MinimaList – Task, Reminder & To-Do List

Less is More.
MinimaList is simple.
MinimaList is useful.
MinimaList is worth to have.

It's a list.
It's a reminder.
It's a timer.
It's a little app to make your life a little better.

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MinimaList – Task, Reminder & To-Do List App Description & Overview

The applications MinimaList – Task, Reminder & To-Do List was published in the category Productivity on 2015-12-09 and was developed by Davetech Co., Ltd.. The file size is 10.21 MB. The current version is 1.22 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

if app crashes after update to iOS 10, plz turn off authorization for location service in system setting.
Hello, iOS 10, we are ready. btw, plz rate & review us, it helps a lot.
Welcome to send us any feedbacks. [email protected]

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MinimaList – Task, Reminder & To-Do List Reviews


Oh my God  inazzz  5 star

Thank you very very much🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍


Really lovin' it  Maxphilips  5 star

Simple - clean - check it off & get it done. Easy interface and minimal aesthetic helps you visualize your tasks a lot.


Very basic  pbfool  4 star

Very basic to do list. Eliminates the pieces of paper I have all over the place. I don't understand the timer thing at all, makes zero sense. So if you want to eliminate pieces of paper and sticky pads this is good enough


Awesome  shallly  5 star

Easy to use and truly perfect for minimalists


How is this free?  taliwalt  5 star

So simple and effective. Thank you. Just wondering why I occasionally get permitted to taste and review when I already did so (of my own accord) .


Simple  Ahottermama  5 star

Simple to use and does what it says it will. No bugs.


Love the widget  fojlz  5 star

There are lots of to-do lists out there, but it's surprisingly difficult to find one that simply shows a checklist of your to-dos as a widget. Now whenever I swipe left to view the weather, I also am reminded of my to-dos. Sometimes simplest is best; MinimaList is a dream.


Genius  shwdc  5 star

Along with several other reviewers, I am in the Adhd world- no matter how organized I try to be, things always end up messy. This app won't stand for messiness! I can plug along all day and get things done from my minimaList and at the end of the day I can clearly see where I stand. Thank you! Also, the hidden little preset tasks always make me laugh- a fun, quick distraction:)


Great and helpful  XanDair  5 star

Exactly the combination of reminder, calendar, and alarms that I was looking for so I could organize what I needed to do better. Minimalistic layout and u.i. only improved the quality of this app. And it's free! No way to lose with this app.


Simply the best  SamuraiGold  5 star

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Clean design, no clutter, functional and pretty much perfect for tracking your daily tasks. Just wow! And THANK YOU ALOT!


Thanks for making life easier !  Bhai123  4 star

Everything about his app can be explained by the word ' simplicity ' - I needed an app which does not take multiple steps to figure out how it works - this one nails it. Pros: simple and easy to learn Cons: would have preferred to see a way to mark a line across tasks which are completed Overall: 4 /5 stars Thanks


Best simple list app  ChinhNNguyen  5 star

You need a Mac version with syncing. Best part about this app is the widget. Others requires a due date before it shows up this one does not.


Super simple super effective  Kevster323rd  5 star

I review it just as my title says. It automatically syncs to your calendar, it's simple, fast, and effective. Exactly what I was looking for. Other apps are too cluttered.


Changed my life  rawgene  5 star

Changed my life


Practical  organizeddr  5 star

Easy to use and easy to read.


Absolutely useless.  karissal  1 star

I realize this app is supposed to be "simple" but swiping right or left doesn't work every time. Zero changeable setting, minimal directions for use (which I guess is fine since it doesn't actually do much) -1star


Awesome  Swordsmen12  5 star

Pleased with the app thus far. It's simplicity makes it easy to use and easy to keep track of things.


Best simplistic to do list app  JanJam273  5 star

I love this app and how it's so easy to use! And it has such a simple design it makes everything better!


Awesome app (Just one quirk)  Jmuniz21  4 star

This is a great app and is exactly what I was looking for for basic day to day planning and productivity. My only problem lies in the widget. Every time I have the widget on the "Show More" mode to show me an expanded view of the days plans, it reverts back to the shorten window when I leave the panel. It would be nice to have it in the "Show More" expanded view all the time.


Just one more thing..  smhcine  4 star

Syncing with my Mac would be take this streamlined beauty from really good to excellent!

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