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A simple app for bigger problems. It's a simple to-do list, a reminder, a task manager that helps you to get things done.

「MinimaList, fewer functions, More Productive」
- Intuitive lists: simple lists for complicate things
- Smart input: automaticaly detect time in phrase and set as reminder
- Reminders: time and location based reminders
- Pomodoro Timer: focus with amazing sounds
- Today Widget: create and complete tasks in today widget
- Cloud Syncing: same lists for all devices
- Custom setting: your notification sounds, your font, your background
- Calendar Syncing: syncing with Apple calendar

MinimaList, a minimum list for maximum problems.

Less is More.

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MinimaList is free but you can also upgrade to Premium for full access to premium features for $0.99 a month or $5.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription.

Subscriptions for Pro account will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase.

MinimaList – Simple To Do List App Description & Overview

The applications MinimaList – Simple To Do List was published in the category Productivity on 2015-12-09 and was developed by Davetech Co., Ltd.. The file size is 44.47 MB. The current version is 2.1.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

----What's New----
Added iOS 11 support.
Fixed some bugs.

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MinimaList – Simple To Do List Reviews

Joanne Daniel

Great App  Joanne Daniel  5 star

Fantastic app. I work in tv & film and often end up looking after the sparks shooting truck and my life evolves round lists of equipment. Gone are the days when I ask from something to come back to the truck at the end of the day and 6 turn up instead of 1.


I love this app  Kimberly_09  5 star

I've never rated an app before but this deserves mention. I have a small and complex business to run, and family matters to run in Australia. Just having this app in my pocket to create labelled lists, add notes to the entries and then check them off has made my life so much easier. Simple to use. At-a-glance information. Love it.

Cathy Bathe

Productivity Through The Roof  Cathy Bathe  5 star

I've had this app a week now and my productivity is through the roof. MinimaList and a simple rule of I don't sit down until these tasks are done has helped me get through the back log of things to do.


Actually has changed my life  Layla_014  5 star

Has taken family responsibilities away from me solely and moved them to all involved. Makes me less stressed and sad and them not feeling bad for not remembering. It's a great app. Only thing that doesn't seem to work perfectly is task sorting - it doesn't stay sorted. Also would be nice to assign sub tasks but I think this might be a pro feature. Will upgrade even if I don't need the features as its so helpful.

Aurelina Muphy

Very good  Aurelina Muphy  5 star

I use this to help me run our business every day, it's become part of my routine. Simple to use yet effective, it's great for planning out tasks. If I could improve it, I'd allow for prioritising task beyond a simple star, but other than that it's marvellous!


Can't be without it!  Jassmine321  5 star

Love this app and the ability to make, edit and share my many to do lists. It's great having different categories and different priorities, as well as the ability to create deadlines and repeating tasks!


Great app for jobs lists  Isabel7221  5 star

This is a great app for our "to do" lists. They synchronise really well between my phone and my wife's allowing us to both see the jobs we have. Makes a satisfying "keerching" when we tick jobs off. The only feature I wish it had was for the synch'd list to give the audio feedback too - then my wife would know I had been busy ;-).

Hannah Parson

Love this app  Hannah Parson  5 star

Perfect for my partner and I to create tasks and shared shopping lists. We can think of something we need to get and use the desktop app at our PC's at night and it's synced to our phones immediately, we don't forget anymore to pick up any shopping we needed thanks to this. It's also a great looking and easy to use app.

Sophoa Vincent

Best List App around!  Sophoa Vincent  5 star

I'd say it's the best List App out there & ive tried a few. It has its own pre-set lists & a Create ur own list option. I use it for shopping lists ( i.e. Halloween... etc) as well as To Do lists (things I've yet to do) Brilliant App! Oh & great design!

Louse Rahna

Great app and simple to understand  Louse Rahna  5 star

Having been sceptical of to-do-lists and over-complicated group-working apps, I finally took a pal’s advice and tried this one. It’s very simple to use and understand. The functions for reminders and repeats are a doddle. The ability to share some projects is great. The range of functions in the free version is tremendous. A very laudable public service!


Fabulous  Gaskellraskell  5 star

Simple but covers everything you need a check list app to do, along with tons of hidden features perfect for a serial procrastinator (like myself...) 😜😜😜


Great app  Abrasaav  5 star

Support simple and minimal though really powerful and fast. The best app for those you just want to type a reminder quickly and efficiently.


I LOVE IT  MercedesAntunovic  5 star

Use it everyday, and minimalistic interface isn't distracting at all. Helps get what needs to be done using the pomodoro technique.


Beautiful & easy to use  Dyno_M  5 star

It would be perfect if it allows sync

Cat, off of Australia

So simple and intuitive  Cat, off of Australia  5 star

All I need

^_^ !~~~

as the name suggests.  ^_^ !~~~  5 star



Great!  dbun1  5 star

True to its name. Such a clean interface and a no nonsense approach to managing your to do list. Love that the widget shows all items regardless of time due etc.


Good App worth to try  酆子  5 star

This is a very amazing app. I never write a review before, but this is the app make me want to give a 5 stars review. It's sample to use, easy to watch. It could help you organise your day very much.


Great app.  porco.rosso.  5 star

Simple interface and nice colours. The focus mode is actually really helping me to get through my tasks without getting distracted. Thanks!

Big spenda

I've tried everything  Big spenda  5 star

I've dead set tried everything from using Google calendar as a task list, to paper task list and everything in between, and this is the most efficient of them all!

Isabella Josefine

Love it  Isabella Josefine  5 star

Great organizing tool. Able to create and customize folders for in depth organization. Simple to dos to complex lists. Syncs across everything and able to work offline. Awesome productivity app and has replaced all my other "things to do" apps!

Veronica D.Alma

Keeps us organized!  Veronica D.Alma  5 star

MinimaList has been a huge help to my husband and me. We use it for everything, from regular grocery lists to the tasks necessary to buy a house. It's saved us money by keeping us from duplicate purchases. I love this app!

Comelia Carina

Best free to do list  Comelia Carina  5 star

I’ve been using this almost 4 months. You can make categories, due dates, reminders, sub tasks. You can rearrange the order, delete, or edit any of the tasks. It syncs to your account on the Internet and it has an add-on for Firefox browser, although honestly, I’ve never used it that way. It also has a search feature where you can search through your tasks. It has some additional features that I have never used.

Anette S.Lena

GREAT TOOL!!  Anette S.Lena  5 star

This task tool has been improving my work and personal life. No more lost to do lists or grocery lists left at home, this has my lost son the palm of my hand! For the task driven and those who love to check things off your lists towards productive days- this is the perfect tool.

Sanna Tova

App never even asked for a review!  Sanna Tova  5 star

This is the first app that never asks me constantly for a review, yet it one of the few apps that I appreciate enough to give not only an unsolicited review, but to give a five star rating and look for that section where I can donate a fee bucks to make sure they can keep it available! I didn’t see a donation option, but do see online that they offer a pro and business version. I like it so much that I want to know what those versions offer! I recommend it often. It is easy to use, I haven’t experienced and glitches ever. It is fun to use and helpful as heck!


Simply The Best  Elnino199x  5 star

This app has truly changed my world. Great interface, intuitive, smart, and it just works! I hear rumors that Microsoft might shut down this app....that would be the dumbest move ever! Keep up the great work!

Oscar Saga

Well designed and very useful  Oscar Saga  5 star

I have several responsibilities and this app gives me 1 place to do several to do list with due dates, notes, etc. This app has eliminated multiple to do lists sitting on my desk.. able to update from my ipad, i it....

Suzy MLM

Easy to use and helps my productivity everyday  Suzy MLM  5 star

I've been using this app for two months and it never let me down. It has a lot of features. But the most useful one is that you can set due dates and reminders, which has saved me from forgetting an important task many times. You are free to organize your lists the way you want. I really like the freedom it gives me. It can be used for many different things. I use it for my daily to do list, important test dates, wish-lists, and so on. I highly recommend this app.

Sarah S.Montana

GET THIS APP!  Sarah S.Montana  5 star

This app is very helpful because it helps me schedule and keep track of what I have to do and how long I have to do something. I used to write the homework that I had to do in my notes on my computer but that began piling over time and was so cluttered that I had a hard time selecting what I had to do that day and it was very unorganized. Now I can easily just find things without even hesitating. I especially love that there is a section that allows you to star things on your to-do list because that helps me organize it further. I highly recommend you to use this because you will definitely not regret it!

Caroline F.Clara

I love this app  Caroline F.Clara  5 star

I am a list person and write my lists on the closest piece of paper - ending up with lots of lists that I could never find. Now my lists are in one place AND I can share them with others. This app has streamlined work flow at my small business because we can all see the status of each job in real time. Wish I had found this app sooner.

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