Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup

Hair Color Dye helps to change a brand new hair color in just seconds.
All you have to do is select a photo, outline hair and then apply different hair colors. Once your hair makeover is complete, you can email the results to your friends, share on Facebook, or save it to your iPhone or iPad.

- Super realistic hair coloring
- Huge range of hair colors
- Erase Tools
- Redo and Undo Tools
- easy to use and share

Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup App Description & Overview

The applications Hair Color Dye -Switch Hairstyles Wig Photo Makeup was published in the category Catalogs on 2015-05-30 and was developed by Liming Zhang. The file size is 26.23 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.


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Or okay  conl893  3 star

You get to take pictures and change your hair but I don't want to be spending my time on this game πŸ‘ŽπŸ»


Excellent!  Sunnington  5 star

This app is so realistic and easy to use! I even played a prank on my friends and told them I'd dyed my hair. The picture was so real looking that they actually believed it! I love this app and totally recommend it.


This is Donald Trump  Bry21345874  5 star

It doesn't have any adds you can do every color phones can last 6 hours best app ever


I guess it just.... ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!  Crystalmystik  4 star

Whoop πŸ˜€ i give five stars


One word awesome  Vjhdeuonfuydbh  5 star

I love it


5 stars  dsizzzzle  5 star

Really good app, looks so real :)


It's really good  MelaniM56  5 star

This is a good app not like the ones that you have to pay for just to see what ur gonna look like with a certain color


😍 Totes loving this fabulous hair color app!😍  Bella4ever886  5 star

This is the best app of all time for getting a chance to color hair!! I'd recommend this app to anyone whom enjoys hair coloring


Woo!!!  NorthWynd33  4 star

Best. App. EVER!! So easy to use! One problem though. If you try to adjust the hair by outlining it, if you outline it too many times, the app crashes. Fix this and you get your 5 stars! The app is so easy to use! I have tried so many different apps all of which have been really hard to use because there were no restrictions on where the dye could go! But this one is different! 4 stars! And maybe 5 if you fix that crashing problem!


Good app  Borntowhat22  5 star

Good app


Hair Color disappoints  DWEMoi  1 star

Not easy to use


Easy to use. Great tools.  Crys.d.everly  5 star

The color match tool and color options are everything you want in a hair color app. And the layer tool is brilliant. So user friendly. πŸ†

Lindsey L S

Nice!!!  Lindsey L S  5 star


The Tomboy πŸ‘Ÿ

Wow!  The Tomboy πŸ‘Ÿ  5 star

I'm impressed with this app! I tried another app (hair color changer) like this but that one SUCKED. I recommend this app if you want to dye your hair.

SolarRoses Gaming_YT

Too much Crashes  SolarRoses Gaming_YT  4 star

I've had this app for about a week now, and yesterday it seemed fine. When I was doing the hair outline on a picture, it crashed. I tried repeatedly to finish the outline, but every time it crashes. Please fix this! Other than that, everything is good.


Love it!!!  honeykat06  4 star

Fun app!


Amazing! ❀️  whattheheckdoidyemyhair  5 star

I use this every time before I dye my hair just to get an idea about what it'll look like. All in all it's great!


Nice  Jepcj7  5 star

I just want to have no ads πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Love itπŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»  Marichat_Viky  5 star

So I use this app on many things not just only hair but I use it on other things for example, shoes, backgrounds and clothing. Since I write books on wattpad (Marichat_Viky) I use it to change the color of the clothing or hairstyles I use to show my readers. I recommend this😌


Awesome!  Andrew31890456  5 star

This is by far the best hair coloring app I've ever tried. It's easy, quick (you only have to do an outline instead of hand-coloring the whole hair like some apps), and offers many coloring options. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better app. Thank you!!!

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