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Experience a fast, smart and personal Web. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. Upgrade today and join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for a more personal browsing experience.

Firefox is made with you in mind and gives you the power to take back control of your Web experience.
That’s why we design the product with smart features that take the guesswork out of browsing.

- Firefox anticipates your needs and intuitively provides multiple suggested and previously searched results across your favorite search engines. Every time.
- Easily access shortcuts to search providers including Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon.

- Your personal information belongs to you. In Private Browsing mode, Firefox won’t remember any of your history or cookies, but new bookmarks will be saved.
- Delete your browsing history, passwords and more in a single tap.
- Choose the private data you want to remove.

- With a Firefox Account, access your history, bookmarks and open tabs from your desktop on your smartphone and tablet.
- Firefox also safely remembers your passwords across devices so you don’t have to.

- Intuitive visual and numbered tabs easily let you find content for future reference.
- Open as many tabs as you like without losing track of your open Web pages.

- Spend your time reading your favorites sites instead of looking for them.

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Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people more control over their lives online. Learn more at

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Firefox Web Browser App Description & Overview

The applications Firefox Web Browser was published in the category Utilities on 2015-11-12 and was developed by Mozilla. The file size is 94.19 MB. The current version is 14.0 and works well on 10.3 and high ios versions.

Our latest release includes features that can help you access and organize the online content you’re interested in.
• Siri Shortcuts to open a new tab. Make sure to upgrade to iOS 12 to access.
• Clear Specific Website Data in your history, so you can pick and choose the information you want to keep, and what you want to remove.
• Dark Theme improvements to make browsing even easier on the eyes.
• Performance enhancements for faster navigation.

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Firefox Web Browser Reviews


What has Happened?  ycc47rhxf  3 star

For whatever reason, in both mobile and desktop versions of Firefox, there is less accessibility to websites. Sites that used to interface well with Firefox no longer do so, forcing me to copy the URL and use Safari or other browser instead. Why the problem?


Ugh  Weebitwidd11e  1 star

Last update has messed up logins get this... put the wrong password in on one and it will log you out from what ever tab you have open ad are logged into. I have been trashed by twitter. I can' take much more of this I need a WORKING browser in iPad because my computer crashed and went belly up.

To the bitten fruit, Apple!

Nice Browser but...  To the bitten fruit, Apple!  3 star

It allows Google, E-Bay, Amazon, and other Sites to store permanent Cookies, even in private Browsing mode.


Hbh  Cvantuylii  5 star



Do YoU wAnT tO AdD a SeARcH PrOviDeR?  HQNikki  1 star

Persistent popup to add search providers prevents me from viewing my search results on any page with search options now, no option to turn it off either. Support site lost my password so I can’t even get help with it. Trash. UNINSTALL


One flaw  beefsqatch  4 star

I'm use an iPhone we, and it will not let me delete my bookmarks. Whenever a drag left on the bookmark, it opens a delete bar, but then when I tap on it, it will not work correctly to delete the bookmark


Good browser  mxymarianne  5 star

If you can’t load images, uninstall and reinstall.


Great at but..  Durgeddin  3 star

Recently I have had issues with the app not being able to launch and when I restart it I’m able to get it open. Though if you hit the search bar the app crashes

Hop on slop

Love it. But slow launch  Hop on slop  4 star

Love it but takes 20 seconds to launch and sometimes even forget what I opened it to search for. Other times, I’ll end up typing in the search bar once it does load, realizing later that I replaced a previously open tab with the new session... and this is the main problem. As the app opens, cannot please show as soon as it BEGINS to launch, that their is already a webpage populated in the url, and/or a screenshot of the page it was on when last closed or exited from... or even just open on a new we page either when the app is relaunched after closed, as well as when it is just left running in the background. Otherwise, I’ll always just open safari because it already does all of the things above... quick and I’m sure to never replace a previous session.


Love it  yolpio  5 star

I can do stuff privately and see trending articles

Crashing when flip page

Eh, could be better  Crashing when flip page  3 star

Its firefox, but everything is limited, i have a few requests. 1, add some personalisation, themes and stuff. 2 it feels bulky, make the bars at the top and bottom a bit thinner, or make an option to do that. 3 the settings... theyre sooo limited, make them like the pc settings, like use incognito by default. 4 even tho i turned off search suggestions they still pop up, fix this. Thanks!


Edit bookmark  Nicknick168  1 star

Where is the option to edit bookmark?


Spyware?  shantelleno1  1 star

Why is there a file in Data Management that re-installs itself after clearing it. Is this some sort of spyware?


Good but clunky.  dbarnz  3 star

Current version as of 21/12/18 keeps crashing over and over. Not worth using at the moment. But usually I'm quite happy with it.

Wobly Hamchop

Returning user  Wobly Hamchop  5 star

Downloaded the app straight away after safari died on me. Will continue to use Firefox on my phone from now on, as i have been a loyal Firefox supporter on the computer :).


Garbage  ksjbgjkhrfkbsfrjb  1 star

The search bar is horrible, i try to type something and it predicts what i want to search for and i constantly have to hit backspace to stop it from automatically searching for what it thinks i want. So sick of this, actually going to search for a new browser now, have been using firefox for years, but won’t touch it again on the tablet


Can’t manage bookmarks  Mastazi  1 star

You can’t rename or move bookmarks to subfolders or even just sort them. This is unfortunately a dealbreaker for me.


RENAME BOOKMARKS  2bobwatch  1 star

Why would you allow bookmarks to be added on IOS and they can’t be edited eg: rename a bookmark. It seems those who are suppose to have the knowhow overlook the simplest of things and show no attention to detail.


BOOKMARKS  6_G0D  2 star

Please add better bookmark management, simply adding and removing bookmarks simply isn't enough. Need bookmark folders and the ability to edit bookmarks.


yup  ohokwy  5 star

10/10 would set fire to a fox again

Leonard 93

Built in Ad blocker Needed  Leonard 93  3 star

This is a good browser I have been using in my laptop for long time. But the iOS version quickly needs a built-in very powerful and customizable Ad Blocker ASAP! I am waiting for the updates with the desired ad blocker added. Without the ad blocker, it’s very annoying to browse due to the malicious adds and pop ups! This is why I uninstalled Mozilla. Will install only after built-in ad blocker! I think many people are also waiting for this very badly!


Nice  AdamTheDJMixer  4 star



Great browser  Hdoggg007  5 star

Early iOS versions were terrible, but FF is my go to browser now. Those of us who would prefer not to have a certain large internet company be able to read every keystroke, appreciate the security that FF employs.


Issues  reneeunee  1 star

Ok while I’m on Firefox in Discord website a then soon ITS CRASHED cuz of the loading screen In discord fix it 🛠

Weeb scum

It does what I need and want but not the right way  Weeb scum  2 star

Night mode - Inverts page color even if the page is already dark. Tabs - Very clunky to navigate. The animation is long and the response time to tap each page is also long. Laying pages down the way Firefox does makes it tedious for not just two hand but one hand usage. UI - Unintuitive. Firefox has its own layout that you could get used to but it feels bad when compared to other browsers. Settings taking up a spot on the bottom task bar makes no sense. Performance - Is very meh. It feels like there is a lot of lag between each tap. Firefox is not very responsive and in the first couple minutes I felt it. I want to like it but it’s not good. It’s really halfway there to being really good.


It’s a good product which I like  Курильщик88  4 star

I miss extensions a lot and so far it’s my biggest problem.


Broken  Tonebot  2 star

The browser’s UI design, though a copy of Chrome, is elegant and sleek. However, some very basics features are broken and there are rendering issues with some very popular websites. Buttons don’t work that do on Chrome and even Safari. The basic selector component does not take value until you tap the selector, make your selection, change focus to another element and then tap the selector again. It makes it frustrating and unusable for me. I don’t want to go to Chrome because I’m not in love with their latest pattern library and they don’t offer a dark mode like Firefox but I also need to use the internet.

Am Klamm

Can’t edit bookmark  Am Klamm  4 star

I love the app, but it would be nice to edit mobile bookmarks (bookmarks made on an iPhone or iPad) and access them on a desktop.

Marquese H.

Default Browser  Marquese H.  5 star

Firefox is a go to browser for me but, I wish this bowser could be set as default browser when opening links and other stuff.


FOADIAF  Damnett  1 star

Developers decided to remove the option to print from the drop down menu in the browser window. I could print from Netscape Navigator in 1997. Good job developers. I guess I can keep using Firefox for porn.

apple 1964

Firefox browser  apple 1964  2 star

Poor browser great on windows which is why I installed on my I phone Dismal performance so far


Passwords don’t save  pietoff  2 star

My logins page won’t load up and the passwords for websites won’t save


Pages not loading fully  TesterJester  1 star

I don't know what has happened to this browser but it only half loads pages nearly all the time. It's totally frustrating. I've always been a fan of Firefox since it first launched but this is ridiculous! Please fix. Until then I'm switching to a more reliable browser


Doesn’t load pages  Kljhhhhbb  2 star

Only loads half the page for me


❤️ Firefox  ORJimmy  5 star

far superior tab handling etc than Safari


Firefox too slow  Ado2458  2 star

This app is plagued with time lag : typing an address characters appear seconds later rather than instantaneously. I use Firefox on my Windows Pc and love its versatility but alas am returning to Safari on my iPhone


Switched all devices from chrome  Leefie  5 star

Personally I love it. More reliable than chrome for more sites, platforms, and content. Normally I love all things Google but Firefox is just that bit better.


Excellent  Neiion  5 star

Great to see Firefox arrive on iOS , it's a great browser. Now I can keep in sync across all my devices :)


Good start.  —D—  3 star

Needs AdBlock.


First impressions are good  Khennessy  5 star

Looks good from the outset, but what else would you expect from Firefox!

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