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You have the right to own your life – and your data. That’s why Firefox fights for you with tech you can trust. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. Install today and join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for speed, privacy, and more personal browsing experience.

Firefox is twice as fast as it was before giving you a powerful web browser that delivers more speed and control. Keep what’s personal private with strong privacy control. With Firefox, you decide what to share online and when, because your life is your business. We designed Firefox with smart browsing features that let you take your privacy, passwords, and bookmarks with you safely wherever you go.

Firefox gives you greater privacy protection while you’re on the web. Block unwanted ads and trackers that follow you around the web with Enhanced Tracking Protection. Search in Private Browsing mode and you won’t be traced or tracked — your private browsing history is automatically erased when you're done.

Add Firefox across your devices for secure, seamless browsing. Sync your devices to take your favorite bookmarks, saved logins and browsing history wherever you go. Send open tabs between mobile and desktop. And Firefox makes password management easy by remembering your passwords across devices. Take your internet life everywhere, knowing that your data is safe, never sold.

Firefox anticipates your needs with smart search suggestions and quick access to the sites you visit most. Type in your search question and get suggested and previously searched results across your favorite search engines. And choose which search provider you want as your default, including Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon.

Create as many tabs as you like without losing track. Firefox displays your open tabs as thumbnails and numbered tabs, making it easy to find what you want quickly. Pro-tip: with a Firefox Account, you can send an open tab on one device to all your others with a single tap.

Find and share great content across your devices. Open a new tab in your web browser to see the sites you visit most, your recent bookmarks and popular articles on Pocket. Firefox remembers your most recently used apps to help you get where you’re going fast, without hassle.

The Firefox web browser makes it easy to share links to web pages or specific items on a page by remembering your most recently used apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and more.

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Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people more control over their lives online. Learn more at

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Firefox: Private, Safe Browser App Description & Overview

The applications Firefox: Private, Safe Browser was published in the category Utilities on 2015-11-12 and was developed by Mozilla. The file size is 79.71 MB. The current version is 17.3 and works well on 11.4 and high ios versions.

- We've made the first step to introducing full bookmark sync. You can now delete Desktop bookmarks synced via your Firefox Account
- Firefox lets you know when certain settings are turned on, such as no image mode. An indicator will appear on the menu button to remind you that a feature is turned on.

17.3 fixes
- Fix a bug where bookmarks would not sync for some users
- Fix a bug where saving a bookmark from a share sheet would not work

If you've made it this far we know you really care about Firefox and we care about you too. We've added a more detail list of changes to help keep you informed.

The folder icons are too big. Make them less big.
New highlighted icons for panel buttons on bottom toolbar
Set scrollview constraint to UIPageControl - PageControl bullets work again
Tapping on the default engine and going back does not display the toggle switches and the UI
Theme changes not applied correctly in bookmarks panely
Fix EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) crash in PlacesReadConnection.deinit
Fix [iPad]Focused tab not in view when re-opening the app in private mode
Fix Rename new tabs to Home instead of Open new tab
Fix library panel theme switching
Fix iPad alert view needs an origin view or it crashes
Add Library button text: 28px more width
Remove header from RecentlyClosedTabsPanel
Fix Status bar not showing in Library panels
Add second tap to return to root in Library tabs
Fix a Crash when removing several history entries quickly
Fix FxA appears connected after uninstalling/reinstalling the app
Fix [Regression]Pull-to-refresh bookmarks list does not work
Fix History panel empty state overlapping rows
Remove Taobao from the search provider list as it 404s in china.
Add @obcMembers to try fix SiteTableVC delegates not called
Fix #4840 - Close all pb mode animates one-by-one
Migrate existing bookmarks from browser.db to new Rust back-end
Allow a Bookmark Folder to be delete
Clean up remaining bits of old bookmarks implementation in Storage
Wire up AwesomeBar to new Rust Bookmarks backend
Wire up favicons in the reworked Bookmarks panel
Hook up the Sync API for the new Rust Places back-end
Use Library navigation controller for Bookmarks and History panels
Delegate func wrong signature in AppDelegate for (application:, userActivity:, restorationHandler:)
Add titles under the library icons in the library panel.
When restoring new tabs make sure to show the new tab title.
Icons should be aligned on action sheet menu
The entries listed in the Library panels are incorrectly re-positioned after changing orientation when the "Delete" button is into view
Add Badge for hide images, and backdrop for PB mode and app menu buttons
Fix remote tabs view turns grey on tap
Fix Content blocker whitelisting broken
Fix the tab title keeps getting reset on
Fix 0xdead10cc crashes from logins.db
Minor style changes for history screen
Fix CSS being blocked in strict mode
Change the strings on the Sync card to match Desktop.

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Firefox: Private, Safe Browser Reviews


Whatever it takes to bring Google down.  Salafonov  5 star

Firefox will do!


Immature  xenny1900  3 star

This is not like Firefox on your desktop. The privacy functions are shockingly lacking. Safari has many more features available and it isn't even close! No option to automatically clear history. No option to always use private mode. No ability to not use a poorly designed home screen listing your top sites (and no way to turn top sites off). These are basic features, but for some reason, Firefox refuses to let you change the behavior. TLDR: Ok browser for IOS, but lacks basic privacy features.


Keeps crashing  Pshendrickson  1 star

Fix issue and will change rating. Constantly crashing and going back to phone home screen.


It’s good  Suptrap  5 star

It’s good...and I uwu

Ah Bl

Great, but noticed one bug recently  Ah Bl  4 star

In Settings, Data Management, Website Data, it is no longer possible to individually delete data for individual sites. Why is this, please?


Worthless  Waiting919191919  1 star

When did pop ups become too much for modern browsers? If you can’t stop a website from opening a new browser window to advertise at me then you’re basically useless, especially on mobile.


Better the google  jbsjr99  5 star

Much safer then chrome, and more private


Want to like it  Sethrb85  2 star

Want to like it but it would be nice if I could turn on the top sites on my iPhone. Fix this and I’d be happy to update my rating.


Disappointed, unfortunately.  needsnewbrain  2 star

I love Firefox on my desktop and laptop, it's stable, secure, customizable, and attractive. But the performance on my mobile devices makes it nearly unusable. Stability is not a strength. Many websites crash the app or have elements that simply don't work (like drop down menus). I understand customization must be limited on most mobile devices, and the security seems about on par for other mobile browsers, if you look in the settings. It is attractive, though! I really wanted to use Firefox across all my devices, and maybe I'll try again in the future once more updates are made, I guess.


Some problems  A902450928543  3 star

No way to save PDFs that I am viewing, no way to save videos that I am viewing, please fix Love what the devs are doing otherwise. <3

Công Định

A solid browser  Công Định  5 star

New UI looks pretty good

Lkfagllrfg jlgzsjb

Touch Id/passcode doesn't work  Lkfagllrfg jlgzsjb  3 star

I've tried turning it on/off - does not work. doesn't even show up. otherwise solid enough app


I don’t understand  Ahmad28484  2 star

Nothing is syncing


Won’t load  Pistolpete05  2 star

Won’t load at all after the latest update.

Randy Spunkmyer

Epic app  Randy Spunkmyer  5 star

Ceteris Paribus


Freezing and playback issues  KermitSudoku  1 star

Whole app randomly freezes and video sometimes fails to play.


Bad Mozilla  KonradTheCat  1 star

Dissenter? Our internet parent said no 😡


Best Browser Ever (BBE)  Shakeshpere  3 star

It was the only browser I could use when I ventured through the Asian countries. Safari couldn’t work even with the bad WIFI it even loaded faster than Safari in good/better WIFI.


Great  Xayacota  5 star

But can you allow ”content blockers” so we can get adblock?


Version 15.1 tabs freeze and can’t be closed  Natboy69  1 star

Please fix


Mozilla keeps kicking me out  Duran2  2 star

I used to like Mozilla Firefox, but now I'm not sure. For months I'm am having chronic issues of being kicked out of app immediately on my iPad. Sometimes it takes 30 times to get into browser to use it. I've had to delete and reload multiple times and then the problem happens again and again and again. Either there is an issue with this app and it needs to me fixed or I don't know. I have no issues on my iPhone.


Almost everything  Forthehero  4 star

Great browser for someone who just came from chrome. But please give us a forward slash on the keyboard by default!

inkstainedwretch ,retd.

It’s not ‘fox’s fault, but:  inkstainedwretch ,retd.  4 star

Until we’re allowed to select an alternative browser as our primary, and ... We’re allowed to use real ‘fox features, like add-ons, full security and access to the About; pages, Firefox will only br a ghost of the real thing. Mozilla really shouldn’t have joined the iOS game, but written a version that forces open the Linux/FreeBDS .root and runs a recompiled full ???x-flavor browser, blocking infotheft by Apple and others - maybe the anti-trust suit will gain some purchase for the real Mozilla to shine. And that won’t change until “you can only get code from the app store” is killed, probably by the ongoing anti-trust suit against Woz-not-Woz. “Legalize” Linux for i-Phones and let’s let users decide what code to run on the computer/terminal side of the phone. Meanwhile, Mozilla needs coders to write cascading style sheets so all Fox Quantum, launched two years or more prematurely. can look and feel exactly like we want it to again. No more will users be FORCED to accept block-corner tabs ABOVE the add-on line, and hang an add-on line or two on the bottom of rge screen, putting things where in this users’ mind, they belong (that’s the idea - no rwo users need share Firefox with common appearance, just common functionality of the basics. And was Java REALLY that bad ss a site building tool - yeh, pre-releases should have been run through crack/it contests (as all software should be - big prize if you break a simulated site or its users, here. “Break the plane” simulated weather/ equipment tests at Boeing would have saved a lot of lives, time and money! (I can’t imagine a pilot/software designer who wouldn’t have loved a shot at a $1 million+ prize - showing it was do easy for a sensor to misbehave - and still nobody’s suggested solving all problems with treble-redundant sensors and a single switch leaving the pilot in full manual control of a plane - built with at least a single backup fly-by-wite system, a 1::1 duplicate of primary, so complete failure just means pilots have to really fls as far ss the next large field.


Marginal.  LDRoadie  3 star

STILL does not allow images to be saved by press and hold.

A Hero.

I regret updating.  A Hero.  1 star

Now the option to open bookmarks in ‘New Tap’ window is no longer exists. Please bring that feature back.


Cmon Firefox  anonandanon  2 star

I’m really rooting for Firefox to win in the browser wars. On iOS it’s terrific. I really enjoy using it and it feels snappy. However, on my 2015 MacBook Pro, Firefox burns rubber. The computer is completely overworked and overheated. The problem has remained for years. Shocked that nobody at Mozilla has been able to solve it.


Can no longer set bookmarks as default on New Tab  Pikerchu  1 star

I don’t like the way the home screen looks with giant tiles. I prefer having my bookmarks list on opening a new tab.

scanner jack

BAD APP  scanner jack  1 star

Maybe it hacked or has a virus because The way it acted when I used this app. It took me off the site I was on and put Me somewhere else. From Jack


Crashes all the time  snowmanandbandit  1 star

After update it won’t even open. It keeps crashing. Useless


It crashes on iPhone 6+  TariqueImam  1 star

Last 2 times I installed firefox, I had to uninstall it cause it crashes asap when launched. Very irritating.


Best Browser  JakeRedBlade  5 star

This is the best mobile browser when I do not need to access sites as if I was on my PC.


Bye Firefox  Ridxhdjej  1 star

Doesn’t load pages properly anymore. Images never show up in the browser. Bye!


Disappointing  LonanIreland  1 star

Does not render images a lot of the time so I have to copy the page link and past into Chrome. Surprised more people don’t complain.

apple 1964

Firefox browser  apple 1964  2 star

Poor browser great on windows which is why I installed on my I phone Dismal performance so far


Pages not loading fully  TesterJester  1 star

I don't know what has happened to this browser but it only half loads pages nearly all the time. It's totally frustrating. I've always been a fan of Firefox since it first launched but this is ridiculous! Please fix. Until then I'm switching to a more reliable browser


Doesn’t load pages  Kljhhhhbb  2 star

Only loads half the page for me


❤️ Firefox  ORJimmy  5 star

far superior tab handling etc than Safari


Firefox too slow  Ado2458  2 star

This app is plagued with time lag : typing an address characters appear seconds later rather than instantaneously. I use Firefox on my Windows Pc and love its versatility but alas am returning to Safari on my iPhone


Switched all devices from chrome  Leefie  5 star

Personally I love it. More reliable than chrome for more sites, platforms, and content. Normally I love all things Google but Firefox is just that bit better.


Excellent  Neiion  5 star

Great to see Firefox arrive on iOS , it's a great browser. Now I can keep in sync across all my devices :)

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