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Want to have some creative fun? SketchBook brings you the offer to make your pastime more creative, more funny. With millions of happy users worldwide, SketchBook is one of the best sketch apps.
You can draw, paint, sketch or just even doodle with any color you wish! Customize your brush size to make any kind of brush to draw! There are 200 Stickers templates to make your artworks look more professional. You can also have fun with photo. Draw on pictures, use stickers to make funny photos! Yet it is the most user friendly & easy to use Drawing app you will ever find.
Happy Sketching!

Key Feature:
1. Draw, Sketch & Paint anything.
2. You will find every color to draw.
3. You can also customize your color as you wish to make more colorful drawings.
4. You can change Brush size & Opacity to make your drawings perfect.
5. Re-Sizable Eraser helps you to erase things.
6. Import photo from gallery or by capturing a new photo.
7. Draw on photo and have fun!
8. Rotate & scale photos as much as you want.
9. 200 Cool Stickers Free!
10. Undo & Redo option for your every action.
11. Ruler & different kind shapes - square, circle, parabola etc.
12. You can vanish Left, Right & Bottom bars to use the full space to draw.
13. Made very easy & convenient to use.
14. Save artworks in gallery
15. Share them into any social network you want.

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Minor issue fixed.

Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad Comments & Reviews

- Could be better🧐☹️👍🏻

Soo I was looking for a art game. Cause I love art. And when I was looking at the stickers I mean why spend money on a sticker. I mean I know it’s only 1’99$. But It’s ONLEY a sticker like WHAT?! But it’s such a good game I mean it could be better but still it’s fun! I love to play this game if your looking for a art game then I persanley think u should get this game it’s so fun u can do patters and u could do shapes but the shapes cause the money. But it’s still SO fun it’s also funny what u can draw. But if your bored then just play the other one when u enter the game it will show u two games if u don’t like one then get the other one ! I even showed this game to my friend! Because it’s soooooo FUN I would play this if I were u but it’s a little glitches but that’s just my iPad..... play it!!!👍🏻👍🏻 Hope u like this game!!!👍🏻

- Meh... it’s OK

I don’t want anything I say to come across offensive or rude, but what I am about to say is how I truly feel about the app. So this app to me isn’t the best. I’m sure the developers put lots of effort into it but it just isn’t great and I have reasons I think that. So one of the reasons I don’t really like the app is that it has ADS! Like art apps to me aren’t supposed to have ads. You’re supposed to just draw and have no interruptions I thought, but no. Secondly I have to hold my phone sideways and that isn’t the way I like to draw really. Next things next there is NO fill tool 😫😤. That is just something that is really essential in an art app. Something else I don’t really like is when I’m trying to change how dark my color is, it gets stuck at a certain point and won’t hardly move. That might just be a glitch on my end but idk. Then if there is an ad and you hit the X but to exit out of the ad you get out of the ad like normal but if you don’t hit the X button IMMEDIATELY the ad will be stuck on your screen and it WONT go away 😒😢. But finally here are the positives... it has it where it is pretty simple and isn’t too complicated. You CAN make your own custom colors. You can also import photos from your gallery. You can buy the pro version of the app for a cheap price of $6.99. And yea, that is what I think about this app. Thank you to all the developers and others who helped create this app!

- Wouldn’t suggest it⚠️

First thing is I only rated it one cuz I had to rate it The fact that you hardly have any choices makes me upset, and probably everyone who makes realistic pics would agree if you want us to go wild and stuff you gotta give a lot of shades for different colors! Maybe consider giving those little things where you choose you choose the shade of each color. Just an idea. Besides if I were to use it I have an ad pop up like pretty much every time I press on the photos, tools, etc. which most people wouldn’t like that (including me) and not only that but the fact that the ad stays on my screen... (not even the whole screen) leaves me in frustration, and soon well idk... so I just get off then get back on and it goes on and on... you get it😅 anyway..... sure this app looks better then it is.. it’s quite annoying so I deleted and found a better drawing app... but if you make improvements and stuff I’ll.. by the way I mean a LOT of improvements, you know who am I kidding this is my opinion on the game so I might ask for more and well.... others I’m not sure. If you are reading this do decide whether you want it or not... take it from me it isn’t the best and if you read this whole thing thank you 😊 for taking your time to read this LONG review I’m glad you did

- A little short on everything

Yes, it is free, but so are a whole range of other creative apps. Most have way more options like different brushes, a blending palette and layers, just to name a few. Nice is the possibility to draw the shapes with easy elongations and sizing, but they cannot be inclined in any direction. Too bad... However, the major grief I have (because it is really annoying), is that the app opens upside-down. Yes, it will not rotate when turning my iPad Pro into another orientation. The icon looks normal on the logo screen, but upon opening, everything is frozen into place upside down and nothing I can think of can fix it. Please correct this! Gripe #2 is that you now have packaged a second app into this one: Colorstory. One cannot take this part out, unless one deletes the entire app. However, it comes back with every download, so it is not a glitch, as I had hoped. I guess I’ll just delete it from my iPad until it gets more attractive!

- The app

I think it’s a great app and I recommend getting it! but, the only thing I don’t like about it is that you can put to much detail into it without making it look I wouldn’t say wired but, odd. But I think it’s great if you want to quick draw something! Anyway I think it really depends on the type of person you are. If your a person who likes putting detail into drawings then I recommend not getting this app. But, if your a person who doesn’t mind putting much detail into into it then I recommend getting this app!

- Good but glitches

I really like this app but I do know that there is some glitches and when I try to download something it won’t let me download it to my cellular device and I would like to keep it on my cellular device for a long time so if you guys could actually do something this would be a very big help for me because this is super hard I can try to do it but then it’s harder and I have to keep on doing it over and over again and I have to watch ads two times already and I did it two times and I don’t think that I can get this through because I cannot get this done. I don’t think that it would be that easy. And I do like this app so I do read it a five stars! Thank you.

- what am I saying?

just amazing the end is a bit of an injury and I cannot now have not been able on this app for about three weeks or so after I’ve seen my first review in many reviews it’s really great fun game but you can’t even play with friends anymore please fix that problem the way to get your coins are hard at times without having enough cash you’re just trying again first time here tg was yy very nice little spot very addictive d really enjoyed our food there were some good quality drinks we had good service I’m going home by by by:Michael if either one either tomorrow afternoon before work today let me know when really comes up

- Hit or miss~this app is (mostly) a hit I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH

I guess they never miss huh Anyway, I really enjoyed this app. Unlike the last app I had, this one doesn’t crash and delete all of my work. I am an artist and was really looking for an app that I could edit photos on, usually to write words on them. I can also sketch really well and have access to many helpful tools. My one complaint is that for the stamps and stickers, on the App Store preview I was really looking forward to editing photos like that. You have access to very few of these things which is disappointing and upsetting. I recommend giving us access to more stickers and stamps.

- The App is ok.

There are not manny drawing options or anything special about this app, and there are glitches such as if i use the circle tool then the undo button it sometimes puts two to three large circles in my work, and there is no way to save my art unless i use screen shots, I found that out the hard way. I think you have a good start here with basic drawing options but there are no shading tools or layers, and it's a shame because the other app that i use is free and has these things plus more, but it is not an option for this device, I see potential in this app and i hope to see it improve over time and development. Thanks for reading. 😁

- Why my 4 star rating

I am under the age of 18 and I’m all for user friendly stuff, don’t get me wrong this is an awesome app....but it does have some kinks. I used this and played around with this for an hour or two and one of the main things that bothered me most was that it pre-layered. What I mean by that is the more you color in a spot the darker it gets. I don’t exactly like that but if you do this would work great! I also don’t think this is the best app to use on phones ( especially I phones)

- Jimmy of the world

I love sketchbook because you get to write in it and I love you for making sketchbook thank you for making it all of the time would do it I just started hearing of it but is the best and I want you to know that I like to sketchbook thank you bye-bye. Thanks for being a nice man or woman thank you so much I love sketchbook am I just started so thank you I just in the whole wide world I will come to you him or her I just thank you

- Could be better 😐

I don’t normally make reviews but I think this app could be better, my first problem is that there is ALOT of adds, I had a pop up add almost every 10 seconds. Number two is that it’s kind of hard to draw on. I think these things can change.

- It's actually good.

The app will ask you to rate it not 10 minutes after starting it up. After that it will bombard you with the same request every 30 seconds or so. I gave it one star because after about 7 or 8 rounds of this, the app started getting on my nerves. I understand the want for a review by a developer, but this is ridiculous. I didn't even get a chance to test everything and it seems like half the experience is pressing [later]. I would have been more than happy to give it 5 stars had it just asked for the review after an hour of use. (Or something around then.) So here is me rating it so it'll stop harassing me.

- I love your game!!!!!!this game is amazing you will love it just download it

This game has is so amazing you will want to keep it when you download it you will be doing art all day you won’t want to stop playing it because it is so cool and amazing you will want more of the same art games designed by them I love this game and I think you would to you would not like the game until you can play with the game so download the game


It was good at first..When I cleared my drawing it gave me a add. When I waited until it ended I could not see any button I could push then “Download app now” Also it gave me two options. One would be the app then the other one was a whole new app I had to download. Many times a got kicked out again and again. Also it was hard to make any good art because I couldn’t shade any colors. My drawings looked a little sloppy. I even used a ruler and I did not help one bit. Most of tools you have to buy. So it’s like you have to have money to have good art. I would say try this out if you wanna waste space on you iPad, phone whatever.

- Ehhhh......

Ok so, I was doing a video on line art for gacha characters. So I was trying different apps other than ibspaint X and I tried doing it. It was nicely going on and then when I got to the end it was smudging my painting. I was very disappointed that it didn’t work. Although, it can be useful for other things. It’s not terrible but I would not recommend this to a friend for line art. It’s not that useful b/c it smudges and gets all dirty and I don’t like it. But it was a fun experience trying it out and seeing if it works or not. Just please fix the smudging. Thanks!! ❤️


This app is cool and you can go in stickers backgrounds all that stuff it’s cool and you can save it in photos but you can’t get the stickers that are money 💴 I would have bought them but in did not because I had no money because I’m a little kid and it’s my moms money so I did art n the app it was pretty cool 😎I loved it download now it has been great for me and it will be great for you so do the app now please

- Good drawing app

Just started using this app for rough sketches. The freehand design and drawing reminds me of the basic paint program on the windows operating system. While I am using touch screen interface to draw with my finger, I would still suggest that you use a stylus pen for serious drawing. The free price tag was what sold me and I needed a basic art app for work and relaxation. This app hits all three interests.

- From an art student

I'm an art student who is currently testing out different free products. This app has the bare minimum, with only brush size and opacity. An art app should have different brushes, blending tools, and layers. This app doesn't have any. If I'm being honest, I would never get this app again. It's probably fine if you're just wanting to doodle, but other than that it's not the best. The app also asks for reviews very often, maybe every minute if you're not touching the screen. I've seen the developer answer people with the same complaints saying that it will be fixed, but it's been a year and nothing has changed. TL;DR The app is bad. It's fine for doodles, but if you want something professional you're not going to find it. No brushes, no blending, no layering. Autodesk Sketchbook is much, much better, along with Adobe Illustrator. Hope this helped!

- Needs to be better

When I played the the game I was like I need more colors and in the canvas why are all the colors locked but the boring ones I mean come on I like the game but needs more colors what about kids who want a coloring game but you have nothing but boring colors so come on man make it better if you want to make a coloring game make more colors ok maybe you like the boring colors but that does not mean that we like them so add more colors and my rate will go up for now 1 Star Thank you guys for reading this! If you think I’m right then write a review see yaaaa

- $4.99 for a square???

And I downloaded the app literally 90 seconds ago and it already interrupted me literally 3 times to ask me to review the app. It might be a good app if you had given me more than 30 seconds to try it out. So be careful what you ask for-or at least when you ask it. Because my review of your app is based on my entire experience of it in this very short period of time. And I am not someone who goes back and changes my review, if I even am willing to try your app again after such poor customer service.

- Don’t buy right now

I have had this app for many months and even paid to upgrade. It worked fine until recently when all of a sudden you can’t get rid of the tools from the buttons on the bottom of the drawing page. Therefore when doing your own background you have blank on either side of your drawing instead of the color you want. This is very frustrating and no one has contacted me on how to resolve the problem. If anyone one understands and is having the same problem, please help! Thanks

- Sketch book is the best!

I love sketchbook because it’s great to sketch with and practice math facts on! I love to use this app so I give it 5 stars for its well designed details and its useful abilities I can practice math on this app and get sooo much better at it I mainly use it to practice my math skills and facts this app is useful if your reading this give it 5 stars right now I love it!!!!


⚠️This app should not be advertised with realistic and actually good drawings. As a digital artist I can say that this app is defiantly made for little kids to play with. Not for professional use. The stickers feel a little weird to have in a app that is advertised with professional looking drawings. And the absurd amount of ads makes it feel really cheap. If you want to get this for a kid to mess around with then it’ll work, if you want to do something professional with art, I would not recommend this app.⚠️

- Don’t get this

It isn’t that confusing if you read the beginning notes that it gives you but it is kind of confusing when you click on something and it says that you can only use like 3 out of like 100 of everything I give it a three because you can’t do that much is it I would suggest not getting this app! Thanks/ no thanks :(

- Too Much Ads

Hello I am writing to you because there is too much ads. Whenever I deleted something it would go straight to an ad. Also you have to pay for almost everything such as stickers, stamps, backgrounds, patterns, and much more. Another thing is the pictures are not what they seem like you cannot paint an ombré. I hope you get my review and fix these things.

- Easy to use but free version is irritating

I have gotten 4 review reminders since I started using the app this evening and each time I go to make a new image I get an advertising video with sound. I like the app, but not sure of its paid version value (and all the bells and whistles it comes with) If the free version were not so dang irritating I would rate this app higher for its functionality and ease of use.

- Not good.

Before I updated the app, there was a lot of bugs. Like, if I use the undo button, and I have one of those shape things on screen (like, straight line, circle (stroke), square (stroke), circle (fill) and square (fill).) it immediately has that shape everywhere on screen. forcing me to erase everything. and when I updated it, it made all the shape things “premium” even though it wasn’t like that before! just don’t buy this app. it isn’t very good.

- Too many ads.

Every time I clear my canvas it always has an ad. Even if I got one of the other bottoms every time I hit either button there’s always an ad. It’s just too many ads for me and I really don’t think it needs to show up constantly. I’m in my mode of concentration and every time an ad pops up I lose my focus and I lose my patience. Maybe every once in a while have an ad or something but not e sry time to clear the canvas.

- My opinions

I am so far new to the app but I have been noticing that whenever I press the “ERASE” bouton it has been brining up an add every single time. Granted, the next opinion I have is when you go to paint it’ll say the width and how light or dark you want your color. I have to press in a different space THAT LEAVES A MARK. And when I erase it, SAME THING! It’ll take me a long very amount of time to get a single portrait done. Other than that, the app is perfect! You should up-grade it. Thanks.

- Logo screen

When I downloaded this app I opened it and it went straight to the Odyssey Apps screen and I would load for like two minutes and then take me to my IPhone home screen and I tried deleting and redownloading it and it still won’t work. What do I do?!?!?

- Very nice!

I can draw animes and all kinds of stuff! I also like that i can undo and not erase! I would also like to add skin colors! I would like less money sense i only have $20 dollars. Its really nice to draw sketch thats really really nice i would like a update! -edit- Back on here really nice sketching stuff is fun please reply ti meg!

- Amazing game

The colors are so great to color and the fact that you can change the colors are amazing and this is amazing that I gave this game a 5 rated start I’m wanting this game to be popular when ever I don,t have WiFi I choose this game it’s so amazing so good that this app needs to be popular

- I would recommend

I would recommend this game. It's way better than those fancy art apps like ibis paint but it's still alittle laggy. It might just be my iPad but for me it's laggy, and I wish it would save the colors you made. Well... Please update the game shortly . Thanks! A random 10 year old girl

- Fun!

I think this coloring app is so fun so far when I just got it. There are sure lots of ads though! I would take this into consideration, even considering that some of my favorite games and fun apps ALL have ADS! I just drew some poofy haired man, and he turned out funny! Please make a new update. Looking forward to using this more. 4 stars.

- An idea for this app

If you are starting to draw I highly recommend this app but here’s one problem. For artists to draw normally they need layers but this app doesn’t have it. Don’t get me wrong I love this app but I think it would be better if there were layers!

- Good for the Price

One time payment of $7 (give or take with sales) is almost worth it. The app is super limited if you’re looking at actually make art. If you’re just doodling just to kill time or sketch very very rough draft ideas, this works well. If it had a feature to add text, I’d say it would be the perfect whiteboard app because you can add photos, stamps, and shapes.

- Short story on a sketch page of a book

I like this app because you can feel the creativity coming up from your heart and all its just doing is making it feel happy 😊. I know this because I feel it

- Good app

Ok so the reason why I gave the game 4 stars is because it keeps asking me over and over rate are app rate are app it gets very old I love this game but I don’t want to rate it more than once this a great app I do recommend it for people how want a drawing tablet so I say get the game and have fun exploring and creating new art! :)

- Disappointing

I was enjoying the app, it is actually a pretty good app, I had worked for a couple hours and decided to take a break but I didn’t know how to save it, I searched for the save and stuff and it would keep the picture of my work in my photos but it wouldn’t save, then the worst happens, all of that hard work that I worked hours on was wasted, everything was wiped nothing left, I am enraged, if you would like to save your art don’t buy this app

- I’ve been looking for this

My kids all love to draw but in the car they can’t really do it. Because everything is bumpy moving turning. When I saw this app I tried it out. It was amazing! It’s free, it’s fun, and it stays still. Thank you for an amazing helpful game.

- Phenomenal!

I'm so thankful for this app, especially when it doesn't Tell me how to do what I'm Doing! The only thing that even kinda bothered me was I was trying to color in a heart and my hand moved on the picture. It messed me up for a minute. Otherwise it's an Awesome app!

- I LOVE IT 😍😍😍

The app is so much fun!!! I really enjoy art, so this app was PERFECT for me!!! There are so many cool tools to use. My only issue is that sometimes an ad shows up prevents me from continuing to play the game, and won’t let me exit it out. The app is great but I wish that problem was solved.

- Good but...

I like how you can just pick the color of the canvas but how come when I draw or erase an area and then try to change the canvas color it only changes the part that I didn’t erase or draw on?! I have to clear the whole thing with the clear button for it to work...

- I’m not an artist

I gave this app a 4 because when I didn’t rate it as soon as I got in it asked me again about 30 seconds later but also i don’t like having to color the whole drawing plus it gave me an add like as soon as I hit one button..... Get it if you like art

- I’m better than this app

Where do I even begin? This app left me with a rollercoaster of emotions. Not only was I dissatisfied with its quality, but I was also unimpressed by the outcome of my artwork. Now, I’m no Van Gogh, but I have to say I was completely baffled by artistic creation and lack of utensils I was given to use. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this app to my friends, not even my enemies because it’s just so bad. Please improve this app ASAP!!!!!!!!!

- Love this app

I love this app because it really fun so how did I how get the app well. I wanted a drawing app but I had to pay till a found this it Is free . Yeah some of the things you have to buy but just don’t use that thing hope you like this game.

- I just love this!

I started drawing since I was in kindergarten and I’m nine years old and still draw today. I sometimes draw on my school work. I have a friend who also likes to draw. She’s eight or nine years old. She’s really nice. She LOVES wolfs. And I feel like she can use this app!

- You relax.

I have opened the app... I never thought I’d see anything like this, which is fine because I haven’t figured out what he symbols in the tools available.. are you going to pester me like others who reviewed say you do for me put? Or will you pretend you’re not a robotic inquisitor , but more of a patient monitor as you he must Nd of this imbecile Kee s the ultramind of the datastream. Chill out and snack on electrons whilst I explore thi app. Thank you

- Good, but one suggestion

I really like this game and all the things I can do with it, I just have one suggestion though that would make me like the game much more. I think that you should add a blur tool. So that if you draw something, you can blur it after! That’s one thing I love to do! Thank you for listening to my review!

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- It's great and all but..

It's a great game but there is a few problems I'd like to talk about. Ok so, 1. The colours, alright so the most annoying thing is the colours every time I try to colour something the colours are in the way and I can't find a way to keep them down. It's so annoying and a bit stressful. 2. The Advertising, as a lot of the reviews say, The ads get annoying literally after 10 Seconds not as many but still annoying from time to time lastly, Lack of quality. So yeah it's good and all but but it lacks quality due to all the ads, and the stuff people who Can't get the "No ads and bla bla bla" thing, no wonder why I have trouble with this game BUT i still enjoy this free drawing game to practice my animation and drawing! Thanks for reading my useless Review on this game 😅 sorry for wasting your time... Bye

- No

Although it’s a good draw pad, I find it annoying that there is no fill shapes and you have to pay $8 just to draw better? I find that ridiculous, you should make it that it has free circle and other shapes, because it’s hard making a perfect circle. Also, add text because I want to draw a letter but it’s hard due to not having text. Fix this and I’ll re-download it. :/

- Why?!?

This is a good draw thingy and all, but I would like to address a weird problem. So, I have a picture and I want to outline some of the things in the photo. So I turn brush to red and then go to shapes and set to straight line. When I do a mistake, I can’t erase it considering that if I try to erase it will erase the pic on the canvas. So, I click on undo (the button under shapes) and it makes hundreds of straight lines come out from the top left. And then it crashes. And when I go back to the app, it has the previous drawing that I already cleared. If I’m doing something wrong, please tell me. I will add more stars if this is fixed.

- The best

This app is really good you don’t have to pay money for anthing and you can insert picture and make your tip smaller or larger. But the only thing that gets a little annoying is that when you go out of the app it will delete the art that you have just done so you must save it. Another thing that is bad is that it has a lot oooooofffffff advertisement.

- Fix

You guys have to much stuf that you need to buy and you have to pay a a shape i no you want money but it is unfair that we always need to pay and there's homeless kids that have ipads but have no money and you should not be doing this. From m From

- Don’t bother going Pro

I paid $7.99AU for pro version, I did this as my 5yr old twins were frustrated with the ads, so I thought I’d go Pro and unlock all the extras.. it didn’t give me an update option, and the kids still got ads, so I deleted the app and reloaded it...well I’m furious we still get ads..I’ve gone through the settings and we have family sharing on every device, and the ads come up periodically. SO DISAPPOINTED. don’t bother upgrading... on the whole my twins love to draw, that’s all it good for, your not missing out on the extras. 👎🏻

- Way to many adds at the start,

Firstly,I reckon the first couple of seconds l played this game were all just adds. One add popped up multiple times and I had to reset the app. I don’t reckon these types of things are not necessary in apps like this or any other app especially apps that kids play like this one. This app is great otherwise we need less adds though.

- Animal, birds, clouds, flower in stamps

Beautiful app which satisfies my desire , I download few others but delete them. If above titles be more realistic for creative work , b happy even to pay extra or create a pro version with realistic photos . Best example is the last line of stamps section, like grass, trees, plants . Current above titles , Animal, Birds, clouds, flowers are for kids like . Please do ASAP . Thanks

- Great game but...

It’s a good game but every time I try to clear the picture it plays an ad and that’s stupid and annoying other than that good game 👍🏻

- Sketchbook

I guess its ok but there are a lot of things that you have to pay for. Also it is kind of annoying because there are so many stickers and backgrounds but they are all locked and you have to pay money to get them which is really annoying. All in all, I guess its ok but not that great for real art.

- Worst app ever

I think this app is the worst thing in the entire world 1, the colour bar is always in the way 2 every time you use the tool for a straight line and all the shapes every time you use it, it randomly stops and does all these weird dots and it’s sooo annoying.I’ve got multiple more reasons why I think it’s awe full but all you need to know is that if I could rate this 0 stars I would

- When I downloaded it

When I downloaded it ,it only took me 5 seconds to download and it is super fun because you can create your own wallpapers on it👍🏻👍🏻

- Just NO

Although this game is for entertainment the lack of quality in this game and whenever I try to zoom in on the photo it draws on the photo and then I have to press clear and then start again so you need to really fix up your game and I’m completely deleting this game and buying a new game so bye no thank you never gonna go on this app again

- Ok but buggy

For my kids it's ok. But there is no way I can find to save pictures and resume later. You can save as a photo but then you can't do anything with it, and anyway it crashes any time I try to load a picture.


Pretty good it works so smoothly no glitches I recommend this, DONT bother wasting your time paying loads of money on procaft or whatever it’s called get this app amazing 5/5!

- Easy to use but the advertisement is so annoying

It’s a good app but I really don’t like the advertisement! It’s always popped up so many times, and there is no place for me to click to cancel the advertisement so I have to delete this app!

- Amazing

I love this game but you have to buy me some more roblux and I will play this game all the time but if you don’t I will delete this game

- My first go

I first downloaded this game for a look .it was interesting so then I had a look at it and realised this was a great game for me to sketch on

- Nupdate

Love the latest update no more lost pictures that I have not saved xxxxxxxxxx

- Good

I like the drawing but I need to work out how to use it but it’s a good app

- I like it but removing ads does not work

I like to support app developers and thought the price was resonance. However, no matter what I do, the ads still remain after buying the ad free version. iTunes even says that it’s been purchased. Maybe it’s just a bug. I hope they fix it.

- I love drawing

I just can’t resist getting to draw on my own iPad every day and I think it’s fun and interesting

- N

I love it you can practice and get better at it and things

- Great app

I love this app fun you should try it you can do anything in it

- Hey I like this game because...

I can start drawing and I am starting to paint and draw so this game is helping me

- This app it um something :)

Yep this app isn’t very good if your looking for something professional but good for kids recommend if you want your child to draw!

- Not very good should be free

You should make it so we have to pay for anything or get premium to use tools and stuff. It should be free!!!!!!!!! Honestly this app is 3 out of 100, the only reason I putb1 out of 10 is because you can’t put 0 stars

- Sketchbook

I just got this and I love it because it has unicorns and Pegasus stickers which I love

- Buying everything?!

I don’t like that everything you need to buy you can’t do anything good with out buying 😡😡🤬

- This is the best application

Please cool you can draw can be creative and super duper creative

- Euro was the best day ever

I just got a early wretr with a great day today I love to play this day with you


I have tried a million different drawing apps, and this definitely earnsa five star.

- Only just started. Thank you


- Keeps going out of the app

When I downloaded this app it was fun but while I was drawing it closed the app and I had to start all over again and the same thing happened I like drawing but not like this

- My review

It’s great but sometimes things get in the way and I have to log in to my phone again.😡😡😡

- What the

This app is sooooo bad I got it thinking I could do some blurring and actual pictures WRONG I hate it you can’t even blur the colours bold colours is all you can do don’t get this app

- Matilda

I’m in love with this it is so calming and it is relaxing thank god someone made this

- Free version is useless

Completely useless unless you pay for pro version, pretty much every single feature and colour is locked in the free version.

- Soooo good

Sooo good and better for my animations 🙂😄🙂

- Ads

I get ads every 2 seconds.

- It’s good and amazing game for drawing it made me have a masterpiece

Its great

- Amazing

Very good better then drawing desk

- Ali is the best

This game is so good that a 💩 poo can play this very good game

- Great app

I just got the app AND SOOOOOOOO COOL I love it I have drawed this picture 😂😂 looks good

- Cool app my boy enjoys

Great app for kids

- No good for me but I’ll have it.

Sooooooooooooooooo bad but I think you should try it.

- Eh

Constant ads, not many options. Pretty basic app.

- This is why I gave you 1 star

You need to add in like other shades anda blendindingthing

- Nothing works

Nothing is working for me

- Um

Sooooooooooo no for a kids game yea for fun but it limited creativity so yuh

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- Im. A YouTuber

It’s a good app but I really wish that you could mix the colors. And there. Is commercial every second …

- Not good at all

You have to pay for everything that isn’t a line🙄 and every five seconds there’s a commercial

- App used to be good

Ad for a painting app comes up immediately and there is no way to get rid of it. I reloaded the sketch app 3times and each time the ad would not go away so I can’t use the sketch app.

- Love it❤️🥰

I love this app a lot and there is nothing I wanna change except if you could decrease the adds that would be amazing😋 You’re game is awesome, thanks!

- Nice game

It is really fun! But I wish there is more detail to it

- Ok but needs to stop freezing up

It's a pretty good app but it would be nice if it would stop freezing up on me. I find it very annoying, plus it causes the whole iPad to glitch up. Otherwise, it's a worthwhile app.

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- Looking for the best developer

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- Looking for the best developer

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- Crapy game

Worst app ever, there are adds every second, and everything costs money. It’s just sad.

- SketchBook

Il est super cool ce jeu merci pour installer ce jeu.

- nooob

no o o b

- Addisons review

I love the app. But like the YouTuber I wish the Colors could mix. But other than that it’s a good app.

- Scetch book

This game is an incredible game

- It’s okay

It’s a good app I own other drawing apps and this seems like it has low detail containing drawing stuff compared to them. It seems like a child could use it too and it wouldn’t be confusing to them witch is good, and it could still be usable to someone that’s older then that, but it’s not a lot of stuff compared to the ones I own/ other drawing apps and I wish you could mix colours/make them.

- Awesome game

I love this app because it’s such a good game idea and it’s good for any ages I love. It and I am ten .So thx for the great game

- Meh 😑 idk

I just got the app because I love art. I do it all the time but I am a little disappointed that you can blend the colours together, so that’s a bummer and a Big fat OOF in the face 👊👊👊👊👎

- I’m having a blast drawing!

This drawing app is crazy fun!

- It ok

Overall it is a good game but if you press the clear whole page button it will give you an add

- Hi

It is a really good app I would not change anything about it!

- Good

Is is good but not better

- Love it 😻

You have to get this game no trial love it awsome

- So fun like da best

I luv dis. It’s amazing and I love it 🥰 wish it wood have different drawings tools like crayons 🖍,markers,paint,and cool textures

- It’s ok

Idk it’s just fine

- Bad review

Bad because there is apsalutly no blender.

- Why so much ads?

So many ads every time I have to restart my art I get and ad it’s so annoying

- App payante

Aucun fonctionnalité gratuite intéressante

- Fun

So much I love to create pic

- Real good!

It’s nice!🥰

- Most intrusive ads I've ever seen

Full screen ads come up often on an app for kids. Basically unusable for my kids. Avoid this app.

- I wish it had

I wish it had blending on it that would be the best but is does not and I hate that but the rest of it is good but not the Colors and I hate how mani ads and that sucks

- Stupid !!!!!!

Stupid !!!!!!

- C incompréhensible

Nnul je ne comprend rien

- I love it

I know a lot of people don’t like it but before an ad pops up tap it click the X and you’ll be fine!🤗 I just do drawings like a noob but I can’t do better I just LOVE this app! You should totally get this app!!!

- This is the worst drawing app ever

This app is the worst it keeps on having adds when I’m drawing. I’m a very good drawer and I can’t even make a flower on this app. I would prefer drawing desk instead.

- Unable to use

I had this app for 5 seconds and a full page game covered it up. I have no time for this I would pay for it not to do this but there was no option so I deleted it

- Ok

It’s really fun but it’s not pro and I would like it to be pro but not to pay anything at all plz

- Avis


- Ad pops up and can’t remove unless I turn off iPad.

Annoying ad comes up and cannot remove.


This game is the best I would rate this game 4.5 stars I love this game so much the only thing I would say is there are some ads I haven’t tried airplane mode on this game I hope it works🤞

- I don't know what the app is like

I think I would like it if I could EVEN DRAW ON IT! So many ads I can't get rid of... I have to relog every time there is an ad. AND THERE IS AN AD EVERY SIX SECONDS! :/ I would give it two and a half.

- Disappointed

Find out i costs money once I go into the app and have already downloaded it. And advertises things the app doesn’t include. Brutal app

- They weren’t joking

If you come here for something serious, don’t bother. Find a different app, there are plenty. This is only good for simple concepts.

- Booo

So basic all I want is a paint brush that looks like paint

- It’s so great!

I think that it’s so AMAZING!

- This app sucks

This app sucks

- It’s good but it could be better

I think It would be better if you had a styles

- Not to bad

Every time I do the circle tool I can’t draw after it will just make more circles and my art never saves

- Some things

I always draw something I'm proud of, but then I exit the app, even after saving it, and it's erased. It's also annoying to have to hand color it and have to retrace the outlines, a fill bucket tool is much needed

- No good

Trying to draw then a video pops up, no good. Good thing it was free.

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Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad 2.6.1 Screenshots & Images

Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad iphone images
Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad iphone images
Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad iphone images
Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad iphone images
Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad iphone images
Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad iphone images

Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad (Version 2.6.1) Install & Download

The applications Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad was published in the category Education on 2015-05-24 and was developed by Odyssey Apps Ltd. [Developer ID: 1181390052]. This application file size is 59.45 MB. Sketch.Book - Draw,Drawing Pad - Education app posted on 2021-05-04 current version is 2.6.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.rintu.drawdraw