cheers with water, Coach Adam Cobb

- Great app!

UPDATE: The developer contacted me in a very timely manner and helped me resolve the issue. Which was that the ringer on the left side of the phone was in the silent position. Now I have the voice and will update the rating to 5 stars as I find the app very useful. I would love to see an upgrade at some point that will allow to hear the app’s voice even with the ringer in silent position though, as I don’t want to be interrupted by any phone calls during my training! Thanks for taking this request into account. Original review: 3 stars - the app appears to be completely silent, although I set a voice and beeping in Settings. It is difficult to watch the time during all the training and I want to make sure I have the voice activated. I already rebooted my phone and did everything I could to ensure it’s working, but no success. And I can’t find how to contact developer with this questions. Thanks for looking into it.

- Solid for what it does

2020 update Use this app consistently. Developer is really responsive which I appreciate. Got me to 4 minute hoods, thanks!! — Takes out the guesswork from creating tables, and lets you focus on technique instead of watching a timer. There are, however, a few features that I think would be pretty obvious inclusions in a paid (premium) app. Would be nice if it helped you decide when to generate new tables, and allowed you to rate and makes notes about each session (how difficult did you find it, did you master a technique, etc). A history graph would be nice too, along with an export functionality. Also it’s weird that it doesn’t work with the silent switch on and the display off. For instance, my metronome app plays sound regardless of the state of the silent switch or display. Seems like this would be the obvious thing to do, as when you start a session, you are indicating that you want that activity happening for the next ~20 minutes—the app could infer that it’s okay if it makes noise. Finally I dive to get away from the noise of society and go to a place of focus and mindfulness—being nagged every time to “SHOW THE WOLE WORLD” my dive practice is antithetical to the way I experiencing diving. Please let me switch this feature off!

- great training

does exactly as advertised, and is a great app for beginners. i wasn’t a beginner when i started using STAmina but i have recommended it to several beginners because it’s simple and easy to use. i think a little more instruction should be available for beginners like what kind of tables they should be using or the difference between types of tables, etc. otherwise, works very well. i tends to only use the most basic functions, but the more intricate features work well. easily the best breath trainer on the app store.

- Works fine once learned. Needs some improvement.

It took me a while to figure out some of the arcane intricacies, but once I figured it out it wasn’t that big a deal— an introductory howto walk-through, or even just a video, would be nice for those who are newcomers to the whole scene here. Now that I know how things work, I find one feature sorely missing: iCloud synchronization. I have multiple devices, and sometimes I want to use one instead of the other, but all of my data seems stuck on each isolated device completely oblivious to the others. Also, it would be nice to have some volume control over each individual alert: e.g. I would like to have a LOUD final alert, that I can hear while floating head down under water, but I would like the “every 15 seconds beeps“ to be relatively soft, yet not completely turned off.

- Great app, for those with experience

Full disclosure, I’m not a free diver and have other reasons to use the app. For someone without any experience I think the app could use a bit more guidance as to how to set it up. It offers a variety of tables, but only two out of the 8 or so options will auto generate, the other ones are for manual entry of times. As someone without the experience to know when or why to train some of the other styles I have no concept of what I should put into those tables. This app does what it’s supposed to do very well, but lends itself to those that already know how to set up breath training for their goals.

- Help!! Update broke my app

Awesome app, and awesome response from the developer after a patch had unexpected bugs. Following this post, the developer corrected the issue within 48 hours. Highly recommended app for anyone working on breath hold training. I am running iOS 10.3.1, upgraded to the new Apnea app today and now my app won't work. I go to start a table training and the familiar circle appears, but there is no data in the boxes and the timer doesn't work. I have restarted my phone, closed the app multiple time and still nothing.

- Great for both beginners and advanced

This app is amazing wether you are just starting to work on your breath holds, or are a veteran. The computer tables work great for beginners and for anyone trying to expand their training. The ability to build your own tables and keep record your times, making it very easy to track your progress. Definitely recommend this app as a tool to continue training, and even more important, if you plan on learning to freedive, take a course because there is not substitute!

- 2:08 to 5.03 in 10 days

I’m 58 years old and I’m decent shape but I’m no athletic specimen. Just your normal guy. I live on a sailboat for 7-8 months a year and I’m in the water a lot so I wanted to improve my breath hold for spear fishing. When I started I held my breath for 2:08 and was hoping to achieve 3- 3.5 minutes by the end of the summer. One week in I held for 3:40 and two days later my new PR is 5:03!!! I’m stoked! I don’t expect to expand a lot past this level but we will see. Really happy with this app!

- Love it so far but...

Nothing wrong with the training. So far has been a wonderful app. I just wish there was more help. I don’t know how often I should be running through the tables, which tables to run through or create for the best results, how often I should be trying to beat my personal best etc. would be nice to get a help section to learn how to train, how often and what I should be training for, or help in customizing the training sessions. But wonderful app

- Amazing app. Saves so much frustration!

Great user friendly app. Allows you to do everything you would need to do on this app and much more. I emailed support asking if there was anyway on how to progress using the app as far as when to use certain tables. When to switch from easy/moderate/hard settings for each table. But, the app is beautifully designed and easy to get through. No bugs found at all

- Helpful Feedive training app

Excellent for monitoring breathhold progress and increasing CO2 tolerance. I'm not too the point where I could benefit from O2 tables, but it's clear the app works as hoped. One addition I would like to see is a complete 30, 60, or 90 day training plan based on starting static hold, number of times a week you'd like to dedicate to training, and degree of difficulty. Thanks for a solid app.

- Great for building confidence in the water

i went from 1:30 on day one to 3:30 in just two weeks! However, one change I would like to see is pre-programmed workouts in the app. (As a beginner to apnea training, I feel like I’m just guessing when I create my workouts.) It would be great to be able to simply select from various road-tested workouts at increasing difficulties. Also it would be awesome to have a progress graph so you can easily track your results over time.

- Really really good but only one request

A GREAT app, a 5 out of 5 stars app and is really crazy how well it works but I wish I could hear the beeps when not having the app open so I could use other apps besides music while training. Thank you for creating this and it is definitely worth the money for anyone reading through these to see if you should buy this. Would be amazing if you could fix this issue.

- Contraction times!

I’ve been using this for a week now ever since I got certified last weekend. I have been doing the tables once a day and I already see results. My contractions used to kick in around 1:35 / 1:40 and now I can go well into 2 minutes before having one and I haha e already beat my PB static by almost a minute exactly

- Stamina Review

I think stamina is great, but it would be better if it had more guided workouts. If there was an actual coach to guide the workouts and even give out technique pointers, it would be better. All it is now is the computer voice which doesn’t coach people. The coach could be prerecorded so you don’t have to film a new session every day. Just a thought. I think it helps out

- UX friendly

So easy to use. I would like to be able to get the alerts even if my phone is on night mode. Also, would like an option to reflect on the session at the end. I’m not using this for free diving, but rather as a personal experiment/ biohack. Love the customizable tables. Attractive too!

- Second Apnea Trainer

The other apnea trainer I had was okay, but I didn't get me excited to complete the training. I only focused on breathing patterns and not co2 or o2 tables like STamina. This app actually gets me excited to train and I'm looking forward to seeing how I improve throughout the next few weeks. Thumps up so far

- New to apnea training

This is my first apnea training app, and at first look, it is not markedly user friendly. After setting my first “ personal records” I wasn’t sure if the o2 and co2 tables automatically progressed to improve my performance. After day three of training, it appears that the “generated” tables have not changed from the initial day of training, meaning the apnea time and the breath time in the o2 and co2 times have not changed.

- Practicing for combat dive

Practicing for combat dive training and I figured any extra time I could hold my breath underwater wouldnt hurt and this has significantly improved my breath holding abilities. On my way to 5 minutes and have gone from 1:25 to 3 and a half minutes in about a month

- Seems great but I need help

Seems like an awesome app and very beneficial but the only problem is I think there should be a tutorial to how to work it. I’m still trying to figure this app out as well. Any advice or help with this would be really appreciated.

- Good app, wish there was more information

There are some unique tables like paranayama and Wonka tables but no info about them except a really basic blurb. Like I have no idea how to set them up. I also wish the voice was more customizable because I do audio books while practicing and it can be annoying. Other than that I love everything!

- Great product. Very customizable

Love the product. Starts with simple options but has an unlimited number of customizable options. Wish there were more options for verbal counts. Ex. Every fifteen seconds after 3 minutes

- Simple and easy to use

STAmina creates apnea tables and takes toy through your workouts. It has the essential types of tables, each to use, tracks your training and keeps you moving forward with your breath training.

- Great app, but I wish I could use it with headphones

This app is great for my apnea training, but I wish the audio was connected to the volume on my iPhone instead of the ringer. I want to use my headphones to cancel out any outside noise and really focus on my training. I hope there is an update soon with this fix!

- Best apnea trainer!

I've tried many apnea training apps, and this one is absolutely the best. It has lots of ways to customize it, spend some time fiddling with the settings and get it set up the way you want and you're off!

- Best tool ever

I got this app because I am interested in free diving and it is worth every penny! It is a great app and using CO2 tables I can hold my breath for 2:20 after using it for two days, before I could only hold my breath for 0:55. This app works and is a great tool!


Trainings have been fun, just finished a 15min O2 workout and what uses to be hard is more attainable now, my complain is that the APP is not intuitive to set up...does not have a user intro, I just aimed for my personal best and the app generated the training method...I hope im running it the way it should.

- Hurts, but works.

I wish they gave more than two of their own pre-made training sessions, but the option to create your own is awesome. Made some pretty tough ones to get through. Great app overall.

- Very satisfied

This app has helped me improve my underwater crossovers and bottom samples for military training, and helped quite extravagantly. Definitely worth the buy if you plan on improving your breath holds for any reason.

- Good

I have been using this for awhile and I think it really helps, it’s nice than the free ones and definitely worth the money! Get the app if you want to increase bottom time.

- Dry Static Apnea

Great app for dry static apnea. I use the custom tables. Easy to program and execute. Please add a notes function for the history of each apnea table training session. I’d like to record the round number when my first contraction came.

- Totally helped my diving

My time increased from 1 min 30 seconds to 2 min 45 seconds in three weeks while only doing this every other day.

- Great for beginners

After figuring out how to generate tables and being consistent with training on a daily level I saw a ton of improvement in my holds. Really helpful to have audible and vibration alerts.

- Great training app

This is the only freediving/apnea training app worth money. The website is professional, and the app has customizable training tools to practice. Do not pay for any other app!!

- Good easy to use app!

I enjoy using this app! It has definitely helped me with my breath holds. Went from 45 seconds to over 2 minutes in a month

- Stamina

The best app for being able to hold your breath longer it is definitely worth the very little amount of money

- Liking it more all the time

I’m just getting started, but I’m really enjoying the app. I don’t know enough to justify any corrections or opinions yet. Seems to be a really good purchase.

- Excellent way to workout while on land

I use this as an apnea diver but I think it is important for all sports activities. It would be nice to integrate into an overall sports program app. Nonetheless I am a fan!!!

- Love this app!!

I am training to hold my breath for 7 min and this is an amazing app for this or anyone looking to improve breath hold time. I have tried several apps, this one is by far the best!

- Great App!

This app helps you hold your breath longer! I’m up from one minute to almost three in just about a month! Would love more features!

- Great app. One suggestion

Great app. Does what it’s supposed to do. One suggestion is more detail on the breath hold test and procedures of practice. Specifics and clarity of inhale hold or exhale hold and simple details like that would be appreciated.

- Great for training

I do these in twice a week and it’s makes a difference great way to practice getting into the zone for those longer breathe holds

- Great app 😀

Great app! My breatholds have gotten better and I have only been using the app for a few days. 10/10 would recommend!

- Easily Recommend

Simple understandable interface for beginners with easy tracking and appropriate table generation. A wonderful app, absolutely worth the price.

- 1:51 to 3:07 in two weeks.

Hands down the best apnea trainer I’ve used. Incredible results. I would highly recommend to those looking to increase their breath hold.


This app is actually amazing. I’ve been wanting to get back into freediving so I decided to buy this app. My PB increased by 47 seconds in the first day! the customized O2 and CO2 tables are by far the best feature. Great work!

- Overall not bad

Overall I like the app and switched from a different app. A bit annoying you can’t delete tables though

- Fast progress

My breath holds have already gone up by a full minute in just over one week

- Really works!

I was skeptical but this app doubled my time after the first session. Hoping to get 4 minutes soon!

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- Great app with voice feedback.

I want to learn breath control for surfing, having had a couple of uncomfortable hold downs. I tried a few apps, but the audio coaching and design language really set this one apart, making it a pleasure to practice, and the reminder features will entrench the habit. I would love to see an Apple Watch version, but given I don’t need to look at the phone anymore this is working very nicely.

- Excellent app would recommend

Been using this app for a month now hoping to improve breath hold for spearfishing haven’t tried for a pb yet but don’t get the urge to breathe till 2:15 (was 1:00) highly recommend and worth the money :)

- Advice

This is a brilliant app I tripled my breathing time in just one day! I literally cannot find a complaint it’s simple Quick and what makes it the 5-star it works recommended-LC PS: if I’m not reliable to you check the star rating.

- So good

I have being looking for a app that will increase my breath hold and this app is the best in the business. In 3 weeks my breath hold went from 1:30 min to 3min. It is a great app for results and totally worth the money

- More info please

New to breath hold scene. Any chance you could include a page for beginners with some basic information. How often to use this app for training. How often to try for a PB. Assuming this is how I get the tables to change and increase my apnea times. Thanks D

- Best free diving training app

Took me a while to figure out how to make my own CO2 table recommended by an Australian freediving champion but once figured out I can specific to course offered and not follow generic training methods. Great app

- Happy

I have had a lot of breathing apps but this for sure the best one! This app has really helped me hold my breath for longer.I’m really into free diving and this has made it a lot easier. Thanks!!

- Australian Spearfishing Academy

Easy to use, and with a broad selection of tables to choose I recommend STAmina to all my students and spearfishing mates.

- Great!

Great app, love the self programable option. Seeing a lot of great improvements 👌🏼

- How to use

The app is very confusing to use. I can’t find any workouts that do anything in the app - you appear to have to set them yourself... unless you can help enlighten me then I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP.

- Great app!

Excellent app for breath hold training


This app is amazing! I use it all the time!

- Spearo Training

This is the only app you need to increase your bottom times. Work out your PB and create charts to progressive increase your breath holds. If you want to take your breath holds to the next level, get this app!!!

- Fantastic

As a beginner I've been training with this app consistently for a week or two now and my breath hold time has doubled, fantastic app

- Best Apnea App yet

Great app!

- Great little apnea app with good functionality and simple to use

Very good app, easily adjustable to set your own o2/co2 tables and strikes a good balance between allowing user personalisation and keeping the interface simple

- Euphoric


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- Love this nifty program

Fabulous training tool. Question: What should a training schedule look like (How often should we practice per day?)

- Simple and efficient

The layout of the app is very simplistic and easy to grasp, but still allows me to do exactly what I need. I would highly recommend this app if you do swimming, because of this app I can hold my breath for 3 minutes like it’s nothing

- Needs a - how to directions -

Needs directions to use generated tables. The progression is confusing

- Few Problems, Otherwise really good

Very nice and helpful app. Just a little confusing to figure out at the start but it’s not too difficult. Also it would be nice to have the voice play in the background while I’m on other apps. I’m not sure if that’s a feature already but if it’s not it would be nice!

- Walk through upgrade?

Love the app and I would rate it five stars I just wish there was a walk through of how to correctly use the app for what you are looking for that’s the only reason for the lower rate!

- Good practice for wim hof or breathology training

see. Didn’t!: Did S has d🗣

- Excellent program

Excellent progressive training system due to its flexibility in creating customized programs

- A fantastic app

This app is fantastic and actually helps improve your breathing and breath control dramatically which is good. One thing I will say is possibly have a notification when your session ends because sometimes I lay there for quite a while and I don’t notice I’m finished. Just a thought though and not to important

- Amazing App!

I’m 13 and I love to swim a lot. I got this app a day ago and I already increased my ability to hold my breath by around 20 seconds! Not underwater which is good because I heard underwater you can hold it for longer.

- Worth the purchase:)

I love this app I use it a lot however the only con is that I don’t know how to delete my table

- Would recommend 💯%

Beyond amazing app, has everything you’ll need and more. I have been using this app daily for a year and a half now and it has drastically increased my lung capacity as well as my overall apnea time (6 minute increase). My only suggestion would be to add a customization feature for the colours of the interface as well as the timer in action as well. Overall, 10/10

- A+

Great app for your dry training sessions!

- Simple et efficace

Parfaite petite app pour s'entraîner au sec surtout.

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- Not complicated and easily adjustable.

Great tool to improve breath hold with different type of physical activities. Nice guidance through the process. A great way to relax as part of stress management for non free-divers.

- Great app

Only on day 2 and already improved from about 27 seconds to 1:40. Can't wait to see how much I improve. Thank you.

- Good

It’s a really good app I’ve heard good things about, the only thing is that it is slightly confusing as to when or how much of the tables to do

- Great app

This app is GREAT! I started at only being able to hold my breath for 35 seconds and now I can hold my breath for 1 minuet and 40 seconds. I have on had the app for about a week. BEST APP EVER!!!

- Amazing

It works! I couldn’t hold my breath for 40 seconds and now I can hold it for over 2 minutes

- My one wish...

I would love some in-app training and guidance on how to best use it. How to use the features and plan progressions.

- Great purchase

I enjoy using it because it is easy to start training and it really does help!

- Science

I am very new to the app, but I already know this will help me so much. Within a day I can already hold my breath longer.

- Amazing for freedivers!

If you’re a freediver trying to increase your breath hold time, you should be doing co2 and o2 tables weekly. This app makes it easy!

- Just Wow

I have never been able to push to contractions before!

- Hypoxic Training

Really helping with my ability to perform underwater swims! Started pretty bad but stuck with it and seeing great results!!

- Personal best from 2:30 to 4:33 using this app for two weeks

5 min here I come. Very great app. Thank you thank you!

- Great app for training

I like how easy this app is to set up, customize, and use anywhere.

- I love it

I’m using it everyday now. It’s exciting to see my ability to hold my breathe increase!

- Apple Watch

This app is amazing, but it would be great if they could make an Apple Watch version.

- I’m a newbie

Loving this app. I’m new to freediving and I want to become proficient at it. This app helps me get to new and higher levels. Thanks!

- Good, but only one problem

I mean, it’s $5 and I don’t think it can create workouts for you. But other than that it’s ok

- Worth it

This app is everything I need, I swim competitively and it helps my breath hold so I’m not as gassed during the race.

- Best so far!

I've tried a few similar apps, this one wins hands down.

- Very nice app. Worth the money

I have yet to find a single problem with the app.

- Easy to use

Quit to set up and start working. Used to help with diving procedures.

- As good as it gets

There are so many bad apnea apps I’m just happy to find one that lets me play music seemlessly. 5 stars if it gets Apple Watch support.

- Good App

The O2 and CO2 tables are great, they auto populate your times based off your max breath hold. I am a bit disappointed that the mixed table do not perform the same function, you have to create the tables yourself.

- It’s good has some bugs

Was editing the time portions but it did not let me edit the increments or start time.

- Works great

All good. Like having the two different training approaches

- Super helpful!

Thanks for making this app! Does exactly what I was looking for :)

- Excellent Apnea App

Best, no-nonsense apnea app I’ve used. Simple, well made, good table generation with manual inputs for whatever you want to do.

- Fiona Horne

Very helpful training app. Recommended to me by a number of accomplished Freediver's. Very happy to be building this training regime into my Freediving.

- Happy

Automagically helps you hold your breath longer

- Great App

Beautifully designed and easy to use!

- More instruction

I wish there was more instruction. How often should I train? Do I alternate days with o2/CO2? Any recommendations or tips? Stuff like that.

- Excellent training tool

Easy to use and experiencing good Results

- Simple and beautiful and effective

Great app. Thanks for making it!

- Its a stopwatch

This app is just a fancy stopwatch. I dont know where to begin for training breath holding. It has no explanations, all it does is let you create start stop time table exercises. If you dont know how to create your own exercises then its useless.

- Simple & effective

Read the title, enough said... Train to not die

- Awesome app

I’m a entry level spear fisherman and it has helped me to hold my breath for over 3 mins

- Simple and inspiring.

This app tracks my results and encourages me to make progress.

- Most excellent

Love this app. 5 minutes coming in hot

- Great app

Great app. Allowed me to put in my own custom tables and keep track

- Great App

Great usability. Would like to have an introduction explaining how to use the tables and when to progress.

- Personal Best

Wjen recprding a personal best i stopped the timer and it just froze. What can i do to fix that.

- Very Cool

Great app! Training daily really helps you get to your goal.

- Great app

I’m training for big wave surfing and it is a great tool to help me with my apnea exercises

- Wonderful!

Just starting my journey with Freediving and have gone from 00:01:07 to a PR of 00:02:50. Loving this app!

- How great stamina is

It is amazing it really helps me with holding my breath

- Amazing app

This app has worked wonders for me

- Great app

Love the app. Any plans to build an Apple Watch extension?

- Like it

I am going to be the Marco Polo champion next summer

- Question

Hi, how do I delete a table? Everything else is great.

- Great for static’s

This app is great for practicing my static’s on the couch. I loaded the PFI CO2 and O2 tables into it, works great.

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STAmina Apnea Trainer 3.1.6 Screenshots & Images

STAmina Apnea Trainer iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

STAmina Apnea Trainer iphone images
STAmina Apnea Trainer iphone images
STAmina Apnea Trainer iphone images
STAmina Apnea Trainer iphone images
STAmina Apnea Trainer iphone images
STAmina Apnea Trainer iphone images

STAmina Apnea Trainer (Version 3.1.6) Install & Download

The applications STAmina Apnea Trainer was published in the category Sports on 2015-06-11 and was developed by Squarecrowd Apps, LLC [Developer ID: 1438497992]. This application file size is 66.39 MB. STAmina Apnea Trainer - Sports app posted on 2020-10-14 current version is 3.1.6 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.squarecrowdapps.stamina

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