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What is patternator video wallpapers app? *** Selected for the App Store Best! ***


With Patternator you can:

• Make the coolest animated patterns and save them as your live photo wallpaper
• Create the world’s cutest patterns, backgrounds, wallpapers, and lockscreens
• Choose a single or multiple designs from tons of cool stickers or from your own photos
• Create your own stickers by easily cutting out your photos
• Pick a background from a beautiful selection of automagically suggested colors and highly curated color palettes
• Adjust the pattern’s scale, spacing, rotation and more using smart layouts and settings
• Share on Instagram, TikTok and more
• Save your pattern in HD for amazing quality
• Save your live pattern as a live photo, video or GIF
• Save to your photos, dah :)
• Have fun!

"It’s super simple, so get creative!" - Brit+Co

Premium provides full access to saving in HD, saving as Live Wallpaper, removes the watermark and is completely ad-free.

Patternator Premium is a monthly subscription for $2.99 per month. Price may vary by location.

Should you choose to upgrade to a Premium subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

You may cancel automatic renewal and manage your subscription by selecting Manage App Subscriptions in your iTunes Account settings and selecting the subscription you want to modify. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a Premium subscription, where applicable.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

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PATTERNATOR® is a registered trademark of Bazaart Ltd.

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Patternator Video Wallpapers Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Patternator Video Wallpapers Version 4.3.123 August 2021

We fixed some bugs and improved performance so your Patternator experience will be nothing short than great. If you love Patternator, please rate us on the App Store! TYSM (◕‿◕) xoxo, The Patternator Team.

Patternator Video Wallpapers Version 4.3.030 September 2020

Patternator now supports iOS 14 for a silky smooth experience. If you love Patternator, please rate us on the App Store! TYSM (◕‿◕) xoxo, The Patternator Team.

Patternator Video Wallpapers Comments & Reviews 2022

- I’d totally recommend this AMAZNG app! 🤩

Okay so I LOVE this app and I’ve made a HAND FULL of GREAT backgrounds. I love ALL the aesthetic background images they have. I have few concerns tho... 1) Premium: Okay listen, I don’t really think it’s okay to make kids pay money to actually USE it. U can’t even use this app to make video wallpapers (like u should be able to) if u don’t have to premium! I love that this app has absolutely NO ADS and it’s NOT money, but cmon. I mean, I get u should at least get money for something but that doesn’t mean u should make it money to USE the app! I ended up deleting this app because of this a long time ago- but I JUST re-downloaded it cuz I thought of a trick. Ppl are just downloading this app to not even use it if they can’t get the premium. Trick: U don’t rlly have to delete this game if u can’t get the premium. Here’s a trick to use it... u can’t RLLY get VIDEOS but u can get pics. Just take a screen shot. That’s all u gotta do. Shot it, crop it, USE IT! Hope u take this into consideration :) and hope all u guys using it think this was helpful! 😊 Edit: U can also just screen record and add it to ur settings wallpaper and I also just found out u don’t gotta take a screen shot u just need the plus to have a VIDEO for ur screenie <3. I love this app- PEACE! 😋🌷 With great love, I can’t say my name online :/

- Please read!

This app is OK although when you want to save the gif as a video you have to pay for it and I want you to change that just because a lot of people get complaints about that and you will get even more just because I don’t think anyone should have to pay for it since it’s a really fun game nobody should have to pay for it that’s just really wrong! So can you work on this thank you so much!!! Because it’s really really really unfair and nobody should have to pay for such a really amazing app that you think you’re gonna love for the rest your life but then when she want to save it as a video oh my god you have to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!! So please pretty please work on this thank you so so so so so so so so so much and I think that some people agree if you don’t that’s fine I’m just gonna be representing other people and telling you that I think no one should pay for it no one should have to pay for it OK but in all the app is pretty great except for that one little flaw and the ages are four and up but some of the gifs are not very appropriate so work on that as well have a nice day😀😀

- What an AMAZING APP!!

Patternator is such a unique app, I absolutely love this app. What is so great about Patternator is that if you screenshot a picture you can make it your wallpaper. You can decide what colored background it should be. Patternator also has stickers! They have Sailor Moon stickers and many more. If you don't have a picture you want to use then you can use the stickers. Some stickers move! How cool is that and you can chose what way you want your wallpaper to be. Like it can be upside down or zig zag and so much more! I definitely recommend you to get this app!

- Really, really cute, but...

I really, really like this app. It’s fun, it’s, cute, it’s creative, there are no ads, and there’s a wide range of GIFS. I found a lot of very cute things. As I was looking things up, I expected it to say “no results” because I looked up things like Harry Potter and llamas, so I wasn’t expecting much. But I was wrong. There were so many adorable things. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because it costs money to save it as a live wallpaper, and I kind of thought that was the whole point of the app. I found a way around it, however, using an app that converts videos to Live Photos. I just screen recorded it and then used the video to make it a live picture, so I am totally happy, but I wish I didn’t have to take so much time to find an app. Once again, very happy, but I wish it didn’t cost money to make it a live picture or save it in HD. This app is really great if you use my method. It’s such a cute idea and I definitely recommend it. :)

- Awesome app for creating wallpapers, but crashes when saving.

I love this little app. I’ve made stickers and collages out of so many things. Love all the customizations including scale, angles, background color, etc. Very fun and cute. I also love that I can search for gifs! Just made a fall wallpaper with tons of fun fall related gifs. Really cool. The only issue I have is that it crashes often when I try to save my creation. I did have to make that fall gif about 4 times to save it. It seems that saving it as a picture gives me no issue, but doing a live wallpaper or GIF closes the whole app and all changes are lost. Overall, I think it’s pretty cool and there are tons of great features in the free version. I wouldn’t pay for the full though unless the crashing was fixed though.

- I like it?

Soooo I personally love this app just it won’t be live unless you buy it even though it cheap I can’t pay for it not saying why Anyway awesome app saves in camera and is pretty nice but I was really hoping it was gonna be live without payment and I wanted it more when I saw your guys reviews saying like AMAZING APP or very fun or BEST APP EVER so I really thought it was gonna be live and to be honest this was the only wallpaper app that I was interested in and actually wanted it but then I figure out that it didn’t make a movement it was still so if you don’t wanna spend your money and have a awesome wallpaper get this app if you want to spend your money (idk anyone who would wanna)and have moving live wallpapers get this app but it’s your decision 😁🙂🙃😋🤗✌🏻👍


I downloaded this app based on the amazing reviews.... THEN I READ THE TERMS OF USE POLICY ESPECIALLY FOR ANYONE USING IN ITEMS YOU WANT TO SELL... 1) You grant them rights to any graphics used 2) It states you must be the sole owner of them 3) You give your permission for them to share/post 4) You give permission for other app users to use (Likely where “their” graphics come from) HELLO LAWSUIT IF YOU USE GRAPHICS YOU HAVE PURCHASED FOR COMMERCIAL USE BY YOU WITHOUT RESELL/RE-AUTHORIZATION TO USE RIGHTS! 5) They can post your work with your profile pic!! And ALL of this tells me that they can see, and keep... everything done with the app, trace it to our profile and use as they please. They are in Tel Aviv ... so not stateside.... but not to say they can’t be. Using it make pics of you, your house, your kids, etc... can be traced right back to your profile. And some have their profiles completely open, and tag locations. If they reserve the right to use what is input in the app..... that means they are able to see everything entered and keep it... That is a little too much control over my usage of ANY app!

- 3? Why? I’ll tell you 🤔

1: WALLPAPERS 📝 This game is great 👍🏻. Except for the wallpapers. The watermark is unnecessary, nobody wants a wallpaper with “PATTERNATOR” on it, ruining it. And it costs money just to get a live wallpaper? Ridiculous. 👎🏻 2: MONEY 💵 I kinda talked about this in the first one, but I’m gonna talk about it more. It’s ridiculous that I can’t get a wallpaper aka something just to decorate my phone with, costs money? 🙎🏽‍♀️ GOOD THINGS: 😁👍 ADS ✨ There are no ads that pop up on my screen! I like to change my wallpaper a lot and I don’t like ads wasting my time because I use my phone 📱 a lot it’s usually at 20% 😬! WALLPAPERS (again) 🌱 I like the GIFS that you can put as a wallpaper, it’s kinda different too! And it’s really cool! 😎 I like soft aesthetic things and there are a lot of cute gifs to put! 🎀🧸 🌺 Ending Statements 🌺 🌈 Overall this is a really good app for decorating your phone! I really like it too!🌈 🌼 Recommendations 🌼 The recommendations I have for this app are... 🐚 The money is too much🐚 🐚Watermark🐚 🐚 Free live wallpapers🐚

- I love it but........issues

I like it but on the video it didn’t have anything saying about premium or anything like that it just make hd wallpaper no pay no nothing about paying..... I mean I have tried like 100 wallpaper Apps and keep giving them the same rate and I am not happy about it 😡😡😡😡 pls respond and tell me how u can fix the app and make everyone happy about it At least make something free all you can do is make a picture a videos but you have to pay.

- Good app but a few suggestions

Ok it’s a rlly good app but I wish the live ones weren’t for 💵 it would be so much better and another suggestion or an idea to put on the app how about if we search up the pictures and stuff we want people wouldn’t want to come on the app more oh and 1 more and more things to the app like A little bit more of editing but overall it WAS AMAZING YASSSSSSSSsSs hsuusbejjwndiwnixj2nsjcdkjcnidjfcnhjfebcejhfbvejhdnvnciejnkcdfncnvijrfnvihfnrcncfrihncihnchjrnfchjrnchirfncrjincrfjincfinijncjifrncrfijvnvnjirfnvirvnjirfvjifrnv ok ANYWAY BYE I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFULL YASSS and I oop

- Great App!

I love this app, it’s a lot of fun and it allows you to make really cute and unique wallpapers. I appreciate that it gives you many options to make something your own, I definitely recommend it! UPDATE: I’ve had this app for a very long long time, and paid to have the HD Image option when saving a wallpaper. Now this is gone and you’ve got to pay monthly to use this option. Even though that’s a bit disappointing, I will continue to use the free version of the app. Taking a star off of my original review for this.

- Amazing

It’s just soo good of a app I’m so happy how you can make it into a gif it’s so funny and I always send the picture to my friends and then I make it my wallpaper but can you make it that there’s pictures other then gifs you can choose for the sticker but it’s A amazing app and I love that you can make it a shirt a tote bag and even a phone case I LOVE that feature So anyone who is wondering this is a GREAT app and I think you should get it you can make awesome and funny wallpapers so I recommend this app Love,Hayden

- Amazing App

I seriously change my wallpaper about every other day because I get so bored of them so quickly, but this app changed that. I have made dozens of wallpapers involving some of my favorite politicians and they look silly yet interesting and fun. The app is incredibly user-friendly and even if you aren’t on Premium, you still get a load of great features. Anyways, amazing app, thank you guys for making it simpler to make a long-lasting wallpaper that I love :)

- I LOVE IT but just one flaw

I just love this app periodt. It is the best app in the whole universe! But there is just one flaw you have to buy premium and mabe some people can’t get it because either they don’t have money in their phone or iPad or the person is broke. Please fix this problem because back then you did not need to buy premium you just got it instantly when you opened the app. I really hope you fix this.

- Love it!

It has actually gotten better since I got it and one of the only apps that actually does what it says. You can zoom in on your picture to tighten up the isolation line and the line is fluid enough to really allow you to separate your subject from the background. I wish there were other apps with a similar ability to isolate.

- Having problems finding GIFs

I used this app a looong time ago, when it used actual stickers and not gifs, and I loved it. I found the coolest stickers, including an alien with a flower crown. I started using it again to find it uses GIFs, which is fine given that I can still save it as a picture. However, I type in the search bar something not weird at all, like “nutella” and it doesn’t give me a nutella jar. Just a bunch of other gifs, but no nutella. Same happened with “donut”. So I can’t find anything I’m looking for...

- amazing but...

i love that you can do any photo but i think that they should put a online search so you don't have to go on and off of the app. the app is great though i love that you can do ANY color that you would like. i also like that they recommend a color, which is amazing. I think you should get this app it's so nice especially for a background!!!!

- Patternator

So I believe that patternator is a really interesting app. I love make it with all my friends. I find it easy because I can put all of my friends in my background. It has a great clear quality when it is used. Patternator is only used for background apps which I change my background a lot!!! And I definitely recommend it to others..

- So fun!

Love this app! It’s super fun and makes the cutest background for phones, iPads, computer even the Apple Watch! One thing I can’t tell though is if the stills are always free and just the moving ones are part of the premium or if in a few days if I’ll be charged for anything! Clarification from the creators would be appreciated 👍🏼

- The best game ever

I really think this is the best game ever because I can’t really design my own background and I really like it because I can look at my cute little dog everything will day of my life it just makes me feel happy plus you could do other things I just love it I recommend you giving it a try

- Why I love Patternator

I thingk Patternator is amazing because we can shap things zoom in and zoom out and it’s so much fun but I liked it better when you could take a picture and trase what you want without the things you don’t want in the picture and Mack it move up and down Sid to Sid but I think Patternator is a amazing game nomader what

- Patternator Review! ⭐️

I love this app. You can use it for wallpapers or instagram stories! I like to use it for wallpapers though. One of my favorite things about it is you can search anything in the search bar and it pulls up many images related to your search! This app is great and I highly recommend it. ☺️


This app is probably one of the best wallpaper apps EVER. I love what you’re able to do on it! My only concern is that I can’t figure out how to make my wallpaper moving when I’m done designing my pattern. But even if it’s NOT moving, I still love the way it turns out! So 5 stars is reasonable. I totally recommend this!

- Honestly the best

This is the perfect app if you want to be different. All the other apps have the same backgrounds everyone else uses. This one has different pictures you could choose from or you could use your own and literally customize it.

- Great but ....

Ok. This is a great app and all but you can’t actually make a video wallpaper without paying. A lot of people probably got this so they could make a moving wallpaper but that won’t happen if you’re not gonna pay money every month just for a silly little app. I got it so I could make cute wallpapers of my dogs but it says I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO upgrade to premium for that to happen. This is really frustrating 🙄

- This is AWESOME

At first I thought that this was another one of those apps that you get a week trial then you have to pay thirty bucks but that didn’t happen this app is so friendly I love this game thanks for making this game you should totally get this app so I give it five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Love it

I love this app. I don’t pay for many apps, but I purchased this one, and it never lets me down. One thing I would like to see is the ability to size each image independently. Their colors for backgrounds are the best I have ever seen. I would, however, like to see the same developers come up with a ‘tile’ design, that allows you to rearrange your designs and create the seamless pattern from it. I see only one other one available (Pattern Maker), and it’s not good. It is very slow and not reliable. I think these folks would do it right, so please consider it!

- Pretty good app!

So, I got this app about a week ago and so far I think it’s pretty great! I definently recommend it for having a cool customized wall paper. though one thing is I think that you should be able to do one wallpaper that’s moving without having to pay.

- Good app

Ok I am so happy I got this the best background app ever and they pay you a little bit maybe a bit more but I am so happy with this app I have tons of wallpapers and I just love this app I have so many of them get it get it get it get it now you guys would love it

- Good app

It’s a very good app but I don’t like how you have to pay for the premium thing and one thing maybe you could add like a gallery where you can look at all your patterns that you made and then you can just click on one and then you go to it so that you can find all of them really easily :D

- Helps a lot but...

It helped when I was trying to dig through all my photos and just make a basic boring background! But... when I try to rotate it it goes super fast and starts getting frustrating when I’m just siting there trying to get it right😩😤! But overall it’s a great app! Totally recommend!👍🏽🙌🏼💛😆

- Cool concept, frustrating to use

This is a really cool app for making animated wallpapers and gifs. However, I just downloaded it today and I’ve had to force-quit the app & start over more often than successfully exporting an image/vid. The app constantly freezes while attempting to adjust the sticker boarder, especially after zooming in to fine tune trickier areas.


At first was thinking that this app was going to be dumb and look crappy but this app surprised me the quality of the photos are amazing and clear and sure there is a in-app purchase but it is very cheap if I were you I would definitely get this app

- I liked it it is fun

I liked it but it was hard to put it in your photos so this is how you do it you press the square with the arrow and then you press save to videos but it takes a long time to lode like 1 min so it’s not as easy as I thought it was but I think it was a good app so you should get it😀

- Would be 5 stars but....

I would love to be able to add a patterned or textured background. More available options other than the solid colors would make it absolutely perfect! That and also being able to edit stickers after it is made!! 🙃

- Great app

This is a fun app for wallpapers and fun gifs and so many much more like sending them to friends and just having fun expressing your style and well stickers and it also is fun to do when you are bored but the only reason it is a four star is because of the ways you can post it .


This app is a total RIP OFF!! In order to get the live background, you must pay $2 a month. Nothing in the app information said this. All I wanted was an app to create live backgrounds. Since you can’t make live wallpapers without paying, I wouldn’t get it because it is totally pointless!! Please change this! I shouldn’t have to pay to get more features! This is just a really sad and disappointing app.

- Lovin this app

I love this app when I downloaded it I was so excited that I finally found an app where I could make my own moving wallpaper, But that’s when I realized that it cost money to get the moving wallpapers which I was really bummed about but it, But overall it’s pretty good -Bummed but alright

- Good, some suggestions

This app is the best! I love how you can take a photo and turn it into a pattern. I do it a lot. I love making stickers and stuff, but I have a suggestion. Can you make this a iMessage sticker app? I would like to send the stickers I make to my friends. I really wish I could use them in iMessages.

- This is the best app ever

This app is so much fun with all the different wallpapers you can make I’ve tried and looked for this type of app but they always didn’t work that great meanwhile this game is the best game ever!! I really hope that you have fun with this app

- Cool Idea, but...

The merchandise is way too expensive. A normal phone case is usually $10. The customized ones are $30. I think that is rediculous. And in order to make your backgrounds move, you have to get the premium, which is also expensive. I think this app is a bit of a ripoff. You can make a background with any other editing app.

- Wish it was free

When you download the app your soooo exited but then you see you have to pay! For some reason every live wallpaper app has to tell you to pay I’m sorry but I’m not paying money for the app but please make it free because a dislike having to pay because we need to also save money and not waist it all so that’s it bye!

- what this is actually the best

the only thing I want to change is the fact that there can only be one sticker used for the entire background. otherwise this is practically perfect 9.5/10 🥴💗

- I love this app!!

The only thing that I personally don’t like is that you have to pay for live wallpaper pictures, but it’s understandable , if you want this you have to get the premium pack which is $1.99 but overall I love this apppp!!!

- Love it!

It's really easy to use and I could spend hours fiddling with getting the pattern exactly the way I want it. I inevitably end up using the colors it suggests but I like my patterns with a little more space in between the icons. Eta: I just saw there’s an iPad app! Sweet!

- Hope they can add different backgrounds one day!

This app is a lot of fun and easy to use. I’d love the ability to use different backgrounds besides solid colors, especially outer space backgrounds, for more creative effects.

- Stolen Apple ID

I downloaded this app in September and that night my Apple ID was hacked and all devices without passcodes were placed in lost mode with passcodes turned on (by the hacker.) I assumed it was a coincidence. I re-downloaded the app recently and when I turned on my old ipad mini (that had no passcode on it because nothing is logged into it and I don’t use it) it was placed in lost mode again with a passcode with a scam email holding it for ransom. Probably not a coincidence the second time.

- Love it 😍

This is great. A super addition to add to my stash of graphical apps and one I'll use a lot! Movement and repetition is the key to help your posts get noticed these days, so Patternator is ideal for that. And Patternator is so easy to use and gives you lots of options. Amazing!Thanks!

- Amazing app but needs a new feature

Its an amazing app but I wish you guys could just add one more thing to it. I couldn’t find a feature to add multiple cutouts to a pattern. I have two rabbits and I’d like to add both of their faces to a pattern. If there is this feature, I’d love to know how to do it!

- very fun

This game is very fun because I can customize my background for every season, holiday, and any special event. I can even write cute messages to my family and friends. I love this game and I would highly recommend it.

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- Best app for wallpapers it helped with my IG!!!

This app saved me I needed to make some wallpapers to post on my instagram I was stressing out coz I didn’t know how to make it then I started to search wallpaper maker on google and it recommend this app so I downloaded it and used it and it is a life save not literally but you get me now I’m using this on my instagram thank you for making this app!!!!

- This App

I got this app because I had had live wallpaper apps before and they didn’t work on my iPad. I was exited to know this one did. I love how you can make your own, so cool! But I made funny ones and when i saved it as ‘live wallpaper’ it said to pay for premium so it didn’t save. I saved it as a boring image that didn’t move which was very annoying because the purpose of this app is to make LIVE wallpapers! The instructions should be made more clear because it is confusing at the start! This app would be better if you could save live wallpapers for free! Other stuff can be for premium only but saving wallpapers (which is the whole point of the app) should be free! I hope you have better luck with the app!

- Good👍🏻

I got the app and i made a wall paper that didn’t move. It looked cool. I set it as my lock screen wallpaper and it was all good. So I tried to make one that moved. I got the picture and I chose the way it would move. It moved and I loved it. So I saved gif. I looked at it in my photo album and it was moving like a normal gif. So I set it as my home screen wallpaper. But it didn’t move so I was pretty disappointed. So if you could fix that that would be great (I’m using an iPad 6th gen 2018 btw) also I would like more options for the stickers thanks!✨👍🏻 also when I saved with a sticker, the colour/ most of the sticker would go away when I looked at it in my photo album

- Amazing app

I was looking around for some wallpaper services that are “live” backgrounds for my iPad and found this. I like this bacause it’s not just a bunch of wallpapers crammed into one app, it’s a big creative service that allows you to make a DIY wallpaper, so I recommend this to anyone who wants a wallpaper with your face on it or just a good wallpaper overall

- Awesome app

Love using this easy, nifty app! Within a few minutes of editing, I create highly engaging content that helps me and my customers get better traction in social platforms! So much fun had with it!! Highly recommended😃👍

- Great for Wallpapers

This app is great! All of my friends have been asking me to make wallpapers for them. The app is easy to use and makes great wallpapers. However, I wish there was an outline tool, so you could outline your picture. And the premium version doesn’t look all that worth it for the price. Overall, a versatile app that is easy and fun.

- Can’t quit subscription

I tried the trail seeing how it would go thinking you could easily unsubscribe when the trail was over but no. Now it keeps on charging me even though I deleted the app.

- Could’ve been great

But the developers are just hungry for money. They said I could make a live wallpaper than after designing one I liked they said you have to pay. You can get a plain still wallpaper anywhere but live wallpapers were why I downloaded this app. Anyways otherwise is great design. Just a lot of money needed.

- Best App EVER

This app is the best because it gives me custom backgrounds and cute gifs and it has great quality photos so I highly recommend to those who look for a fun, silly and cute new background’s that are good quality then download this app. 😊❤️👍

- It’s Pretty Good But

It’s pretty good but you should let non premium people be able to use the live backgrounds. I personal really like it but there are some people that purchased it so they could make live backgrounds not still ones.

- Beautiful, really unique!💫💕

This game is incredible, I’ve created so many backgrounds for me and my friends! Thank you for creating this game, it’s just wonderful. Keep up the good work! 🌈💫💕

- Good but....

I love this app!! The only problem is that if you want to have a live wallpaper, you need to pay for the premium. If the premium was just for different colours and not the live wallpaper, then I would have given the app five stars.

- Great app with one bug

This app is so amazing I love all of the gifs and features there’s only one problem. When I try to save a gif it goes out of the app it might be bc I’m on a iPad Air but this I kinda annoying. Other than that is app is amazing and highly recommended

- I LOVE IT!!!

I literally just discovered this app 10 mins ago and I’ve made a couple of pictures. It’s cute, I love the backgrounds, it’s very different. You can get creative make some funny and cute wallpapers.

- Problem

I got the app and made a few wallpapers. Once I had found one I was happy with, I decided to make it animated. I had a problem when it came to saving it, however.I took note of previous feedback and answers on how to but it still is not an option for me.

- Great app except…

Great app I would definitely recommend except could you make it that we can download the moving background not just on premium thank you

- Need quality stickers and better gifs!

Love the concept and the cropping tool works really well. Would be so much better however with static, quality stickers to chose from and not just pixelated gifs. The gifs make saving the background hard as they are not in the correct frame when saved as an image.

- Review

Really good app but wish you could have more deatale within the apps crooing divide over all it’s a great app I use it every day to make a new patten for my wallpaper Love coco lacy

- Best game ever

You should totally get this game it’s amazing it let take any photos and you can cut it and make it your backround

- Great but I’m now sad 😔

I got the app and set up a wallpaper and I was doing everything but it didn’t move 😭😔 I am really disappointed with the result! Can someone at least tell me how it moves pls

- Not the best

It was good until once I was outlining then I clicked done as soon as I click done it kicked me out of the app I read some reviews but not all of them were good! I tried it out myself please fix the bug

- Problem

The app seems great, but I’m having issues using my own images. It’s not allowing me too. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or not.

- It is a good app but takes a long time

This is a good app but the photos are way better then any one can do if you have the time to try your hardest and trace your photo perfectly

- Misscheezpuff

Does the job.. satisfied and has been using the app from the start. The HD quality is good too

- Best ever!!

So you can search anything in the search bar, then it will come up with different collages!! Love it.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


All I can really say is it is perfect I had this for a long time now and everything I made with it was PERFECT best app!!

- Unless you want to pay $$ for don’t download

Your app is misleading. You say it’s $2.99 a month if you choose to go premium then when downloaded the app & you want payment straight away & cant do live wallpapers unless we pay. You are a scam & should tell the truth on the front of your app.

- Jenna

I love this game all the different cool choices you get and once you start playing you can’t stop

- Love this app but..

Love this app but I just s don’t like the fact that you have to pay for it, just make it free and more people will play and pay for other things. I understand you need money but save us the trouble for gawd sakes!! - Queen👑 Madi🤪👩🏽🧝🏼‍♀️

- It’s ok but...

It’s awesome I love everything in it ! But... I hate how you have to pay for stuff and if you don’t and you save it it comes out STILL👎


This game you should totally get it's fantastic sometimes I use the pics as my wallpaper it's amazing as you should get this

- Excellent

Game changer - keep up the good work - very impressive - you’re the father I’ve always wanted - you are the light to my darkest days -

- More features than other pattern apps

More features and flexibility

- So funny

This app is the best wallpaper app ever but you have to pay to make it a live wallpaper I wish it was free🤔😜😍

- Love it

I love Patternator Because I can make all these backgrounds for my friends and my self

- Would recommend

I love everything about this app 🖤🧡💙💛🖤💜🤍🤎

- Very amazing

I love it :) I love to put my favourite logo on my phone wallpaper when I feel change over :)

- Fun app!

Great for making memorable Birthdays messages! Some little glitches / crashes but usually works

- Great

This app is really great because it has no adds and you can do any photo of your own.

- Quit the subscription

It’s a nice app, but there isn’t a way to manage the subscription directly in the app, apparently the only way to avoid automatic charges is to follow the link posted in another review. A pity

- Yes!

Patternator is such a fun app and lets you get creative! I use this whenever I’m bored and puts a smile on my face! I totally recommend! 😀😀

- Great

I love it! I love putting all these funny photos on and sharing them with my friends, and so it’s a great game over all.


I love this app but i dont know how to get the live walpapers i got premium but i think im just dumb can anyone help besides that 5/5 stars

- great app

im loving this app. Its been a great way to add my own flair to my photos. Really easy to use. 👍❤️

- This is a poem

I love patternstor so so so much whenever I think of it my mind thinks of it a lot pink Pink stuff a dream I will link This to my friends mink and nink

- Amazing

This app is the best wallpaper app ever I looked so hard for the right one and I cam across this they are soo cute love this app!!!! 😉😉😉😆😆😆😆

- Failure

I made a cute wallpaper and saved it as a gif to my photos and then tried to put it as a wallpaper and it was just the outlines of the gifs and it didn’t actually move??? Like, that was the reason I downloaded the app and it just failed. I’m really disappointed.

- Nice app

Haven’t paid for the full version but will when there’s a need for high res output. Nicely implemented.

- Great

Great app. A bit slow, glitchy, a couple of bugs but apart from that it good in every way


This app is free and has no in app purchases! It’s amazing and you can make so many beautiful wall papers! 10/10!

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- Wow

William Côme back home...

- Good but...

.... not sure I will want to pay for a monthly subscription.

- Great app

Good app. Even though there’s in app purchases you don’t need them to make good wallpaper

- It is fun but have to pay to make wallpaper

Do not get unless you will pay

- Drôle

C’est vrm drôle mais j’aimerais qu’elle serais totalement gratuite

- So good

Is good but you have to pay

- Best backgrounds!!!!!

You can make the best background with this app and even memories. I would rate this app 10 out of 10. Yes you heard me 10 out of 10.

- Sweet app

It is the best one every girl like😂👏🏻

- Funny

This app is great it is soooo funny and makes great backgrounds

- Easy and sweet.

Easy to use and very fun

- Always steady service

Never had an issue and does what it says

- Loads of fun! Brilliant!

Love this app...using it to make fun birthday cards for my older brother! Endless fun! Works so fast...never a problem! 10/10! Bravo!

- Love this app

I am in digital marketing and find this app really helpful in creating cool content!

- It doesn’t work

I made one and it didn’t work it just made a photo ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮

- Great

Great app!

- Dumb

You have to pay

- Amazing love it

So cool I suggest this app and it real fun :3

- App had bugs and crashes

My app deleted all the crops I’ve done... they are gone. It glitches so much. I wanted to buy a subscription but I mean why would I if it crashes and deletes all my stuff... I was hoping to report the bug but the report button isn’t working

- Again thank u so much for this game

This game should be on tv news I’m amazed

- Creative

I really like the concept and think it's a Great app. but recently when i try to make a sticker from my own photos I can't press "done" to go to the next screen.

- Patternator’s so cool!

What I like about Patternator: I 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 how it gives you suggestive colours that actually look 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 great, how it gives you moving 𝑎𝑛𝑑 not moving patterns and all the funny things that happen when I press 𝑅𝐴𝑁𝐷𝑂𝑀. 🙏🏽 I thank your team for making Patternator. I mean, it’s amazing, other than these things you guys could improve: 𝐸𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑦 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒 I make a GIF of my pattern, it’s 𝑠𝑜 slow and glitchy and it takes 𝑠𝑜 long to load.

- Love it!

I just got a dog yesterday her name is Ruby and I can get her little face on my background

- Funny

This app is funny when I get bored 😂💘

- Fun

This app is fun

- It’s great!

It’s great but I wish that there was a a flip the photo -Stay safe!

- Bravo!

Votre travail est très apprécié!

- Très bien


- Perfect👌👌👌

It’s really cool 👍

- The app is a lie

By the way, live wallpapers cost money on this app, just saying so you aren’t disappointed when you download it

- I love it

You get to choose a variety of Colors and they have a lot of themes

- Noice

This game is great and super cute and it costs nothing !! It’s fun and like i said before cute but for some reason the images only move when I’m creating the wallpaper and when I set it to my wallpaper it didn’t move so is there something I should do to make it move or is the description lying not to be negative no hat here

- Really great!

It’s very easy to make and funny but I wish you didn’t have to pay

- ( ◠‿◠ )

Increible ! Me encanta 😍 es simplemente increíble 😉 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Really bad

Really bad app kept getting something went wrong button popping up whenever I tried to do anything...don’t get this app it’s a waste of time

- This is my favourite app

Thank you sooo much and please make more best thing evea

- Hi,

I’m going to love this game and play this game for 13 hours now because this is the best game ever created!!!!!❤️

- Great app but lots of bugs

I love the app for the function and how it creates great patterns with the images I add. It would be an extremely incredible app if we could create seamless patterns on any dimensions like 1:1 or custom sizes. I’d likely have continued my subscription permanently for that feature. There are bugs that keep popping up that either prevent you from accessing the gift shop or sometimes crashes the app after making some adjustments a few times to the pattern. Talked to the support team about that over a year and a half ago, but the issues still keep popping up. Every week I had to uninstall and reinstall the app for it to keep working well. Love the app, but lots of bugs.

- Great app! But

Wish it had the option to have multiple images on the wallpaper


So much funn

- Awesome

This application is quite awesome. Stores don’t work for me in Canada but heck — I can make backgrounds with my cats face a dozen times across the screen and that’s good enough for me. Does as advertised, and good at it. Very simple interface another bonus.

- Please

It only works for the tutorial and after it just says “Oops, something went wrong 😥” and then doesn’t work. I am really mad because I really thought I’d like it.

- Love it!

I love this app but, I think that you shouldn’t have to pay for a Live Photo, not hating but I just think it would make it better.

- No paying please

I don’t want to have to pay for just a live wallpaper. Please change this, it would make this app better.

- Merveilleux

The best ever ✨👌👌👌

- 👌👌👌

Smart, simple, and WOW this app makes the coolest stuff! Would like to try the free trial but I’m scared I won’t be able to cancel after a week!


This app is so cool! It is almost like a game I was wondering if you can actually buy a bag is is true I can really make a bag with one of my pictures! If they do work what materials do you use to make the bag?

- I love this app

Like a lot

- help

it keeps emailing me that i’m not paying the subscription fee.. but idk how to un subscribe

- Lol


- Love it!

I really enjoy making my own background with this app, they offer so much customization options it’s amazing. I’m very impressed and pleased with my download

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Patternator Video Wallpapers 4.3.1 Screenshots & Images

Patternator Video Wallpapers iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Patternator Video Wallpapers iphone images
Patternator Video Wallpapers iphone images
Patternator Video Wallpapers iphone images
Patternator Video Wallpapers iphone images
Patternator Video Wallpapers Graphics & Design application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Patternator Video Wallpapers (Version 4.3.1) Install & Download

The applications Patternator Video Wallpapers was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2016-03-31 and was developed by Bazaart Ltd. [Developer ID: 515094778]. This application file size is 33.24 MB. Patternator Video Wallpapers - Graphics & Design app posted on 2021-08-23 current version is 4.3.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.bazaart.patternator